Scorching Glacial Cascade, Chieftain CWC

Feel the power of an awesome blast of fire and ice covering the screen, along with a deadly exploding herald of Ash spreading its overkill damage. Here is cast when channeling Scorching Ray, Glacial Cascade! Gameplay is very smooth and effective and its cheap to set up.

The newly upgraded Chieftain is super! 1% fire damage leech is great for spells! Nice Physical to fire conversion and gain 70% of physical is killer!

So you use Scorching ray to cast Glacial Cascade with cast while channeling. Scorching ray burns the monsters and lessens their fire resistance. Glacial Cascades physical damage is turned %100 fire with Chieftains Ascendency, Nagamahus Flame Advance, the Avatar of fire node on tree or (Xophs blood amulet) , and a Cold to Fire gem or (Relm Ender staff).

Here is my advanced standard geared character with links and enchantments.

Here is the tree, level 93, click on ascend to view.

Also you can grab some staff block (34 block with jewels), check out spoiler and tree.

Running Hatred, Herald of Ash, and Arctic Armour. Orb of storms for curse on hit for Enfeeble, and temp chains (or Flammability).

Realm Ender Staff has a built in Cold to Fire gem so you can add Combustion, Concentrated effect, or Elemental Focus (adds mana cost).

Loreweave is amazing! In (negative) -max resistance maps your resistances stay at Loreweave set value!


1. Nagamus Flame advance
2. Hinkoras death fury
3. Tawoa Forest Strength
4 Ramakos sun Light

Kill All, for two points

Using Leap slam with faster attacks (quality) Culling strike, and fortify.

Using Orb of Storms linked to curses and to generate elemental overload.

Pantheon : Soul of Solaris , and Tokohama.

Hrimnors Resolve Helmet adds some nice damage and freeze, chill immunity.

I like this little trick with arcane surge. Self Casting Molten Shell linked with Arcane surge (level 7) and increased duration gives you 7 seconds of surge and 18 seconds of shell. I like to link this with Vaal lightning trap for shocks on Bosses from the lightning ground.

Quick leveling Guide:

My Gear for leveling lvl 70 with links, Bestiary league. You will need Avatar of fire from tree.

1. Scorching Ray
2. Cast when channeling
3. Controlled Destruction
4. Cold To fire
5. Glacial Cascade
6. Fire Penatration

I started with a staff because its a cheap 6 link (10-15c), or collect Dark Mage cards, and you can essence of sorrow (2-3c) for a plus 2 cold for gems. Then add spell damage from Catarina's master craft bench. With a staff this lets you wear a Carcass Jack armour, or any other armour.

I get two wands with spell damage and use Lightning Tendrils linked with added lightning, plus arcane surge. Get Wrath aura as soon as possible. This will take you pretty far. I like to use evasion gear with life on it. Try and get a four link somewhere on your gear, to link tendrils , added lightning , controlled destruction, and increased Aoe or faster casting. At level 55 you can get a 6 link staff! Get the colors right with chromes 4 blue 2 red. You can craft a +2 cold staff by using alt and augmentation orbs or use an essence of sorrow. Then have a blast destroying everything in your way to glory. Goood luck.

*note* I first built this as an Elementalist but I prefer Chieftain, here is the link to the Elementalist
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Looks like a pretty interesting/fun build -- how far were you able to take this? t15/t16? Guardians? Shaper? Red Elder? Does it feel sufficiently tanky?
Hi, Ya the build feels tanky. You dont have to facetank, can be ranged.

I like Loreweave for elemental damage reduction, you could use Kaoms heart for more life but I still have 7.5 k life.

I've done high level maps and Guardians. Havent seen uber Elder. I might try Shaper soon I'm not that great with that fight.

Do you think this build could be hardcore viable?
nefczi wrote:
Do you think this build could be hardcore viable?

Well I'm playing in SC but so far I've died only to me pushing into "can I facetank breach, abyss and harbinger at once...?" It feels like a HC viable build tbh, specially since using staff allows you for Leap Slam + FA + Fortify, this is one of the main reasons this build caught my eye.

I'm only lvl 50 rn, been leveling with Sunder + FA + Melee Phys. Following the tree for all-out defence + hp and I kill white/blue mobs in 1-2 attacks. The tree itself feels tanky and strong and haven't even started using the main skills yet :)
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Hi, I think this build would be good for HC. It has a nice mix of defenses along with decent life regen. I would maybe run enfeeble temp chains for curses, and for sure use Loreweave armor! Here is why....drumroll please....

Loreweave is amazing! In (negative) -max resistance maps your resistances stay at Loreweave set value!

I havent seen anyone talk about this but check it out for yourself. Maybe its a bug? I hope not, I kinda wanted to keep it quiet but maybe its time to spill the beans.

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I like the idea of this build, so scorching ray is +3 and glacial cascade is +3, woudln't ele focus be better since it would increase damage of both SR and GC ????
Ya I ran ele focus for awile insted of conc effect. It ups the mana cost and you dont get the burns from Glacial Cascade and Celestial Punishment node on tree wouldnt work. I kinda go back and forth on it, at the moment I'm running conc.

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Just hit lvl 70, LOVING this build, thanks so much for sharing! one of my favorites builds I've played lately.

Just a question, would a 5L Realm Ender be better than a 6L rare +2?

Running a 5L +1 and it's already great damage!
Thanks, glad your enjoying it. I like playing it too, I had to share it, even my Mom plays it!

If its a good 6 link plus 2 cold staff the damage would be about the same.

I tested with this staff.

My Mom has a plus three cold staff. She uses a lvl 4 empower instead of fire pen.
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