[3.2] Bobby's 2h Tectonic SLAM Zerker | Shaper/Elder viable | 800k dps


Hey guys, Bobby Googus here with a forum guide for my Tectonic SLAM Berserker. This was mostly an experiment to see how the new Berserker Rage mechanic felt. Long story short- it works well, but it requires quite a bit of mildly-to-very expensive gear to get around the berzerker degen+10%inc. damage taken. But THE MEMES MUST FLOW. I leveled this character as a JUGG (like everyone else who isn't completely bonkers did)....and got bored and respecced, because on paper (in Path of Building), just going zerker and ignoring the 18% more damage from endurance charge consumption on Tectonic Slam was a massive dps increase (but a huge blow to survivability.
So I should probably explain what Tectonic Slam is quickly. It's a melee skill that will try to consume an endurance charge. If it can (meaning if you have one available), it will hit in a bigger area, as well as get 18% MORE damage. The downside to this though is that....it eats all your endurance charges. So my idea here was to completely ignore the End. Charge mechanic entirely and instead just build around the base skill. So why didn't I just do this as Earthquake or Sunder you might be wondering? Well, uh...because Tectonic Slam is a brand new skill, as well as having built-in Fire Conversion and I felt like playing an Avatar of Fire character, which makes full conversion very easy. Now onto the build!

+ Good AoE.
+ Fast trash clear speed.
+ Rage = insanely fast attack speed & amazing damage.
+ Cannot be stunned if we have at least 25 Rage (which is always).
+ War Bringer lets our Warcry generate Rage stacks, which lets us sustain Rage during bossfights/while moving from pack to pack.
+ Completely obliterates Blue packs, Rares, Abyss, & Bloodlines packs.
+ War Bringer lets our warcry heal life and mana by 25% INSTANTLY (this has saved me more times than I can even count).
+ Great movespeed, even better attack speed.
+ Berserker = ultra hipster.
+ Deals an incredible amount of damage when compared to JUGG/Chief variants.

- Elemental damage is a problem because of the fixed map mod scaling + 10% increased damage taken.
- The Rage degen is something that cannot be ignored. It must be built around.
- Because of how bad the degen is, the effects of our Life Leech aren't felt as strongly as they would be on another ascendancy. It still helps, but it mainly combats the degen instead of topping us off in a bad situation.
- Way, way, way less tankier than the JUGG variant.
- Way too expensive. But memes.

Because people like staring at numbers. Note that these are 100% accurate- this is a snapshot with my current gear/tree/passives. Imported the character and snapped it as-is (meaning I didn't craft unobtainable mirror rares and sneak them in).

Offensive Mechanics:
• Tectonic Rectangle AoE clearing.
• Swords = some implicit accuracy = easier gearing.
• Almost 11 attacks per second with our Rage stacks.
• 800k clear dps.
• 575k Shaper dps.

Defensive Mechanics:
• Large life pool; 7.7k with a Kaom's, 8k if you ditch the Devoto's in favor of a rare with high life and strength.
• Arctic Armour.
• 1% additional Fire Resist from the Barbarism node.
• Permanent Fortify as long as you remember to Leap Slam onto enemies every few seconds.
• Some evade because why not?
• Lots of armor.


Youtube Channel:


Twitch Channel:

Build Guide Videos:
Build Guide
Deathless Red Elder Fight
Uber Lab & The Pale Council

Skill Tree - Bandits - Ascendancy:
Path of Building

Copy the code from that link into Path of Building, the official skill tree planner. If you don't have Path of Building, download it here-


Oak (LIFE REGEN, Phys. Damage Reduction, Phys. Damage)
This is the only option here. We need the Life Regen to help combat the Rage degen.




Profile Link


Tectonic Slam (in order of importance):
Tectonic Slam - Melee Physical Damage - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Added Fire Damage/Fire Penetration (notes below) - Multistrike - Elemental Focus

Added Fire damage is used for mapping, as monster resists matter much less/don't affect our clear speed. Fire Penetration is swapped in for the absolute endgame content (Elder and Shaper have 40% elemental resistance, so this is extremely important and makes a noticeable impact on the damage you're inflicting).

Leap Slam - Faster Attacks - Fortify

I think everyone understands this one by now.


If you decide not to run a Kaom's, you would have a Curse on Hit - Orb of Storms - Flammability somewhere. I no longer run this in favor of running Kaom's.


Herald of Ash (sometimes swapped) - Arctic Armour

Arctic Armour is basically necessary at the endgame because of the extra damage Berserkers take. Herald of Ash is a nice damage increase, however I will swap this for other gems depending on the content I'm running. If I have a really rippy Hydra or a Red Elder for instance, I will put in a Purity of Ice. If I have a Phoenix with increased AoE, I know that I'll probably get clipped by an explosion, so I'll swap in a Purity of Fire.


We run a Stone Golem to help combat the degen.


Cast When Damage Taken - Molten Shell - Immortal Call

Immortal Call always procs without eating any Endurance Charges...because we never have any for it to eat. lul.


Alternative Gear Options:

I ran the Craiceann C R A B B A R R I E R S gear for quite a while actually. On certain content, it's a fantastic option. However, elemental damage is a huge problem, thus I made the switch to a Kaom's Heart for a bigger life pool (it gave me about 1.2k life). That being said, if you just plan on farming Uber Lab, Craiceann's gear is actually better at it than my current setup (unless he has double elemental buffs), as you don't take bleeding damage from lab trabs (thanks to the chestpiece), and the Barriers themselves let you facetake literally any physical damage he does.


I constantly swap my flasks depending on what I'm doing. Sub in elemental reduction flasks or phys reduction flasks here as necessary. Make sure you have 'Of Heat', 'Of Warding', and 'Of Staunching' on three of them though.

7% Life (flat will net you more life once your tree is filled out), % Damage with swords, % Damage, % Damage with Two Handed Weapons all work here.


Jump into a pack of monsters, swing once or twice, and move on to the next pack. Before bossfights, because your Cannot Be Stunned is gated behind you having 25 Rage, you need to spam your warcry a few times to build up your Rage. Note that the Warcry will give you the rage AND the heal regardless of whether there are monsters around.

Q: Is this build fun?
A: Yes.

Q: Is it expensive to gear?
A: If you want to push into the endgame, then yes it is.

Q: I don't like Tec Slam/Zerker/2 handers/you
A: Then build something else.

Q: How would I do that?
A: Plan a tree, level a character, get the items, link the gems, do the damage.

Q: /can I build this as a Dual Wield Trickster Ground Slam Cold Conversion Crit Poison blah blah whatever?
A: Probably? I dunno, I built it as a Berserker. I'm more than happy to theorycraft with you though!

Q: Will you play it again?
A: Ehh, maybe? I love all the Attack skills, and I'm still playing this character currently, trying to min-max it as best I can, but I'm not a fan of 100% Fire Conversion currently, so we'll see.

Q: Do I have to play a Zerker?
A: No, in fact you probably shouldn't, but I'm a build meme machine.

Leveling a Melee Attack Character:

Don't be crazy! Level with <insert your favorite leveling skill here> and a normal dps setup (melee phys, faster attacks, etc.) and swap to Tectonic Slam after you've Ascended a few times, as it feels much worse than leveling with something like Sunder. I tried swapping to Tec Slam (and stuck with it because I'm stubborn) as soon as I could, but yeah. Don't do that. Tec Slam has a 10 mana cost, whereas most other attack skills are anywhere from 6-9, which makes mana sustain while leveling (heck, even at high levels) feel really bad man.

Passive Tree:

Finished Tree:

Path of Building Links:
Current character-

I've actually decided against posting leveling trees here, because it really depends on how early you choose to use a sword/2hander. I also think that while it might be annoying at first, learning how to path through a build yourself helps a new player understand why certain nodes are good choices early on/why some aren't, and it helps them feel the slow "powercreep" that certain nodes give. I've gotten several complaints that I don't provide these, but try and understand that it isn't out of laziness/not wanting to help, it's quite the opposite. I want you all to learn!

Well, that's about it! I hope this at least helps point you in the right direction. Tectonic Zerker is very fun to play, but to be honest, the Zerker isn't in the greatest spot right now, which is why the JUGG is probably a much more viable option...but that being said, it's still incredibly fun (and more than capable of doing endgame content). Give it a shot and let me know what you think!
Thanks guys.
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