[R.I.P.] life Mjolner done right by Rico - Juggernaut version - R.I.P. thx to "balancing" policy

Another fine build is now dead:

Patch Notes 3.12:

Updated: Discharge now has a cooldown, and a much higher added damage effectiveness and base area of effect, to encourage large, individual Discharge casts that consume many charges over the rapidfire Discharge usage often triggered by other sources. There is a Threshold jewel which drastically lowers this cooldown for players who seek a Discharge playstyle similar to the older version of the spell.

In short 250ms cooldown with special jewel at 60% less dmg or over 1s of cooldown otherwise.

Changes in 3.7:

With 3.7 the thresholds are 6 Cyclone aps for 0% CDR and 7.5 aps for 14%+ CDR

This is for 1 spell in Mjolner. This is because Cyclone no longer hits twice per APS.

Other changes:

- less DPS because of less charges rolling (Cylone is now channeling skill)
- Cyclone is slower in general
- Shield Charge no longer procs Mjolner :'(
- Arcane Surge on switch trick no longer works with immortal call

+ Cyclone has much more controll now, depending on cursor placement player can controll the direction AND speed of the movemement
+ we can now cyclone slowly around the boss or even cyclone in place aka on top of a boss just by holding the skill button
+ Leap Slam procs Mjolner and with Cyclone it is very responsive and fun to use now
+ Shield charge is also more responsive but other than just for travel it is no longer worth a gem slot imo
+ Jugg can now reach 100% accuracy vs evasive mobs without a problem (92-95% without additional accuracy gem)
+ Cyclone can now be supported entirely on mana, blood magic gem can be dropped

Those are tradeoffs. However with some adjustments build still works fine. So for those who wish to stick with this build for yet another league I recommend:

+ drop Shield Charge use Leap Slam for travel
+ drop Arcane Surge on switch - it no longer works
+ drop blood magic gem and culling strike gem use: Cyclone - Curse on Hit - Elemental Weakness - Fortify - LGoH - Add Accuracy, for 5l drop Add Accuracy - this chest setup is for Discharge only in Mjolner
+ fort those who have white Kingsguard or 4 greeen 2 red - you may try Cyclone - Faster Attack - Culling Strike - Add Accuracy - LGoH - Fortify so you can aim for 9+ APS with Cyclone and 2 spells in Mjolner: Discharge - Wave of Conviction - Conc Eff (not tested)

Heres how build performs in 3.7 with Discharge only:

T16 Forge of the Phoenix vid

PoB pastebin for 3.7 will be added when PoB is updated.


3.3 Video Guide by Nordatheman - thx man! (old but still mostly holds up)


One minor mistake in the vid guide: cold dmg to attacks on ring works with cyclone and not with Blade Vortex (which is a spell). However this is exactly what you need as cyclone hits and applies cold dmg thus reducing target resistances for both fire & lightning for your next Discharge/Arc. Cold dmg to spells would work with blade vortex but this is not the main reason BV is included in the build. Its main role is to be yet another source of power charges via Romiras ring with frequent hits on bosses (up to 6-7 stable BV stacks).

Some 3.1 / 3.2 players feedback:

Weturon wrote:
Build is pretty fun and all content viable, i will say even farmable.
Nasty mods? ok no problem, Hard hitting bosses? no problem. Build can facetank pretty much

Killed shaper deathless, facetanked beam, balls, even few slams for science, was funny. DMG was not that bad as ppl always say. For me it was fast and not dumb run like this all DPS builds.

skybox81 wrote:
Just wanted to thank you Rico for putting together this guide. It is hands down the funnest build I have done so far.

JCOH35 wrote:

The builds just stupidly overpowered when you get all the pieces in place.

Yes, to echo what many others are saying this is by far the best build I have played. I am currently lv 94 and have no trouble with any content outside of the phoenix fight, shaper and elder are no problem, and I can face tank the other 3 guardians.

Nekikool wrote:
Nice build BTW, I played your CoC discharger some years ago and they are (were) both strong :)

MORE player feedback (was to long):


JCOH35 wrote:
This build is amazing, I previously took Sovyn's lazy paladin and Neversink's TS raider to the low to mid 90s. This is hands down the most fun/OP one ive played yet

I had no idea the game could be this easy, I facetanked every labyrinth tier like 10-15 levels early, I hardly even look at the screen now in maps, whereas before after 90 I would liteally whiteknuckle it 100% of the time terrified that my glass cannon bottom would get randomly 1hit and lose 2 hours of play time.

edessiex wrote:
The build works great. I did the Uber lab easily and farming maps like crazy. Thanks again

Ramziese wrote:
Really loving this build. I moved my Berserker version based on Ka0tic's guide over to this one and so far so good!

JCOH35 wrote:
Are you sure this is legal, like giant packs of mobs just explode before I can even hit my cyclone button, this is absurd. I am so happy that I switched to this build

I was able to deafeat the Shaper with only 1 death having never done or attempted him before.

Obviously the build is immortal in any general map regardless of mods, I can hold down my cyclone button and watch tv on any t15/16 map through trash mobs regardless of mods but to see the build handle the guardians and shaper was a relief for me.

Highly recommend the build though, such a drastic upgrade from the last 2 I have played, everyone says "Shaper/Guardian Viable" on their builds but the majority are only good for trash mobs and blowing crap up 2 screens away, this build actually does it all.

Zambuze wrote:
I've always wanted to play around Mjolner and i missed the "meta" of it because it was too expensive back then... And i gotta say, now that i can afford it it feels incredible, it's so much fun to play this build i'd put it right behind KB wander in 2nd place :D

frogemoth wrote:
finally got to 98 in standard. This is taking forever at this stage to level up, but you just don't die with this build, haven't died once in the last month, doing all kinds of map mods and tier. I am farming elder over and over, probably killed him 50 times already, not died once to his guardians or the elder himself.

Did full key Uber lab at 74 with 4300 hp lol. This build is hilariously tanky.

joeboxer9876 wrote:
-The builds game play is fun to play it predictably feels like a whirlwind barb that explodes half the screen.

-It makes uber lab a joke, you can pretty much ignore traps as they dont do enough damage and can always run Izaro for keys regardless of his abilities for the day. There really is no difference running uber from normal with this build.

-Map clear was very good, I did the vault strat from the start and this wrecked it.

-My first Shaper and Atziri kills were accomplished with this build.

nickn06 wrote:

Rico, i love you !!!!!

Thanks for this build bro, it's just amazing !!!

Playing this game since start, first time i like it so much !!!!

THANKS !!!!!!!! ;)

Weturon wrote:
I made this build again, cuz im still impressed how it works and what it can do.
Again Shaper deathless, Red Elder deathless, soon i will try Uber Elder.
All the guardians facetanked

BundesHeinz wrote:


No, seriously, this build just doesn't give a fuck! I decided to try uber lab as i reached lvl 73 and ended up farming it all night because it was so stupidly easy. I can facetank fully buffed uber Izaro with laughable 4,5k hp, its ridiculous! Thaks a lot for this, Rico!

chris825 wrote:
I have been playing this build for quite a while now, and I am extremely satisfied by the result !

It's really rare to have a build tanky and dps capable at the same time. I downed pretty much everything quite easily, shaper was a long and tedious fight but pretty safe.

drugar312 wrote:
Have to say I'm loving this build so far, it's gotten me way farther than any other build I've tried and it's just fun to watch my guy destroy everything in his path.

ExiledOdyssey wrote:
This build is by far one of the best I've played so far.

Beorc wrote:
This is a great build but it has a huge downside, how am I going to play any other builds after playing this one :(

Alfred2000 wrote:
I have been playing with this build for a few months and am very happy with it, hence a big thank you to Rico and other contributors to this thread.

The core of this build is very solid and it also offers scope for individuals to tailor it somewhat to suit one's play style.

Rich85 wrote:
Love the build, safe as hell and fast. The first build I have ever played that I don't have any random bullshit deaths every few hours of play time.

2nd build of the league and I'm hooked!

Tripartist1 wrote:
Well, happy to say that this build is pretty amazing. Sitting at level 92 right now and just did a deathless 2 man Chimera with some damage mods AND my internet kept flatlining so I had several 1 second periods of no kingsguard. Build made it through without a problem.

Dragonsfire73 wrote:

The build is as close to a perfect one button win build I have ever played. I finally downed shaper on my second set of maps.
I killed the Elder without issue on Basilica(t15)

It is not a glass or tank cannon.
Dps is well balanced with survival.

All content can be face tanked if you follow the guide.
Tweaks can be made but make sure you understand why and what the changes affect.
You will need to follow some basics of mechanics on Shaper

I do not know what else to elaborate on.

Great Build and Great work.

Ishkabibble wrote:
thank you to the OP, I am enjoying this build very much - and this guy is probably the strongest char I have played to date.

IamFrench wrote:
My first Uber Izaro on XBOX One and... success !

c0815h wrote:
One of the best builds i played in my over 5400 hours, thanks!
Ubber lab is a walk in the park and facetanked t10 elder so far.
Shaper i am coming!

Baryboo wrote:
Did a couple of deathless shapers this league with this build. Granted you have to engage with the mechanics, but its honestly an easy fight.

ladish wrote:
uber elder down :) holy crap that was hard.

thanks Rico for the gg char.

theshwartz wrote:
First off let me just say that I love this build. Brings back memories of my old WW Lance Barb. Great info as well.

PuppetYuber wrote:
Just wanted to jump in and say thanks for posting the build
Got to 95 on HC before ripping, and I really enjoyed playing it

After I ripped I went to SC and tried doing T16 and Shaper
Shaper was super easy, and I could pretty much tank the slam

Overall very solid build, would recommend playing even in HC (will probably do it again in the future unless something major is nerfed)


shaper, deathless, without a sapphire flask, with rf up fulltime. pretty easy. tank slam. tank balls. tank beam. tank degen. could even tank double balls and degen.


edit: grandmasters deathless


Nemmerle wrote:
First many thanks for the excellent build, and especially for the remarkable patience to stick with this thread after two hundred pages of comments. I took the trouble to read all 200 pages and you've displayed fantastic patience in assisting your fellow players.

Kahunabob wrote:
Hi, just wanted to give thanks for this build :) Enjoying myself inmensely leveling my first toon that I actually bought gear for. I probably understand about 10% of your indepth explanation, but things go boom in pretty colours. That's half the fun right there...

keppie wrote:
Hey Rico,
Big up to this well thought-out, incredible build. I always wanted to try a discharger and this one sure is a winner. Nicely done, shows your experience with the mechanic through and through.

And my fav quote:

ryster wrote:
The most exceptional thing I achieved while using Mjolner is completing 133/157 maps in a resolution of 1024*768, everything turned off or at minimum achieving as much as 30FPS while in hide out and dipping to 3FPS during maps! Thats how good the build is, it carried me through graphics and performance that would make your eyes bleed!

3.0 Guardians vids by Redix27 (outdated):

T16 Hydra (Enfeeble + 2 additional projectiles)

T16 Minotaur (Vulnerability + 48% more monster life)

T16 Chimera (Enfeeble + 30% less Armour + 40% reduced block chance)

T16 Phoenix (Unique boss deals 35% increased damage + 30% inc. attack speed)
Note: Only deathless if you DON´T use RF

Note on Guardian vids: All fights have something that lovers builds DPS, be it either enfeeble or increased boss life. Also theres no RF vs Phoenix.

This is unbuffed (white) T16 Mino fight by redix:


33 sec kill time with 12.5 mil HP Boss, thats 380k real, sustainable Shaper DPS.

Full Shaper run (from 3.0):



2019.03.16: Updated for 3.6.
2019.02.10: Corrected CDR and APS values with the new table to reflect PoE Server's timestamps of 33ms.
2018.12.17: 3.5 version update (yey)
2018.06.17: Also removed old 2.6 guide version as with this ammount of feedback post reached a char limit of 50k lol.
2018.06.17: Added players feedback from 3.2, once again thx guys for such a positive feedback!
2018.06.16: 3.3 minor update.
2018.03.26: Added CDR to APS table.
2018.03.02: Added 3.2 version.
2018.01.10: Added FAQ section and flask setup.
2017.12.25: Added some feedback quotes from the players following the build - thx and Merry X-mas everyone!
2017.12.07: Update some parts of the guide for 3.1.
2017.10.09: Added T16 Mino vid - a proof that build can have 300k real, sustainable Shaper DPS.
2017.10.09: Added Guardians vids (thx Redix!) and "what this build can do" section.
2017.09.24: Added weapon switch option with Arcane Surge for 40+ sec Surge buff (15% more DPS).
2017.09.13: Added Intro text, Mjolner builds history and build mechanics sections.
2017.09.12: Added info regarding target aps for Cyclone to achieve 5 Discharges/s.
2017.09.12: Added screenshot of PoB for different helmet options, added T14 Vulcano vid.
2017.09.12: Slightly changed final passive tree, updated PoB pastebin (now MOAR DMG!)
2017.09.04: Added a pic regarding Ascendancy class and its passives order.
2017.09.01: Min-maxed the build, small change to final tree, added newest PoB info.
2017.09.01: Added info regarding Bandits and PoB bugs with Mjolner.
2017.08.31: Updated my current gear and gems.
2017.08.31: Updated gem setup for end-game, minor text improvements.
2017.08.31: Added final build version PoB screenshot and pastebin.
2017.08.30: Added info regarding end-game setup.
2017.08.30: Added info regarding other helmet option.
2017.08.30: Added the guide for 3.0 Fail of Oriath.

Life Mjolner done right by Rico


Hi and welcome. I have been designing Mjolner builds since 2.0 version of the game (2015). I did almost all possible combinations during that time, including several CI, Low Life, Life, heavy armour, even EB/MOM versions, using any character class possible. This build here combines all of my experience with Mjolner builds gathered during those years and tries to implement what was found to work best.

I was ofcourse not alone during those years. We had many great Mjolner players and many great guide writers. I created a special section within this guide called "Mjolner build history" to reflect that.
You must also know that Mjolner was nerfed hard several times during 2.0 - 3.0 period. Just to give you an idea on how Mjolner was doing before the nerfs I've also included some vids from pre 2.3 patch. However what you should also know is that since 3.0 patch this build has finally found some love from the Devs and with the introduction of some unique and rare items as well as finally improved cooldown it is now much more powerfull.

This build uses complicated and matured mechanics with lots of optimisation process involved during its development. At the same time I can see many new players asking basic questions regarding the build. So for the first time in my guide I've also included "build mechanics in-depth" section for new players and "how to level this build" section as well.

Feel free to ask qustions, follow and enjoy the build!

A brief history of Mjolner builds:


Mjolner as an item (unique gavel) was introduced in the game in the patch 1.1.2. It had 50% chance to trigger socketed lightning spells on hit with no additional spell dmg increase as it has now.

From since then it was very exlusive unique item with very rare drop rate and high price.

In 2.0 Mjolner was nerfed for the first time, 50% chance to trigger was lowered to 30% and legacy version was born. During that time legacy Mjolner price was about 68ex. Volls Devotion wasnt cheap as well and costed around 35ex. Mjolner builds were expensive, exlusive but you was getting what you paid for.

This is how Mjolner performed in 2.0 patch: (vids are from my first Mjolner build, that was based on Dimension's Thundercane build):

lvl 81 map (which was considered as very high lvl back than):

Atziri full run:

From the start main characteristics of Mjolner builds were: DPS + Tankiness.

During that time we had also excelent low life version based on original Mjolner build by tom94 - Thor's Rainbownuke (build was than taken-over and developed further by tackle70):


It was using low life mechanics with blood magic keystone which allowed it to reserve many auras, energy shield was used to cover life and thx to Shavrones Wrappings chest chaos dmg was not a problem. This build was able to run 6-7 auras and reach ridiculus lvls of DPS while also having a decent 7k+ EHP. The only downside was its physical dmg mitigation.

Worth mentioning is also full life heavy armour crit version by sgw9426 (which was updated to 2.2 later on):


This was the first Mjolner build with heavy focus on life and armour and which prooved that armour was worth investing into. It also was using surgeons flasks and magnate belt for quick refill. Later on it evolved into even more tankier version that used EB/MoM mechanics on top - 2.0 Mjolner by Viviere:


Since then we had few less or more decent Mjolner creations. The next big step in Mjolner familly was introduction of Ascendancy add-on and its character classes with 2.3 patch.

One of the Mjolner builds that did great during that time was my own Fire Juggernaut Mjolner:


This is how it performed with non-legacy Mjolner:


However after 2.4 patch and its changes to trigger mechanics, dark days came for any Mjolner build. 100ms cooldown on Mjolner was increased to 250ms, meaning 4 Discharges per secound instead of 10 (at max). The change from 30% chance to trigger to 100% chance to trigger added by Devs in the last minute before patch didnt help. This was overall a very sad nerf especially with introduction of the huge end-game content update - Atlas of The Words. Untill this moment Mjolner was build that shined especially bright in the end-game content. Luckily some dedicated Asgardian have found a bit of light in all that consuming darkness and manage to hold the ground with Mjolner in his hand. And so yet another awesome Mjolner build was born (low life Pathfinder version by zzang):


Sadly after Pathfinder nerf to flasks that build was also no longer eng-game viable in the next patch.

Mjolner was no longer T1 build and it was moved aside from shining in the end-game to just regular mapping bussines. In 2.6 patch notes we finally saw some Mjolner "un-nerfing" (100% increased spell dmg when triggered" property was added to the Mjolner). So I did 3 guides for Templar-Inquisitor, Marauder-Berserker and Marauder-Juggernaut, of which the latter was the best imo. Than the time has come for an updated 3.0 version of Juggernaut and this one recieved much love from the community - thx <3. It lasted basically unchanged (some minor tweaks here and there) making many players happy untill 3.5 has arrived...

...and FINALLY we recieved LONG AWAITED MJOLNER BUFF of cooldown correction: from 250ms down to 150ms. So it was time to rewrite the guide again...

So, as you allready see this build's roots are going far and deep in time, back to its famous ancestors and due to some crazy Mjolner maniacs like myself build is still alive...and kicking.

How this build works - in-depth mechanics explanation:


Mjölner is the item, that this build is based around. All lightning spells socketed into Mjölner are triggered by the hits from attacks with this weapon. We always put the lightning spell Discharge into this item. We can support Discharge with 2 supports gems or one support and use second spell. The best second option is Arc. Mjölner provides an additional chain for all our projectiles and 100% increased dmg of socketed spells, making Arc and Discharge much more powerful.

The great benefit of Romira's Banquet is, that it grants a Power Charge whenever you deal a non-critical strike. Since this build has no critical strike chance in the passive tree we are dealing little to non critical strikes and therefore we are not loosing Power Charges by using this item. This way we always have at least two Power Charges whenever Discharge is activated. (Both Discharge and attack skill generate power charges).

Since Discharge expends all Power Charges, Voll's Devotion effectively doubles the total amount of charges available for each consecutive Discharge by generating an equal amount of Endurance Charges. As a side-effect we almost always have 2 Endurance Charges to be expended either by next Discharge or by Immortal Call to provide temporal immunity to physical dmg.

Kingsguard provides unique healing ability that is independent of leech. It heals by 100 life per expanded endurance charge instantly. Meaning that if we do 4-5 Discharges per second with 2-7 endurance charges per each we're gaining back 800 - 3500 life instantly each second.

Unrelenting Juggernaut passive makes our 2-3 Endurance charges per each Discharge to go up to our maximum number of endurance charges (7-8) 25% of the time. This increase both DPS and healing of the build (and provides even longer Immortal calls).

Inya's boots provide us with the same mechanics regarding power charges for even more DPS and more endurance charges to expand.

Because Mjolner requires lots of strength to wear we are taking benefit of Repentance gloves as they provide global Iron Will (a global spell dmg increase coming from strenght).

Finally Saffels Frame for bonus to max resitances that together with all 3 Purities provides build with really high elemental dmg mitigation.

This build also uses:

Having Cyclone as it basic attack (as cyclone hits fast and doesnt add elemental dmg on its own) with some source of cold dmg to attacks from gear (from ring for example) makes this work. Basically every Discharge is triggered immedietely after Cyclone hits, so in short every Discharge hits enemies, that has had theyr fire and lightning resistances allready reduced by 50%, meaning Discharge is doing more than its full dmg as most mobs and bosses has 30-40% ele resistances.

To ensure that we will gona hit every target with our Cyclone build uses Undeniable Juggernaut passive to provide 95% chance to hit and massive attack speed bonus at the same time.

Because this build doesnt need to use Vaal Pakt for insta-heal, it can achieve more than 650+ life regeneration. This combined with high maximum of fire resistance allows it to run Righteus Fire when in combat without a drawback. A RF gem provides global more spell dmg, global increased spell dmg and it desnt mess up Elemental Equilibrium chain as it technicaly doesnt hit.

Cast when damage taken setup with Immortal Call, Blade Vortex and Increased Duration is being used for two reasons: 1) For long temporary physical dmg immunity and 2) to generate additional power charges with every blade vortex hit (combined with Inyas boots this is yet another chance to gain maximum number of power charges).

High life regeneration with up to 20% chaos resistance from passive tree and another 20%+ from items grants another layer of protection vs chaos dmg dots (poison).

Ot the top we have Fortify that and provides 20% dmg reduction from all sources.

Build highlights:

+ Cyclone based Mjolner with Elemental Equilibrium chain for -50% resistance on Bosses
+ good clear speed
+ good Boss kill speed
+ 84/83/83 max resitances unflasked
+ 90/83/89 flasked
+ Fortify
+ 650+ life regeneration with 50%+ chaos resistance to help with countering the DoTs and sustain RF
+ 9k + armour unflasked
+ 5/7 charges
+ Elemental Overload that is constantly on
+ very good life recovery via Kingsguard alone (7 endurance charges 25% of the time, 5 endurance charges 25% of the time)
+ up to 350k sustainable Shaper DPS (without RF)
+ up to 500k sustainable Shaper DPS (with RF)
+ 5.8k - 6k+ life pool around lvl 92 (depending on gear lvl)
+ tanky as hell

What this build can do:

+ Faceroll normall Atziri
+ Faceroll T15s
+ Faceroll Uber Lab
+ Faceroll T16 Guardians (outside of Phoenix which is broken)
+ Uber Atziri deathless
+ Shaper (deathless if you know boss mechanics)
+ Faceroll Elder's Guardians
+ Faceroll Elder.
+ Red Elder (deathless if you know boss mechanics)
+ Uber Elder (with maxed build and if u are familiar with the mechanics)

About target APS for Cyclone:


This is "a very complicated experiment" that I did regarding our cyclone mechanics discusion in this thread and MadScream's Berserker version thread:


So basically Cyclone works how I though it works (in a linear way, each hit separated by the same ammount of time).

Ok this is important. I was wrong (and not only me) by assuming that default skill cooldown is 150ms and it is actually calculated like that in-game.

By recording many boss facetank vids and playing them back frame by frame to count the number of Discharge / Arc triggers per second I was seing that something is off. And now I know why.

It is beacuse PoE Server's are measuring those things in timestamps of 33ms each.

This means that in case of skill cooldowns (all of them) server is "checking" every 33ms if the skill is ready to fire or not. Imagine that you are going with your wife to theatre and you're checking her in bathroom (doing her makeup) every 15 min if she is ready or not. First 15min "honey are you ready? -Not yet!", after 45 min "honey are you ready, time is short? -Almost!", after 1h "god damn are you ready or not?! -Yes I finished 10min ago, cmon!".

This is exactly what is happening in game with server "ticking" every 33ms and checking if the skill cooldown is still going or it is ready to fire. This means skill "readiness" must be measured in server ticks. Therefore minimum skill cooldown from base of 150ms is 165ms with 0% CDR on gear. Because after 4 server ticks (each of 33ms) 132ms of time has passed and sill is still on its cooldown (150ms). But after 5 server ticks 165ms of time has passed (as 5*33 = 165) and skill is ready to fire, more than that it was ready to fire 15ms ago.

To help you guys (and girls) optimise this heres a new CDR to APS table:

As you can see with 0% CDR maximum allowed Cyclone APS (for 2 spells) is 6.06. I would still recommend to use slightly less values just to be safe, so 6 APS.
With at least 14% CDR we need 7.5 cyclone APS for spells to fully utilize 132ms cooldown (impossible as Cyclone based Mjolner) or with one spell (Discharge only) - we need up to 3.75 Cyclone APS with 14%+ CDR (up to 3 APS with 0% CDR).

What is more intresting here is that every CDR above 14% is basically wasted. We need 0% CDR or 14%+ CDR and thats it. Pushing this further to reach 99ms cooldown and 10 hits/s is currently impossible.

Source of this information:


There are 2 ways to play with the new cooldown:

1) With Discharge alone and min of 14% CDR gear (increased cooldown recovery) one need 3.7 - 3.74 cyclone APS. Easy to do and currently best option.

2) With Discharge + Secound spell - currently Wave of Conviction works best here and like before with no CDR gear one need 5.8 - 6.0 cyclone APS - hard but can be done.

Final passive skill tree:

3.6 Final passive skill tree

This tree requires Intuitive Leap jewel near Templar.

My Current gear (no legacy items needed)

And Intuitive Leap jewel.

My old gear and gems from 3.0 Harbinger (outdated)


Note: New final Kingsguard setup should be in 5L: x/20 Cyclone - 20/20 Faster Attacks - Blood Magic - Fortify - 20/20 Life gain on Hit - use 2 green Vorici on your Kingsguard to achieve those colors. Use Culing strike for 6L (but 3 green on that chest is pain in the ass) or Increased AoE for greater cyclone hit range (easier coloring).

6L Cyclone setup:

Final Cyclone stats should look like this:

Note: If u havent read the in-depth game mechanics yet - pls do so. Cyclone is not for DPS, its only a trigger skill. It must hit often and accurate. This is all you care about. For more info on desired cyclone APS read Cyclone APS section above.

Note 2: Mjolner gem setup vs bosses: Discharge - Ele Focus - Conc effect (for mapping switch Conc Eff for Controlled Destruction for greater AoE)

More ehp helmet option for HC: Rare with 90+ life and resists, possibly with good armour and str.

Note: 4l RF setup with EE chain and 3 support gems delivers another 60k DPS on top of Discharge and doesnt mess up the EE chain as it technicaly doesnt hit.

However you can change that and drop 4l RF setup. RF is mostly for DPS boost to your Discharge (with 20/20 RF gem thats 39% more spell dmg and 20% increased spell dmg) so it can be a lonely gem. That opens up a room for yet another 3l setup. Good exchange setup here is to use Vengence - 20/20 Curse On Hit - 20/20 Curse of your choice (Ele Weakness for softcore, Enfeeble for HC) as this provides maximum lvl curse with increased curse effect.

BIS Helmet:

BIS boots: (as I dropped Wise Oak)

BIS Ring

BIS Belt

BIS Watcher's Eye

Now here's a "little" tip to boost the DPS even further, something like this on switch:

Just wait for 6-7 endurance charges, make sure nothing is close to you and cast Immortal Call manually. And enjoy up to 50 sec of Arcane Surge buff :)

Im using Pledge of Hands because it grants me enough mana to cast however any staff with +mana will do as far as you end up with ~74 mana left to cast.

Just be carefull with adjusting your Arcane Surge gem lvl as if it would need more mana than your IC uses it wont work.

You may also cast Flame golem. This together with Arcane Surge is basically a 20% dmg increase AND 15% MORE spell dmg for up to 1 minute.

How this works:


Arcane surge activates when you spent an X amount of mana. Immortal Call uses Endurance charges to extend buff duration and it seems it works with Arcane Surge when linked together. Increased Duration and
Efficacy extend that further. Basically with 7 endurance charges you will gain Arcane Surge for at least 40 seconds. With maxed out build this can go over 1 min.



2 Passive skill points.

Current Ascendancy order:

old 3.0 Vids:

T15 corrupted Beachhead run:


Fast T14 Vulcano run with some nasty dmg mods:

Note: Build in the video is still in the lvling process. It does around 60% of its final DPS and has 85% of its maximum life with lvl 19, 0 quality gems.

How to lvl this build (outdated):

I used Sunder with some crappy unique Maces to around lvl 50 when I switched to physical, crit based, blade flurry. However players reported back that it is easier to lvl as Sunder Axe based up to Mjolner gear. I used these passive trees:

Sunder trees up to lvl 50:

Sunder around lvl 27

Sunder around lvl 35

Sunder around lvl 50

Support yourself with one Ancestral Warchief totem!

BFlurry trees lvl 50-66:

BF around lvl 50

BF around lvl 60

Support yourself with one Ancestral Warchief totem!

Mjolner gear switch around lvl 66:

Mjolner tree lvl 66

Basically you can switch to Mjolner as soon as your stats allow it!

Current Mjolner tree progression (assuming corrupted Volls):

@ lvl 92

@ lvl 89

@ lvl 87 (note the str change)

@ lvl 84

@ lvl 81

@ lvl 76

@ lvl 72

@ lvl 68

@ lvl 65

Remember to lvl your future gems on switch whole time as you progress!

Gear importance order, progression and cost:

Around lvl 65-68 when switching to Mjolner you must have:

+ Mjolner (15c)
+ Romiras ring (1c)
+ Ring with stats/res and cold dmg (2c)
+ Discharge at least at lvl 14
+ Arc at least at lvl 14
+ Life leech gem
+ 3 life pots, one with remove bleeding (you will be using them alot vs low tier map bosses ;p)
+ Normal and Cruel lab done for Undeniable and Unflinching passives (in that order)
+ 4l setup with Cyclone + Faster Attacks + Blood Magic + Fortify
+ Purity of Fire
+ Purity of Lightning
+ Purity of Ice

You will use Discharge - Arc - Life leech with 4-5 Power charges only and do T1-T5 maps only. As long as you gather enough currency to buy Volls amulet (around 200c). After you get Volls amulet you must:

+ Buy and equip Kingsguard (1 alt)
+ Drop Life leech gem from Discharge setup and use: Discharge - Arc - Controlled Destruction or Elemental Focus

After that you can do whatever map you want :)

I would strongly recommend to buy Inya's Boots after Volls Devo but at the same time as fast as possible!

Final flask setup

and one Ruby of Dousing (remove burns) if u plan to use RF.

Luxury gear upgrades:

lvl 21 Discharge gem with 20% quality
+1 curse Volls Devotion or +1 to max resistance Volls Devotion
Curse on hit Repentance gloves
Attack speed / Ele penetration enchant on boots
+1 to maximum no of endurance charges corruption
40% increased Discharge dmg enchant on helmet
6-8% of physical dmg taken as fire/light/cold Shield corruption
5-7% increased attack speed Mjolner corruption
15% all elemental resistances Romiras corruption
8-10% of Physical dmg from hits taken as lightning/fire/cold while affected by Purity of Lightning/Fire/Cold.

Gems quality progression and importance:

1) Discharge 20/20 (for inc AoE)
2) All Faster Attacks 20/20 (for more procs and QoL)
3) Cyclone 20/20 (for inc AoE)
5) Controlled Destruction 20/20 (mapping) / Ele Focus 20/20 (for Bosses)
6) Purity of Fire to 21/x (for 5% base to max with Alphas Howl or Empower gem)
7) Purity of Light to 21/x (for 5% base to max with Alphas Howl or Empower gem)
8) Purity of Ice to 21/x (for 5% base to max with Alphas Howl or Empower gem)


1) Which Helmet enchant is better for this build - 30% chance to not consume charges or 40% increased discharge damage?

Discharge dmg. You need your charges to be consumed. Otherwise you wont heal with your Kingsguard.

2) How much cyclone APS do I need for X Discharges per sec?

Refer to Cyclone APS section in the guide.

3) Where to get CDR and what is it?

Cooldown recovery is an item affix that can be rolled on shaper items. You can roll up to 15% on lower lvl items and if u want to roll 16% to 20% you need shaper item lvl 84+.

4) I have to few mana left to cast Arcane Surge / Golem, what to do?

Use higher lvl enlighten gem or use gear with flat +mana / mana increase or lower Arcane Surge / Golem gem lvl with Scourings (sell to vendor gem + scouring to lower its lvl).

5) Scolds or Devotos?

Devotos. With 40% Discharge dmg enchant.

6) What kind of jewels to use?

Mods you want: Attack Speed / Spell dmg increase / Elemental dmg increase / AoE dmg increase / 6-7% max life / All res / Flat + life / %X increased dmg if u killed recently. Example of good jewel: 16% increased spell dmg while holding a shield + 12% increased spell dmg + 7% increased maximum life.

7) My life drops under RF what Im doing wrong?

Nothing. This build is not RF build and therefore it is not designed to sustain RF all the time (but it can be invested in that area if someone wants that). RF is to be used together with ruby flask vs bosses. As long as you will be discharging vs boss your kingsguard will keep you alive. Life regen nodes, ruby flask, lvl 20 purity of fire, 0.2% life regen per endurance charge node near marauder, saffels +max resistances, +1 max to fire res from tree, life regen under fortify juggernaut passive all of those are only used to minimise RF life drop. When outside of combat it can drop but should drop slowly. If it drops fast outside of combat than you're doing something wrong and better do a check list of things I just mentioned.

8) What Pantheon system to use?

For general mapping Lunaris + Gruthkul. Adjust that for certain bosses. i.e. for T16 Minotaur I would use: Solaris + Gruthkul.
Latest guides:
3.11 Loki's Rainbownuke:
3.7 CI CoC Discharge: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2605608
3.7 Juggernaut life Mjolner: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1846362
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Can you do a leveling guide?
sykezlol wrote:
Can you do a leveling guide?

Nope. I wrote one allready for all characters - its somewhere in the berserker thread.

Basically you can lvl any char using unarmed Infernal Blow with Facebraker. Or Facebraker warchief totems if you're lvling Marauder.

As far as first option goes this is what you need to get started:

This setup can be used from lvl 16 (my gloves has enchant that rises lvl req).

Skill gems: Infernal Blow - Added Fire - Melee Splash - Faster Attack - Melee Phys Dmg - Fortify

Add gems as you can and keep upgrading your gear. Later on you'll need one of these:

And good amulet with flat +phys like 10-20.

And just follow the passive tree. Take str, life nodes and jevel sockets in the first place. And if you can - grab Resolute Technique. You will also need one or two physical mana leech jevels at some point.

This setup will easily carry you on to act III merciless Docks.
Latest guides:
3.11 Loki's Rainbownuke:
3.7 CI CoC Discharge: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2605608
3.7 Juggernaut life Mjolner: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1846362
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Changed a tree a little bit: now more HP and armor. Updated the guide with new ones as well as defence screenshots.

Added Uber Izaro fight vid.
Latest guides:
3.11 Loki's Rainbownuke:
3.7 CI CoC Discharge: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2605608
3.7 Juggernaut life Mjolner: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1846362
What is the hardest boss that this build can kill? Can it kill guardians, shaper or either of the atziri?
First of all, thanks for giving us this amazing build. This is the one I enjoy the most since I start playing poe, seriously. But I have a few questions:

1/ I don't quite understand gloves linked. We don't have dual curse so why enfeeble + ele weakness? We also don't have enough mana to use them anyway. In which case you think we should drop 1 of the purity aura for enfeeble? And discipline? what's that for? bigger ehp?

2/ What do you think about using 4l gloves for a culling strike setup? Help alot with big boss fight like izaro or guardian. Currently I use shield charge - faster att - culling - fortify. Or having another weapon with BBG, drop arc/ gloves with culling for that purpose.

3/ How about taking 1 life + mana leech node just above iron reflexes so we can drop +mana on jewel and go for better mod?
Latest guides:
3.11 Loki's Rainbownuke:
3.7 CI CoC Discharge: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2605608
3.7 Juggernaut life Mjolner: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1846362
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JDECOOL wrote:
What is the hardest boss that this build can kill? Can it kill guardians, shaper or either of the atziri?

It can do:

1) Normal Atziri easily.
2) Guardians deathless.
3) Uber Atziri - but you need 5.6k+ HP to do it deathless (lvl 93+)
4) Deathless Core - same as Uber Atziri.
5) Shaper - yet to be tested. I think it will require a little of tweaking for Shaper, like +1 endu charge belt, more dmg nodes, dunno yet.

sinub801 wrote:
First of all, thanks for giving us this amazing build. This is the one I enjoy the most since I start playing poe, seriously. But I have a few questions:

1/ I don't quite understand gloves linked. We don't have dual curse so why enfeeble + ele weakness? We also don't have enough mana to use them anyway. In which case you think we should drop 1 of the purity aura for enfeeble? And discipline? what's that for? bigger ehp?

2/ What do you think about using 4l gloves for a culling strike setup? Help alot with big boss fight like izaro or guardian. Currently I use shield charge - faster att - culling - fortify. Or having another weapon with BBG, drop arc/ gloves with culling for that purpose.

3/ How about taking 1 life + mana leech node just above iron reflexes so we can drop +mana on jewel and go for better mod?

1) Ahh gloves. Well to be honest I was just testing 3 of my Mjolner Builds throwing gear around and forgot to unsocket gloves for Jugg. It has to run PoL + PoF + Grace most of the time, however it can still have one blasphemy setup somewhere with enfeeble. For example Uber Trio: they arent doing any lightning dmg and only last enraged one reflects fire dmg back to you so PoL can be dropped here and enfeeble on to do it even safer.

2) Actually thats a good idea. Culing setup with MF.

3) Mana leech is not the same as mana gained on hit. With mana leech you're regenerating mana over time and you must wait for it to complete. Mana gained on hit gives you instant mana per hit. That is your initial hit and hit from every projectile fired from your skill. In case of molten strike / lightning strike thats a LOT instant mana back. Leech alone might be not enough to sustain 4+ aps with 6link melee skill.
Latest guides:
3.11 Loki's Rainbownuke:
3.7 CI CoC Discharge: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2605608
3.7 Juggernaut life Mjolner: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1846362
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That jewel is +2 mana gained for each enemy hit by your attack right ?
ThisIsPoobpub wrote:
That jewel is +2 mana gained for each enemy hit by your attack right ?

Latest guides:
3.11 Loki's Rainbownuke:
3.7 CI CoC Discharge: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2605608
3.7 Juggernaut life Mjolner: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1846362

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