[3.20] ❄️❄️ Velyna's Hollow Palm Ice Crash ❄️ ❄️ Leaguestart Section | Hidden and Feared Viable

3.20 Updates

Basically no changes! Enjoy the league.

Simple playstyle, with stacked defences and big DPS. If things don't die instantly we have high elemental and physical mitigation plus evasion and dodge to keep us healthy. You'll be freezing everything which makes mapping feel very safe, and we have enough AOE+movespeed for deliriums or other clearspeed type mechanics.

Latest PoB updates + Help: https://discord.gg/velyna

Path of Building: Leaguestart | Hollow Palm Transition | Endgame | Literal God

Twitch Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/Velyna

Build Video: https://www.youtube.com/velyna

How to Leaguestart Hollow Palm: https://www.youtube.com/velyna/Leaguestart

Crafting Video: https://www.youtube.com/velyna/Crafting

1. Introduction

1.1. Is it good though?

1.2. Hollow Palm?

Hollow Palm is a keystone that gives us big damage based on how much DEX we have plus a ton of attack speed. In exchange, we give up both weapon slots and our gloves. No weapons means only unarmed skills can be used even though we are flagged as dual wielding.

1.3. Pros/Cons

  • Easy start, easy scaling: Ice crash works fine from the moment you can equip it and just keeps getting stronger with levels. Almost every point we spend on the tree is valuable and you will cruise through the acts to endgame.
  • Make Melee Great Again: This is among the safest melee builds I have played, even being locked in place for multistrike doesn't feel so bad here because the mobs are all frozen with you.
  • 3 Button gameplay: All we do is dash-slam-dash-slam then sometimes drop a totem for bosses, we don't need anything else. Other than flasks of course.

  • Stat budget: The build uses a lot of uniques with low/zero resist, plus we cannot equip gloves or a shield. It's not terribly hard to pack enough on belt/rings but gets expensive if you want damage mods as well.
  • Chaos/Degens: You can wear Devotos for some chaos res, but I personally just run near -60 and deal with it. Either way not a huge issue but worth mentioning.

1.5. HC/SSF/Leaguestart Viable?

Yes, absolutely. We have enough mitigation+freeze HC is possible, and I added a frost blades leaguestart that follows the tree closely for easy respec. Just use that to farm up our jewel and we're in business.

1.6. Upgraded PoB

This version is updated faster and has extra features. The PoB links in the guide all use this and there might be differences from the standard one.

Uninstall PoB before installing this or you might get errors.

1.7. FAQ
-Why that helm enchant when we have full conversion?-
Added as cold works regardless, grabbing from your base damage before conversion.

-How do I get that timeless jewel?-
The name on your jewel doesn't matter, just roll a Brutal Restraint with divines to hit good things on the medium nodes in it's radius.

-How do I color my Wildwrap?-
Rolling it to 4 Red then using level 3 Vorici bench in sydicate is the most reliable way, other than just buying it colored. You can use Hypothermia or Concentrated Effect supports until getting RRRRRG.

With harvest going core in 3.13 it's now easier than ever to hit 5R using things like 'change non red to red' in our garden.

1.8. Thanks
Tree and cluster jewel improvements, theorycrafting.

2. Leveling

There are links to videos and my discord near top of guide if you have any questions.

- The trees for new characters can be found in the Leaguestart PoB at bottom left. -

If you have the Hollow Palm jewel already, you don't need a leveling tree literally just path to an outer socket ASAP then go wherever.

Act 1




Grab the frost blades gem and a weapon, the vendor will usually have a 2H sword and that works fine. Added cold/fire become available in town when you reach the prison, and after killing Brutus you can grab auras.

By the end of this act try to have one Iron Ring and either another Iron or a Sapphire.

Paua Amulet and Rustic Sash help also.

Act 2




You get Herald of Ice and new supports in this act so our dps should go up a bit. Make sure you upgrade flasks as well.

Act 3




---Extra Damage---

Near the end of act 3 make sure to do the library quest for new gems, mainly fortify and ancestral totem. Make sure you have fortify in a four link before attempting lab, when you finish it take Rapid Assault.

Act 4-6





Act 4 gives us access to CWDT for an easy offense + defense boost.

Act 7-10





Second lab = Quartz Infusion

Third lab = Avatar of the Veil

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3. Gear


These helmets are both very strong choices, with Fractal Thoughts being more DPS and starks more life+evasion. Use whichever suits your playstyle or whichever one is affordable with the "15% damage gained as extra cold" enchant.


3.19: Wildwrap is removed, we use Briskwrap now, which got a buff. Will update this once league is live.


We get a ton of health from these with our high DEX, and combined with everything else they offer its an easy choice.

The penetration lab enchant is a massive boost to your boss damage and absolutely worth farming once you get the boots.


Although its possible to craft a better amulet than Astramentis, it wouldnt be enough better to justify the cost to me.

For the rings we want:

  • Resist Base
  • 1 Frostbite on hit
  • Life
  • Dexterity
  • Resists
  • Open prefix for -9 mana craft

You can get 2 rings with DEX/Life/Resists plus an open prefix easily and that's more than enough to start on. The frostbite on hit can be expensive for a good one, try to get at least resists+DEX on it and don't worry about life unless you have the cash.


Cyclopean Coil is fantastic damagewise plus it gives us freeze immunity and a good amount of HP. You can get one corrupted with resistance to make balancing easier, or go uncorrupted then add attribute catalysts. The crafted belt is a bit more HP and damage but you drop freeze immune.


Watchers Eye: Cold pen and/or increased cold damage.

Brutal Restraint: Roll for 5% increased DEX or gain 5% of physical damage as extra cold. Life, attack speed, or elemental damage are decent hits also. Try to get at least 2 % dex nodes for a decent jewel.

Unnatural Instinct: Gives block, all res, move speed and damage.

Pure Talent: We hit scion and ranger start gaining move speed and 25 Dex.

Cluster Jewels

  • Large: Either the one shown here, or something with strong dual wield DPS. I think this one comes out ahead when cold exposure is applied and it also gives blind.
  • Small: I like getting the endurance charges for 12% phys mitigation we wouldn't otherwise have.


Wise Oak: Quite cheap with 10% pen roll and still very solid, 15% is a bit more costly. Make sure your cold resistance is always highest obviously.

Lions Roar: Crazy damage boost plus 3000 armor, use a normal Granite flask here until you get it.

Taste of Hate: Probably the most expensive of the flasks but worth it, phys added as cold is a big stat for us. This flask helps a lot if you arent wearing Cyclopean Coil with its chance to avoid freeze, plus taking phys as cold is great.

4. Misc

4.1 Ascend
  • Rapid Assault
  • Quartz Infusion
  • Avatar of the Veil
  • Way of the Poacher

This is the setup for leaguestart, I take points out of Rapid Assault and put them into Avatar of the Slaughter once making the switch into Transition PoB.

4.2 Bandit

Either Oak or 2 points.

4.3 Pantheon

Major: Solaris or Lunaris

Minor: Gruthkul

We pick up some phys mitigation here to round out defence, although these are all flexible I would highly recommend this as a base.
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Seen this build in action and its pretty good,fast clear,nice damage,decent survivability and only a few map restriction,if you like ice crash as a skill i would totally recommend.
Waiting for update

just ask what if we use arcrobatic or iron reflex

and why you remove split personality from high end version ?
Hey there!

So the endgame version was my current setup, and I rolled 5% dex on the frenzy and endurance charge nodes making them more valuable than the split personality.

Those points could also go into Acrobatics and I actually will update the endgame PoB to reflect that because it just makes more sense. I wouldn't use Iron Reflexes as it removes all the Evasion Rating we get from our 1300 dex before converting to armour.
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Awesome build, is extremely fun. Great build from a great player/streamer 👍🏻.
what ascendancy first?
Gear section coming?
tenme1 wrote:
what ascendancy first?

Way of the Poacher.

Xzazer wrote:
Gear section coming?

Absolutely, I should have it up in a day or 2.

amazing build ,lame question coming in hehe if used as a league starter what should i use untill i can get the One With Nothing
Small Cluster Jewel? and what would be the most optimal way to gear up ? thank you
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