Ranger Build List - patch 3.15

Tornado shoot / bararge???
For 3.11 deadeye icoshot is great
Hello, I made a build for Vaal Double Strike Crit/Impale Raider.

Could you please add this build to the list?

Link to second flicker strike build is wrong. It is the same with first one.

Correct link: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2886165
Hey. "Other" section feels so lonely. Would love to contribute to that section with my build.

Here is the build guide:
[3.12] 💫 ARCHMAGE PATHFINDER 💫 Shock Nova ✦ MoM ✦ Agnostic ✦ Mana based spellcaster

Would continue support in upcoming leagues as well add some additional material as it goes.
May be remove "my" build


from the list for now.

Can't figure out cheap option and can't ask everyone to have a 20ex bow plus cat body armour and bottled faith.
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Thanks for adding my Magic Find build to the list :)

I've made a new version recently:

this is the strongest barrage build i have ever seen

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I wanna make great Ice Shot Deadeye, so which guide should I follow? Is this one:


Thank you.
Hi guys,

I'm a newbie playing this game for 230 hours in steam.
I have NO IDEA of what to do after main story. I actually have 1 level 83 and 2 >70 level.

I noticed that I can reset all my points on 2 characters (Scion and Ranger) and was thinking to rebuild those chars(ultra low-level gear/items).

Any easy build suggestion?
Thanks you guys!!

PD: Im trying to do tier1 maps, whats next?

Sorry for being so noob :(

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