Scorching Glacial Cascade, Elementalist CWC, Conversion, Have a Blast! Super Fun League Starter!

Feel the power of an awesome blast of fire and ice covering the screen, along with a deadly exploding herald of Ash spreading its overkill damage. Here is cast when channeling Scorching Ray, Glacial Cascade! Gameplay is very smooth and effective and its cheap to set up.

The newly upgraded Elementalist is great. No reflect damage taken, easy 25 fire penatration, .5% leech! and timed 75% increase AOE!

How it works:

So you use Scorching ray to cast Glacial Cascade with cast while channelling. Scorching ray burns the monsters and lessens their fire resistance. Then we turn Glacial Cascade to %100 fire damage with the cold to fire gem and Avatar of fire node on tree. So we streamline our elemental damage.

We use the Fire Penetration gem and take advantage of Elementalists Ascendency Mastermind of Dischord for another 25 fire pen by runinng Herald of Ash.

My Gear for leveling lvl 70 with links, Bestiary league.

Running Hatred, Herald of Ash for Auras.

Orb of storms for curse on hit for Enfeeble, and temp chains (or Flammability).

I started with a staff because its a cheap 6 link (10-15c), or collect Dark Mage cards, and you can essence of sorrow (2-3c) for a plus 2 cold for gems. Then add spell damage from Catarina's master craft bench. With a staff this lets you wear a Carcass Jack armour, or any other armour.

Here is the tree, level 78, click on witch ascend to view. Notable passives are Avatar of Fire, and Elemental overload. Note I didnt take the AOE nodes by Templar because I'm wearing Carcass Jack which seems to give enough area at the moment.

1. Scorching Ray
2. Cast when channeling
3. Controlled Destruction
4. Cold To fire
5. Glacial Cascade
6. Fire Penatration

1. Paragon of Calamity
2. Pendulam of Destruction
3. MasterMind of dischord
4. Liege of Primordal (Chaos, fire, or Stone golem)
(If you dont want golems take Shaper of desolation to shock and burn also.)

Kill All, for two points

Using Cyclone linked to fortify.

Using Orb of Storms linked to curses and to generate elemental overload.

Quick leveling Guide:

I get two wands with spell damage and use Lightning Tendrils linked with added lightning, plus arcane surge. Get Wrath aura as soon as possible. This will take you pretty far. I like to use evasion gear with life on it. Try and get a four link somewhere on your gear, to link tendrils , added lightning , controlled destruction, and increased Aoe or faster casting. At level 55 you can get a 6 link staff! Get the colors right with chromes 4 blue 2 red. You can craft a +2 cold staff by using alt and augmentation orbs or use an essence of sorrow. Then have a blast destroying everything in your way to glory. Goood luck.

*************Warning OP Pricy Standard*************

Here is my advanced standard geared character. Realm Ender staff has built in cold to fire gem.

With an elemental focus gem Scorching ray gets some good dps, also GC turns into a monster. If you want to keep your GC burns concentrated effect would be good.

tree level 93:

Dont forget to put in a Watchers Eye jewel with Hatred addded flat cold damage..opop.

This build was previously Scorching Ray cwc Frostbolt, thanks.
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Reserved mana post.
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Anyone interested in Cast when Channeling?
Changed up a few things , Magma Orb working well.
Do you happen to have any videos for the build? I like playing channel/CwC skills, I'm interested in how regular map clearing looks for this build. How's the survivability?
I dont have any videos maybe later.

The build clears fairly fast, with scorching ray cleaning up what you may have missed with magma orb. Its kinda fun to play with the timing and space of magma. This build has great survival with a layered defence. Plus 6 to all max resits along with mind over matter, enfeeble, and the leech from warlords, I think its solid. I havent done too many t15/16 maps. I did kill Atziri deathless.
Changed to firestorm! Was tired of magma orb missing enemies.
Keep changing and updating build. I think I got it this time! Sneaky increase duration in links now, which helps both scorch and firestorm.

Fun build to put together, works well.
Wow, back to Frostbolt! Its alot smoother to play than magma orb or firestorm.

Blood dance boots and shapers gloves, sweet OP items for this build.

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I did this build at the start of the league. Woudln't you be better off instead of using cold pen taking cold to fire and avatar of fire so scorching ray is actually useful?

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