[3.9] Lightning Arrow/Barrage Physical Impale Deadeye - High DPS - Tank - Budget

This build utilizes two skills, Lightning Arrow, which we will use for mapping, and Barrage, for dealing with tough bosses. Unlike most ele-bow builds out there, this build intends to scale physical damage, making use of Iron Grip, Strength stacking , and Impale to scale up the single target DPS.

The aim of this build is to keep the budget low. Most bow builds would require 6-linking both bows and chests, while this build can do fine without a 6-link bow. With about 2 exalts worth of investment, we are able to hit above 1.5 million Shaper DPS.

If you have any questions/suggestions, do leave a comment below.

- Reliable defenses, 40k Armour/8k Molten shell shield, can face tank much better than a generic Acrobatics Build.
- Fast Mapping
- High Bossing DPS
- Non meta build
- Inexpensive

- Cannot do Reflect Maps
- Uses many different skills, not a "hold 1 button down" play style
- Build comes online rather late (see leveling section for details)

POB & Passive Tree :

POB : https://pastebin.com/qUgJeKGw
Passive Tree : www.poeurl.com/cHtB

Quick Overview:

How this build scales damage

Our mapping skill Lightning Arrow can reliably generate power charges via Power Charge on Crit

Combined with Flesh and Stone-Maim, Pride Vulnerability, and Point Blank, the amount of damage amplification stacks up to ridiculous levels allowing our barrage to burst down tough enemies.

How this build scales defense

We pick up Iron Reflexes, allowing us to reach 14k armour without flasks and 42k with flasks. With such a high armor rating, we not only have huge physical damage reduction, but also a 8k damage shield from molten shell.


Gathering Winds - Far Shot - Endless Munitions - Rupture (More Defensive, recommended)
Fast and Deadly - Far Shot - Endless Munitions - Rupture (Faster)


Major : Solaris
Minor : Shakiri(Mapping)/Ryslatha(Awakening Boss)

Solaris is a very strong defense choice since most of the hardest hits in the game are area damage.

Shakiri is chosen for Poison immunity, primarily against Metamorph fights.

Rylsatha is chosen since bosses in 3.9 such as the Atlas Conquerors do not spawn adds (Except Warlord) so we need this one for life flask sustain.

Try to get all upgrades for both pantheons.


Help Alira


Lightning Arrow for generic mapping :
Lightning Arrow-Fork-LMP-PCOC
We will socket this in rare Shaper glove with +Slower Projectiles for a Psuedo 5-link.

Barrage 6-link:
Barrage-Vicious Projectiles-Impale-Brutality-Maim-Energy Leech

Blink Arrow-Faster Attacks

Trigger Skills:
CWDT-Ice Golem-Cold Snap(optional)-Blind(optional)

Flesh and Stone-Maim-Pride-Enlighten(level 3)
Dread Banner
Precision(Level 1)
Blood Rage
Vaal Molten Shell-Increased Duration


Warding flask, Heat Flask and Staunching Flask are a must have to survive.
Enduring Mana flask helps us to sustain mana.


-Slivertongue is cheap, has very high PDPS and synergies really well with Fork and Pierce. With this bow, our Lighting Arrow can clear huge packs of monsters. (Special Tip : You can get a Craicic Vassal to beast craft 30% quality on this bow, raising it to almost 400PDPS. This beast craft is 100% safe, it will not brick your item)
-Drillneck is mostly used for +1 Pierce implicit, providing our Barrage with +50% critical Multiplier together with Slivertongue. The other bonuses are also quite nice.
-Starkonja's Head has great defenses and is cheap.
-A rare Shaper gloves with +Slower Porjectiles.
-An amulet which gives us Critical Multiplier as well as high Strength and Life. Alternatively, an Astramentis is also great, albeit more expensive.
-Jewels which provide us with more Critical Multiplier and damage.
-For the rest of the gear, we are looking for Life, Strength and Resistances.

Stronger Versions
This section is mainly for those with a lot more currency available. There are many improvements for this build, although most of them would be really expensive. Here are some suggestions :
- Dying Sun
- A rare Amulet with high Strength, Life,Crit multi ,Crit chance and/or flat Physical Damage
- A rare Penetrating Arrow quiver with "Bow attacks fire an additional arrow"
- Helmet enchantment "Barrage fires an additional Projectile"
- Rare Rings with high Strength,Life,Resistances, Flat physical damage and/or Attack Speed
- 6-link bow
- More Life from gear

Leveling Guide

This section is mainly for those who are starting out from scratch. If you already have a bunch of currency available, then you should be able to breeze through Acts 1-10 with a Tabula and some leveling uniques.

Firstly, do note that as of POE 3.9, most of the story-line content bosses got ridiculous buffs. So, don't panic if you find boss fights lasting minutes, this is normal. Follow through the guide and you should be fine.

Our build requires 2 things, a very high PDPS bow and impale passives, in order to function well. Since none of these are available early on, we will level with a different set of skill gems that are less gear dependent. As before, we will use 2 different skills, 1 for mapping and 1 for bossing.

Mapping Skill:
Lightning Arrow-Ice Bite-LMP-Elemental Proliferation

We will use both Herald of Ice and Herald of Thunder for those juicy explosions & lightning bolts to enhance clear speed.

Single Target:
Puncture-Deadly Ailments-Vicious Projectiles-Brutality

We will also use Ensnaring Arrow-Mirage Archer alongside Puncture to boost the bleed DPS>

Don't hesitate if you feel the need to add some passive points into Mana or Bleed damage nodes to do more damage early on. The game provides you with 20 free respec points, allowing you to fix your passive tree later on. So long as you have the skeletal structure of the finalized build, 20 points is more than enough.

Last but not least, use your stash! Store any 4-link equipment and any rares with good hp/resistances. These items may not fit into your build at the moment (e.g adding the wrong resistance) but they could end up as a perfect fit later on, you may never know.

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Looks very interesting, im quite keen - any chance of a gameplay video?
Thanks for sharing the build, i really like the idea.

I Respec my Ranger EA to this build to make an test and seemed very promising.

So i have some doubts.

1- Why u using LMP instead of GMP ??
2- The build have problems with mana, so what u think to using one jewel with Physical dmg leeched as mana ??
3- Why using power charge on crit, we have others gems for physical dmg then give us more damage, so why using PCOC ??

My Gear is little Poor, what improvements u think i can do to farming safe T14~16 Maps ??

Update #1:

- Uploaded video (T14 Bog, Awakening Level 4)
- Updated Pantheon (Shakiri for Metamorphs)
- Updated Gem links (Enlighten, Dread banner)
- Updated Equipment Upgrades (Dying Sun, Maim chest)

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1. I use LMP mainly because I feel that the clear speed is already good enough, and LMP has lower damage penalty. But feel free to use GMP if you prefer.

2. I agree, mana is an issue in this build. I'm currently using an Enduring Mana flask for the sustain. You can also get mana leech from jewels if you prefer.

Two reasons. Firstly, the damage loss isn't so big. Besides PCOC, our other option for damage is most likely Slower Proj, so its 29% more damage versus 12% more, but PCOC gives us 3 power charges also.

Secondly, PCOC is used in our mapping skill, which we don't need too much damage on it.

4. Overall, I think your gear is already pretty decent. The next 3 steps I would take would be, 30% quality the bow, get a level 3 engliten and add in dread banner, and use intrinsic catalysts to improve stats.

After that, further improvements would require significant currency investments, I think. (Check Gear Upgrades Section)

As for safe farming T14~T16s, that's a hard question to answer. Most of endgame content got much harder in this league. I will be frank and say that I also die occasionally to 1-2 shots from Map bosses and/or Metamorphs. I personally feel the general strategy now is to scale damage as hard as you can. As long as you can burst down the boss within the Vaal molten shell timer, you should be pretty safe.
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- 6-link chest with +Maim (Fossil craft w/ Serrated Fossil)

This is no longer possible.
nevermind im dumb. :D
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Update #2

- Uploaded video T14 Drox Awakener fight
(I switched out Stibnite flask for Dying Sun and switched to sand stance for survivability)
- Updated Gem links (Swapped LA onto 5-link, Barrage onto 6-link for more single target DPS)
- Updated Equipment section (Thanks for the info, iAmMills)
- Updated POB
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Hi there!

Why Energy Leech?

Playing in POB there seem to be several gems, which grant more DPS like Increased Critical Damage. What am I missing?

Yours sincerely,


Energy Leech is used because of the 39% more damage multiplier when leeching Energy Shield (And you are always leeching ES due to blood rage degen)

I forgot to tick the "Are you Leeching ES" checkbox in PoB. Once you do that, PoB will correctly show ES leech adding more damage than Increased Crit Dmg.

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