[2.4] CwDP - Welcome to the New CoC - Spam Spells, 100% Damage Leech

All CwDP or Harvest builds are broken as of 2.5

2.4 Disclaimer; IT STILL WORKS. CoC is dead(ish I think, my CoC was pretty shit for single target after nerf, but w/e, I'm bad), 2.4 is the rising of the CwDPs. Welcome to the new CoC.

pew pew pew

I shall be unlocking the secret potential of these items with you today, I present to you: The CwDP (Cast when Drinking Potions)

Note that The Writing Jar is not strictly necessary, as you can crit other enemies, rather than theas worms, but it's a lot safer with them, as you can fill your flasks by yourself at any time by spawning them.

Thanks to Dimeq for the original idea.

I think his version has more damage than mine {we'll see when I get that last 40% more damage from Aspect of Carnage}, but dies instantly to reflect. My version is more tanky {7k life at the time of writing}, has more AoE, and has a lot more leech {103% global, 2% extra on crits, 20-30% extra lightning leech from Vinktar optional}, but once again, if you want the deeps, go to here.

If you want to see my current gear, click here. It's "_Elucidator_" My gear/gems/passives will likely be different from the guide, as I am constantly experimenting with different setups.

Note: It's called Elucidator, because if you play in a party with this char, everything shall be clear to thee, and you shall see the thine holy light (of your PC overheating and setting on fire).



You use your The Writing Jar to spawn some enemy worms, then use Doedre's Elixir to damage yourself. This damage contributes to the CwDT counter, and some other stats which we'll get to later, but basically, it makes your CwDT setups cast lots of spells. These spells crit (either the writhing worms, or other enemies) and, due to you using The Harvest, those crits give your flask charges back. This essentially gives you infinite flasks, lots of casts, and 100% flask uptime.



Note: These are older videos, in these I don't have a Retch equipped {which is a 315% more damage mod at max leech}, nor do I have Aspect of Carnage {40% more damage}. I do not have MoM either, so I'll be taking more damage than I do now as well. Updated videos are work in progress. Just watch these for now to get an idea of how the build works, especially the Malformation.

Double Reflect + Vuln Malformation
Gorge "Speed"run


Pros & Cons


  • 100%+ LEECH!! OMG This means, reflect immune, none one-shot damage immune, etc. since we have Vaal Pact.
  • Infinite Flasks! (Basically, legacy surgeons on every flask, on a build that shoots out 20 crit spells per second. Fun times ^_^)
  • Temporal Chains, Stuns {if we ever get any stuns with 6-7k hp}, Freeze, knockbacks, etc, have no effect on us as we can drink flasks during all of those, and drinking flasks = casting.
  • CwDT setups mean we can be AFK, and still kill.
  • Any "when hit" effects are permanently active.
  • Mana is basically irrelevant
  • No aura is "needed", so can run Clear Mind if wanted
  • RF damage boost; High damage output {though this has more}
  • Only required items are The Harvest, Doedre's Elixir and 1-2 Writhing Jars, so all the other slots can be random rare gear with life/resists/MF/whatever you want.
  • Can abuse the hell out of Vaal Molten Shell Patched in 2.4 and... Warcries!, specifically Rallying Cry. I am constantly surrounded by worms, so each cast gives me ~150-200% increased damage. If I stack up a few worms for a a few seconds, I can get ~200-500% increased damage. Worth it for a single slot.
  • This build can do every mod, including Double Reflect and No Regen. No Leech is technically doable, just wear a Atziri's Splendour, but it's very difficult and dangerous. Would not recommend if trying to not die. If just pissing around in maps less than t10, Atziri will probably carry you. Only other note about map mods, is Monsters Cannot be affected by Elemental Status Ailments; We mainly kill with ignites, and freezes. As this is not an option in these maps, kill with RF degen, and swap to some other degen spells, like Vortex.



  • Lag{ish, it depends on your particular gem/computer setup, but mostly, I receive lag complaints, and I have crashed others before, so... yeh, "Lag"}
  • No party wants you [Forever alone ;-;]
  • Expensive, due to the Harvest being required. {Legacy Doedre's Elixir is not required at all, it's just a QoL thing tbh.}
  • Requires you to harm yourself to cast properly. {Think of it as Blood Magic/Scold's Bridle tho ^_^}
  • If ya fuck up, yeh gunna die {but this is unlikely anyway as the BV generated from selfcast/CwDP setups will basically insta fill your flasks back up upon touching anything that can be crit, so, your flasks stay up permanently basically, i.e, casting+leeching; safe.}



IGNORE the gems inside of everything here, I mess around with the combo a lot

DO NOT get chaos resist, you need -60% chaos resist for this to function.


No other option, MUST be used.

Offhand Weapon(s)

Link Leap Slam with Faster attacks in offhand for quick movement. The other 4 sockets can be for leveling gems. Or just use 2 random weapons and level 6 gems here.

Body Armour

Atziri's Splendour is very nice for this build, lots of life, life/mana gained on kill {and we kill a LOT of worms}, as well as resistances.

Belly of the Beast is very nice, more life is always good, but chroming 3-5 blues on it is a pain.
Chromed BBBRG-G on it, switched to this. I'd say it's on par with Atziri's Splendour. You lose that 100 life/mana on kill, and a bit of resist, but I gained ~500 life allowing me to move to a higher level of CwDT, but Atziri's Splendour is still just as good, as the 100 LGoK is still very strong.

Carcass Jack is fun, more AoE and AoE damage.

Kingsguard could work, we consume a fair amount of endurance charges.

A nice rare would also work.


These stop us killing the worms too quickly, so we can get flask charges off of them, before they get shattered/ignited. The % life is also very nice.

These gloves are also best for Arena/3v3, or large PvP arenas, since you need to sustain flasks by yourself sometimes.

These, however, are better for 1v1, since you pretty much can sustain off of your opponent, so preserving the worms is not required. Voidbringers have no life, but the extra crit is very nice, and the up to +20es per kill is actually noticeable (but still not overly significant) since we kill so many worms.

For rare gloves; max life+str, resists extra.


Anything with high life, resistances are nice.


Anything with high life, resistances are nice.


Anatomical Knowledge should be placed in the jewel slot under Mind over Matter/over Elemental Equilibrium, between Witch and Templar.

We use no auras/reserve mana so we can use Clear Mind for more damage.

For rare jewels, this is the order of priority:

  • Life - More life, more survivability and damage
  • Generic Damage
  • Spell Damage
  • Area Damage
  • Lightning Damage
  • Other Elemental Damage
  • Mana - for Mind over Matter
  • Resistances
  • Strength - life


Critical strike chance and critical strike multiplier are very nice on the rings/amulet, though I haven't got any atm. High life/resists.

20% reduced flask charges used on the belt is very nice, makes it harder for Doedre's to lose enough charges to pose a threat. Once again, high life rolls on everything, str as second choice for even more life. Resists are nice as well.

Voll's Devotion is good if you want extra discharge damage, or an almost 100% up-time Immortal Call, but the life on it is a bit low. Resists on it aren't bad either.

The Retch - We don't care about the increased flask duration since we have infinite charges, but the interesting mod is "200% of Life Leech applies to Enemies as Chaos Damage"... 103% global leech at minimum, with this... well, that is a 300% more damage mod at the very least, oh, which also bypasses es, and nothing resists chaos. I would think it's very powerful. But, 30% reduced flask charges gained while using a flask. I think this could be overcome for that GG 300% more damage. 15% move speed is also nice. Will test it if I can get one. Obtained one, it's ungodly powerful, but requires some changes to the passive tree See below

Currently, I cannot sustain flasks while using The Retch, see below for a longer list of possible "solutions". Fixed, see below After extensive testing, even using a Overflowing Chalice does not cancel out the Retch. However, I noticed that worms were dying, even with only BV active, which means it's not the reduced flask charges gained, that's causing the issue; therefore we can run duration flasks again. I believe this issue is due to the fact that the Retch applies reflected damage, which does not count as my "hits", and therefore Southbound does not stop it from killing the worms. I am experimenting with ways to counteract this. [See Below]


Those are for PvE, check out below for PvP setup.

With 2 Writhing Jars, we spawn enough worms to sustain flasks without any other enemy near us {if not using The Retch, see above for more info}. Sadly, the Diamond flask is required for me as I do not have enough crit atm. {Also unless using Retch, also see above.} I will get more crit in the next few levels, and I'll see if I can drop the diamond. Answer: If you run 3 Writhing jars, yes, you can drop the Diamond.

Flask Prefixes mean nothing, (well, maybe the Surgeon's helps a bit, and Alchemist's might be good, since we have infinite flasks, and the reduced duration doesn't affect us, but I wouldn't sweat it. Any prefix is good)

Adrenaline on our quicksilver allows us to clear even faster. Bleed immune is just generally quite nice, though we can basically outleech any bleeds in the game. Same goes for poison and burns.

We don't care about freezes/temp chains or similar effects, as our "drink flask" rate is not affected by these. We can be frozen, stunned and under a 75% speed reduction temp chains, and we can still cast at normal speed.

Vessel of Vinktar can also be used, but 20/30% lightning leech doesn't really do too much when we already have 100%+ leech. I suppose you could use a legacy Vinktar (penetration is prob best), and then drop Vaal Pact. This would be great, but I don't want to shell out 45ex for a flask. We don't really need that extra 30% leech that much, and the regen from not taking Vaal Pact affects us minimally, since our instant leech (from legacy Vinktar) makes us at full life constantly basically, plus the constant spam of hybrid instant flasks (Writhing Jars). The nearby enemies are shocked is fairly useful but not not worth 45ex in my mind (yes, I am Scrooge, fite me).

Doedre's Elixir - Welp, we kinda need this one. Also gives charges for our Discharge.


Experimental/Untested Stuff

The Retch sustainability is under testing, of which are: SOLVED

  • The Overflowing Chalice - Works, but unreliable. Testing discontinued.
  • Passives - Slight changes made, testing still underway, nothing confirmed to completely fix yet.
  • Elemental Focus supports - Replaces too many spells, "works", but not that good.
  • Other forms of Charge Generation - None found yet.
  • Instant only flasks. - Works, but not sure what flasks to actually use.
  • Simply only cast when near enemies, though you cannot run around randomly and spam spells anymore. - Works, but where's the fun in that? C'mon, I wanna spam spells in peoples' hideouts and troll them :c

Fixed: Run 3 Writhing Jars, and use only instant flasks (of dousing) then put RF in a CwDT setup, as we cannot sustain with RF up 100% of the time as it seems to cause the worms to die indirectly by forcing the Retch to leech when we don't want it to. Basically, use 3 Writhings, drop the other two flasks, and run a Seething ____ flask of Dousing.


Gem Setups

In your 4l items:

CwDT - Inc AoE - Controlled Destruction/Elemental Focus - Discharge (Swap out Inc AoE for Conc Effect for tough bosses, but generally, it's fine.)

CwDT - Innervate - Vortex {for PvP}/Ice Nova/Arc - Assassin's Mark {You'll want this setup in the helmet, because of the item casting order of CwDT, so the curse casts before as many as possible other spells.}

Blade Vortex - Blind - Inc AoE - Increased Duration


Blade Vortex - Vaal Molten Shell*[See Note] - Inc AoE - Increased Duration {This leaves some other sockets spare, and supports VMS with Increased Duration at the cost of losing Blind} Patched in 2.4


Blade Vortex - Vaal Haste - Inc AoE - Increased Duration {Vaal Haste gives a move speed boost. Yup, it's a crappy quicksilver to us since attack/cast speed doesn't matter. This setup supports Vaal Haste with Increased Duration at the cost of losing Blind as well}


CwDT - Knockback/Blind - Ball Lightning - GMP

This allows another projectile spell in your other 5/6l, and the knockback is very good for defence, or you can also use blind.


PvP ONLY: CwDT - Less Duration - Lightning Warp - Rapid Decay

(Due to CwDT's instant cast time, and with the reduced duration from the two support gems, lightning warp goes off as fast as we can spam our flasks, making it almost impossible for us to be targeted in PvP. Very good for trolling.)

In your 5/6l items:

CwDT - Inc AoE - Cold Snap {for PvP}/Shock Nova - Glacial Cascade - Blade Vortex and for your 6l link {Completely optional}: - Cold Snap/Shock Nova/Arc

CwDT - GMP - Ball Lightning - Any Projectile Spell {I use Ice Spear} - Any Projectile Spell {I use Fireball} and for your 6l link {Completely optional}: - Another Projectile Spell {I would use Arctic Breath}

Shove this somewhere in a random link:

CwDT - Immortal Call Make these high level gems, for longer Immortal Call duration.

I am using a Retch, so my setup might be different:
This is my gear at the time of writing:

Note: The Blade Vortex in my gloves is supposed to be higher level than the CwDT so I can selfcast it with that Increased Area of Effect support, but it hasn't reached level 19 yet; that's why I have a unlinked Blade Vortex in the Belly of the Beast, so I can selfcast it for now. After it has reached level 19+, I'll replace the unlinked one with something else.

As of 2.4.0h:

I managed to chrome BBBBRR on my Harvest when testing another wormblaster, so I've moved some stuff around, notably:

Discharge into the 5l for more damage, swap Conc Effect to Inc AoE for clearing, Conc for bosses and PvP.

Ball Lighting into gloves with knockback for PvP/Defence reasons. This also allows another projectile spell in your other 5/6l


Put Ball Lightning back into chest, and use:

CwDT - Less Duration - Lightning Warp - Rapid Decay

Due to CwDT's instant cast time, and with the reduced duration from the two support gems, lightning warp goes off as fast as we can spam our flasks, making it almost impossible for us to be targeted in PvP. Very good for trolling.


As before;

CwDT - Immortal Call - Inc AoE - Blade Vortex
Like before.

Note:In spare sockets/unset rings, use:

  • Leap Slam
  • Vaal Molten Shell Patched in 2.4
  • Righteous Fire
  • Rallying Cry

- Leap Slam has very fast attack speed due to our Ascendancies, and is good for movement up/down ledges and fast traversal of area, though running is much more reliable and easier to control with this level of lag. I have switched Leap Slam into my offhand with Brightbeak+a GGG Prismatic Eclipse for a massive attack speed buff. ONLY do this if you're using Option 2 of RF [See Below]

- VMS procs every time we use Doedre's Elixir, and is a nice damage bonus. Patched in 2.4

- You can have RF either cast by a CwDT and use a Dousing flask to remove it when you're finished casting, or, you can do self cast it at the beginning of an instance, then sustain it until you leave.

- The former means that you lose a CwDT slot, have to use a Dousing suffix on one of your flasks, and does not allow a level 20 RF gem, so less damage, but is much safer as you can turn off RF whenever you want. Self casting does not allow this; you must either sustain it for the entire instance, or wait in a safe corner to drop your hp to 1, then re-pot back up. You can, however, in exchange gain a level 20 RF, an extra CwDT slot and not be limited to use a Dousing suffix on one of your flasks.

- If using option 1, remember this:

Main hand ⇒ Amulet ⇒ Helm ⇒ Off hand ⇒ Body armour ⇒ Gloves ⇒ Boots

This is the order CwDT setups occur, I cannot confirm yet if having RF in boots means the other CwDT setups do not cast with the RF damage boost, but I believe so. Therefore, placing RF in a CwDT setup in the Harvest would be optimal, but as it is one of our 5/6 links, I did not want to waste it, and I have since moved it into my helmet, which is just a 4 link.

- In addition to this, spells cast in this order in

(Sorry about the awful diagram, the forums doesn't render spaces or indents properly, so I filled it in with blocks)

This means we should place RF as close as possible to the top left link so we can have it activate first.

- For HC, I suggest option 1, or skip it altogether.

- If using The Retch, you should use option 1, as having it on 100% of the time messes with the Retch and Southbound interactions.

- For Rallying Cry, I am constantly surrounded by worms, so each cast gives me ~150-200% increased damage. If I stack up a few worms for a a few seconds, I can get ~200-500% increased damage. Worth it for a single slot.



Level 99 Tree, No MoM Have tested the MoM option, it's better. There is literally no reason to not use MoM. This is here just for completeness

Level 97 Tree, With MoM {Untested, the MoM may brick the CwDT setups} Made the switch, it works fine.

Currently, use regular skill tree w/ Retch + Updated flasks. Testing pending.

I am currently testing the Alchemist witch passive cluster. I think it increases the damage taken, in which case, great(!), we can run higher level CwDT setups with the same life total, but testing is still underway.

Alchemist does not Work {As of 2.3.4}, Do Not Attempt


We choose Berserker. Why? That godly passive, Cloaked in Savagery:

100% of Damage Leeched as Life if you've taken a Savage Hit Recently
50% increased Damage if you've taken a Savage Hit Recently
25% increased Attack Speed if you've taken a Savage Hit Recently

A Hit that removes more than 15% of maximum life is a Savage Hit.
Recently refers to the past 4 seconds.

So, Doedre's Elixir deals 16% of our life, and it actually counts as a Savage Hit (in addition to a normal enemy hit). This grants us insane life leech (as well as the damage/atk speed boost).

Pain Reaver gives us a bit of leech. Nice, I guess, but it's kinda overshadowed by the OMFG 100% LEECH!!1!!1! from Cloaked in Savagery, so, not much to say here.

Crave the Slaughter ok, this one is interesting. if you're going for max run speed, stop the Doedre's for 4 secs, then run. However, I think this is faster: Use Leap Slam while spamming the combo. We generate enough worms to sustain even without any enemies near us, so we gain 50% increased attack speed (25% from Crave the Slaughter, 25% from Cloaked in Savagery). This lets us continuously cast/keep RF active/kill anything that might be near us, but still offscreen, etc.

Aspect of Carnage 40% more Damage = more leech and more destroying stuff. Not sure how the 10% increased damage taken interacts with the Doedre's Elixir. If it does increase the damage taken from it, we might be able to use higher level CwDT with the same life total, or basically, even more damage, and more damage = more damage leeched. ^_^


PvP Setups


1. Required

2. Required

3. Phasing lets you run through all those Frost Walls that people put down, very useful. Prefix doesn't matter at all. The of Adrenaline suffix lets you catch up to them.

4. Diamond, Required. Prefix doesn't matter at all. Freeze and chill, which we normally don't care about due to being able to cast when frozen/chilled, now matter, as we must catch up to our opponent, as most other players are mostly mobile.

5. Required

Additional Gear

Knockback is a large-ish issue with this build. I can kill pretty much anyone if I can get close to them, but high aps+knockback can prevent that from happening. You may have noticed some of my boots are corrupted. 'tis is because I am in the process of obtaining boots with "Cannot be Knocked Back", for complete immunity against this.

Other than that, it's good for PvP, directly attacking the other players' computers being its main weapon.



Any "When Hit" or "On Recent Kill" effects are up 100% of the time, so if you spot any that might be good or have interesting effects, notify me, and I'll see what I can do with it.

Suggestions are very welcome!

Quotes and Comments

"...With this character, it's not a case of frames per second, but seconds per frame."
- DashDigital

"fuck you"
- SomeGuyInPvP

"My computer is on fire."
- zeAssReacher

"At first, I was like 'fite me bru', but then I was like 'finally a good fite bru'."
- Crackerkitten

- OtherGuyInPvP

"Finally, someone that can kill me."
- throwstufflel

"goddammit, now my cat's on fire"
- zeAssReacher

"fucking lag"
- RussianGuyInPvPArena

- the_toppest_kek

- Kikirez

"Worms! :D"

"Holy shit, WTF"
- RandomGuyIDueled

"fuckin gay worms"
- biitchslapped

"goddammit, the cat set the carpet on fire"
- zeAssReacher

"build guide pls"
- MephistoFeast

- le moi

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I'm at 68lvl with this build. Tnx for sharing it. But... It's pain in the ass to be honest... solotarget awfull cuz lack of damage. Aoe cleanspeed awfull cuz of worms (you cant say is it worm alive or a mob) and lags. Leveling is annoying. ._. Started leveling it cuz i think "SCREEN COVERED IN SPELLS IS FUN" now i dont think so... But the good side this build trully unkillable by bosses.
Yea, I switched into at level 80, I tried it on a lower level char, and it was pretty bad. But the damage is pretty good once you get high enough level, since the CwDT setups rely on you having high life, etc. Its clearing t11s fairly comfortably, and the bosses take only a few seconds. I'll post some vids in a bit.

edit: Basically, just level with pizzablast/bladefall poison mines, and switch into it at ~70-80, it'll be a lot smoother then.
Last edited by Gho5t_2312 on Aug 6, 2016, 10:09:56 PM
BTW: Why did you get full Arcane Chemistry circle?
Ah, I didn't mean to get that 10% max mana/15% mana recovery node. But you do take the Arcane Chemisty notable for the 15% reduced charges used.

edit: Fixed, ty for telling me :)
Last edited by Gho5t_2312 on Aug 7, 2016, 4:01:55 PM
Got some vids up, check them out.
I think you may be overestimating how good the retch is on this build in particular - it only deals damage based on the amount of life you actually gain from leeching (at most your maximum life) as opposed to the amount you could leech if your life were uncapped (even with Vaal Pact).

If you were a Slayer, then you could take advantage of Endless Hunger (life leech effects aren't removed on full life) so that you would actually gain huge damage bonsues. However, Slayer is far worse than Berserker in so many ways that it's probably just not worth it to use the Retch at all.
[2.1] Harvest Blade Vortex - 70% phys mitigation perma flask build
[1.2] Naked Marauder Build - end game build with no clothes!
Last edited by hypernegus on Aug 30, 2016, 5:36:50 PM
Yea, I figured that out after messing around with it, but it's still worth it imo, because Doedre's Elixir still damages you, and RF is constantly burning you, so I'm constantly leeching over that as well. While the damage boost is not as large as if I leeched all the damage, the damage bonus is larger the more damage I'm taking myself, that is to say, on bosses, when the boost is when you need it. I compared the times, and the Retch does do a noticeable difference. But yea, Endless Hunger would be amazing, turning it truly into a 315% damage mod, but you would then lose the 100%+ leech from Berserker :/

I suppose you could do a similar thing on Slayer with Atziri's Promises and Vessel of Vinktars, etc, but I don't currently have a Duelist to test it on.
Still works in 2.4, tested; works fine.
Awesome, I'll try it out soon :)

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