[2.6] THE PURIFIER|Enduring Righteous Fire|Very tanky|Over 250k conc DPS|Easy Uber Atziri/Guardians

Hello and welcome to my guide about one of the best defensive build in Path of Exile. This build is new-players friendly and also can be scaling well with good investment. Enjoy!

So currently there is a lot of different Righteous Fire builds in game but most of them are focused on gaining HP as much as possible. What I've done is basically lowered my life pool a bit in order to get INSANE amount of sustain by getting 9 endurance charges and getting +1 charge in Juggernaut ascendancy.


+very tanky, can take pretty much infinite amount of damage!
+easy to play, low amount of risk while doing endgame content
+easy uberlab farming (even 5 men carrying with full key runs)
+can be effective either with ~3ex budget or with more then 50ex (see the description)
+decent amount of DPS (~150k inc. area, ~260 conc)
+fun to use vaal cyclone

-you will be weak under certain lvl
-relatively low clearspeed, probably not the best build for fast map clearing
-there are some mods you can't do map with (no regen or -max, can do all the rest)
-probably not shaper viable because of low dps for him (still requires some tests)
-you are vulnerable to chaos (but in most cases its not a big deal)


The main problem with Righteous Fire is that you cant level with it, so you have to use something different. I was using molten strike-sunder up to lvl 65, when I was able to equip my Rise of the Phoenix shield. While leveling, you should use all your passive points to get extra life/life regen. Detailed information you will see in "skill tree" part.



This mace has pretty much all you need, and all you need is elemental damage booster.


If you dont feel confident that you will use IC in the right time you can swtich



This is mandatory gear for RF build, you won't be able to sustain this spell without it. However, its pretty cheap and you can get it for 1c max. If you want to feel more comfortable with the rest of your gear without taking much res on it, you can switch to legacy one (permanent leagues only):

This is your mobility gem setup:

For some endgame bosses you want your cold/lightning res to be higher than 75% so you will be using this on a second weapon slot:


All you need in helmet is just res/life/armor, and this is pretty cheap option for you.
When you will be able to invest more money in your build, you can switch your helmet to essence one:

Gem setup for essence version:

On bosses switch



Pretty much nothing to say, it gives all stats you need - health and fire damage boost. +1% version costs about 20ex, but you can get clean one for under 2 ex value.


This is your starting point, also mandatory item, like Rise of the Phoenix, it allows you to use Righteous fire in 5 links with Kaom's. After you will get essence helmet, you can switch to any rare gloves with life and resists:

Gem setup:

You can also use

instead of det, but will lose some sustain to physical damage.

For boots you want to get any life/res ones like these:

Death's Door is also decent option, however I would not recommend them because you lose a lot of hp and have to get resists somewhere.

This is your curse setup:

If you dont want to get 4 offcolor boots you can get another curse on lvl 21 CWDT but will lose mobility.

Rings you need are mandatory:

Each costs around 10c but can make your toon nearly immortal.
For elemental weakness maps you can use any trires ring to cap your fire res, endurance charges give you +40 total resistances. I use this ring:

For amulet I would recommend any decent life/resistances rare, like these:

Amulet is also good place to invest money, so to improve your dps you can switch your amulet
to something like this:

Note that you need to have any amount of cold/lightning damage on your gear to proc Elemental Equilibrium, otherwise you lose big amount of damage.

For belt you will be using rare one with life and resits:

However in some options you need +1 endurance charge (uber atziri trio for example), so doriani's invitation is pretty decent option:

Pretty much standart flask setup:

Dying Sun is pretty much luxury option, you dont need it at all, instead, using any ruby flask is more then enough. If you dont feel yourself comfortable against chaos damage, you simply switch your health flask to amethyst:


There are many options of making passive tree depends on your goals and items, but final tree should look like this:
Lvl 96

If you dont have +1 curse amulet and want to use double curse you can get Whispers of Doom node by losing a bit of sustain (around 400 hp)

In jewels you are looking to get +max life/fire damage/area damage/damage over time/damage mods. Your setup should look like this (6 jewel sockets in total):

As for badnits, you choose Oak(life), kill, Oak(endurance charge)



-12 charges+fortify:

-12 charges+fortify+all flask:

Offence is hard to tell exactly, but our total increase modifier is over 600% which makes us deal with elemental overload/focus/conc. effect and curses more than 250k DPS!(assuming that target has 0% fire res). For usual mobs you swap your conc. effect to inc. area and get around 160k DPS.

Stay sane, Exiles!
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I have player different versions of RF over the past two years and this build looks extremely solid.

I always find myself having trouble mitigating phys dmg and the max endurance charges for a little less life seems like a good trade.

Gotta try this once the next free reset is available!

Oh, that build looks pretty interesting.
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Will try it in new Leagacy League after i was in group with Viper;).....Build looks very solid
HI there,
i always wanted to play a juggernaut, something solid, very durable, but still have enough offensive power for the endgame content. I thought - this could be it.
And it is so far =)
I just hit 75 and with the Doryani's my damage output rised a lot.

One Question: Why didn't you pick the Amplify (and Blast Radius) Nodes for the AoE Damage/Radius increase?

Tried to get some chaos res plus flask, it's quite annoying sometimes.

current gear

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Hey guys, i'm doing this build but i'm with a problem, how do you use Empower3+Purity21+Determination20?
The mana multiplier on Empower makes impossiple to use both of auras.
Someone please help
That's why you have to use unlinked gloves, with 3 linked sockets you use PoF-Empower-EC and with a single one you use determination.
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Quick question with regards to this, how do you get 90 fire resist? even with empower I'm sitting on 89 I know I'm missing something but not sure what.

Edit: nevermind, just noticed the +1 on kaoms.
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Any tips on increasing damage while levelling? Cruel is proving somewhat slow :P
vanyx wrote:
Any tips on increasing damage while levelling? Cruel is proving somewhat slow :P

I was using sunder in tabula rasa, also possible to use searing bond/flameblast, all you have to do is just build hp and regen al the way straight to lvl 68. Ater that you can easily level, just driving buy and all will die.

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