[3.4] Marauder Builds List

Hello, I'm Bockris and from now on I will be taking care of the Marauder Build List originally created by KorgothBG (The original Builds List).


To ibugsy for his original Witch Builds list
To Bada_Bing for the other Builds Lists
To KorgothBG for his Original Marauder Builds List and for kindly allowing me to take care of his work

Other Builds Lists:

Witch Builds List by Kwitch
Templar Builds List by Kwitch
Duelist Builds List by haamoo
Scion Compendium of Builds by Tzikk
Ranger Builds List by Amongalen
Shadow Builds List by haamoo

This is a list thread of Marauder guides from 3.3 to 3.4.

Some rules:

1. PM me your build guide or post it in this thread.
2. Builds must be able to do early endgame with ease.
3. Build threads that consist of only a passive skill tree and gear will not be added to this list.
4. Theory craft builds will also not be added
5. Please PM/post the title/description you want for your build.
6. Be polite and be constructive.

Some notes

I will try to specify the subclass chosen by the build maker in the link to the build thread. I will also try to specify specific capabilities of the build (Atziri/U-Atzirir/U-lab Viable) as long as the authors explain them in the build thread. For that I'll use the next notation:
Main Skill: Well... Main Skill (when not obvious)
[J]: Juggernaut
[C]: Chieftain
[B]: Berserker
[UA]: Uber Atziri viable
[LR]: Uber Lab runner
[G]: Guardians viable
[S]: Shaper viable
[HC]: HC viable
[UE]: Uber Elder viable
Miscellaneous: Any other relevant information.

Recommended Melee Guides

Multiple melee skills
[3.3] How to smash Heads. Extremely detailed guide about the Facebreaker gloves and builds!
Very detailed newbie friendly guide for a Facebreaker build. It has a duelist and a marauder version.

Double Strike [J] [HC] [UL] [A] [G] [S]
[3.3] Size doesn't matter
Recommended by GGG for beginners players, Budget build

Dual Strike [B] [HC] [UA] [UL] [G] [S]
3.0 [Umbra&Soup&Rogue] Dual Striker Leechtank The Wolf Bleeds Yet Dies Not

Ancestral Warchief

[B/C] [UA] [S]
[3.0] How to Smash Heads. Ancestral Warchief Facebreaker edition. Facebreakers

[B/C] [UA] [LR] [G] [S] [HC]
[3.4] The Warchief | [Facebreaker] Ancestral Warchief | 2m dps+ | Uber Farmer| Elder & Shaper Down Facebreakers

Kill by Walking [J] [UL] [S]
[3.3] The VMS Rocket | 4M Shaper DPS | +150% Movespeed Fetured in Build of the Week, Season 9, Ep. 4

Ancestral Warchief

[B] [UA] [LR] [G] [S] [3.4] The Starlord - New Era of Trololol Warchief Totems - All Mods All Maps - Stupidly OP, Starforge
[B] [A] [UL] [G] [3.4] - "Rainchief" - Bringer of Rain A. Warchief


[J] [UA][UL][G][S][HC] [3.3] life Mjolner done right by Rico - Juggernaut version (all content viable)



Blade Flurry

[B] [UE] [UA] [S] [UL] [3.3] [BLADE FLURRY] (videos) total cost 30 ex
[B] [UA] [UL] [G] [S] [HC] [3.3] "Wraeclast Army Knife" - Barrage / B.Flurry / Cyclone / DoubleS / MoltenS / Reave / TectonicS Budget build, beginner friendly


[J] [UL] [G] [3.4] EQ / Sunder Juggernaut - Uber Lab / Guardians - League Starter / Budget - with Videos

[C] [UL] [A] [G] [3.4] Demi's PURE STRENGTH Righteous Fire Chieftain! SUPER BUDGET, UBER LAB/Atziri/T16 VIABLE Budget, Beginner Friendly

[J] [A] [UA] [UL] [G] [S] [HC] [UE] [3.4] -- Life Righteous Fire Juggernaut -- All Content Current meta life RF build, and a dual wield Dyadus variant.[/quote]

[J] [A] [UL] [HC] [3.3] HC Righteous Fire Juggernaut, b*tch!

Poet's Pen
[J] [UL][G][S][HC][UE] [3.3]Poet's Way. T H I C C Poet's Pen Boss Killer


Detonate Dead
[C] [UL] [G] [S] [HC] [UA] [3.4] Blood Magic Detonate Dead Totem Chieftain (Boss Killer/Mapper. All Map Mods!)



Dancing Dervish
[C] [3.3] The Dancing Avatar - AoF IW GC/The Baron/12 Zombies/The Dancing Dervish(1200+ Str)


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2.2 Builds

[2.2] Unique only Juggernaut Trypanon Avatar of Fire

[2.2] Savage Pact Combo Build - Uses Static Strike, Remember That Skill?

[2.2] Shams 2h Axe Crit Sweep Build

[2.2] Hypercleave Berserker

[2.2] Juggernaut Caged God


[2.2] The Vigilant Berserker

[2.2] The Fireborn - Multipurpose Full Fire Marauder

[2.2] Juggernaut-Sunder

[2.2] Sunder Berserker build

[2.2] The Sundernaut. Tanky/crit juggernaut.

[2.2] Hateful Berserker Sunder build!

[2.2] Shattered Chains Glacial Hammer Build

[2.2] 200 Minions?!


[2.2] "2H Cyclonus" Crit 2H Sword Berserker by fiqst

[2.2] GGprime's Savage: Turn YOUR 2h build into an endgame cleaner

[2.2] Oro's Super Cyclone Sacrifice of Cast on Kill Build By Wolf

[2.2] Playing a spider.

[2.2] SOUL FOOD Chuggernaut -- Soul Eater Max AOE Giant Ball of Icy Death

[2.2] Ice Crash: Size does Matter

[2.2] The Flame Crash Chieftain

[2.2] 2h Crit Flicker Juggernaut

[2.2] Surt's Satanic Seizure ~ Oro's Infinite Flicker!

[2.2] Berserker Earthquake

[2.2] Maroh Erqi Earthquake Marauder

[2.2] Chieftan: Earthquake Tank

[2.2] earthquake (not another boring champion marohi EQ)

[2.2] I'm the juggernaut B*TCH! - Tanky 8 Endurance charges Earthquake build

[2.2] Marauder - Earthquake + Vaal Ground Slam

[2.2] Hellquake, elemental dw ignite Earthquake

[2.2] Juggernaut Crit Staff Earthquake.

[2.2] Precipice - Earthquake Berserker

[2.2] [Chieftain]The Magmaquaker

[2.2] Tanky RT Dual-Wield Varunastra EQ Berserker

[2.2] Dyadus Firequaker

[2.2] Trypanon Earthquake - hard Critter - non CoC

[2.2] dual wield Earthquake

[2.2] Poisonquake Juggernaut

[2.2] Double DOT Disfavour Earthquake Berserker

Chief Atz 2H [2.2] Chieftan - Kongor's AoF Ele-Overload Infernal Blow

[2.2] Definitely a cockroach. 100% Chaos Ice Trap Juggernaught

[2.2] Iron will golden shower bladefall

[2.2] Chieftain Whispering Ice

[2.2] One SAVAGE Blade Vortex leecher

[2.2] Ben's GG No Re Essence Drain Atziri Farmer

[2.2] Starfish of wraeclast - Incinerator boss killer version

[2.2] Self savagery perma flask uptime autocast Berserker

[2.2] The Righteous Flicker Shell build

[2.2] CoC Vaal Molten Shell

[2.2] Dual Curse CoC Cyclone Trypanon/Scolds Bridle Juggernaut

[2.2] Cast on Hit Juggernaut

[2.2] The Iron CoC Spin (w/Physical Spells) - Juggernaut

[2.2] COCserker Panon Wielding Vaal Pact

[2.2] Yet Another Chaos Scold's Build

[2.2] stunslam juggernaut

[2.2] The PAINZERKER Budget build

[2.2] c9q9md's Abyssal Cry Berserker WORM DETONATOR

[2.2] RF Self Cast Discharge

[2.2] Battlecookie's FlameSurge RF Chieftain

[2.2] Lysah's Beginner/Budget RF/Flame Surge Lab Farmer

[2.2] Circles O' Death Juggernaut Build

[2.2] Electric Righteous Fire

[2.2] "Righteous White walker" - RF based on self-freezing effect

[2.2] RF Blade Vortex Marauder aka the 'Firetwister'

[2.2] Chieftain Flame Surge + Righteous Fire

[2.2] Atomic RF Essence Drain Berserker from Chernobyl

[2.2] EE Searing Bond Heirophant/Chieftain

[2.2] dual RF Totem Chieftain Soul Mantle

[2.2] ES CI Dual RF totems

[2.2] Iron Will Dual Totem Bladefall

[2.2] anti lag crash freeze build

[2.2] Sando's Explosive Arrow Chieftain

[2.2] Explosive Arrow Berserker

[2.2] Over´s EA Ignite build # EA/Ignite/Prolif/BM

[2.2] Altha's EAZerker

[2.2] Crit JuggerShot/TornadoNaut Tank

[2.2] Non Crit Lioneye's Split Arrow

[2.2] Auto-Cloaked in Savagery Voltaxic Marauder

[2.2] Siege Balista Chieftan

2.3 Builds

[2.3] Massive Leech and DPS OLDSCHOOL COC Barrage

[2.3] Revenge of Mickey Mouse - Pillar of the Caged God Warchief Totems.

[2.3] [Fury of Tukohama] Dual Ancestral Protector Melee Totem Marauder

[2.3] Blast Avatar, Chieftain with Pure Fire Blast Rain

[2.3] Vigilant Juggernaut with Hyaon's Fury + Elemental Overload

[2.3] Juggernaut 2H Vigilant Strike Tank

[2.3] Shield Charge budget Herald of Ash Full Fire Conversion Proliferator

[2.3] Righteous Fire Vortex Marauder


[2.3] Sea Lion in flight (dual-wield EQ Juggernaut with Whirling Blades for Uber Lab, HC/SC)

[2.3] Physical Earthquake Juggernaut tank

Jugg/Chief [2.3] Crit Staff Flicker Strike Marauder Staff

[2.3] NH's Juggernaut 2DOT Chilling EQ

[2.3] Bauer's "Son of Kaom" Oro's Sacrifice build

[2.3] Staff CoC Discharge guide (No voll's) Updated!

[2.3] Ancestral Chieftain - Triple Ancestral Warchief Facebreaker

[2.3] Hit Once, Hit Hard - Shield Charge Facebreakers -

[2.3] Dualwield Groundslam Maurauder

[2.3] Mjolner Voll's Juggernaut

[2.3] Mjölner Juggernaut with Temporal Chains - Uber Atziri (deathless) farm - T15 facetank - Core

[2.3][Chieftain] Ranged Attack Totem Blast Rain

[2.3] "The Astropath" - Chaos Vortex [Berserker] - Grand Spectrum - T15 - Atziri - U-Izaro

[2.3] My Vaal Righteous Fire Build...Yea you read it Right!!

[2.3] Freezer Burn: AB AoF MoM EO

[2.3] Selfcast Discharge Burn Prolif - Juggernaught

[2.3] Marauder Juggernaut burning Discharger 12 Endurance charge

[2.3] Vanilla's Juggernaut Burning Prolif Discharge Build

[2.3] Fire EK Berserker

2.6 Builds

[2.6] Lycochief - Critical FB WC build (no legacy, Uber atziri, shaper all down)

[2.6] Hegemony's Era Warchief Totems

[2.6]Just Another 2.6 Mjölner (Discharge/RF)

[2.6] Ms. Chieftain: The wave of Molten Destruction

[2.6] Berserker Meatball Sprinkler

[2.6] Ngamahu Molten strike / Cyclone combo | Fast Clearing | Deathless Shaper and t16s! | Videos


[2.6] Wildstrike Berserker Build Guide

[2.6] THE PURIFIER|Enduring Righteous Fire|Very tanky|Over 250k conc DPS

[2.6] Lacerate Cospri's Malice Berserker

[2.6] Chieftain dual Siege Ballista. All map mods. 8k life. Beginner and budget tips.

[2.6] Sasquatch's Scold's Explosive Arrow - 2kk Ignites, Guardians Down, Div Distillate & Bisco's

[2.6] Hot Fire Self-Ignite Berzerker - High DPS/Survivability - Burning Arrow Uses Eye of Innocence and Xoph's Nurture

[2.6] Legasi's Lazerker - Super lazy Oro Flicker Zerker

[2.6] Chinsol Blast Rain Chieftain

[2.6][HC][SC] ** Kaom's Council ** (8k-11k Life, NOT ES) (cheap) [LA, TS, Barrage][RotC][Reach]

[2.6] FLAME TOTEM CHIEFTAIN 4LINKED GEMS Perma Onslaught. Uses Hysteria Crafted Gloves and Ahn's Heritage

[2.6] Tukohama's Ascendant Sire of shards, Three totems, Blood magic

[2.6] BLADE VORTEX OBLITERATION - Berserker Obliteration wand, Budget build

[2.6] Anti-Meta Pledge of Hands Arc Berserker

[2.6] Self-cast Bladefall with Blade Vortex boss option

[2.6] Pushing VFB to the MAX! Low-Life, requires Shavs

[2.6] Berserker self cast Molten Shell Requieres Scold's bridle and Voll's Devotion

[2.6] [LSC] Flame Surge - "more is MORE" | MoM | 7kLife | 4/4 Guardians down | MoM

[2.6] Frisk's Genocide Route CwC Firestorm - 6m DPS - Shaper/Uber/Chayula/EVERYTHING deletion 75% Chaos Conversion

[2.6] Merisc's Berserker Firestorm Tank [Uber Lab Farmer] [Atziri EZ]

[2.6] HiltLess CWDT Berserker Build.

3.0 Builds

[3.0] - "Starchief" - Starforge A. Warchief

[3.0] Immortal BERSERKER, CHEAP Mjolner Discharge, 4 links

[3.0] Mjolner Unleashed! Beserker, 3.5m DPS discharge on a 4link 7k+ life everything down! Discharge

[3.0] | ELECTRO CYCLONE | t15 on budget | end-game viable | Uses Brain Rattler

[3.0] Berserker Ngamahu's Flame Cyclone(Breach Destroyer)

[3.0] The Honest Barbarian Blood Magic

[3.0] Berserker BLS Shaper Farmer on a Budget - Millions of BALLS, DPS and INFO Inside! - VP, RT, US

[3.0] The Azure Knight, Berserker version (Blade Flurry/Frost Blades/Life/Crit/Conversion)

[3.0] SonicSunder, FAST/BUDGET/BEGINNER, 7.5M DPS, FACETANK ALL BOSSES, 7 FRENZIES, VIDEOS Uses Soul Taker + The Tempestous Steel

[3.0] Unique Zerker - [Glacial Cascade, Ashrend, Tulfall] [Guardians and Shaper down - Videos]

[3.0] Crit Frostbolt MoM Berserker | 1 M + Boss DPS | 9.5K+ HP |

[3.0] I Cast Magic Missile! - Cantrip's guide to Ethereal Knives.

[3.0] 3.8MIL dps Dark Pact 6 BLUE ITEMS, Guardians, Shaper, Video, Stun Immune, 9blue items T15

[3.0] Dark Pact berserker (VIDEO DEMO) - Cheap Shaper/Guardian farmer, great clear speed ! Budget, non-beginner friendly

[3.0] Dark Pact Berserker - Farm All The Content!

[3.0] Kurii's Fallacy - Tanky Crit Dark Pact Zerker [Deathless Shaper & Uber Atziri / Clear Speed] Contains detailed end-game strategies

[3.0] AhPackt MoM Dark Pact♦VIDEO BUILD GUIDE UP♦10K+ eHP♦No Vaal Pact ♦High Regen♦Uber Lab/Shaper

[3.0] THE YOYO - CWDT flicker strike - 34 lvl 20 spells per sec - good single target - can do all content

[3.0] CWDT Scolds-Flicker "Flickerpuke" ~48 Spells per sec, With/Without Acuity, Hydra facetank!

[3.0] The Demented Xoph Berserker Build Guide (Softcore, deeps) NOT HC VIABLE

[3.0] Lioneye's pure physical Tornado shot/Barrage berserker (guardians, shaper, uber atziri)

[3.0] Death’s Stomper – Death’s Oath Berserker!

[3.0] LMHTB's Exploding Berserker On Fire! Martyr of Innocence, "Spell Attacker"

[3.0] Stunlock sunder-heavy strike berserker

[3.0] Glacial Hammer Mjolner Berserker

[3.0] Blast-Rain-Totem Chieftain Use Totems and AoF, Beginner friendly

[3.0] Fast Earthquake Berserker - 800k DPS (Shaper Viable)

[3.0] Paukuttaja's Ground Slam Stunner Juggernaut Beginner friendly, Pure Physical

[3.0] Frost Blades Berserker Budget, Beginner Friendly

[3.0] Flee the Fire! Tri totem, Sire of shards/Real Ender

[3.0] |The Endgame Incinerator| - Under 100C - INCINERATE THE SHAPER Blood Magic, Dual Totem, EO

[3.0] SMTS: The Knife Launcher Three totems, Soul Mantle

[3.0] Freezing Arc Berserker Non-crit build

[3.0] Magma Orb by Paige | New Meta | Videos | Uber Atziri Melted | Leveling | Budget

[3.0] Death's Oats - 6l ED + Death's Oath zerker Death Aura

[3.0]Most damage from Essence Drain [HSC]

[3.0] Budget Zerker Scorching Ray

[3.0] BLIGHT PACT | Guardians+Shaper Down on a 4l! Budget To Not So Budget | 9k life | Starter Build

[3.0] Crit Freezing Pulse by Paige | 1.3M+ DPS | 9k+ Life | Videos | Leveling | Budget Friendly

[3.0]Thermomix, 9k+ hp, budget friendly/Hc viable, Extremely tanky RF FB CWC FS Flameblast, Firestorm

3.1 Builds

[3.1] The Black Plague Berserker! Built around Death's Oath, Abberath's Hooves & Abyssal Cry!

[3.1] Loki the Frost Giant! - Glacial Cascade Berserker.

[3.1] Glacial Bloom - Inpulsa Glacial Cascade Ascendant/Elementalist/Berserker Can be also played as Ascendant or Elementalist

[3.1] SHAPER Kill __ 14440 HP___6000 HP regen_Tanky Righteous Fire 500K+ damage Can do 60% less HP regeneration, -16% max resist, vulnerability etc.

[3.1] Flameblast Totems Chieftain - everything viable

[3.1] 1H+Shield Max Block&Spell Block Tank, Atziri Killer+a BoR version

[3.1] BERSERKER/JUGGERNAUT 288k DPS Ice Crash/EQ Crit Staff AKA "The Shattering Karui" Staff

[3.1] Titan's nemesis ALL Content - budget/league starter

[3.1] [crit SUNDER] [berserk] [Dual wielding]

[3.1] † ⚔ Adrenaline Muffer ⚔† Berserker/Sunder/Dual wielding axes Uses Soul Taker

[3.1] "UNSTOPPABLE JUDGE" - Hegemony's Era Juggernaut Tank - League Starter/HC - EndGame Viable

[3.1] Ngamahu Cyclone Zerker by Waldgaist (Shaper and Guardians farmer)

[3.1] Frostbreath Molten Strike / Sunder. Does Everything.

[3.1] 2h Mace Molten Strike Zerker | Master of Bonking | Mid Budget.

[3.1] The Blinding Blizzard - Whispering Ice Berserker - Viable for Most Everything Not good in 3.2

[3.1] Volatile Berserker (Poet's Pen + Volatile Dead) | 8-9K Life | Incredible DPS | Easy Leveling Not viable in 3.2

[3.1] MoM Firestorm Bersker - SSF/Beginner/League Starter - All Content Heavely nerfed in 3.2

[3.1] SelfCast Firestorm - All content Done. Abandoned thread

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Thanks for taking up this rather large task to organize builds for the entire Marauder class!

A few things you can add on my builds:

1) Discharge, Arc Jugg Atz zSavage's Life Based Crit Mjolner ('Savagenuke')
Build can easily handle uber lab. I've had users of the build do uber atz, but have yet to do it myself.

2) Jugg Atz zSavage's Budget Voll-less Mjolner!
Again, this build can easily handle uber lab. This is an excellent intro to Mjolner build, as well.
About as budget as a mjolner build can get too.

Thanks again for taking over the list Bockris!

Theorycrafter/Build Creator for PORTAL guild
@BlightScourge -> guide @ view-thread/1382667 (Retired till Mjolner is fixed)
Lvl 94 Crit Mjolner Marauder
Last edited by zSavage on Aug 22, 2016, 11:47:39 PM
zSavage wrote:
Thanks for taking up this rather large task to organize builds for the entire Marauder class!

A few things you can add on my builds:

1) Discharge, Arc Jugg Atz zSavage's Life Based Crit Mjolner ('Savagenuke')
Build can easily handle uber lab. I've had users of the build do uber atz, but have yet to do it myself.

2) Jugg Atz zSavage's Budget Voll-less Mjolner!
Again, this build can easily handle uber lab. This is an excellent intro to Mjolner build, as well.
About as budget as a mjolner build can get too.

Thanks again for taking over the list Bockris!


Added the U-Lab tag to both of your builds, thank you. I'll try to do my best with this list.
Great work Bockris, looks good :)
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Hi, nice work updating the marauder and templar lists.
You should contact support so that your lists get pinned and KorgothBG's old lists get unpinned.

If you find the time you might add
[2.3][Chieftain] Ranged Attack Totem Blast Rain
Triple ranged attack totem build. Doing Atziri + Überlab with that build.
I'm happy to see that the Marauder lists lives once again!
"I'm going to show you pain you never knew existed, you're going to see a whole new spectrum of pain!!!!! Like a RAINBOW!"
This is looking good, and thanks for the work you'd put in starting this back up, and to Korgoth for the work he put into it previously.
Please contact support@grindinggear.com if you need any assistance.

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