[3.11] Double Strike Raider (Champion) - Budget League Starter - Tanky & High DPS


This is my league starter build for Harvest League. As patch 3.11 brought along some QOL features for strike builds, I wanted to give melee strike builds a shot and was surprised at how well they turn out now. The build is finished from scratch within a week, can do most endgame content and the whole setup is within a 1.5 ex budget.

Build Statistics:

- 2m shaper dps + Totems + Vaal DS.
- 4.8k hp.
- 12k (19k w/flask) Armour + Imbalanced Guard.
- 7k (19k w/flask) Evasion + 30% more Evade chance.
- 45% Attack Block Chance.
- Instant Life Leech.

- High dps on low budget.
- Multiple defense layers.
- Incredible clear speed w/ Ancestral Cry.

- Susceptible to 1-shots. (Not often though)

Passive Tree/POB

Bandits: Kill all
Passive Tree:
Major - Solaris
Minor - Ralakesh

Ascendency *Important*

As mentioned, I played this build from scratch, and so I took Raider for mapping speed to quickly build up currency. If you already have some currency in your stash, I highly suggest going Champion for higher bossing dps.

Raider : Rapid Assault - Avatar of the Chase - Way of the Poacher - Avatar of the Slaughter

Champion : Unstoppable Hero - Master of Metal - Inspirational - First to Strike (or Fortitude)


- 1 chaos

A cheap claw that we will be using for the entire endgame.

Instant leech is an incredible defense mechanic, allowing us to heal back to full instantly after taking damage. The downside of this claw is low damage.

Typically, you need a ~400 pdps claw in order to deal enough damage to take down endgame bosses. Our weapon only has 255pdps which is not anywhere near enough. As such, we need to artificially boost the pdps of our weapon via getting flat physical damage from our other gear slots.

- 25 chaos

BIS helm, do not consider any other options. We need the huge boost to physical damage and crit multi.

The 43% increased physical damage taken isn't as scary as you might think, as our build has 18k (36k w/ imbalanced guard) armour which greatly reduces any physical damage we take.

Even if we hit the 50% phys reduction cap (from smaller hits), we are still taking ~25-30% less damage than an Acrobatics build.

- 8 chaos

BIS shield, huge boosts to life and armour.

- 30 chaos

Generic 6-link chestpiece with life, resistances and some EV/AR.

- 5 chaos

Prioritize Attack speed, followed by life, resists and lastly EV/AR.

- 5 chaos


- 5 chaos

Prioritize Movement speed, followed by life, resists and lastly EV/AR.

- 0 chaos

Self crafted from Harvest crafts. Start with a Warlord-influenced ring with ilvl >=75. Spam crafts on it till you hit vuln curse on hit and some life/resists/intelligence

- 75 chaos

Prioritize flat physical damage from attacks, followed by life, crit chance and resists.

Sample search link: https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Harvest/VlpzK5rTp

- 65 chaos

Prioritize flat physical damage form attacks, followed by life, crit and resists.

Sample search link: https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Harvest/8lRMZDVsV

- 5 chaos

- 9 chaos

Prioritize Life and Crit.

Total cost : 233 chaos


Your blue flasks must have Heat, Staunching and Warding suffixes.

Curing suffix is great against Hunter.


Main Skill:

Double Strike is the best physical strike skill, with a massive flat physical damage boost just from the gem itself.
Use the vaal version of Double Strike as its a huge dps boost for bossing.
Swap out Melee Splash for Ruthless Support when bossing.



Link Maim support to Flesh & Stone and keep it in Blood Stance.

CWDT setup:

Keep CWDT at level 11, golem at 13 and Molten Shell at 16. Vaal MS got nerfed hard, so I didn't bother obtaining that gem.



You may want to use Vaal Ancestral Warchief in order to get some extra bossing dps.


All fights were recorded on Awakening level 8.

T14 Lair https://youtu.be/qUj_Pk6xIq8

T14 Constrictor: https://youtu.be/xw5Zvayk_tM

T15 Warlord: https://youtu.be/Wg2zu1BSrPA

Minotaur: https://youtu.be/qd2r77y9DE8


Not possible... I tried multiple times but the Sirius fight is just too unfriendly towards melee builds :(.

This is what the experience feels like:


Leveling from scratch is made much easier with Harvest League crafting. Simply upgrade you weapons every 5-10 character levels and keep you resistances maxed if possible.

Once you finish the story content, first pick up bloodseeker, carnage heart and a tabula (or a 5-link if you cannot afford tabula). This setup, alongside the other stuff you get while leveling, should be sufficient to get you through all the way to t10 maps. After which, you should slowly start filling up the rest of the gear slots to progress further.

I used the 2 chaos recipe to farm most of my chaos orbs. Here's a link to the recipe :


Delving is an awesome way to make quick cash. Not only do you get frequent currency drops, but you are also rewarded with tonnes of rare gear for 2c recipe. Try to spam Niko missions whenever possible to rush delving.

I made about 100 chaos from the 2c recipe, and another 100 or so from selling blighted maps and various gear.

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hi pls take video of map clean i want to know how is speed clear for map in tire 14-15-16 thx
Update #1

Revised POB/Skill tree
Uploaded mapping video T14 Lair
hi thx for map video 1 another qustion do u kill siros ? this build can kill srios ez ( tanki build ) ?
and can doing ez uberlab ? (can skip trap dmg )?

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