[3.0] 9.5MIL dps Dark Pact 6 BLUE ITEMS, Guardians, Shaper, Video, Stun Immune, 9blue items T15

Berserker (9.5 Mill DPS, 8446+ HP)
For now, current gear HO dps self buffed :

Path of building: ( DL exe file: https://github.com/Openarl/PathOfBuilding/releases)
Best gear end game, paste it in to Path of building: https://pastebin.com/s2hxScYf
Ctrl+c link -> Open Path of building -> import/export build -> import from pastebin... -> Ctrl+v

6 blue items = 150% incresed dmg by Hidden Potential !!! (chaos or what u need ) try to replace it for some other gear ... GL with that and a lot of mirrors :D

Berseker best option, leech is insane, beyond+breach+hard map mod = no problem, basically you can only die from 1 shot, Guardians, Shaper, Uber lab.
Most important, you can switch gems for different spell and Hidden Potential will scale it as well for example Blade Vortex !!!

Other builds examples:
Righteous Fire Berserker 11klife, 1MIL dot dps, my current blue items(Confirmed, shaper+guardians down):
Path of building: https://pastebin.com/QTy70FqP
Tree: http://poeurl.com/btrH
PoB scrn:

Blade Vortex Berserker elemental 9k life, 2.3 mil dps, my current blue items (Confirmed, shaper+guardians down):
Path of building:https://pastebin.com/fdZfg7BB
Tree: http://poeurl.com/btsD
PoB scrn:

Path of Building stats:

*High clear speed
*Insane leech
*Stun immune
*Reflect immune
*budged version can do even T15`s
*High HP pool
*Can do all content
*Easy playstyle

*harder uber lab cause of Vaal Pact
*Can`t do NO LEECH mod
*In big party u have to be carful, if mobs will be killed by your party members you will spend you life by hitting nothing :)

Kill them all

2.Arctic Armour or Herald of Ice or
Purity of Ice(for Shaper or res cap)

Lightning Golem(for more cast speed)
Flame Golem(more DMG )

current gear(Concentrated Effect for bosses / you can use Increased Area of Effect for mapping)

Crit version (shaper down) recommended from 90+ lvl

Kaom roots NO crit version (shaper down)

Speed clear version (guardians down)NO crit

TREE lvl 93: http://poeurl.com/bv8f

Best gear end game:


% Increased Maximum Life
% increased Chaos Damage
% Increased Spell Damage
% increased Damage
% To Critical Strike Multiplier with Spells
% To Global Critical Strike Multiplier
% Increased area dmg

Link to poe.trade with jewel mods: http://poe.trade/search/kahagazuminaum

Video (old have to update):

budget gear with 5L T15 Core https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zUlU794jvOo

No crit version for now, need to at least 4 more lvls and better jewels to make crit better dps one, just remove crit nodes and add HP and chaos dmg.
Tree: http://poeurl.com/btrj

Phoenix https://youtu.be/Y7C5zy4PAl8
Hydra https://youtu.be/ZmrjBNzBfBw
Chimera https://youtu.be/3r2ZiVrCKvs
Minotaur https://youtu.be/Mg0v9Qm1onU

Sick Mods Mino, made 1 mistake could be done deathless :3

SUPER Sick Hydra 1 death also ;/

RAW version 1 shaper i went...can be done easily deathless, was really tired there
lvl93 my Tree: http://poeurl.com/btTG
items i had:



9Blue Items x 25% Hidden Potential = 225% inc dmg :3
Tree: http://poeurl.com/btq8
Video: https://youtu.be/6sj48jJ_c3c

How to craft:
1. Buy ilvl84 item
2. Make it from white to blue by using Orb of Transmutation or clean it from yellow to white by using Orb of Scouring
3. Roll high HP value as possible using Orb of Alteration
4. Put augmentation orb, if u get T1 resist then GZ :3
5. High HP roll and bad 2 mod, than you can use Orb of Annulment and hope that will remove this bad one or just start over again.

Useful link for crafting : http://poeaffix.net/

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Seems nice! Can't wait until I test it! :)
hidden potential is a really stong jewel right now, it should be good. i just have one question, did you actually have (3.2 Mill DPS, 8271+ HP) and guardians/shaper down or is this another bullshit PoB stat untested build ?
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will make video soon :)
haaa, pretty happy to hear this, hope i've not been too agressive but those untested build with bullshit theoretical stats get on my nerves lately.

currious to see what your build looks like with hidden potential.
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Bait title...... rings x2 + amulet + gloves = 4 blue (magic) items.... Bait title
" You... managed to catch the fish i wanted? Congratulations! Let´s keep this a secret between the two of us, shall we? In the meantime, take this. It should be useful in the future." - Krillson, the 8th Master.
Grinding Gear & Gems
Not a bait, need to change belt to put 5th blue item :3
Love the build, for more of a budget, would not going the magic items be better? Just easier to gear for.

Also how would you compare your build compared to others? Trying to see which I would like to follow, love your build and think its great and pretty awesome.
iv made same build with mirrored gear similar to mine and its dps was just a bit higher so Hidden Potential OP.

PS. uploading t15 core now :)
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guardians dead (sick mods+vaal orb), video soon with easer ones :3

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