[3.1] † ⚔ Adrenaline Muffer ⚔† Sunder/Dw axes/480k dps Resolute techniques

⚔ Welcome to my guide! ⚔


-Hello sir. Are you looking for a new build to play?
-Sure, why not...!
-...Something with decent dps, that will help you learn the game perfectly?
-No i want the following:
  • one-hit everything...!
  • a devastating elemental spell...!
  • hit and run...!

-Oh...I see..(╯°□°)╯︵( .o.)
-Wait, lol... Elaborate me...
-My build consists of the following:
  • a pure melee/life based build that uses sunder..
  • an ugly fat marauder 💪...
  • around 480k buffed/250k unbuffed dps...
  • dual wielding axes...
  • defences such as armour,resists and Vaal pact...

if(still_interested == true) continue; else cntrl+w;

The Core

My Gear

Gear analysis

You can check here all item modifiers. Find what suits your needs. Below are listed some of the most important modes for this build:

Main hand: One handed axe with high physical damage and high attack speed. In particular, more than 1.8 attacks per second and around 350pdps for endgame content.

Off hand: Soul taker - Excellent pdps and the global mana related mode makes our life easier.

Helmet: Armour + Life + Resistances

Gloves: Armour + Life + Resistances + Maybe attack speed as well. Ideally, get your hands on spiked gloves as soon as possible.

Boots: Armour + Life + Resistances + Movement speed > 20%

Amulet: Life + Resistances + flat physical damage.

Left ring: Life + Resistances + flat physical damage.

Right ring: Mutewind seal. Probably one of the nicest boosts for pdps. Flat physical + flat attack speed + Onslaught.

Belt: Life + Resistances + % physical damage. In other words, rustic sash.

Use soul taker as a main weapon until you can replace it with a better one.
If your resistances are under 130 each, replace Mutewind ring and gloves.




-> 40% increased Ancestral Warchief Totem Damage
-> Ancestral Warchief Totem grants 30% increased Melee Damage while Active
-> 40% increased Sunder Damage
-> 15% increased Sunder Attack Speed
-> 30% increased Vulnerability Curse Effect


-> Of War
-> Of Light
-> Of the Grave

Note: DO NOT enchant spiked gloves. You will lose %increased physical damage permanently.


->16% increased Attack and Cast Speed if you've Killed Recently


Desirable modes:

-> x% increased maximum life
-> x% increased area damage
-> x% increased attack speed
-> x% increased physical damage with one handed melee weapons
-> x% increased melee damage
-> x% increased attack speed with axes
-> x% increased physical damage with axes


Representation: Gem (Level,Quality)
Cwdt:Cast when damage taken, FA:Faster attacks, mpd:melee physical damage , dofl:damage on full life

->Leap slam(1,0) - Fortify(20,20) - FA(20,20)
->Ancestral Warchief(20,20) -Brutality(20,20)-Bloodlust(20,20) - FA(20,20)
->Cwdt(3,0) -Immortal Call(5,0) -Increased Duration(20,20) -Phase Run(20,20)
->Vulnerability(8,20)-Blasphemy(15,20)-Determination(20,20) or Haste(20,20)
->Conversion Trap(10,0)-Cluster Traps(1,0)-Multiple Traps(1,0)-Blood magic(20,20)
->Sunder - DOFL - Brutality - Multistrike - Mpd - Chance to bleed

Gem analysis

Leap slam: Basic movement skill. Used for fortify acquisition as well. Unfortunately, whirling blades cannot be used with axes. But leap slam is ok owing to high attack speed.

Ancestral Warchief: Excellent damage dealer. Always summon before entering a battle.

Cwdt setup: Nothing to say here. It is a must for every build. Very important for survivability. Phase run is used as a dps boost. Just be careful.A few things to know about phase run, both Taken from poe wiki:
1)Trigger Gems: When linked to a trigger support gem, Phase Run should be placed as the last skill gem to be triggered, because otherwise it would go straight to the second buff (the one that boosts melee damage for 0.20 seconds) since another skill (the gem(s) linked after it) would be triggered after Phase Run and therefore end its first phase immediately."
2)Despite the skill tooltip suggesting this isn't the case, the melee damage buff from Phase Run is present during both the initial phasing buff and the secondary buff.

Auras: Determination is the best defensive aura because it increases armor by 12%. If you feel capable of staying alive, you can switch to Haste. Vulnerability almost doubles bleeding degeneration.

Conversion Trap: Used in large packs of monsters.Who doesn't love minions?

Main skill: Sunder has excellent dps scaling and it is very safe since we attack from a distance.Its shockwave does decent damage as well.Furthermore, sunder works great with bleeding.

Indicative Leveling gear/tree

video 0-50 :shows the gear and the passive skill tree for acts 1,2,3,4 and normal labyrinth.
video 50-68 :shows the gear and the passive skill tree for rest acts and cruel lab.
video 68-82 :shows the gear and the passive skill tree for mapping + merciless lab.

The build in a nutshell

Strategy is everything. ✌

⚠ The most important things is understanding the playstyle, which can be summed up in one phrase; Play safe.
☢ Always keep your distance, but not too far, so that the enemies remain cursed. ✔
☢ When encountering large packs of monsters, use your totem and your traps often. ✔
☢ Do not overestimate your power. ✔
☢ Have faith in bleed. It can slowly kill hard bosses💀.✔
☢ Have patience. ✘

Stats & Pastebin

The following stats and the pastebin were generated with the weapons shown above.
If you want to check future prospects of the build, I suggest you use a better axe.
Current axe is 370pdps, while axes have the potential to reach much more than that.

PoeB: full buffed

PoeB: unbuffed/hideout stats


About me

My name is Nick and this is my first guide.
I hope you liked it.
Keep in mind it is an ongoing project.
It may change radically in keeping with the upcoming patches.
What invariably remains the same, is dual wielding. ⚔
Feel free to ask or suggest anything.

Update History

Added a video - Vault map run

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where is passive tree?
passives updated PLEASE
fawkzz wrote:
where is passive tree?

link to the tree

The passive tree skill has been added to the guide, plus a Leveling section (video) as well.
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waveyhead wrote:
passives updated PLEASE

link to the tree

The passive tree skill has been added to the guide, plus a Leveling section (video) as well.
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build is working?
fawkzz wrote:
build is working?

it seems cool but not much popularity
What about ascendancy? Any ideas/suggestions?
JamesDane wrote:
What about ascendancy? Any ideas/suggestions?

added ascendancy passives to the passive skill tree..

Here's a screenshot just in case..
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waveyhead wrote:
fawkzz wrote:
build is working?

it seems cool but not much popularity

Unfortunately,I didnt have the time to play very much. Will update with videos till Sunday.

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