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Hello, I'm Amongalen and from now on I will be taking care of the Ranger Build List originally created by Panini_aux_olives (The original Builds List).

This is a list thread of all up-to-date Ranger guides (updated after 2.5 patch). Just as my predecesor, I'll try to keep track of all new and old builds and add/remove them when necessary. I hope you find this list helpful and feel free to send some feedback about it.

Featured build guide, great for any bow ranger:
[WIP] NeverSink's ♣ INDEPTH Tornado&Archer Guide ♣ Beginner friendly ♣ Rapid clear ♣ Uber Atzir

Build lists for other classes:
Witch by Kwitch
Duelist by eviL_Bison
Marauder by Bockris
Scion by Gazza732
Shadow by Gazza732
Templar by Kwitch

Quoting previous build list creators (not sure who said it orginally):
I try to include only builds that have been played to ~ lvl 75-80 / played some mid-range maps (tier 7-10) to make sure the OP knows what he is talking about and avoid pure theorycrafts.
A build should also contain more than just a linked tree + gear

If its possible please add a short build description in your thread, it helps a lot.

I will try to specify the subclass chosen by the build maker in the link to the build thread. I will also try to specify specific capabilities of the build (Atziri/U-Atzirir/U-lab Viable) as long as the authors explain them in the build thread. For that I'll use the next notation and though they seem pretty obvious, I don't want to take any risk.

Build Tags:
Main Skill: Well... Main Skill
Raid/Dead/PF: Raider / Deadeye / Pathfinder
HC: Hardcore league viable
Atz: Atziri viable
U-Atz: Uber Atziri viable
U-Lab: Uber Lab viable
T16: Guardians viable
Shaper: Shaper Lab viable
Miscellaneous: Any other relevant information, like Dual Wielding, Two handed, Unarmed, Beginner friendly, budget build, etc.


Blast Rain/Lightning Arrow PF U-Atz, U-lab, T16, Shaper video guide, high budget [2.6] Demi's 99% Pen LemonPrime, CI Lightning Arrow/Blast Rain Pathfinder (Everything Viable)
Explosive Arrow PF HC Atz, U-lab, T16 video guide, low budget [2.6] Explosive Arrow Pathfinder W/Videos -HC Endgame Mapping, Grandmasters, T16 Guardian Guides
Ice Shot Dead/Raid Atz [2.6] Flash Freeze Ice Shot Ranger
Kinetic Blast/Barrage PF (2.6) up2 86% Lightning Penetration Wanderfinder | Build is still alive
Kinetic Blast/Barrage Raid T16, Shaper [2.6] LL Ele Wander Raider ~ Insane clear speed/Shaper/Guardians - 225k Barrage tooltip
Kinetic Blast/Barrage PF U-Atz, T16, Shaper [2.6] Mzticc's Indepth Kinetic Blast/Barrage Pathfinder Guide - Oneshot Screen clearing
Kinetic Blast/Barrage PF [2.6] CI Wanderfinder 105% lightpen, clears all content
Kinetic Blast/Barrage PF low budget [2.6 Legacy SC] PF CI Glasscanon Budget Elemental Wander
Kinetic Blast/Barrage PF U-Atz, U-lab, T16, Shaper video guide [2.6] Demi's Chaos Wanderfinder (Kinetic Blast/Barrage) EVERYTHING VIABLE
Kinetic Blast/Barrage PF U-Atz, T16, Shaper high budget 2.6 LL ELE WanderFinder (saltywander)-420K Barrage- (Uatziri/shaper/guardian delete everything)!!!
Kinetic Blast/Barrage PF U-Atz, U-lab, T16, Shaper high budget ♦[2.6] Skip the Dip! LL Phys/Chaos Wanderfinder | +7M dmg vs Shaper | PoB code | High Budget♦
Split Arrow/Barrage Raid U-lab, T16 [2.6 Raider] 11 frenzy Split Arrow / Barrage (non-crit or crit)
Tornado Shot Raid Atz, U-lab low budget [2.6 Updated!] TheAmigoShotz! -Lifebased Windripper Raider! Insane Clearspeed!
Tornado Shot Any U-Atz very detailed [WIP] NeverSink's ♣ INDEPTH Tornado&Archer Guide ♣ Beginner friendly ♣ Rapid clear ♣ Uber Atzir
Tornado Shot/Lightning arrow/Barrage PF U-Atz, U-lab, T16, Shaper ☆ [2.6WIP] Sarang's TS/LA/Barrage Bruiser | Crit Bow | Shaper and Guardian Videos ☆
Tornado Shot/Lightning arrow/Barrage Raid low budget ☆ [2.6] Sarang's Budget TS/LA/Barrage Raider | Crit Bow | League Starter ☆
Tornado Shot/Barrage PF/Dead U-Atz, Shaper video guide [2.6] SignalShot™ CI Full Ele Conversion TS/Barrage / Shaper & Uber Deathless / with video!
Tornado Shot/Barrage PF U-Atz, U-lab, T16, Shaper [2.6] Dzz1rt's Crit Bow for Proficient players/Expensive/ALL Map Mods/Shaper/U.Atziri/Guards Videos/


Blade Flurry Raid [2.6?] 7's Shocking Flurry Raider w/Dreamfeathers // When budget builds are becoming INSANE
Blade Flurry Raid U-lab, T16, Shaper MoM, Corrupted Energy [2.6] Trinity - Blade Flurry [Corrupted Energy] [523 kDPS] [Shaper Down]
Blade Flurry Raid HC CI HoWA [2.6] CRIT HoWA BF/ST Raider [13k ES, 60k BF tooltip/200k ST DPS, Stun-immune] [4 sec Chayula kill]
Cyclone Raid Ngamahu's flame [2.6 UPDATED Raider - Cyclone] Aggnog's flaming meatball massacre
Cyclone Raid HC U-Atz, T16 video guide, Ngamahu's Flame [2.6] Ben's Breach Melter [All Guardians Deathless & Uber Atziri!] Updated 3/7
Flicker Strike Raid [2.6] Oro's Flicker has never been stronger
Flicker Strike/Cyclone PF Atz, U-lab, T16 [2.6] Elemental Flicker Strike, Terminus Est [Pathfinder]
Flicker Strike/Blade Flurry Raid [2.6] Phase Raider {Flicker Strike + Blade Flurry}
Frost Blades Raid low budget, Ewar's Mirage [2.6] LowRes' Elemental Machine Gun Frost Blades Raider [Cheap]
Frost Blades Raid low budget 2.6 Frost Blades Raider -86% cold pen, Insane clear speed CHEAP league starter
Frost Blades Raid low budget [2.6]PewPewPews DirtCheap Frost Blades build
Frost Blades Raid [2.6] Ricks FrostBlades Budget Raider || 120k DPS on a 5link + Acro/PhaseAcro/AA
Frost Blades Raid T16 [2.6] Fistan's CI || Crit Claw || Frost Blades Raider - 11.9k ES - 362K TTDps - 106 Pen [Guardian+]
Lightning Strike Raid HC U-lab, T16 low budget [2.6] NOT HoWa Claws / Lightning Strike 300k+ ToolTip / 74|50 Dodge / SUPER Cheap / starter friendly
Spectral Throw Raid U-Atz, U-lab, T16, Shaper [2.6 Raider]Ultimate EleBuzzsaw (Easily Clear All Content U-Lab/U-Atziri/Shaper etc)
Spectral Throw Raid T16, Shaper [2.6 UPDATED] Raider Elemental Crit Spectral Throw - Shaper and t16 viable
Sunder Raid HC [2.6, LHC] Asta's Tanky 1H RT Raider [80-110k DPS /w Sunder, 24k+ Arm, 7k+ HP]
Wild Strike Raid [2.6] Sorith's Cospri's Wild Strike Crit Freezer


Blade Vortex PF [2.6]Chaos-Poison BV Double/TripleCurse Pathfinder
Cast on Critical Strike Raid Cospri's Malice [2.6] Raider Cospri Discharge - Insane Cheap,No Volls & Frenzy Based > 15.4k - 23.4k DPU
Cast when Damage Taken PF 2.6 Aim's One Man Army - up to 60 spells a second
Cast while Channelling PF U-Atz, U-lab, T16, Shaper [2.6] Blade of Solaris – CwC Blade Vortex, updated for 2.6!
Ethereal Knives PF [2.6] EK NOVA Pathfinder/Occultist Millions of DPS. Played, Tested, Path of Building perfected.
Ethereal Knives PF U-Atz, T16, Shaper [2.6] LL PF Crit EK Nova (Probably the best EK Nova build out there)
Ethereal Knives PF [2.6] ScummyNinja - An Ethereal Knives build
Herald of Ice PF The Writhing Jar, The Harvest [2.6] Wormageddon - Pathfinder
Shrapnel Shot/Orb of Storms Raid [2.6] Stormtrooper - Orb of Storms Raider
Tornado Shot Dead Remote Mine Sherkhan's SliverMine: Tornado Shot Deadeye Poison Mines

Outdated builds can be found here:
2.5 builds
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Thanks man, no idea what happened to Panini. I would email and PM the devs so they can transfer the build list from Panini to you - they've done that for some of the other character forums.

Then you can edit and remake it as you like.
Ranger Crit Facebreakers: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1633984
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Ceryneian wrote:
Thanks man, no idea what happened to Panini. I would email and PM the devs so they can transfer the build list from Panini to you - they've done that for some of the other character forums.

Then you can edit and remake it as you like.

I have him added in game and haven't seen him in a while :(

Will update my build soon... 40/40 this league is taking way longer than expected.
☆ 2.6 Endgame TS/LA/Barrage Archer (Pathfinder) ☆ /// 1711388 (ACTIVE)

IRL Stuff, waiting for 3.0
I've messaged support yesterday, sadly still no reply :(
Bumping this thread in meanwhile
Bumping for OP, but next time you can press B everyday to bump it without posting.
My builds:
https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1809378 - Lazor Inqusitor
https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1781498 - Burning Arrow Raider
https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1800999 - Perfect Formless Inferno Slayer
Completed 23 Challengeshabeo wrote:
Bumping for OP, but next time you can press B everyday to bump it without posting.

I know I can do it that way but prefer good old posts :D
bump for op
Mods please sticky
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bump for op
Does anyone knows a good guide for a Raider/Deadeye Tornado Shot build with Reach of the Council??

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