Just Another 2.6 Mjölner (Discharge/RF) [All T16s/Shaper]

EDIT 7/9/2017
Vaal Cyclone example added.

Shaper down:

So this is just a Mjölner build I slowly worked towards through Legacy league.

There's another build looking quite similar to this on the forums claiming endgame (Shaper and such), but I thought I'd post mine up here for anyone who wanted a closer look. This also has a fair number of similarities to RicoKGB's life Mjölner, so feel free to check that out as well or instead. Mostly, I just wanted to sort out a guide to the particular thing I've been doing.

Who's this guy/Why this build?
I'm just a newbie who started playing in breach league. The most fun I had at the time was with a Cospri's Malice build (just a CoC vortex), so this league I figured I'd see what I could do with its original hammery counterpart.

The only issue was that from what I was hearing, Mjölner was in a pretty sad state compared to its glory days. Not caring if I suck, and generally being bad at video games, I gave it a few shots anyways, and this is what I eventually came up with.

-Tanky/Relatively Safe
^High Immortal Call uptime
^79-85% Elemental resistances
^High pseudo-lifeleech with Kingsguard
^High to 100% fortify uptime
-Not too expensive (within a few exalts budget)
-Decent clearspeed (rolls through red maps without pause, clears using shield charge)
-Pretty easy to use
-Can run any non ele-reflect mod.
-Tree is somewhat flexible to your playstyle.
-Unstoppable completely nullifies temporal chains, chilled ground, and freeze for mapping.
-Lots of upgrade options as you build.
-Can clear all T16s pretty comfortably, and shaper with some effort.
-Great Uber Lab runner.
-Can run double beyond/breach amazingly with vaal cyclone

-100% needs Voll's devotion, so not at all league-starter material
-Not very fun to level at all
-Can't run elemental reflect maps
-Bad mods for RF make it less safe or slower.
-DPS is okay, but not great compared to double-dipping builds or HoWA.
-If you've played with old Mjölner this is doubtless way weaker and still won't feel good.
-Keeping up with Mjölner's stat requirements is a huge chore, especially when upgrading gear.
-Chaos damage is pretty dangerous.
-(I'm a really bad player, so the videos probably don't look too flattering.)

Mandatory Uniques

(Technically, this works without Kingsguard, but you'll just die a lot)

Discharge Mechanics
Mjölner procs a socketed spell on hit. This skill will be Discharge, which uses all of our charges to deal a high amount of damage -- Fire damage from endurance charges, and lightning damage from power charges.

Romira's Banquet gives us a power charge on hit, and cyclone hits often (along with a cwdt blade vortex and word of ire on our gloves if possible), giving us 4-5 power charges per discharge.

When these charges are consumed for discharge, Voll's Devotion gives us an endurance charge for every power charge consumed, and the juggernaut ascendancy gives each of those used power charges a 25% change to give us maximum (8-9) endurance charges, which massively boosts the damage of all further discharges.

Then, Kingsguard gives us 100 instant life per charge used, which can be over 3000 life in a second with some luck.

Other Build Mechanics
I run cyclone, cwdt with immortal call and blade vortex, shield charge for movement, and righteous fire. For reserved mana, I'm currently just running Purity of Fire and Ice, which helps with my resistances since I have all of two rares to work with.

Make sure that cyclone doesn't get faster than 0.25 attack speed. Otherwise, it'll hit too fast and you'll actually get a lot less Mjölner procs. You want as close to 0.25 as possible, ideally.

Shield charge, as a melee hit, procs discharge from Mjölner, so this gives us our good clearspeed -- we can literally kill packs with our movement skill.

I run cyclone over molten strike because it does no elemental damage. It's got the nice perk of stun immunity, balanced out by being a bit difficult to control at times.

Having no elemental damage on our main hit allows us to take Elemental Equilibrium, and either run added cold damage in our Kingsguard, on one of our rings, or on a boot enchant. This means that with Mjölner's 0.25 second cooldown, we get a sequence like this:
Cyclone hits with cold -> -50% Fire/Lightning Resistance -> Discharge hits with lightning/fire -> -50% Cold Resistance -> Cyclone hits again -> -50 Fire/Lightning Resistance for RF.

We also run Elemental Overload: we're hitting often enough that a 5% crit change keeps us with a pretty constant 40% More Elemental Damage buff. We will now and then drop power charges, but even then we'll get endurance charges for it.

Finally, we run Righteous Fire as we can sustain it reasonably with a ruby flask and Saffell's frame (there's a reasonable amount of life regen in the tree). It gives us a nice 59% more spell damage, and a bit of burning too, so it's a major DPS boost that carries us through bosses that might otherwise be a little slow.

We also run blade vortex in our CwDT set-up, and if possible, a word of ire enchant on our gloves (this just gives us more hits for power charges).

Note: I picked up a corrupted Romira's Banquet with +2 mana on hit, and am currently running Warlord's Mark as my curse on hit. You should be fine for mana thanks to the int requirement giving you a lot to regenerate, but if you're having trouble (or you're on a hexproof map so Warlord's can't help), make sure to pick up the life/mana regen nodes just below Elemental Overload. If you're running a map with no regen and hexproof, or just a no regen map without warlord's, you'll need to swap in a mana flask.

Note 2: If you're not running a corrupted belt, the Heavy Belt implicit can be pretty helpful meeting stat requirements. Similarly, stat jewels are pretty cheap and helpful.

Recommended Uniques/Mechanics and Other Luxuries
If you're running all of the uniques, resists are difficult to work without jewels. I'm running purity of ice partly for the max resist -- but in truth, my cold resist is uncapped without it.

This is the key to a lot of our tankiness -- Thanks to high endurance charges, fortify, and high immortal call uptime, physical damage isn't too worrying. This gives us a bit of spell block, and ups all our max resists, which helps a lot with Righteous fire. It also has a nice spell damage boost on it.

Relic version is optional, but not too expensive at the moment, and gives us another percent on the max resists/more spell block.

These gloves are easy to meet the stat requirements for, since they're about the same as Mjölner's. Gives us about an 80% increased spell damage boost through Iron Will, which lets our strength bonus apply to spells.

These are by far the most expensive item I'm wearing right now, but help the build nicely, with strength to ease up our stat requirements, decent movespeed, immunity to bleeding (freeing up a flask slot for whatever you like (I like to have a dousing flask to turn off RF on demand). And then, of course, it gives an extra endurance charge, which helps literally everything for us. I ran without these for quite a while, as I'm not much of a moneymaker.

This has two upsides: it gives a metric ton of spell damage, and it also serves as a source of incoming hits, which helps us generate more endurance charges as a juggernaut. This also lets you run Vaal Molten Shell for a tiny damage boost if you want -- I'm playing with it, but not so sure if it's worth it.

Level 21 Discharge
This is a very straightforward DPS gain if you can afford it.

Kaom's Way
If you have a non-ring cold damage source and your resists can somehow survive using this, you can run this with death's door and a corrupted belt to get ten endurance charges and crazy life regen. I don't have the resists for it or the enchant, at the moment.

Corrupted +1 Endurance Charge Belt
Endurance charges help us gain more life, do more damage, take less damage, and regen a little more health. If you can find a decent belt corrupted for this passive, then go for it.

Mjölner Corruptions
+2 Weapon range is convenient for hitting things a little more, 0.2% of fire damage leech as life makes you a tiny bit tankier. I don't have any of these, they're just hypothetical.

Clean Voll's Devotion
While bad corruptions are cheaper, an uncorrupted (or normal-implicit corrupted) devotion makes meeting stat requirements easier. I went for this.

Good Voll Corruptions
+1 Max Resistances or +1 Max curses. Both are way out of my own price range, but hey, it's an option.

For gloves, Word of Ire is the best (and all variants) -- it counts as a hit, so it gets us more power charges, and procs Discharge for healing even when we're not swinging ourselves.

Added cold damage when hit recently is a helpful boot enchant, as is 2% regen when hit recently.

There's discharge enchants for helm if you're willing to farm them.

Gem Links
Note: any of these 4-links are interchangeable

I swap between Elemental Focus and Concentrated Effect depending on scenario. If power charge generation is a little low while mapping, you can swap that slot for Arc or Shock Nova.


You only really need Cyclone and Faster Attacks for activating Mjölner, so that gives us a few free links. I put Fortify here for 100% uptime, and curse on hit with Warlord's Mark to be a bit more tanky. You can also put, say, Elemental Weakness (or two curses with a corrupted Voll's). Sixth link gives you a couple options: increased accuracy for marginal gains, added cold damage as one of your ways to proc EE (boots and ring being the others), Life Gain on Hit for a little more pseudo-leech, another spot to run a vaal skill -- it's pretty flexible. This also means you can run this on a 3-4 link if you don't mind dropping a curse (or fortify).

One thing you can do is dump Undeniable to run Increased Accuracy Support to grab Unyielding from your ascendancy tree. I don't like to lose the attack speed myself, though.


Purities for resists and max resists. Vaal lightning trap for some burst damage. Pretty self-explanatory -- you want Purity of Fire to help Righteous Fire be easier to sustain, but you can swap out Ice for anything you like if you have the resists.


This is the shield charge set-up. I run a portal gem, but if you don't, then 2G/2R is optimal (if a total pain to get depending on item slot), giving you a couple options: Increased Accuracy for a little attack speed boost, or culling strike for bosses/T16s.


This is our CwDT setup. Immortal Call keeps us healthy, since it has a long duration with 9 endurance charges, and we generate charges constantly enough that it doesn't really hurt us.

Blade Vortex gives us better power charge generation.

Increased Duration gives us better blade vortex uptime, as well as a tiny bit more immortal call time (being that it only modifies the base duration of 0.4 seconds).


This is our Righteous Fire set-up. Concentrated Effect and Elemental Focus just increase Righteous Fire's damage by a little. Fourth slot is generally free -- a Vaal Skill, a portal gem, or Increased Burning Damage for a little more damage. (Well, not more, but you know what I mean). If you're actually looking for a 2G/2R set-up on shield charge, you'll actually want to do it here.


The flask set-up is pretty flexible. For The Wise Oak, you want to have fire as your highest resist.

You don't need anti-freeze since unstoppable nullifies freeze and chill. Curse, shock, and poison removal are all nice, and dousing flasks remove RF, so it's nice to have one as a switch.

I like Blood of the Karui (it just gives a lot of life back really fast), but any health potion can do the trick -- if you want an instant one with an effect like curse removal.

You need a staunching flask if you aren't using death's door. Otherwise, the way you stack up hits, any rare with corrupting blood will kill you pretty quickly.

Atziri's promise is pretty all-purpose. Bit of leech, nice increase to damage.

You could run Vinktar's for another shock source and lightning leech. Doesn't help that much, though, since we don't run vaal pact. If you do, it has to be either Added Lightning Damage to Spells or the pricy Lightning Penetration variant of it, in order not to mess up our Elemental Equilibrium set up.

Passive Tree

Bandits are Life -> Attack Speed/Passive -> Endurance Charge


This can be customized a good deal -- I have a number of regeneration nodes (one near marauder start, combat stamina, pathing through Shaper on my way to elemental Equilibrium) that can be cut out if you don't mind RF hurting a bit more. You can also run fewer life nodes at your own risk, and path up to heart of flame for a chunk more discharge damage. Blast Radius and Alchemist are also good potential pick-ups I've used at a point, or even Arsonist for mixed damage/life regen.

You can also go more tanky by dropping the upper witch section in favour of pathing down towards the duelist area, for more regen/life and another endurance charge.

Precision and Versatility can both be dropped, but it will hurt your dex requirements (on your Faster Attacks gems and Purity of Ice).

If you're dying a lot, take Celestial Judgement and Celestial Punishment later in the tree.

Diamond skin is a 2 point 15% resist all investment, if you're having trouble keeping up on that front.

You're going to have to get used to watching your stat totals like a hawk with this tree. It's a huge pain to keep everything right as you upgrade gear.

I'm not at all a good player, so I imagine most of you could avoid almost any deaths in these videos. Also I keep messing up my sound configs in various ways -- as such, these are just demos, not, um, actually good videos.

Double Beyond Vaal Cyclone Farming

Twinned T15 Kaom + Abyss

Twinned Vaal Temple
First Vaal Temple. Thanks, prophecies...

First time running this boss.


Notably, the second time I walk into his nuke like a moron, I don't even die!

Completely face-tankable, barrage and all.

Thanks for reading this giant mess if you managed to, and feel free to leave any sort of feedback on the thread.
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