[2.5 | Video Guide] Cyclone's Revival feat. Ngamahu's Flame Chieftain | MAN MODE

First of all i would like to mention that i want to avoid text of walls in this guide, so let's start.
English isn't my native language.

If you prefer to look a Video instead of reading, here you can find the Video guide -->

[2.5 | Video Guide] Cyclone's Revival feat. Molten Burst Chieftain | MAN MODE

feel free to ask questions and leave Feedback for improvements!!!

The Guide also includes gameplay footage:
[2.5 | Video Guide] Cyclone's Revival feat. Molten Burst Chieftain | MAN MODE

more vids soon.

Twitch Shaarq --> if u wanna see some live action.

Current gear:

Gear in general:

For your gear you primarily need to look for affixes such as Elemental Resistances, Life, Armour and Evasion on all your stuff. Weapon Elemental Damage and Flat Phys are also awesome!

The build makes use of some unique items, first one is Ngamahu’s flame which is mandatory, it’s the build enabler...
The others are all optional and only nice to have! Such as Kaom’s heart, Devoto’s Devotion and Xoph’s blood…

To be honest i would swap Devoto’s Devotion for a rare helmet and go for Essence Worm Ring linked with Grace Aura instead to get an immense Armour boost!

Overall i think it’s the way to go…

i wasn’t able to test it, i died to a lag spike while fighting the Physical Breach Lord in a map with the new map mod “Players have less armour”, i ate his smash while lagging and he literally one shotted me with 7.8k life and 6 endurance charges up. Yeah, shit happens…

But to finish this guide don’t forget the jewels, they are one of the main damage boosts for Molten Burst, look for Fire Damage/ Area Damage/ Projectile Damage or Attack Speed combined with defensive stats like resistances.

6 socket
PPAD - WED - GMP - Fie Pen - Life gain on hit - Inc AOE / Conc Effect

4 Link
Cyclone - Fortify - Faster Attacks - Increased AoE

4 Link
CwdT - Enfeeble - Leap Slam - Faster Attacks

4 Link
Enduring Cry - Vaal Lightning Trap - Blood Rage - Increased Duration

I leveled with Cleave then Sunder and then Earthquake, pretty smooth!
You can also level with facebreaker skirmish quiver combo and use ancestral warchief totems!
Just try to grab Blood Magic at level 55 and equip Ngamahus Flame, switch to cyclone and go HAM!

The Ascendancy Classes of choice for this build is Chieftain, but you can also go for Berserker…


Bandits: help oak - kill all / help kraityn - help kraityn
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Hellou Sir,
no Attention for your build sadly, i just want to tell you THANKS while i ninjad it :P

im level 88, and doing your built, works great but you need to get the Point Blank node
in the passive tree!

normaly this char was planned as CWDT (AFK Gone Cheap), but i prefer clear speed & fun so i
changed to cyclone with ngamahus.

yesterday i did my uberlab on 1st try without big struggle, even worked without any life flask
(Enduring Cry ♥)

now i use this char to save like 10 ex for the built of my choise, want something like Atziris 6L
or Tukohama's Fortress Ebony Tower Shield

greetings & have fun!

Thanks for this build, I've been having fun with it on my first character, it really works great and I enjoy a lot. I stepped now into a gear check I guess on Tier 14+ maps, level 90 being hard to grind for me right now. I think I might be swapping my Kaom's Heart for a Belly of the Beast maybe, I don't know how to top mitigation and I've been testing with Grace and Armour flask (30.000 armour) still I get one shoted on certain bosses.

What would you recommend? Thanks
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Can I use a 6link chest with cyclone in it instead of the 4link listed above and if so what chest do you recommend I use?

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