[3.1] Titan's nemesis - Easy 1 Mio. dps. phys BF - ALL Content - budget/league starter

I'm proud to present my Blade Flurry Berserker:

Before you start reading the guide, you may want to check out Pros and Cons:

1. Relaxed and quick leveling
2. Scales insanely well into lategame (doesn't need any ridiculous GG OP gear: No enchantements, rare stats on gear nor expensive uniques or jewels are required)
3. More than enough damage to tackle all endgame (did shaper with lvl 86)
4. Good survivability through several layers of defense
5. Good mobility

1. Slightly slower while mapping than any meta clearspeed crap

If you have any comments, improvements or whatsoever I would be delighted to know them too. :-)

Tree, Ascendancies, Bandits and PoB

Tree (LvL 89):

To level, you simply take all damage/life nodes and skip armour/accuracy/Jewel nodes. Travel to "Strong Arm" first, than the big life wheel between Marauder and Scion. Afterwards to "Dervish", then
"Herbalism" and consequently to the Shadow area. Note that you are picking up generic damage modifiers so you can level with whatever phys weapon you like. When you find a decent claw, take the overpowered claw nodes.

*Ascendancies are listed in order of importance*
1. Crave the Slaughter (to level faster)
2. Pain Reaver
3. Cloaked in Savagery
4. Aspect of Carnage

Help Alira (For Crit Multi and Resists)

Path of Building:

Current Gear

My current gear
Note that all rares are self-crafted with very few investments. You should be able to get much better gear if you opt to. The only item I bought was the amulet (40c), which is the only "expensive" item.

Gear choices

What pieces do I look for?
*Stats are listed in order of importance*

BiS uniques (to tackle endgame):

A For Weapons:
You want to combine either 1 Bloodseeker and 1 rare or 1 Bloodseeker and 1 "The Scource Terror Claw". I'm using the second combination, however, the first one appears to improve damage a lot if you get a mediocre rare claw.

For your rare claw:
1. High pdps (>= 250)
2. attack speed (>= 1.7)
3. Crit chance

B For Rings:
1. Life
1.5. Res/Stats (only if needed)
2. Accuracy
3. Flat phys
4. Attack speed
5. % Armour

C For Amulet:
1. Life
2. Crit Multi
3. Flat phys
4. Crit chance
5. % Armour

D.1 For Helmet, Body Amour, Gloves and Belts you want armour bases with
1. Life
2. Resistances
3. Armour

D.2 Nice to have:
1. Spiked Gloves with flat phys and/or attack speed
(2. Chaos resistance)

E Jewels:
1. Life
2. Attack Speed
3. crit multi
3. Phys or Area dmg
4. crit chance

F Flasks:
1. Diamond Flask (with Bleed immunity)
2. Lion's Roar
3. Atziri's Promise
(4. Taste of Hate)


If you don't use Kaom's Roots, you can use the lab enchant. But i would definitely recommend these boots to not die unfortunate deaths

to be written


*Stats are listed in order of importance*

Main Damage Setup (6l):
6-link (3R, 2B, 1G): Blade Flurry - Conc/Inc Effect - Melee Phys. Damage - Chance to Bleed - Maim - Inc Critical Damage

Totem and Golem Setup (4l):
4-link (2R, 1B, 1G): Ancestral Warchief - Conc Effect - Ruthless - Ice Golem

Aura Setup (4l):
(1R, 1B, 2G): Hatred - Arctic Armour - Enlighten (>=lvl3) - Herald of Ash

Power Charge Generation (3l):
Either (Late game, lazy ppl.: 1R, 1B, 1G): Blade Vortex (lvl8) - Cast when Damage Taken (lvl1) - Power Charge on Critical Strike

or (leveling, early game): Orb of Storms - Power Charge on Critical Strike - Increased Critical Strike Chance

Movement Setup(3l):
(1R, 2G)
Whirling Blades - Fortify - Faster Attacks

Endgame proof

First try ever on Shaper with 3 Portals left. Deaths due to not knowing the mechanics but definately doable without any deaths.

to be written

to be written

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Hi, can you post a video with a map clear?
Tested it, worked pretty crap, idk maybe didnt know how to play it but dmg and defence was low .
Last edited by jaav on Feb 7, 2018, 1:09:12 AM
Tried this out on an old standard character, works great. Thinking I may run this as my first for the next league.
Thank you for the build guide. :-)
tested out in normal, works wery well. If you are a onehand player like me, you can change the totem to cwdt+icreased duration+phase run+warlords mark.
It will both boost damage and def
Hey do you think it could work in pathfinder? or just marauder?

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