[3.15]💥Dang's Infernal Trinity Palm Raider 💥 Explosions W/O Massive cost.🔨Crafting Section🔨

2x Inspired learning, Officially INFERNAL TRINITY PALM!

Infernal Trinity Palm Full Video Guide:https://youtu.be/GD-vnYY_pCM


Crit Version 3.13 Prototype (EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ExAbIaebOgY&ab_channel=And_Dang

Infernal Trinity Palm Quick Overview: https://youtu.be/wBzPXFJkWsY

Cortex Showcase: https://youtu.be/uDvcJcWfm6U

Scourge Leage: Ill be streaming for most of my days feel free to come and ask me questions!

YouTube Channel:

Discord Server for Twitch: Feel free to as questions here as well I'll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.https://discord.gg/kbAkP8s

3.12 Video Guide and Showcases:

3.16 Changes:
Working on the new Tree, will be updated in a few days as I am playing the new league.

Past League Changes:
3.13 Changes:Overall Damage increased. Movement speed Increase. Survivability increase. AND HARVEST IS BACK BABY!!!
Crafting Guides coming soon. Fixing resistances will be even EASIER! This build will be even better!!!!
3.14 Changes:
Massive Buff to the build more to come in the very near future. Check out Stream for more updates as the league launches. Hint: Tainted Oils

3.15 Changes:

Other builds got nerfed relatively hard as well, I'm currently projecting around about 4-5 mil SDPS, so this adds up to be about a 6mil dps decrease relative to before, without crit at the top end of non crit gear.

Strengths and Weaknesses of the build


💥 Satisfying Explosions

💥 Extremely Fast Speed / Mobility

💥 Budget Friendly with Comparable Top end DPS

💥 All Content Viable

💥 Ailment Immune (Small change needed)

💥 Smooth Gameplay: Infernal blow is our boss damage and also our clearing tool. The 2 totems are placed for single target almost exclusively.

💥 4-5 Million Sirus / Shaper DPS (This took a very large hit.)


- Elemental Reflect

- Evasion based Defenses

- Unique Defined, and One with Nothing


Build mechanic introduction:

Path of Building Community Edition Link:

Hollow Palm is a blank canvas for many different builds. At its core it is a Stat Stacking build meaning we are grabbing as much Dexterity as possible. Dexterity inherently grants 1 % Evasion per 5 points letting us scale both Offense and Defense per point. Dexterity will also give us 14 - 20 physical damage to our attacks per 10 points. This is a base value that will be scaled with all of our other multipliers. On top of that Hollow Palm also gives 60% more attack speed.

Infernal Blow Mechanics:
We are getting the Cold Conversion nodes to get 40% of our damage converted to Cold, letting us do Phys reflect maps. Not only that, we are scaling that further with Hatred to make it so we are marginally dealing more Cold than fire. This lets us stack Trinity with just our main skill alone, since the explosions explained below are pure fire damage.

Infernal Blow applies 2 debuffs to enemies. "Charged" is for our main target being hit, while "uncharged" are those affected by area damage. These are both stacking debuffs that stack up to 6 times. Upon reaching 6 stacks, the debuff expiring, or most importantly when the targets die, they explode dealing 6% of their HP in a radius around the target in fire damage.

We are also attacking 10 times a second meaning we will hit the 6 stacks on 2 targets instantly. This is why Tribal Fury as an anointment is such a crucial part of the build.

Normally Infernal blow would not be able to apply the Uncharged debuff from its own explosions. With the introduction of Alternate Quality Gems within 3.12 we get Anomalous Infernal Blow. At 20% Quality, it gives each explosion 20% chance to apply Uncharged to any target hit by an explosion. This is how we are chaining the explosions to kill packs.

The Difference: Infernal Blow Vs Anomalous Infernal Blow


Evasion Explained
Evading an attack prevents all damage and other harmful effects including status ailments and stun. Only melee and ranged attacks can be evaded; spells automatically hit. The chance to evade an attack is based on the defender's evasion rating compared to the attacker's accuracy.

Entropy System prevents ensures we will never get hit 2x in a row.

Dodge is true random that generates a number every single time without going through the Entropy System.

What does this mean to us?

💨 Accuracy Reduction
💨 Blind
💨 80% Chance to Evade attacks(Without getting hit)
💨 Dodge
💨 Wind Dancer
💨 Fortify
💨 Immortal Call

These are the massive layers of defense that gives us an effective hit pool of:

Note: Avatar of the Chase does not increase your Character sheet's chance to evade attacks based on your evasion rating it is a more multiplier to your chance to evade that increases the % shown in the sheet. This isn't relevant to us since we don't take it but I thought you guys should know.

(Removed because Current Version is most likely the best version of the Ascendancy pathing.)
Offensive vs Defensive, which one should you pick?


- Much higher Boss Dps, easily capable of killing A8 Sirus and Delirious Maps

- Smoother Playstyle


- Ailment Immune

- Phasing Always Active

- Passive Exposure

- Accuracy Reduction

- 55% Dodge, 45% Spell Dodge

2x Inspired Learning

- Extremely Satisfying

- Completely different Tree

- Relatively Unexplored for myself


Skill-gems and setups:

Most of the Awakened gems are cheap for the build, other than Multistrike.

Note: Awakened Multistrike is just not worth it for anything other that doing repeated bosses. I tried it on stream and will be uploading a video on my experience on it and the downsides of it.

Damage setup:

Main Skill :
Anomalous Infernal Blow - Multistrike - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Trinity - (5L) Elemental Focus - (6L) Fortify

This is if you have Tribal Fury anointed, if you do not you must use Ancestral Call in your links.
Single Target "buffs":
Vaal Ancestral Warchief - Ancestral Protector

Mobility & Defensive Setup:

- Cast When Damage Taken (lvl 4) - Immortal Call (lvl 6)

- Anomalous Dash - Anomalous Second Wind


-Herald of Ash,
-(Replica Perfect Form) Flesh and Stone


Ascendancy Class: Raider

Ascendancy Pathing:
3.13 Best in Slot (Onslaught is not obtained here must be obtained somewhere else)
Way of the Poach -> Quartz Infusion -> Avatar of the Veil -> Avatar of the Slaughter

3.12 Heist
Offense :
Rapid Assault -> Way of the Poacher -> Avatar of the Chase -> Avatar of the Slaughter

Defense :
Rapid Assault -> Quartz Infusion -> Avatar of the Veil -> Way of the Poacher


Note: That if you at any point need strength, simply pick up the 30+ notables in the skill-tree and spec out of them later when you are able to cover these requirements via gear.

Leveling Tips:
Twitch.tv VOD 4 hr 21 min A10 Kitava Kill: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/883344178
1. Level 12 : Lets you swap over to One with Nothing and Hollow Palm
2. Consecrated Path will be your main leveling skill with out Infernal Blow.
3. Karui Ward. Annoint Diamond Skin on to fix resistances (Clear, Sepia, Teal) OR Freedom of Movement for speed (Clear, Sepia, Violet). This will be swapped with Astramentis when available.
4. Goldrim, Wanderlust, Le Heups for easily going into maps.

Links that can be used:

Bandit Quest Reward:

Kill All Bandits


PoE Better Trading Link, Just add this into your extension through import folder it has EVERY Gear piece, (Double click the text and copy):


My Current Gear:

3.13 Ritual League Gear:
Crafting all the gear is explained below or on my Youtube Channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu2pjrSEFjV7srOrYvgnfAA. More videos to come as the league progresses.


3.12 Heist Gear
This level of gear is EXTREMELY OVERKILL. The Astral Plate purely gives quality of life and is not being used at all in the demonstrations of the video. It is actually a significant DPS downgrade compared to the Wildwrap. The most redeeming quality for it is that the Astral Plate is easier to color. The amulet used here gives LESS HEALTH than an Astramentis with decent rolls and catalysts and only adds about 20ish more dexterity. I enjoy the fast playstyle that Devoto's gives and also enjoy Torrent's Reclamation for even more speed.

Recommended Gear:
Things to note here:
1. Tribal Fury Anointment frees up an entire slot on our Links. It lets Infernal Blow "hit" an additional target giving them the Charged debuff. This basically increases our chaining potential two fold. Absolutely Mandatory.
2. One Ring with a lot of resistances. This is where most of our resists will come from since we are missing 3 slots for gear.
3. Curse on hit Ring, can be either Flammability or Elemental Weakness. This makes the build smoother to play and virtually a 1 button build.
4. Uniques: 6-off-color Wildwrap, Astramentis, Fractal Thoughts, Garukhan's Flight
5. Tons of Dexterity.


Sidenote: Fractal Thoughts: While it does seem as though Fractal Thoughts gives a ton of Dexterity it ends up giving very similar numbers to a 60+ Rolled Devoto's Devotion, at the cost of losing a massive amount of Elemental Damage. I'd use this for Lab running, Blasting easy maps(T16s with minimal juicing), or Heists.

Defensive affixes, in priority:

1. Dexterity
2. Elemental Resistances
3. Evasion

Offensive affixes, in priority:

1. Flat Dexterity
2. % Dexterity
3. Physical Damage Gained As Extra Fire Damage
4. Weapon Elemental Damage
5. Attack Speed

Cluster Jewels:


Damage while Dual Wielding:
Best in Slot:

1. Feed the Fury
2. Martial Momentum
3. Martial Prowess
4. Added Small Passives Grant: % increased Attack Speed

1. Feed the Fury
2. (Basically any other notables with Attack Speed)
3. Another Notable

Optional:Curse Effect Medium Cluster Jewel:

1. Evil Eye, Enemies Cursed by us take 5% increased damage, this is a more multiplier to our damage, and a consistent source of blind while mapping. This will not have 100% uptime on boss fights though since it only applies on non-cursed enemies, so it only applies for 4 seconds in prolonged fights.
2. Wish for Death, Culling Strike on cursed Enemies, Instantly killing anything at 10% HP or lower, effectively giving us 10% more damage.

3.12 Heist
Fire Damage:
(For Avatar of Fire Only)
1. Doryani's Lesson
2. Cremator
3. Smoking Remains

Offense only Medium Cluster Jewels:

Damage while affected by a Herald

1. Heraldry

Jewel Affix Priority:

1. % Life (Prefix)
2. Dexterity(Suffix)
3. Attack Speed while Dual Wielding (Prefix)
4. Attack Speed and Cast Speed (Suffix)
5. Attack Speed (Suffix)
6. Global Physical Damage (Prefix)


Martial Artistry is nice for range on some really end game bosses like Maven since she has so many ground effects.

Elemental Weakness on Hit Ring:
Sidenote: This method can be done for almost any curse on hit. For Avatar of Fire/Full Fire Conversion, just use a Warlord Base and roll Flammability on Hit. Base Item is ilvl84 Hunter Ring in the video.

Deafening Essence of Sorrow to get Dexterity on Belts. Belts cannot normally roll Dexterity or Intelligence. Do this on a 13-15% Synthesized Implicit Base. Extremely Cheap bases, 10-15c. You want as high ilvl as possible. ilvl 86 if you can. Weapon Elemental Damage with Attack Skills can be forced on belts as well through Augment Attack with Harvest Crafting. Aspects can be added via the Menagerie, Video soon to come.

Brutal Restraint:
This is pure RNG, using Divine orbs, video coming on more efficient way to see better jewels. What are you looking for: Percent Dexterity, Dexterity, Physical gained as Extra Cold, Blind on hit, Onslaught on hit, Life, Elemental Damage, Increased effect of Non-curse Auras, and finally Cold Resist if you want to get a source here.

How to craft your 6 Off Color Wildwrap:
1.Reforge the colour of three random sockets on an item, turning them Red, Blue and Green to get a random assortment of colors, preferably 4 off color.
2.Reforge the colour of two random sockets on an item, turning them Red and Blue until 4R 2B or 3R 3B, with the case of 3R 3B you can force the outcome with non-Red to Red socket craft found on the same seed or even what I recommend in the video is using Syndicate via Vorici in Research to add 1-3 White sockets onto your item.

Cluster Jewel Crafting:
Reforge with including Attack mods, with a preference to attack mods, is the easiest way to get decent notables. Buying an effective one can be quite expensive. Video guide coming soon.

Resistance Ring:
Here is a ring that I made in Ritual Softcore that can be used as a base for anyone looking to go forward and craft a Best In Slot Resistance Dex Ring. This ring will ideally have 3 T1 Resistances, T1 Dexterity and T1 Life, and crafted -9 Mana Cost to Non-Channeling Skills. From the base you'll imprint it as a magic item (Life and Dex) then Regal Orb to get a removable Modifier through Harvest crafts. If you do not hit modifier that can be removed, then you can use a Beast Craft, Remove a Prefix to Add a Suffix, or Remove a Suffix to Add a Prefix. This gives you another shot at potentially hitting a modifier that you can interact with. IF you miss, and hit the Dex or Life, simply use the imprint and you are back to the base(Life and Dex) again. IF YOU HAVE A PREFIX DO NOT REMOVE THE MODIFIER YET JUST MAKE SURE ITS REMOVABLE EVENTUALLY. This will be what's called "blocking."This is because Cogwork Rings can only have 2 Prefixes, and the prefix will be preventing any Added # Elemental Damage to attacks from rolling while you will be augmenting/remove adding in the next step. At this point if you do not have 2 prefixes you can bench craft - Mana Cost to Non Channeling skills.
From this point you'll have a RARE with 2 Prefixes, 1 Suffix(Life, Generic Thing, and Dex). Now all you have to do is Augment Cold/Fire/Lightning in any order to get the desired tier of resistance. Lighting is the cheapest option to go for since they have the Primal Reborn Bulb which makes seeds in that Harvest Lucky, meaning the lightning crafts are cheaper. you can do Lightning -> Cold or Fire to achieve the desired tiers of each resistance. Once that is done, remove that Prefix from before and Bench Craft the -Mana cost. Finish it off with getting the last bit of Catalysts and you are ready to go for your best in slot ring.

Sidenote: Haewark Hamlet's Nature's Fervor node that takes the rarest of two option is actually detrimental to us finding the most common of the crafts. For this reason alone I am recommending people to farm in Lex Proxima for the purpose of getting you Wildwrap Colored.


Recommended unique items:


Infernal Trinity Palm Crit:

Youtube Video Explaining Requirements:https://youtu.be/aakzQaSKH-0

3.15 Path of Building Community Edition Crit:

Strictly speaking this is an upgrade to the damage by a massive margin. At moderate levels of investment already reaching well into 15+ mil Sirus DPS. That being said it is incredibly hard to directly go into using a Rigwald's Curse without prior investment. Inside the PoB Notes are the required items that will enable a smooth transfer into Infernal Trinity Palm Crit.

Requirements for Crit Setup:

1. Rigwald's Curse (Preferably High Critical Strike Multiplier Implicit)
2. Oils for Annointing Tribal Fury for Rigwald's Curse: Golden, Silver, Opalescent, and Tainted Oil
3. Small Cluster Jewel: % Life with a large amount of Strength and Intelligence (In build, 12 Strength and 5 Int per Node)
4. Assassin's Mark on Hit Ring and Suitable Resistances to cover for it.
5. Orbs of Regret to change tree
6. (Recommended) Cinderswallow Urn With Critical Strike Chance during Flask Effect.
7. Strength on Gear, 2 viable places Belt or Ring.
8. Being at least Level 90, skill points are very tight in the build and with the added requirements of Strength and Intelligence it becomes more difficult to maintain.
9. (Awakened) Melee Physical to replace Elemental Focus.
10. (Optional)Brutal Restraint can also roll Critical Strike Chance this is also a viable option to replace.

These are all quite steep and definitely require preparation in order to make a smooth transition. Nevertheless, even more options open up at this level of investment too. For example, Bottled Faith becomes an extremely attractive option for flasks as it enables Consecrated ground for enemies(100% increased Crit Chance), more Base Crit Chance to scale off of further, and increased damage taken by enemies. Investing in expensive jewels are also opened up letting the build scale very hard with Critical Strike Multiplier. This version of the PoB also doesn't have an Aspect added in yet, as it is invested into an Unnatural Instinct to get Chaos Resistance to deal with Ultimatum primarily and Forbidden Taste as a life flask that also gives Dodge. You can still use an Intutive Leap in that slot but it will require more levels ie, level 95. Balancing Resistances also can become a pain to deal with especially optimizing for damage and Strength and Intelligence. Despite all of the effort from above, this results in a massive DPS increase, comparitively speaking with the same 3.13 tree and swapping out the amulet back to Astramentis, DPS goes from 10.7 mil to 15.1 mil in the Crit version.

I need to emphasize this as an UPGRADE to the original build in 3.13 as the previous version had already done all content having only struggled at the hardest of end game encounters, Maven's Invitation: The Feared, for example. Play the Infernal Trinity Palm without Crit and make the transition once you have accrued enough currency to fund the rest of the pieces.


If you'd like to see more content like this feel free to leave a comment and I will do my best to reply to them as soon as possible.
I stream on Twitch at twitch.tv/and_Dang. I focus on crafting gear and playing the game. If the guide has helped you in any way I'd love it if you could drop a follow on Twitch or even a Sub.
If you have any questions leave a comment and I'll get back to you asap.

Thank you for reading through the content. Have a great day!
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Saving Space For future Updates while still working on full build guide.
SIX off-color wildwrap? How hard is that to obtain?

What do you think of going for avatar of the chase in the defensive variant instead of way of the poacher? Feels like the 23% movement speed gain could improve map clear.

Very nicely written guide, everything is concise and well sorted. Super easy on the eyes. I'll most likely league start with your build :)
Last edited by Gielnik on Jan 14, 2021, 10:31:27 AM
First off I would not recommend League starting with the build because it requires Hollow Palm (One with Nothing Jewel or Replica Perfect Form). You could probably transition into the build after 1 week after the items are dropped by other players.

SIX off-color wildwrap? How hard is that to obtain?

This is hard to obtain, but the six Link Wildwraps were really cheap to obtain. You can purchase the Briskwrap six link for less than an exalt and then upgrade it with the Last of the Wildmen. With Harvest Crafting coming back though this will be trivially easy with the Non-red to Red craft. First I would recommend getting 4 off color through Chromatics 67.2 on average for 3 red 1 blue. then doing the Non red to red or even Vorici inside research.

What do you think of going for avatar of the chase in the defensive variant instead of way of the poacher? Feels like the 23% movement speed gain could improve map clear.

I did the same thing when I first played the build. But it removes frenzy charges generation. You'd have to compensate for that elsewhere and without gem slots its hard to fit in blood rage.

Thank you for the compliment. More content should be coming out in the future. :D
Oneiroid wrote:
First off I would not recommend League starting with the build because it requires Hollow Palm (One with Nothing Jewel or Replica Perfect Form). You could probably transition into the build after 1 week after the items are dropped by other players.

This looks awesome, I would love to league start with it :(. Is hollow palm usually too expensive in the first weeks of the league?
Its not that Hollow Palm is Expensive, it just doesn't drop until Simulacrums start getting farmed or Delirium Bosses.
Its not that Hollow Palm is Expensive, it just doesn't drop until Simulacrums start getting farmed or Delirium Bosses.
I decided to league start the build anyway and it's doing great :) Level 60 currently with 0 deaths, build is definitely start viable if you spec into sword nodes around ranger start and respec out of them later when you transition into hollow palm. Enjoying the build a lot already and it's not even fully set up yet!

I decided to league start the build anyway and it's doing great :) Level 60 currently with 0 deaths, build is definitely start viable if you spec into sword nodes around ranger start and respec out of them later when you transition into hollow palm. Enjoying the build a lot already and it's not even fully set up yet!

Im happy to hear that you're enjoying Infernal blow! The respec isnt too difficult in all honesty just it would be harder not knowing how to transition from one build to another since you lose so many pieces of gear. Best of luck on your League Start. If you want to stop in to say hi I'm going to be streaming all weekend at twitch.tv/and_Dang
How craft 6Red Wildwrap? :/

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