Ranger Build List - patch 3.15

I need help
My build is listed as Barrage while it uses Frenzy instead.


Please change that.
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Delete this pin.
why is still still stickied when it's a year+ behind

With the new changes in [3.21] Cruicible the pathfinder turns into the best ascendancy for the immortal Herald of Agony scorpion-minion.

1M - Inf* Ehp, CI, Aegis Aurora, 35 - 50M, all Ubers down

Some bosses - Exarch in 5 seconds, Eater in 5 seconds + bonus: facetanking Shaper's beam: https://youtu.be/0k1YaQXdnuQ


Build: The dirty Scorpion-tail - Herald of Agony CI


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