Ranger Build List - patch 3.15

Well im going to use the explosive arrow rework and Artillery Ballista. I wanna roll Pathfinder so ill cook up a build as i go :) 2nd time ever but i have alot more experience so hopefully i dont make a zdps build LOL. Good Luck everyone!!!
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Quoting previous build list creators (not sure who said it orginally):
I try to include only builds that have been played to ~ lvl 80-85

Hi there. That was me <3

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I've finally updated the list. Deleted some of the outdated build, added a couple new ones.

The main change tho are the capabilities tags. As most of the endgame bosses got buffed in some way (mostly HP), the old tags might not be relevant anymore. Some of them had barely any meaning any longer - almost any build can do normal Atrizi or U-Lab, T16 isn't a challenge as well.
Because of that I've decided to update the tags list - remove some of them and add new ones. Futhermore, all the previous build tagging has been removed. From now on I will add those tags to build guides that can proof in some way that they are able to do that content - be it a video, gif or just a screenshot. It has to be made after the 3.9 patch tho.

If you got a proof, let me know and I'll add the appropriate tags.
Thank you for the job !! <3
Only ONE galvanic arrow build? Is the skill so bad? Even in poeninja I see builds that use it for cold damage instead of lightning...
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Hello, could you please add this build onto the list?

[3.9] LA/Barrage Impale Deadeye

Thank you.
Here's another guide for the list, it's a Raider EA with all content done.

Hello, I've made a guide for a Barrage + Rain of Arrows build.

[3.9] Devon's Impale Barrage/RoA Deadeye | All content viable:

If you could add it to the build list I would appreciate it. It should have all of the necessary things a guide should have.
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Great job keeping many builds in one place. I've just created a build guide for a fortified pathfinder scourge arrow ft. blast rain. It'd be great if I can have it on your list.
Poison Scourge Arrow/Toxic Rain + Blast Rain PF| Bottled Fortify:

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