[3.1.0 ASC] [crit SUNDER] [berserk] [Dual wielding] (Shаper / T16 videos)

Sorry for the bad translation. Hi translit Yandex :)
Русская версия билда - https://ru.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/22259
a few questions
the mechanics of the skill
Because schism is a skill only using the main hand (right hand) (left hand slot in the inventory), then there must be either a Mace or axe, or staff. My build is based on dual wielding, well either Mace or axe. Reference to the type of weapon, the main thing that it was as much physical DPS and the base chance of a critical.
There is another mechanic at the sunder, making it a competitor in quick cleaning locations. It's the size of groups of monsters. Yes, Yes, the sizes of groups of monsters, not dps and not the speed of movement or attack. Because of the sunder, than more worth of monsters next to each other, the faster they will fall. This is the main property by Stripping locations using skill sunder.

A more budget option?
Doryan catalyst rly cheap variable for 5 chaos good dps


off hand
i using off hand for buff, depends on what method of travel you have chosen, if its leap slam, then u can used next

well, but if u chose whirling blades, then u can used rapier/dagger that have very good AS and global bonus.

and ideal variable for whirling blades and boost OVER HIGH dps

its end game variable for leap slam

and for whirling blades

lvl'ing / or how fast upped lvl and equip
Some tips to LVL 60, weapon - you can wear a "brightbeak" with LVL 20, fastest one-handed Mace.

After 56 lvl u can used death's hand.

From the helmet to the depths you can wear any rare. Bots also any rare (movement speed in boots do not care). I know that at LVL 50-60 there are always problems with the intelligence to use skills. This question is solved very easily, go to poe.trade, enter the category of "amulet", only wrote 2 lines "to intelligence" from 55 "to maximum life" of 0, and maximum required LVL (your LVL).
Well, the price tag is a maximum of 1 chaos. After you have found amulet, click 1 time on "to maximum life", then you will become the sort starting with the highest HP in the amulet. But they are at 1x.
For leveling up to LVL 29 I plan to use this skill

Till LVL 60 you can use any AOE Skil miles, such as a groundslam or sunder or lacerate, or Reeve, and others. Gear up to LVL 60 I plan to carry which will fall under the arm.
You can use many different skills, for example

On that first save?

Well, first of all I'll save on any 5 link rags, if only by color high fit (3 red 2 blue).
The second thing is more or less decent, jewelry and a belt.
And only in the third turn I'll save up for the abyss.
Then the shock, or from 5 links or net + prorock 5 link.
Well, then it was gone :)

Mandatory gear:

equip which was played on League 2.6.0 Legacy

As you can see, gems are mainly focused on the increase in attack speed main hand.

equip which was played on League 3.1.0 Abyss


mu current link sunder

its 6th gem

and if use for totem + whirling blades / leap slam its gem

then u can use for bosses this gem

links №1
this is our main way of moving and imposing fortifications on themselves.
Sure if u chose leap slam for movement then

links 2
why cwdt? Because during the fight with the bosses or for example in a large pack of mobs, Golem die very often - and to recall it in the mill, is very difficult, it is at such moments - he called, same thing with the call in hand, you can not make prozhat it, for example if you beat the reflekt.
And here at molten shell? The answer is simple, the shell is activated already at the time of the strike, ie the blow will be softer because of the armor given by the armor.
This whole bunch cwdt need LVL 20.

links 3
why call it manually and not cwdt? hammer shaper, fist of dominos, hammer Waal barefoot, fist of the butcher trap in the lab - all this in easy it can be controlled in manual, cwdt doesn't help you here. Yes, Yes, 1 call in the manual, the second in cwdt because the situations are different.

the gems that you may not connect at all with anything

If u using rare body armour that have taken damage as elemental and wather eye same mod, then u must use instead herald of ash this gem


clаss bаndits pantheon

1) Soul of Lunaris
2) Soul of Gruthkul
kill all
1) War Bringer - so, bye bye mana flasks.
2) Pain Reaver - so, u can use both auras.
3) Aspect of Carnage

skill tree

If you do not have the intellect even with an amulet of intelligence (see above), the Central slot is for the jewel you can put the jewel transforming force in intelligence.
Skill tree for maces / sceptres


[3.1.0] [CRIT SUNDER] T16 Shaper without vaal pact
[3.1.0] [CRIT SUNDER] T16 Hydra without vaal pact
[3.1.0] [CRIT SUNDER] T16 Phoenix without vaal pact
[3.1.0] [CRIT SUNDER] T16 Chimera without vaal pact
[3.1.0] [CRIT SUNDER] T16 Minotaur without vaal pact
[2.6.0 LSC] [crit SUNDER] [berserk] [Dual wielding] T16 minotaur
[2.6.0 LSC] [crit SUNDER] [berserk] [Dual wielding] T16 hydra
[2.6.0 LSC] [crit SUNDER] [berserk] [Dual wielding] T16 chimera
[2.6.0 LSC] [crit SUNDER] [berserk] [Dual wielding] T16 phoenix
[2.6.0 LSC] [crit SUNDER] [berserk] [Dual wielding] Shaper
[2.6.0 LSC] [crit SUNDER] [berserk] [Dual wielding] fast run shaped strand
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Hello and thank you for the guide. Ive allways wanted to try sunder, and i think i checked your videos of the build at some point, and they were working. But now they dont work anymore? Is the build still viable?
I created this build on Legacy league. Sure actuali :)
Thank you, nice to know. Could you load those videos again?

Oh and im curious, is that one hand sword just to be able to whirl and some multi, would deaths hand provide more damage if one can play with leap slam? Or even 2 good maces/axes?
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Shame with the video expiration. First Build that seemed remotely interesting as I never played Sunder before. I want to see the gameplay before trying to mimic this build myself :)

edit: some other skills used in still available videos. I guess the speed gap that is usually lacking on melee skills got reached so clearing will good enough.
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Ty for scam <3
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Marxone wrote:
Shame with the video expiration. First Build that seemed remotely interesting as I never played Sunder before. I want to see the gameplay before trying to mimic this build myself :)

edit: some other skills used in still available videos. I guess the speed gap that is usually lacking on melee skills got reached so clearing will good enough.

I did check the videos some time ago, and thats how i got back to this thread again. It did look very nice for clearing, and bosses. Only thing that was lacking was the amount of hp, but checking tree and building the char at the moment (69lv) i think it can get well past 6k.
Leveling was nice and easy with sunder, just used elreon rings until i got first lab.

Why i didnt do this at that time was lack of currency, i wanna try it with those acuitys.

Edit: Just got to 75 and equipped acuitys, coil and abyssus, first map shaped mesa was a blast, smooth and fast.
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