[2.6/3.0] Blast-Rain-Totem Chieftain - ULab, Atziri, Guardians

Hi all,

and welcome to my first buildguide. I know others have made Blast-Rain-Totem-Builds before, but after i made my build (didnt know about the others then) and did some research i found out they are all different and/or outdated, and especially: none is on the actual marauder-buildlist! Since im really having much fun with this build and it seems to be quite strong i thought: why not, write a buildguide. So here we go :)

In short:

Use Lioneyes Glare, Skirmish Quiver and Avatar of Fire to let your totems rain fiery devastation on your enemies.


Fun build with high mobility (>60 %MS with 30% Boots, Devotos Devotion and Haste; Blink Arrow) and good Survivavibilty (>7k Life with Kaoms Heart, >7% Liferegen, Totemleech and -taunt). Every mapmod doable. no ancestral-warchief-grunts xD


Not cheap/no leaguestarter due to item-/gemrequirements. Mana is an issue (you need to pot a lot). Targets that move fast/a lot can be annoying due to the delay of blast rain (Roha-Boss comes to mind...).

Long Story:

I had the idea during playing 3.0 Beta and thinking about a new build to test shit with. I had a lvl 68 AW-Chieftain and respecced it a bit. Worked good, but due to the market being what it is atm in beta i decided to complete the build in legacy (where i also had the currencies to buy all the stuff i wanted to have/had already good stuff to gear the toon). Had a lvl 85 Chieftain there and respecced again. Bought the gear/gems, did the (missing) uberlab, leveld him to 90 and did Atziri and Guardians. And decided to write this guide :) To get an impression how to level this build i then remade the char from scratch in beta.

Required Gear

Core Items:

To get a third totem, also very welcome mana and manaregen.

I really like this helmet. Dmgboost, Mobility and most important: Dexterity!

Our weapon. Good pDPS and we dont need to worry about accuracy/take resolute technique (and our abysmal low critchance can get us some higher ignitechance to boost dmg with chieftain-ascendancy ;). Also: Mana.

You can probably do with a rare bow with high pDPS and/or Firedmg or another Unique (Xophs, Chin), but you have to take resolute technique keystone then or chance to hit will be too low. But well, its only 2 points away.

Very nice to have:

Brings us nearly all dexterity we need for Lioneyes besides devotos and a 30-dex-node from tree. Also int brings us welcome flat mana and str brings us flat life and dmg (iron grip keystone). You can also do with a rare jade-amulet with additional dex and dex on rings/gloves, but that takes away suffixes which are needed to cap resistances.

Not much to say about that. Huge lifeboost and the firedmg is very welcome. You can also do with a belly or a rare chest (advantage is you can see what you can get/afford 6-linked), but your total life will be considerably lower.


Rares with life/str, res, flat PD or Firedmg, WED.

Gems and Links


Blast Rain - Ranged Attack Totem - Phys. Proj. Attackdmg Supp - Weapon Elemental Damage - Concentrated Effect - Added Fire Damage

In order of importance. For 5l drop Added Fire because its the only one that has no more-multiplier. Who likes gemswitching can use Inc. Area for clearing, but it isnt really necessary :)

Utility 1:

Decoy Totem - Flamabillity - Summon Flame Golem - Bloodmagic

Decoy for emergency/izaro/lure fast moving enemies to a place where our (then only 2) blast rain totems can hit them constantly. Flamabillity to debuff enemies. Golem, what to say. All on bloodmagic to save us precious mana in combat and to make sure we can always cast them.

Utility 2:

Haste - Blink Arrow - Herald of Ash - [free slot, i use portal]

Haste and Herald as auras, Blink Arrow for mobility/gtfo-moments. You can break up the 4l and link Blink Arrow to bloodmagic to again save mana and make sure its alway available.


CWDT - Immortal Call - Enfeeble - Increased Duration

Not much to say to this... :)

>>>Tree at lvl 90 (in 2.6)<<<


Chieftain. Ngamahu -> Hinekora -> Arohongui -> Tukohama


2.6: Oak - Kill all - Kill all
3.0: Kill all

My current gear in legacy

Gloves, Boots and jewelry are borrowed from another Character. High-Armour-Boots would be preferred.


Blast Rain is available at level 28. How you get there is your choice: you can go all the way as melee with Heavystrike and Cleave/Groundslam (depends on what levelingweapons you have available), but i prefer to level with the skills/playstyle i use endgame asap.

So i leveld till 12 as melee, then switched to bows. Used a ranged attack totem with rain of arrows then, split arrow in addition for clearing and barrage in addition for single target. Skirmish is lvl 19 and brings us the 2nd totem, Astramentis (if you have one, really saves you a lot of trouble with gear/dex) is lvl 20.

I rushed Ancestral Bond to get the 3rd totem asap (at lvl 22 in beta, you can get 2 skillpoints from bandits) and took Resolute Technique on the way (not really needed at the beginning tbh, and for sure not if you have astramentis already for leveling (i have none in beta, so i took the 30-dex-node in marauder-area and the 30-dex-node in witch area asap; just take it if your chance to hit falls off untill you can equip lioneyes, then respec it)).

You can switch to blast rain at lvl 28 and you should see that the skillpoint you get with that level goes directly into Avatar of Fire.


The usual: Tabula, Goldrim, Wanderlust.

First Bow i used was Silverbranch, followed by Roth's Reach at lvl 18 and a Death's Harp at level 32. Then i had some nice Rares i looted on other toons, any Bow with good pDPS and/or firedamage will do.

A good Quiver to start with untill you switch to Skirmish is Hyrri's Bite, brings Dex you need for the Bowgems as well as lifegain on hit

Other levelingitems worth mentioning are Lioneye's Paws-Boots (lvl 30) which bring you 20% movespeed, some additional firedmg and welcome dex (if you have no astramentis) and The Magnate-belt (lvl 16) which brings you physdmg-increase and juicy 20% allres if you hit >200 str (easy to achieve with astramentis or later from tree; used this belt in beta till endgame because i had no better :)


30 Points

Resolute Technique and Diamond Skin just taken for leveling, will be respecced later if gear allows (see above)

40 Points

Grabbed some life and the dexnodes (not needed if using Astramentis)

62 Points

More life, Manaregen, and started to take the totem-nodes

82 Points

More Life, Iron Grip, jewelsocket and the first firedmg-nodes

110 Points see above

Hope i counted right here, but i think its good enough so you get the idea :)

And i think thats it. This is my first buildguide, so bear with me ;)

If you have questions, feel free to ask.

To answer two that will be asked for sure:

- I dont know if this Build is Uberatziri/Shaper-viable. Normal atziri was a breeze, but i never tried Uber till now. Same goes for Shaper (well i tried him with two other builds (and failed xD)). A better player than me can do them with this build i think :). Guardians were ok, but DPS isnt THAT huge (PoB says arround 7,8k dps per single blast rain explosion with my gear, that taken *4 for 4 explosions and *3 for three totems...) so fights were a bit lengthy with room for mistakes... better know what your doing (even though i do i wasnt able to do all 4 deathless, but that was due to bad play (and i only tried each once)).

- Videos... i know that you all want to see videos... but i never recorded a gameplay-video and never uploaded such stuff to the internetz before. If there are many requests i might do this, but (i hope) betawipe will be tomorrow and i will be busy then... :)

Ok, then have fun if you actually try this build and let me know how it goes. Or critique my build and let me know why its shit and how it can be done better :)


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And download all the same you video, it's interesting to see how this builds the T15-T16 at least. And how good is he in 5l gear?

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