This is now a Scion build, please refer to https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1637026
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my jaw.. just broke...

Just some little input, since i'm playing a similar build (also based on Dimeq's Cast When Drinking Potions)

I really like the idea of stacking life recovery from flasks and i also considered it while trying to min/max Dimeq's build, but eventually decided against it in favor of 100% immunity to physical damage:


I took Oaks Endurance Charge + a Belt with an extra EC to reach 6 Endurance-/Powercharges together with the passive tree
In combination with Increased Duration my Immortal Call lasts 4 seconds, while having a 3 second cooldown - this basically means, that i am 100% immune to physical damage (including bleeding, which is why i dont use an anti bleed flask)
Corrupting a Belt with +1 EC has ~2-3% to occour, so its actually not that expensive to get one - especially since the only thing you need on your Belt is Life and the pool of available prefixes is pretty small on a Belt anyway
I just spammed alts until i hit T1 Life, Regaled + mastercrafted 1 resist for 2 Alchs and Vaaled it - If you are not very unlucky, you should be able to get one in 2-3 EX (which is pretty cheap compared to the price of the rest of the gear)

And the use of Voll's for Enduring Charges also (almost) doubles my damage aswell

I'm level 88 and currently sitting at 5533 Life - a Belly of the Beast would push my life to ~6300

The reason i'm using a Voll's instead of a Belly is simply because i dont like random factors in my build: With a Belly I have to rely on Power Charge on Crit, which ofc does not always proc - This first of all randomizes my damageoutput and secondly can potentially result in a shorter duration of Immortal Call
This is also the reason i am playing with a level 12 CWDT instead of a higher leveled one (I like to know that when i press "3", my screen goes "boom" :P - this is not the case when you need 3 Doedres to proc your spells, since the "Discharge Button" will always change after each rotation)
And 2 instead of 3 Doedres to proc Discharge also does more damage ofc :)

I'm still able to skill 2 more Lifenodes, so i can Level up all of my CWDT gems 1 more time (Maybe even 2 Level, if i max out the life on my gear)
At this point, I will probably switch Anger + Herald of Lighting for 2 Purities to counteract my only weakness: Heavy elemental damage spikes (The damage right now is INSANE anyway, so removing 2 damage Auras should not hurt at all)

I also decided against Assassins mark and use Warlords Mark instead - As already mentioned, the damage is over the roof anyway, so i prefer to get some extra leech and be immune to reflect aswell

The only reason i would ever die with my setup is my own stupidity (opening strongboxes with poison cloud, not noticing i am out of flasks which leads to my death due to Righteous Fire, etc...)

By the way: I have no idea, why you (and also Dimeq in the original build) are using Curse on hit - the radius of Curses is big enough IMO and you will also hit EVERY mob around you instead of just 4 via Arc + CoH, so you could actually switch it in favor of another random spell to generate more flask charges (or even Phasewalk for some extra Movement Speed)

Well, you can use higher leveled Curses with CoH, but additional level on Poachers mark are kinda negligible anyway ;P


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Nice defenses dude!! You have the dream equipment right there.

Yes, I use curse on hit assassin's mark for its level, with diamond flask it makes all my spells crit more consistently even without power charges. The tooltip in game doesn't show the effect of diamond flask nor can it show that of assassin's mark, but in the spreadsheet you can see that when you combine both, the damage gained is massive! assuming the worst, 96% crit not 100%, my visible tooltip average damage is 39k at max charges, with only conc effect, whereas my real average damage is 93k, that's 130% more damage. Warlord's mark does offer more survivability though, and for sure if you have more charges, you're gonna deal more damage too. Likely you dont need increased life recovery from flasks and can heal off off the 6l discharge leech. I'm interested in your tooltip discharge damage at max charges, as well as crit chance and crit multi for it.

I don't run poacher's mark btw, just assassin's mark and elemental weakness. Youre right that using an extra spell over curse on hit is good for flask recharges. At the moment though i dont feel like i need it. My equipment and tree gives me up to 35% reduced flask charges used, and im not yet using legacy doedre's flasks, just got merged from warbands.

Ive been thinking about temporary phys immunity with shackles of the wretched self temporal chains with a high level immortal call. I dont know if that would make the cooldown last longer as well though. I guess that would be the "budget" version. Your build is probably the superior version.

Your equipment is very very nice, though If i were you I'd try the curse on hit assassin's mark power charge on crit version, with belly of the beast. If you can manage to get enough HP that you can trigger a higher level discharge every 2 flasks, you win the game. Levelling cwdt makes you do so much more damage its absurd, because you have more damage to trigger * reduced cwdt less multiplier * gem damage, every level adds so much more damage. This effect stops around cwdt level 14 though, so if you manage that, you're doing basically perfect damage. 2 over 3 doedre's can do more damage as long as you're at maximum charges whenever you discharge. If you're not, then 2 over 3 is doing about 15% less damage, just by being lower level. I'm thinking the perfect version with maximum damage output and hp is somewhere between your build and mine.

I also just thought about heralds and anger, why are we even using it..? Discharge does about 70%+ of our damage, and it isnt affected that much by flat spell damage. Might as well run defensive auras.
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I just tried it without Voll's Protector and PCoC; sadly didnt work out that well

First of all, I am at 5 Charges most of the time, which greatly reduces my damage + immortal call duration
This can be fixed by using 3 instead of 2 Doedres to proc Discharge (I would be able to use a Level 19 CwDt in this case - insane damage but also instadead to reflect :P)
but like I said, i prefer the playstyle with 2 Doedres
I tried it with 2 4-Links though, so maybe a 5-Link + 4-Link will be sufficient

And secondly, i was not able to sustain my Charges at Bossfights because i had to drop 2 Spells for the PCoC gems

I guess my next goal is to get 4 Blue sockets on my Harvest and also a Belt with +1 to Endurance charges, T1 Life and reduced Flask charges used and will try it again

I'll post my DPS when im able to level up my CwDT gems - I also switched Elemental Weakness for Assassins Mark, so i will probably get rid of the high critchance on Voidbringer and use my pair of legacy Maligaros or even a "grants level 10 Assassinsmark" corrupted Facebreaker to free up 1 additional socket instead - I'm not sure if it will work with CwDT though

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Damn, I guess with Voll's your charges are filling up too fast for it to even matter. Your version is really impressive m8!
Well, i've been messing around a little bit:

Getting T1 Life + Reduced Flask Charges AND +1 EC on a Belt is.... kinda impossible if you have a limited amount of currency, so i decided to create new chars and buy all the ILvl 3+4 Belts at Act 1 Town
I alted them until i hit Reduced Flaskcharges, mastercrafted Life roll on it (toras tier 2 though - toras T1 is to expensive in the long run for me) and vaaled them
After ~7 Ex worth of Alts/Regals/Vaals i finally got this belt

About 2500 Chromes later, i managed to get the right socket colours on Belly + the Harvest - no luck with Maligaros though, i'm still using Voidbringer

My current Gear looks like this right now

Unfortunately no currency to buy a 6-linked Belly :(

With Increased Critdamage as my only damage supportgem, my average damage is at ~30K
My damage was at ~26K before, so I honestly expected more damage with +2 levels to Discharge/CwDt

If i go full tooltipwarrior with DCharge + Critdamage + Ironwill + Conceffect + Righteous Fire + Wrath, my Damage per use is at ~100k

Note, that I'm still using 2 instead of 3 Doedre's btw
My life is sitting at 6,3k right now
In a few level, I should also be able to reach 6,25k life without my helmet, which is still enough to use a lvl 14 CwDt and also Scolds Brittle for the extra deeeps :P

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Does the curse on hit/CwdT still proc together? i thought that got changed?
Yalani, again, very impressive!!

Does the curse on hit/CwdT still proc together? i thought that got changed?

Yes - As long as the curse is too high level for cwdt, so that cwdt does not cast it itself, you can use curse on hit with it.
If without The harvest weapon can this build works?

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