[3.7] Oro's Infernus | 2M+ Shaper DPS | ~7k HP | WS

failpatrol wrote:
I can answer that. I leveled many elemental builds and usually the best is just to buy a pair of facebreaker and a meginord and you will faceroll all the way to 60

Awesome, thanks! Coincidentally enough, that's the approach I've already taken. I've hit 40 so far and was worried the damage was going to start dropping off soon. It should be good enough until I can wield Oro's though?

I leveled up to 65 with a 4link using cyclone and shield charge so you should be good
also you can use the warden brand ring if you feel your dps is low
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Is it possible to get a breakdown of the passive tree at lower levels? Obviously when things don't work out I can and have used respec points to learn from a mistake and get myself back on a better track. However this is my second ever character and I'm not entirely confident in myself about which key nodes I should be trekking towards or when it's actually viable in the build to get specific nodes.
Personally I lvled up with high ele dps 2 hand weapons before reaching lvl 68. It was pretty much one shotting everything.
I will try to post leveling trees today with some leveling tips from my perspective
So i just tried the minotaur and i feel like im not doing enough damage im around 100k at the moment and his life barely went down. Would taming fix this problem?
Do you have fire pen + flammability? 100k fully buffed is a bit on the lower side but even that should be more than enough if you got those 2 running. You can always get Vinktar for shock and that extra 50% more dmg.
If you want to go on taming you wont have option to reliably set yourself on fire or generate endurance changes (eye of innocence). I still havent figured out workaround for that, but switching to chieftain and changing neck would give increase dps a lot but would also decrease defenses that juggernaut provides
I had to test if I've maybe overestimated this build so I've went to check Minotaur myself.
Basically I've faced tanked him with less than 5k hp and 6 endu charges. Fight took maybe 2-3m.
I did die once to that thing when he burrows, but i think it was ok for the first ever run.

ps I didn't need life flasks for this fight, and swapping quicksilver flask for vinktar should also be nice boost, although he doesn't summon many ads

alright ty for answer gonna tweak some things!
Which gem do you leave out if you can't afford a 6L?
Basically it has to be either Fire Penetration or Life Gain on hit.
I would probably go without Life Gain and just always bring 2 life flasks and be ready to use a bit more often.
Most of the packs will die under 1s anyhow, life gain is useful when you are dealing with reflect and chaos mobs so if you are prepared to use life flasks then you should be ok.
As for bosses, nothing should live long enough to make you use life flask more than 2-3 times (except guardians), so I think it would be ok.
If you have problems with elemental damage on some boss, you can ditch flamm + blasph, and put purity gem. If u need green slot u remove faster attacks from leap slam, put vaal haste there and in vaal haste position u put aura.
Thanks for replying :). Can't wait to reach higher level and try out your build .

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