[2.0] Disfavour Cyclone | mana | IR | RT | AA |Bloodlust + Hypothermia (videos added)

2.0 Disfavour Cyclone

This is a build I worked on during beta, and is not yet fully streamlined, but shows great promise. I am still missing some pieces to complete it and some of the gear I do have is sub-optimal, but works well even so. It currently tops out at 64k dps (tooltip), before bloodlust is applied.


- AA serves only to chill enemies (will not reduce incoming damage while moving)
- Not running BM requires more gems (enlighten), but allows for more top end damage and no life drain
- Vengeance applies bleed (for BL) and curses on hit
- Leap slam applies bleed and procs fortify
- Daresso's allows CWDT to work with IC

This is a fairly straightforward IR RT 2H axe cyclone build. It uses Bloodlust and Hypothermia to add a great deal more damage, fortify, auto cursing, and IC works with CWDT, similar to how it did before (not quite as well, but good enough). Leapslam is used for mobility, to apply bleed, generates mana when running low, and for fortify. Vengeance also applies bleed, generates mana on hit, and curses. Hypothermia combo's with AA when you are hit and when you double back on enemies that didn't die on the first pass who are in your frost trail. Also, the cold damage from Hatred can proc chill.

Not using BM for cyclone allows for more damage gems and reduces the drain on life. It requires a slight bit more micromanagement, but is easily manageable.

While I very rarely die, it needs more life, likely from gear. I could re-route the skill tree to encompass the constitution cluster, but I feel too many points are wasted travelling that distance. Keeping mana up can be challenging as well, but with proper play and pot usage it's not terribly difficult. It's actually much easier to keep going in a large group /high level map as more damage is taken (3% damage taken gained as mana) and enemies stick around slightly longer.

Gear and links

This axe is the soul of the build. It allows for bloodlust to do its work via leap slam and vengeance, and boosts Englighten.

Daresso's is massively more important after the change to warcrys as it allows us to generate endurance charges automatically. It's onslaught proc still works with CWDT IC (and you'd lose the charges anyway). The dodge chance is also nice.
Also LGoH is an option instead of hypothermia, but with current leech mechanics and the LGoH from the tree, I dont notice a big difference without it.

Attack speed, Dex, Move speed and Chaos Res. Great helm.

The rest. The jewelery could definitely be improved.


Tooltip DPS (not including Bloodlust):

- Auras and golem Only: 35k
- + BR, ToH, Promise, 3 frenzy charges: 57.1k
- + BR, ToH, Promise, 3 frenzy charges, Rallying Cry(~5 enemies): 64k

Defense w/ current gear, all charges and fortify



To run Cyclone without BM (allowing for more damage or LGOH) both Revelry and Battle Rouse are necessary, along with the mana leech on gear. Rallying Cry helps as well for mana regen. Without these, more potting will be needed, but should still work.

So far I'm only using this rare I found, it synergies well with the build, but any like it would work well.


77 Rare Shrine Map
Unfortunately this video is quite short (I was testing out Fraps, I think I'm going to buy bandicam instead though)

The 30sec demo allowance cut out before I finished off Piety's second form, but it took about 4 seconds.

*note - I didn't use blood rage here

78 Rare Palace
Using bandicam trial version (way better than fraps)

78 Rare Academy (Enfeeble)full clear
Naturally I got careless after the boss died and RIPd


If you don't have Disfavour and a 6L, this build can be run with any 2h axe, just drop BL and use the remaining gems in your 5L. For a 4L, drop Hypothermia. Devoto's is quite cheap for what it does, and is needed for this build (large amount of dex, move and attack speed).
If you don't have a Daresso's, any high armor/evasion chest will work, but you will lose the ability to automatically generate end charges and will have to manually acquire them using Enduring Cry.

I used a respecced character to build this, but it wouldnt be hard to level. Here's the tree's I would go with:

90 pts: http://tinyurl.com/ptb4eak

69 pts: http://tinyurl.com/o6zb7ye

58 pts: http://tinyurl.com/pk8fpc8

Prior to this I'd just use these with Spectral Throw to grind levels at Ledge, Docks, etc:

Bandits - Oak x 3 (could go with a frenzy charge over the end charge if you prefer more damage, but I prefer Oak.

Please let me know if you have any feedback or suggestions.


ign: Eurayel
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So do u actually see any difference using bloodlust cause i am not sure it works.
I would like to see a video and also curious about the question above with bloodlust. Thanks
bloodlust only works if the target is bleeding and when u link it to cyclone u wont cause bleed with ur cyclone but if u really wanna use it you can leap slam into a pack which will cause bleeding then that will proc bloodlust when u cyclone
IGN DavidHood
I do notice a difference with bloodlust. It is applied by Vengeance, which goes off about every second around me (also boosted by the extended weapon range), and on leapslam, which i use liberally to proc fortify.

I'll have an update up soon, I started using hypothermia (instead of phys to ltg) and arctic armor, which is also noticeable. You dont get the defensive bonus since youre not standing still (as far as i can tell), but enemies that hit you are chilled.

Theres alot of damage that comes from blood lust and hypothermia that dont show up in the tooltip. Clearspeed is amazing on high level maps.

I'll try to get a video up later this week. Any suggestions for software?
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Hi Im looking into making this build and was hoping you could give a bit of a leveling guide ie: what bits of the tree to grab when? and maybe a few videos in late maps
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Added a short video (once I get non-trial version software I'll make a longer one).
Added short budget and leveling section.
Added hypothermia and AA, removed empower and Phys to Ltg.
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Just a note about your use of bloodlust in your video.

You made no effort in bleeding your targets, just straight cyclone. This means that bloodlust is unused.

I'd like to suggest a new attack sequence that i used on a disfavor build recently:

Leap slam
Faster attacks
Increased AoE
Curse on hit

You essentially leap slam into the middle of every pack simultaneously bleeding in a wide radius and cursing with vulnerability.

Vuln makes them bleed more and also enhances the physical damage that bloodlust cyclone delivers.

It was a very enjoyable build and very powerful because bleed is unavoidable.

Good luck with the build

So many strikes within one breath.
But only one strike needed, for certain death.

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