[3.2] Oro's Infernus | 1M Shaper DPS | 7k+ HP | Perma Immortal Call | Easy Lab

Updated on: 02/03/2018 - Updated tree for 3.2, VP and no VP versions

Build is pretty fun and easy to play and pretty cheap to start with.
It's very flexible you can find your favorite setup by playing with different gear, gems and passive skills.

Peak DPS with good gear is ~900k on melee hit and about the same on secondary effect (splash, chain and ice wave - all do the same damage - pure fire)


-Pretty laggy Colosseum T15 run (due to recording software mostly). 4 min with many leaps into the walls and unused vaal haste
This is 2.6 run with old passive tree and gear and about 40% less dps and HP

*Key Features

Stats from path of bulding for lvl 92 char (you can check the gear and everything from POB link)
-Immune to physical damage so uber lab is easy mode (dont pick vaal pact if you are going to run those)
-1.8M DPS to mobs, 1.1m DPS to shaper/guardians
-7k+ HP
-3000 life leech rate (or 1650 + ~700 regen for non VP)
-Immune to Stuns
-Immune to Chill and Freeze
-Cant be slowed (VP version)
-On Hit generation of Endurance charges for perma (in combat) immortal call
-4 Frenzy Charges | Perma onslaught with Rotgut
-Good Attack Speed, ~13 APS
-170% movement speed modifier (fully buffed) / 156% if you decide to sacrifice freeze immunity and some hp and use Devoto's as your Helmet

*Skill Tree [Leveling coming soon]

-VP version: http://poeurl.com/bNjq
-Non VP (lab recommended) http://poeurl.com/bNjs


In this order
-Unstoppable (VP) / Unbreakable (Non VP)

*Path of Building Link

Take 2 passive SP (kill all)

*Skill links

Main 6L:
-Wild Strike (level 21 is nice to have)
-Elemental Damage with Attacks
-Multistrike (quality not needed)
-Chance to Ignite
-Immolate (level 21 is nice to have)
-(Ancestral Call) Fire Penetration (as 6th link)
*Before you get Oro + Eye of innocence + Mokou's, you can use Elemental Focus

For 5L setup i am using: Wild Strike, Elem Damage, Multistrike, Ancestral Call, Immolate

Ancestral Call is extremely nice for pack clearing in combo with Wild Strike. You can use 2nd Oro with Molten Strike for single target, or get new pseudo 5-6L item and put wild strike there and make molten links in Oro.
Or you can just swap Ancestral Call for Fire Penetration at (harder)bosses.

4L: Cwdt + Imm Call + Lightning Golem + Vaal Haste
**CWDT should be at around 40% of your HP, do not level it up to 20 before you get your HP over 6500

4L: Leap Slam + Fortify + Faster Attacks + Blood Magic
*Always use leap slam to open fights and close gaps vs range mobs. You should have fortify all the time if possible.

4L: Vaal Haste + Anger + Blasphemy + Flammability

*Mandatory Gear

-Of course Oro's Sacrifice

-Combination which synergies extremely well with jugger ascendancy

*On the league start since its hard to obtain the amulet, use Warlord's Mark for Endurance charge generation. Be aware that you wont have charges on single targets
-Fireborn jewel
-Hrimnor will give freeze immunity even if you 'hit air' - so do it before opening boxes.
*If you feel you are tanky enough you can grab Devoto's instead.
Wild Strike damage enchant is the biggest dps boost for single targets. Personally i like to pick extra WS chains (not needed if you are using ancestral call).

-Kaom's Hearth (mandatory for end game) - before you get it you can go with Brass Dome like in previous version, or any rare chest with good life, Incandescent Heart (if you have enough chaos res), The Restless Ward..


In the most southern slot you have to put Fireborn jewel.

For the rest of the slots by priority:
-Attack speed with swords / Two handed weapons
-Attack speed
-Life (mandatory for every jewel)

Much lower impact:
-Fire damage

Do not get melee damage, it will work only on initial hit / splash, so it will increase your dps tooltip but only 1/2 of your attack.

Example of good jewels for this build:


-Take whatever you feel will benefit most for your play style

*Buld Mechanics

*Single target mechanics
-This build have 100% chance to ignite an enemy on hit. Every ignite cause us to gain frenzy charge (Oro's), take fire damage (Eye of innocence) and every ~3rd (30% chance) will trigger Juggernaut ability to generate 1 or max endurance charges. Also every 4th hit will ignite us (Mokou's charge) and give 70% bonus to damage from amulet and 20% attack speed from ring. Also, this mechanic will trigger vengeance. Since its basically needed 1s to generate full frenzy charges you can use Rotgut before every fight and get 8s onslaught and ~8s of 70% inc move speed. Since wild strike do all type of damage (on paper) it will always trigger Hrimnor's Resolve immunities to chill and freeze.

*My Gear


-The Wise Oak (ideally all res should be the same)
-Atziri's Promise

*Pros and Cons

-Good clear speed
-High attack speed - good mobility with leap slam
-Pretty Cost effective
-Very tanky once you get all the gear



*What level should CWDT and Immortal Call be?
-As i wrote in skills sections, level it up. To 20. Duration of Immortal Call has to match (or at least be very close) to its cooldown. By leveling immortal call you increase its duration per endurance charge. You need 4 endurance charges with level 20 immortal call to make it 'permanent'.

*I feel squishy, what am I doing wrong?
-If you have Vaal Pact you should have at least 5500 hp to do safly t10+ maps, for non VP version you need more. Also, you should open every fight by leap slamming and triggering Fortify and spamming flasks. Also make sure you have 4 endurance charges and that your cwdt + immortal call setup is leveled up and triggering. You need to have chaos resistances wherever you can fit it (ideally get it to 0%), and make sure Atziri's flask is up whenever possible.
If you have all of that but still dying use life gain on hit as 6th link until you learn mechanics.

*How should I prioritize gear?
-First you need to get enough life (5500+) and cap resistances. Get Eye of Innocence + Mokou's as soon as you can. If you can get enough HP without Kaom's great for you. 5L oro is good enough until tier 16 maps so before getting 6L make sure you get Kaom's Hearth.

*My damage is not enough, what can i do?
-Make sure you are using gems that i have suggested and fire penetration on bosses. Fire Pen wont give you tooltip damage but its a great boost.
Also, you need to have AS on your gloves and jewels, and if possible on your ring.
Play around with the path of building link I have provided, you will see how much each mod gives you and where you can improve.

*Do I have to run Molten Strike for bosses?
-No you dont but you should use Fire Penetration in WS links for the maximum output.

If you like this build, make sure you check my Scion variation based on the same mechanics
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Hello, thanks for your build, what about jewels ? what stats to prioritize with wild strike, fire damages and AS and life obviously?
Uhm i've forgot about jewels section, ill update first post in a minute.
Basically double AS (total over 10%) and life. Also, you need 13+ int on 2 jewels so you can level up flammability to max.
ps 5% AS > 15% fire
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Thanks for the quick reply / update !
looks solid i might try it
More realistic and efficient tree

IGN: HarroEmpire
Completed 36 ChallengesCatharsis wrote:
More realistic and efficient tree


Indeed! 2 more SP + some extra int.
I will update the build.

ps I have sacrificed one life node and 8% ele dmg node, to get a jewel slot with those newly discovered points :) Tree updated
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I like unique builds, and I've gotta say I'm liking the looks of this a lot. Going to give it a shot. I've started leveling a juggernaut. Just out of curiosity, how did you go about leveling this build?
I like unique builds, and I've gotta say I'm liking the looks of this a lot. Going to give it a shot. I've started leveling a juggernaut. Just out of curiosity, how did you go about leveling this build?

I can answer that. I leveled many elemental builds and usually the best is just to buy a pair of facebreaker and a meginord and you will faceroll all the way to 60
Completed 30 Challengesfailpatrol wrote:
I can answer that. I leveled many elemental builds and usually the best is just to buy a pair of facebreaker and a meginord and you will faceroll all the way to 60

Awesome, thanks! Coincidentally enough, that's the approach I've already taken. I've hit 40 so far and was worried the damage was going to start dropping off soon. It should be good enough until I can wield Oro's though?

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