[2.2.2b] Cast when Drinking Potion spell spammer - 20 spells per second with no active skills

Using The Harvest and a bunch of spells all supported by low-level Cast when Damage Taken support gems, you can chain Doedre's Elixirs (and all of your other potions) indefinitely.

[2.2.0] Dried Lake:

[2.2.0] Lab run (pre-Writhing Jar+increased flask charges bug fix):

Older videos

0flip's version featured on Build of the Week for the week of October 11th, 2015:

[2.0.1] Demonstrating Righteous Fire toggle and part of a Gorge run:

[1.2.4d] Dominus run:

The combo:

Drinking Doedre's Elixir causes you to take 10% of your life in chaos damage, which is enough to trigger Cast when Damage Taken supports with ~4k HP and negative chaos resist. Together, one trigger casts up to 8 damage spells and 2 curses.

The character has a high enough crit chance that most of these spells crit. With The Harvest unique item that refills flasks on crit, each flask usage casts a bunch of spells that crit, recharging the flask charges that were used.

With enough crits and flask charge passives, you'll get enough flask charges back to be able to repeat this process as quickly as CwDT comes off of cooldown, letting you cast up to 20 spells per second.

Update after 2.2.1d (the Writhing Jar worms HP nerf):

In patch 2.2.1d, worms spawned by The Writhing Jar had their level decreased, which lowered their health, causing them to die much more quickly. This made it impossible to maintain flask charges indefinitely, since not enough spells would hit them before they died.

However, if you use the unique Southbound gloves and link all gems to Elemental Focus, the worms won't die to your spells, and you can maintain flask charges indefinitely again. In order to actually kill enemies, have one or two spells not linked to Elemental Focus (low level Firestorm plus high level Discharge seem to work the best).

Older updates

Update for Ascendancy (2.2.0):

The build is more or less the same with one major addition: The Writhing Jar unique flask lets you spawn enemies and makes it so the build almost never whiffs and runs out of flask charges. This means that you can now just spam the combo all the time instead of just when you're next to enemies.
Just kidding, with this patch, worms from The Writhing Jar die too quickly to generate flask charges. The build is back to where it was pre-Ascendancy.

Update for Awakening (2.0.0)

The instance crashes were fixed shortly after this build was released. The build is fairly viable and can do 77 maps fairly quickly and safely if you use a defensive setup (Lightning Coil, remove the lv20 Discharge so you don't have to worry about ele reflect).

The build was changed slightly: unfortunately, Immortal Call now has a cooldown so the build no longer has indefinite physical invulnerability without some investment into endurance charges. On the plus side, due to the mana flask changes, there's now legacy versions of Doedre's Elixirs that use significantly fewer charges than they should. Even if you're not lucky enough to have one of these, there's now also reduced flask charge nodes in the passive tree, meaning that only two Elixirs are necessary instead of three, and Poacher's Mark can be dropped.

Links with Southbound + The Writhing Jar (2.2.2b)

  • All spells must be linked to Elemental Focus, except for Firestorm and Discharge.
  • Don't use any of the same spells twice (even if they're different levels) or they won't trigger.
  • In general you want as many blue sockets as possible, but since The Harvest and Belly of the Beast don't have an int requirement, it's difficult to get optimal colors.
  • All CwDTs are low enough level that they can be triggered with one Doedre's Elixir usage unless otherwise stated. With -60% chaos resist, divide the amount of HP required to trigger a CwDT gem by 0.16 in order to obtain the amount of max health you need.

Weapon/chest (5L required, 6L optional):
5L/6L: Increased AoE, Elemental Focus, Blade Vortex, CwDT, and any other two AoE spells. If you can't put more blue spells but have red sockets, then use Increased Duration or Vaal Molten Shell.
5L/6L: Ball Lightning, Bladefall, CwDT, Elemental Focus, Ice Nova. Unlinked Anger

4L Hat/gloves/shoes:
CwDT, Assassin's Mark, Elemental Focus, Arc
High level CwDT, High level Discharge, Increased AoE, Controlled Destruction (swap out Increased AoE for Concentrated Effect for bosses if necessary)
CwDT, Firestorm, Innervate, Elemental Weakness. Swap out Innervate for Righteous Fire if you need more damage and are suicidal (make sure you have a dousing flask).

Rings: Two unset rings with Herald of Ice/Thunder

If you're not using Southbound + The Writhing Jar, use any of the older link setups; almost anything works as long as you have enough spells linked to CwDT.

Old links

Links (2.2.0):

Almost any set of spells is fine. The main priorities are Curse on Hit+Ass Mark linked to a good triggering spell, and a higher level Discharge (I switch between lv16 and lv20 depending on the level of the content). Everything else is up to preference and doesn't make a noticeable difference.

Weapon: Ice Nova, Arc, Ethereal Knives, CwDT, Summon Flame Golem and unlinked Vaal Fireball
Hat: PCoC, Increased AoE, Blade Vortex, CwDT
Chest: Ball Lightning, GMP, CwDT, Curse on Hit, Assassin's Mark and unlinked Anger
Gloves: Righteous Fire, Bladefall, CwDT, Elemental Weakness
Shoes: Discharge (level 20), Increased AoE, Life Leech, CwDT (level 20)
Rings: Two unset rings with Herald of Ice/Thunder

The main improvements to my current setup would be to swap out Life Leech on Discharge with Lightning Penetration/Elemental Focus/Controlled Destruction and Vaal Fireball for Vaal Molten Shell.

Gear with Southbound + The Writhing Jar (2.2.2b)
If you don't want to use Southbound, take a look at the older gear setups that have higher damage.


If you don't have access to legacy Doedre's Elixir (<100% increased flask charges used), swap out another flask for a second Doedre's Elixir.

Legacy Vinktar's is not necessary due to taking Vaal Pact.

Old gear

Gear (2.2.0, pre-Writhing Jar nerf in 2.2.1d):

Pretty much the same as for 2.0.4, except with a different flask setup:

Swap in either or both of these:

Gear (2.0.4, high life setup. Changes based off of 0flip's version.):

Gear (2.0.3, max DPS with Voll's Protector):

Gear (pre-Awakening):


If this link doesn't work, it's a generic life/crit/spell damage tree that skips all cast speed nodes and takes the life rectangle.

Depending on the spells you link, you might want to pick up increased duration (for Immortal Call/Blade Vortex), AoE, or more damage. If you're going for survivability, Acrobatics/Phase Acrobatics or MoM (don't reserve all your mana) are fine.

There are tons of options for ascendancies:
  • Assassin (Shadow) for Deadly Infusion + Ambush to cap crit without a Diamond Flask
  • Hierophant (Templar) for Conviction of Power + whatever if you want to generate endurance charges for Immortal Call if you don't have a Voll's Devotion
  • Ascendant (Scion) for Pathfinder + whatever
  • Occultist (Witch) for whatever
  • Elementalist (Witch) if you're not using Southbound + Elemental Focus


Oak (HP)/kill all/Alira (Power Charge).

Normal: Mana is totally irrelevant, resists usually can be made irrelevant with gear (though you could make a case for it). The build is not really hurting for passives either, so might as well take HP, which sort of scales damage as well (more damage taken from Doedre's Elixir).

Cruel: All three are totally irrelevant

Merciless: Taking a charge is probably better than taking a passive since you're running Discharge and it's a major source of damage.
- The benefits from Frenzy charges are irrelevant, so probably not the best pick.
- I think the main reason to take the Endurance charge is if you're going for an indefinite Immortal Call. Other than that, it doesn't seem fantastic given that the physical damage reduction from the additional charge will only be active for a split second before your next Discharge triggers.
- Power Charge would at least provide a little bit of value by adding to your Discharge's crit chance before it's consumed.

  • Indefinite Immortal Call uptime, since it's being refreshed more than once per second As of 2.0.0, IC has a 3s cooldown and can't be spammed indefinitely anymore, unless you drop Discharge or get a Voll's Devotion
  • Unlimited flask uptime, including for all unique flasks
  • Can cast while frozen/stunned
  • Can kill mobs while AFK
  • Doesn't rely on mana
  • Can abuse Vaal Molten Shell
  • The only absolutely necessary equips are The Harvest, Doedre's Elixirs, and maybe one Unset Ring - other than that, you can wear anything that has a decent life roll.

  • Expensive due to needing The Harvest, which only drops in Beyond maps
  • Lag
  • Mostly relies on Herald of Ice/Thunder to deal damage, which doesn't add up to much As of 2.0.0, Anger also adds flat spell damage, and putting Righteous Fire on a CwDT link while using burning HP flasks solves any DPS issues.
  • Needs to hurt itself to deal damage
  • Prone to error - if you mess up, you can run out of flask charges and die
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Dude, yout get the coolest thing here, i've seen in a while ;)
Category: Cast on Death with extra coolness!
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Greatest build ever.
The coolest thing I've seen in quite a while. Nice work.
Stormcalling 24/7.
GGG offers desync

Players offer instance crashes

GGG bans

Playa stop playin

THis dominus vid is hilarious :D GZ! :D
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Nice build indeed! Maybe this could also be built around ES + CI (by losing some crit and ele/spell damage), so one could try approaching level 20 cwdt gems?
That's..... just..... wow...
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Well done sir!
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So we turned Gorge into a red map"

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