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Ranger Build List


Hello, I'm Amongalen and from now on I will be taking care of the Ranger Build List originally created by Panini_aux_olives (The original Builds List).

This is a list thread of all up-to-date Ranger guides (updated after 3.0 patch). Just as my predecesor, I'll try to keep track of all new and old builds and add/remove them when necessary. I hope you find this list helpful and feel free to send some feedback about it.

Build lists for other classes:
Witch by Kwitch
Duelist by eviL_Bison
Marauder by Bockris
Scion by Gazza732
Shadow by Gazza732
Templar by Kwitch

Quoting previous build list creators (not sure who said it orginally):
I try to include only builds that have been played to ~ lvl 80-85 / played some mid-range maps (tier 9-12) to make sure the OP knows what he is talking about and avoid pure theorycrafts.
A build should also contain more than just a linked tree + gear. A link to Path of Building is not enough as well.

If you want to submit your own build it is advised to check eviL_Bison guide about writing guides beforehand

I will try to specify the subclass chosen by the build maker in the link to the build thread. I will also try to specify specific capabilities of the build (Atziri/U-Atzirir/U-lab Viable) as long as the authors explain them in the build thread. For that I'll use the next notation and though they seem pretty obvious, I don't want to take any risk.

Build Tags:
Main Skill: Well... Main Skill
Raid/Dead/PF: Raider / Deadeye / Pathfinder
HC: Hardcore league viable
Atz: Atziri viable
U-Atz: Uber Atziri viable
U-Lab: Uber Lab viable
T16: Guardians viable
Shaper: Shaper viable
U-Elder: Uber Elder viable
Miscellaneous: Any other relevant information, like Dual Wielding, Two handed, Unarmed, Beginner friendly, budget build, etc.

Bow / Wand

Blast Rain Dead [3.2] 100% Fire Conv Blast Rain Deadeye - Rains of Blastamere
Blast Rain Dead [3.2] Chin Sol Blast Rain Raider 3m+ Shaper DPS 6500+ Hp [League Viable] Video's Up.
Caustic Arrow Raid HC [3.2][HC] Semi-MF Caustic Arrow Raider + ED Swap | 6k+ Health | All Content Deathless | In-depth
Explosive Arrow PF [3.2] Zerphi EA Pathfinder - Instant Heal / Magic Find / HoGM / PvP
Kinetic Blast + Barrage PF U-Atz, T16, Shaper (3.2) Queenliness Wanderfinder | (∩^ᗜ ^)⊃━ - - -☆゚.*
Kinetic Blast + Barrage Raid U-Atz, U-lab, T16, Shaper [3.2] Demi's 4.6M+ DPS CI Physical + Chaos Raider Wander | TheFastestLemon
Kinetic Blast + Barrage Dead [3.2] Kinetic Blast Deadeye [Magic Find Speed Mapper]
Kinetic Blast + Barrage Raid Poet's pen [3.2] Poet's pen ele Kinetic Blast wander(There is a big change added in this build)
Lightning arrow + Barrage Raid 3.2 Magic Find Windrippin Boi (Windripper LA/Barrage Raider)
Lightning arrow + Blast Rain PF U-Atz, U-lab, T16, Shaper [3.2] Demi's Full Ele LemonPrime, CI OR Life Lightning Arrow/Blast Rain Max Block Pathfinder
Tornado Shot Raid Atz, U-lab [3.2] TheAmigoShotz! -Lifebased Windripper Raider! Insane Clearspeed + Deathless Shaper!
Tornado shot + Barrage Raid T16, Shaper Ashrend/Lioneye 7 Link Raider (All Guardians & Shaper down in Bestiary, videos up)
Tornado Shot + Barrage PF T16, Shaper low and high budget [3.2] That Doomfletch Life | 3.1 VIDEO GUIDE UP! Tree/PoB | All Content | Reviews
Tornado Shot + Barrage Raid [3.2] MF Windripper Raider | TS/LA and Barrage | Read FAQ | PoB Link
Tornado Shot + Barrage Raid U-Atz, U-lab, T16, Shaper [3.2] Abyss Shripper feat. Chin Sol - Raider TS Barrage / 6k+ Life 3.8M Shaper DPS / All Contents
Tornado Shot + Barrage PF U-Atz, U-lab, T16, Shaper 3.2 Doomfletcher Pathfinder Low Budget Build+Explanations [U-Atz][Shaper][U-Lab][T16] viable


Blade Flurry Raid [3.2 Update] Frosty Blade Flurry Raider - all content (66% dodge atks and 72% dodge spells)
Blade Flurry/Frost Blades Raid U-Atz, U-lab, T16, Shaper [3.2 Raider] BF/FB raider, great clear/ST and tanky shaper/atziri/elder down
Cyclone Raid U-Atz, U-lab, T16, Shaper Detailed [3.2] Elemental Crit Cyclone Raider - Fast, fun, deadly! - Ready for Bestiary league
Cyclone Raid Atz, U-lab, T16, Shaper [3.2 Ready][Raider] Muirey's 2h Freezing Cyclone!
Cyclone PF Ngamahu's flame [3.2] Forest Fire. Clear all content fast and easy. QotF PF Ngamahu.
Frost Blades Raid low budget [3.2 UPDATED] Sidefx Frost Blades - FAST t1-15 MAPPER, AMAZING League Starter!
Frost Blades Raid Atz, U-lab, T16, Shaper [3.2] Fivers Frostblades Raider ||| 2+ mil Shaper DPS ||| Fast clearspeed ||| [All content]
Frost Blades + Molten Strike Raid [3.2] Frozen Lava - Frost Blades & Molten Strike Raider - Guardians & Shaper Dead (Videos)
Frost Blades + Molten Strike Dead [3.2] FB/MS Deadeye - Budget Friendly| Insane Clear speed|Evasion Based
Frost Blades + Molten Strike Raid [3.2] Ultimate Guide to Claw Raiding | Many skills | Clear everything
Lightning Strike Raid U-Atz, T16, Shaper [3.2] ELE LIGHTNING STRIKE - ALL T16s, Shaper, Uber Atziri, HOGM, Chayula, Elder
Lightning Strike/Frost Blades Dead HC [3.2 HC | Video Guide] Lightning Striker done properly | amazing clearspeed | tons of damage
Molten Strike + Wild Strike PF U-Atz, U-Elder, T16, Shaper 3.2 Farrul's Fur molten strike/wild strike pathfinder, uber elder down
Spectral Shield Throw Dead Atz, U-lab, T16, Shaper [3.2] Icy "Deadeye" Shieldmaiden (Spectral Shield Throw, 90% Ele, Rapid Clear, Cheap, ~ 1M DPS)
Spectral Throw Pf U-Atz, T16, Shaper [3.2]Elemental spectral throw pathfinder, good endgame and maps farmer
Spectral Throw Raid U-Atz, U-lab, T16, Shaper [3.2 Raider]Ultimate EleBuzzsaw (Easily Clear All Content U-Lab/U-Atziri/Shaper etc)


Cast on attack/crit PF HC immortal, Poet's Pen [3.2] Immortal Poet (500 es Ci Tank)
Dancing Dervish PF U-Atz, U-lab, T16, Shaper [3.2] Drunken Dancing Duo | 2-600k+ Minion Cycl. DPS | 5k+ Hp | All contents
Kinetic Blast + Barrage PF mines [3.2] Death Star - Barrage / KB Miner
Righteous Fire + Scorching Ray PF U-Atz, U-Elder [3.2] RF/SR Pathfinder easy Uber Elder, Uber Atziri, Red Maps with all mods

Copies of previous lists, some builds might be updated to newer version:
3.1 builds
3.0 builds
2.6 builds
2.5 builds
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Thanks man, no idea what happened to Panini. I would email and PM the devs so they can transfer the build list from Panini to you - they've done that for some of the other character forums.

Then you can edit and remake it as you like.
Ranger Lightning Strike - All T16s + Shaper: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/503727
Ranger Crit Facebreakers - All T16s + Shaper: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1633984
Completed 6 ChallengesCeryneian wrote:
Thanks man, no idea what happened to Panini. I would email and PM the devs so they can transfer the build list from Panini to you - they've done that for some of the other character forums.

Then you can edit and remake it as you like.

I have him added in game and haven't seen him in a while :(

Will update my build soon... 40/40 this league is taking way longer than expected.
1K Pretzel Eating Team.

I've messaged support yesterday, sadly still no reply :(
Bumping this thread in meanwhile
Bumping for OP, but next time you can press B everyday to bump it without posting.
My builds:
https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1809378 - Lazor Inqusitor
https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1781498 - Burning Arrow Raider
https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1800999 - Perfect Formless Inferno Slayer
Completed 10 Challengeshabeo wrote:
Bumping for OP, but next time you can press B everyday to bump it without posting.

I know I can do it that way but prefer good old posts :D
bump for op
Mods please sticky
"Good thing they nerfed the carto, it wasn't fun to find one in every map." - Haborym
bump for op
Does anyone knows a good guide for a Raider/Deadeye Tornado Shot build with Reach of the Council??

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