[3.16]Physical Conversion Bowyer | Barrage + IS/LA/TS | PF/Deadeye | All content

Notes before starting:

1. Physical conversion bowyer is a very old and classic build, and this guide is mainly following Enahkra's old phys conversion guide: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2460575 (One of the best written guides on the forum IMO, sadly not updated after early 3.9). What I'm trying to do here is to include all the updates into this build and add some of my own tweaks, given that a lot have changed since 3.9.

2. This is my first time writing a build guide, so if anything is missing or unclear, please let me know. Your suggestions or feedbacks are appreciated.


- This build is designed to be an excellent boss killer, while still having top tier clearspeed. It requires some currency to start with, therefore not a good league starter (I suggest having at least 15~20ex ready before you start). But with some investment, you should be able to melt endgame bosses including sirus easily.

- Physical conversion build is a popular mirrored build in standard. But the majority of this guide will be more focused on temp league set up. No legacy items are required in this build, and most of the items I link will be obtainable in temp league (I will make a note whenever something I link is legacy).

- The GIF is updated with a 3.15 video to demonstrate how this build is doing after the 3.15 heavy nerf. Gear used is listed in the 3.14 Sample Gear section. Everything can be obtained in temp league, and no legacy items required.

3.16 Updates

Guide is mostly updated for 3.16 including PoB. There might be some outdated information still in the cluster jewel section, I will clean those up soon. Please kindly let me know if anything is wrong or any link is not working, thanks!

A brief summary here:

1. The passive tree change and Mastery system gives us a significant dps buff. It also offers different choice of tree/gears.

2. Due to the fact that it's easy to get ailment immune now, flask duration is longer in general, easier flask refill, Deadeye is definitely a good choice now for this build, I have added both Deadeye and PF section in the guide and the PoB.

3. I added a creeping frost + bonechill in the gem set up to further boost the bossing dps, you can either use arcanist brand or CWDT for it.

4. Lvl 5 awk supports are now much stronger. The most useful one for us is Awk cold penetration, which gives us cold exposure at lvl 5.

5. Lioneye is actually better than before due to the change on tree, it can now give us access to two masteries which provide leech and suedo culling, which can be very good when you are on low budget and can't afford good clusters. I added a PoB with lioneye and no cluster.

6. Based on what it looks like in PoB, it seems that he ranger side notable changes will make it easier for us to find a decent Lethal Pride.

3.15 Updates

Huge nurf for everyone. We actually should be grateful that Barrage is among those few skill gems that got significantly buffed. But with flask/support gem change, we will still lose significant amount of damage. The build is definitely still good, it's just that the game is much harder now.

1. Updated gem link section.

2. Updated the latest way to reach 50% increased flask effect, check Build Mechanics section.

3. Added a note to deal with elemental ailments in Build Mechanics section due to PF ascendancy change.

4. Updated flask section.

5. No major change in Gear section, except that some crafting that involves Aisling will need to be updated. Aisling veil now removes a random mod before adding veil mods.

6. PoB section updated.[/b]

3.14 Updates

1. As for the build itself, it's basically still the same. Only change is that the Vengeful Commander notable got a small nerf again. It's still a strong node for us, but you can check your own PoB to decide if switching into other cluster options will give you better dps.

2. Harvest nerf is a sad news for sure. But still, it is nerf, not totally dead. It's still gonna be useful to craft our gears in some slots. Check the gear section for more details.

3. Some new t4 veil mods are very useful to our build. You can get that with Aisling in research in Mastermind Encounter. In addition, veiled mods now work like an Exalt rather than a crafted mod. You can not bench removed unveiled mod now, but therefore, you can bench craft another mod after adding a veiled mod. This helps a bit with crafting high end gears given the heavy nerf of harvest. Check the gear section for more details.

Available veiled mods for bows can be found here: https://poedb.tw/us/mod.php?cn=Bow

4. Updated gear section with detailed crafting method.

5. Updated PoB, no major changes. The gears in high budget version can still be aquired in 3.14, although it's gonna be much harder to push towards the very high budget version now.

3.13 Updates

1. No major change for this build in 3.13. PF ascendancy node Veteran Bowyer got a slight buff. Tailwind from boots lost 2% action speed. Tornado shot got a buff, basically about 10% more damage for clear.

2. With harvest going core, it would be easier for us to craft more powerful rare gears for this build. The most important stuff is that you will be able to craft a good rare bow again if you are willing to grind.

3. Updated Gem section with alt quality

4. Updated POB for 3.13.

5. Updated the bow crafting section with new crafting method, for people who would like to craft their own bows. Apologize that I haven't spend too much time to update this guide, too busy crafting in std since the new patch. If anybody have any ideas regarding gear crafting, feel free to share and discuss here.

6. Updated most gear slots with min-max examples, and a brief introduction on how to craft via harvest. Added a Very High Budget Version of PoB.

About Harvest

Thanks to harvest, we can now make our gears great again. However, if you are not a very experienced crafter, there are something you should to be aware of before you start crafting:

1. Harvest is powerful but expensive. Sometimes when you have low budget, and are just aiming for some basic gears, you might be better off just buying from market, or using old methods like fossil/essese/etc. Make sure your item is worth the craft you use. Don't waste a 2ex R/A life craft on a 30c ring, or a 5ex+ R/A speed on 1ex boots. If you don't have a good use for your crafts, just sell them for currency.

2. Plan carefully before you craft. There can be a lot of ways to craft a single item, you should plan ahead about what mods you would like to get and what's the most cost/time efficient way to do it. Sometimes you might be better off to buy a half decent base and craft on it, but sometimes starting from a scoured base might be easier. The orders of which you craft your affixes are usually important, make sure you don't mess them up. Also, in some cases a straight 6-t1 item can cost you 200ex+ to craft, but a 5-t1 version might only need less than 20ex, so definitely choose accordingly with your budget.

These two websites can be extremely helpful when planning your items:

3. The crafting methodology I posted here might not be the optimal one for you; and the best way to craft also highly depends on the budget/final goal.

Feel free to share your thoughts and discuss here, and GL with your craft.


A9 Sirus recorded in std after the 3.15 heavy nerf, with 3.14 temp league gear. DPS is still good enough to melt bosses:

Sample Gears

League start:

Finished Sirus A8 with very basic gear:

Note the flat phys scourge is incredibly good on Chin Sol, higher tier flat phys is even better than +1 arrow for dps.

2021/05/21 Update:
Finished with the gears on this character this league, reached 40M+ Sirus dps. Did Sirus A9 and Maven with ease. Can definitely grind more for further improvement, but I just don't feel it's worth the time given the current state of harvest. Will try to make some videos of boss fights later.

2021/05/13 Update:
Started the league pretty late, and played relative casually for about 2 weeks, finished most content including Sirus A8 with following gears. These are some good examples of low/medium budget gears, can reach about 13M dps with 4 dps flasks right now. Most parts can be aquired within a reasonable price range, no awk gem used. Only 2 expensive items are boots and amulet which cost slightly over 10ex each.

These of course are not good enough to melt Sirus down as shown in gif, I'm still on my way crafting most slots. Will post another update after I have finished decent gears in all slots.

Build Mechanics

Physical conversion:

We scale our damage from flat physical damage, which mainly comes from our weapon, and convert most of it (if not all) into cold damage, and this allows us to utilize both phys damage multipliers as well as ele damage multipliers.

The best unique bow for this build currently in temp league is Chin Sol. Legacy Arborix used to be BIS, but sadly they nerfed it badly after 3.10, and its complete trash now, RIP.

To convert phys into cold, we have 40% from our tree, and for the remaining, we have 2 options in general:

Option 1: Use Hrimsorrow, it provides 50% phys to cold

Option 2: Rare gloves with 20~25% phys to cold mod + Hatred 25~40% phys to cold mod Watcher's Eye (Make sure that the two rolls combined is at least 60% here)

Due to the fact that good rare gloves are quite expensive to craft, Option 1 is the better choice to start with. Only consider option 2 if you have at least 50Ex+ of budget. Option 2 will make you phys reflect immune, but option 1 will give you higher dps when you can't afford a good pair of rare gloves and a decent 2-mod eye.

Single target:

We use barrage for our single target skill. Barrage is among those few skills that actually got buffed in 3.15 (about 15% more damage). It scales incredibly well with additional arrow modifiers. Due to the fact that Chin Sol does not give +2 arrow as legacy Arborix did, dying sun now beomces really crutial to this build.


If you are playing PF, to fully utilize the potential of dying sun, you MUST have a total of 50% of "flasks applied to you have #% increased effect" modifier on you, so dying sun would give you +3 arrows instead of +2. You can skip this if you are playing Deadeye.

As pathfinder, we have 20% from our ascendancy, two small nodes near Primal Spirit give 10%, and the rest 20% can be picked up from the following choices:

1. 10% from Natural Remedies (either annoint or allocate, allocate will cost 3 points).
2. 10% from Flask Mastery (if you allocated Natural Remedies).
3. 10%+ from belt, can get up to 18% here.
4. 10% from medium cluster jewel with Spiked Concoction notable, it gives you the Alchemist's Genius buff for 4s when you use a flask, that buff grants 10% increased flask effect.

Due to the fact that flasks lasts much longer now, we don't need to spam flasks as much as we do before, and the 4s buff from Alchemist's Genius now seems a bit short. So I would rather just do Natural Remedies + Flask Mastery. And we will get the freedom to swap into any belt while still getting 50% flask effects.

Clear skill:

There are 3 good clear skills for us to choose from:

Ice Shot: Good for pack clearing due to its cone aoe damage, but really bad in single target. When your damage is not good enough, you might often need to stop and use barrage on random rare monters in maps

Lightning Arrow: Slightly less pack coverage, but better damage since you can apply shock for up to 50% more damage taken on enemies. IMO this is the best skill for clearing on a general set up. And LA just received a significant buff in 3.15 (about 15% more damage)

Tornado Shot: Personally, TS is my favorite skill, but it requires top tier of gears to have good damage. It gives the best coverage (360 degree coverage with no need to aim while clearing), and also best single target due to the fact that secondary projectiles from different arrows can all hit the same target. Tornado Shot also recieved a buff in 3.13 for about 10% more damage

Dealing with elemental ailments:

With the new 3.16 change, dealing with ailments are now easier.

The 3.15 nerf made Pathfinder's ascendancy Master of Alchemist no longer give elemental ailment immunity, and therefore not worth taking at all. We would want to get it elsewhere. The three main ailments that we really care about are shock, freeze and chill.

Here are a few useful sources that provide chance to avoid ailments, or reduce effects, it's hard to say which is the best, it depends more on your own set up and preferences:

1. Soul of Brine King (upgraded) gives freeze immune, and 50% reduced effect of Chill.
2. Soul of Garukhan gives 60% reduced effect of Shock.
3. Magic utility flasks can give immune to freeze/chill/shock.
4. Thick Skin cluster gives 20% chance to avoid elemental ailment.
5. Taste of Hate gives 45% chance to avoid freeze/chill (with 50% flask effect).
6. Jewel implicit can give 15% chance to avoid or reduced effect for each single ailments.
7. Veiled mod/crafted mod on gears can also give quite a lot chance to avoid/reduce effect, but usually we will have better/more important stats to craft on gears.



Like most typical bow builds, with decent gears, we should be able to fly through maps and shatter almost everything. Our movement speed can be incredibly fast (even without HH) due to quicksilver flask with increased flask effect, plus potentially tailwind + elusive if you are rich.


Barrage is a skill that you need to stand still to deal damage. And to fully utilize Point Blank and Chin Sol, we need to stand right in front of bosses. This can be dangerous somtimes, and therefore our final goal is to be able to reach a dps level that we can melt most stuff quickly enough before they can get their big skills off (even for A8 sirus as shown in gif). You will need some practice to learn to dodge some fatal skills though.


We don't scale evasion or armour, but make sure you cap all your elemental resistances. Our main defense against physical hits comes from "15% of phys damage from hits taken as cold damage" from Taste of Hate, and with 50% increased flask effect, this is essentially about 17% physical damage mitigation from hits.

Chaos resistance:

My personal preference here is that I don't really care about chaos res. The most common source of chaos damage when mapping comes from caustic ground and poison. Shakari pantheon + instant recovery on low life flask is the best way to solve this. I have been running with -60 chaos res all the time, I can do sirus A8 deathless easily and my deaths are rarely caused by chaos damage. The most dangerous encounter is probably Hunter, but you can trivialize this by having enough dps to burst him down quick enough.

Feel free to stack some chaos res if you like it that way, just be aware that it's gonna cost quite a lot.

Pros and Cons:

+ Excellent boss killer
+ Excellent map clear as well
+ Permanent flask sustain
+ Shatter everything
+ Can choose different clear skills based on your personal preference

- Not a cheap build to start with, not a good league starter, and not very beginner friendly (I will try to be very specific in each section in order to help new players out)
- Our survival highly depends on the fact that we can insta shatter full screen, so the build would be very squishy if your dps is not good enough
- Min-maxing can be extremely expensive, good rare bows are very hard to craft


Pathfinder or Deadeye:

With 3.15 and 3.16 changes, I would say Deadeye is currently at a better position compared to Pathfinder, and here are some main reasons:

1. PF lost ailment immune in 3.15, which was one of the best QoL in the game.
2. Deadeye is definitely the better choice if you are looking at burst damage as well as better map clearing.
3. There are more ways to sustain flask charges now, and the duration of flasks has been buffed significantly, making it much easier for Deadeye to have enough flask charges in longer boss fights.

If you are looking for damage and mapping performance, just pick Deadeye.
If you feel you are bad at flask management, and find yourself constantly running out of flasks, then you could pick PF. Also, PF would have a bit better survival then Deadeye.

In general, on similar set ups, you can expect about 10% to 30% more bossing dps on Deadeye. Deadeye gain more dps advantage especially on lower budget.

The gears could be exactly the same except that you obviously don't need tailwind boots for deadeye.

The passive trees are also gonna be almost the same, only thing is that you shouldn't plan to get 50% flask effect as deadeye, so you can skip flask nodes (they are still useful for deadeye though).

Pathfinder Ascendancy:

Nature's Boon, Nature's Adrenaline, Veteran Bowyer, Master Surgeon (or Master Alchemist)

With the latest 3.15 change, Master Alchemist becomes quite useless. It does not offer elemental ailment immunity anymore, which means we will still be affected by things like shocking/chilling ground even if we use a flask. Therefore I recommend switching to Master Surgeon, which gives a bit life recovery, and better flask sustain during boss fights. And you can also skip corrupted blood jewel implicit when you are on a budget (although it's still good to have it if you have the money, immunity is definitely better than only remove when you use flask).

Deadeye Ascendancy:

Gathering Winds, Ricochet, Endless Munitions, Focal Point

Personally I love the Point Blank playstyle, so I don't take Far Shot. Also, in real game play, it's much more comfortable to aim bosses right in front of you. Although potentially, you can take both Far Shot and Point Blank to have consistantly higher damage at all range (drop Focal Point in this case).

Here are a list of useful Mastery points:

Life Mastery: 10% life and 50 max life

Crit Mastery: 25% crit multi against unique enemies

Cold Mastery: 40% phys to cold (essential) and curses on enemies on chilling areas have 15% increased effect (we create chilling grounds with Creeping Frost set up)

Elemental Mastery: Exposure you inflict applies at least -18% to resistances

Flask Mastery: 10% increased flask effect (for PF)

Bow Mastery: Chance to gain phasing on kill/increased MS when phasing (this is only for better mapping)

Projectile Mastery: 15% more projectile speed (only if you are using Tornado Shot)



Alira should be the best choice most of the time. On a highly min-maxed set up, an argument could be made to kill all if you desperately need 2 more points for cluster notables or double damage lethal pride nodes.


Brine King if you need freeze immune, otherwise:
Lunaris for mapping
Solaris for bossing

Garukhan if you need reduced shock effect, or Shakari for poison and chaos mitigation

Map Mods:

Phys reflect:

If you have 100% phys convert via gloves + eye, you can safely do phys reflect maps.

If you only have 90% convert with Hrimsorrow alone, your Barrage and Tornado shot will still deal decent amount of phys damage which could potentially kill yourself. Your Ice Shot/Lightning Arrow However, will deal 0 phys damage since they have phys convert on the gems.

Ele reflect:

Level 5 Awk elemental damage with attacks support now grant ele reflect immune for supported skills, but if you are using voidfletcher or creeping frost/wave of conviction, the reflected damage can still kill you. To solve this, you can use Yugul Pantheon + Sibyl Ring on your left slot. This gives you 100% reduced reflect damage taken. Note that this is different from reflect immune. If you are affected by certain increased damage taken modifiers, you can still take reflect damage.

No leech:

You might have mana problems in no leech maps, especially during bossing. So it can be a bit dangerous.

Monsters have #% chance to avoid ailments:

You will not be able to shatter everything with this mod. Sometimes can be a bit dangerous due to some on death effects like porcupine.

POB (3.16):

Make sure you use the latest version of POB fork. (https://github.com/PathOfBuildingCommunity/PathOfBuilding/releases)

Low/Medium Budget:
Deadeye no cluster, about 10M dps:

Deadeye with attack cluster, about 11.5M dps:

PF with attack cluster, about 8.5M dps:

High Budget:
About 39.5M for deadeye and 36M dps for PF:

Very High Budget:
About 68M for deadeye and 59M dps for PF:


1. This is not a cheap build to start with; even with the low budget, you should expect to invest at least 15Ex~30Ex depending on league economic.

2. If you are using Voidfletcher, the barrage dps that POB is showing does not include void shot damage. So you should manually calculate your final dps by adding your barrage dps and void shot dps. More details are explained on how to check void shot dps in the Quiver section.

3. For High and Very High budget, I did not put seperate PoB for PF and Deadeye, the gear/tree are basically the same, you can just switch the ascendancy points there.

4. Due to the fact we have a lot of good nodes to take on cluster jewels, an extra passive point can potentially give us almost 3% more dps. A level 100 character can thus have 35% more dps than a level 90 character with exact same gear. Therefore, I highly recommend to lvl this build to at least 95+.

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Currenly the best unique option in temp league is Chin Sol, make sure you get one with good phys roll, as the weapon damage is very important for us.

If you would like to look for rare options, a 500 pdps bow with +2 arrows, or a 600 pdps bow without +arrows will give you higher bossing dps (depending on base type though). But rare bows are definitely going to give you much better clearing power since you don't usually get the 50% more multiplier while clearing on Chin Sol, and extra arrows are great QoL. However, rare options are not gonna be cheap. Make sure you check with POB first if you want to make the upgrade. Spine bow is the best base for us.

If you are playing in standard, then you can use Legacy Arborix, slightly higher bossing dps, and much better clearing. Legacy Reach of the Council can be used, too.

Crafting your own bow with Harvest in 3.14:

Crafting this bow will cost you a ton of grind as well as currency, also involves a lot of RNG. Therefore I suggest that you start crafting the bow only after you have acquired a decent level of currency. Before that, Chin Sol will work just fine, and will be able to carry you all content.

With the 3.14 nerf of harvest and beast split, it's much harder to craft a GG end game bow, but a semi-GG one can still be crafted.

How to craft:

Method 1: Fracture +2 arrow


1. Get an ilvl 86 Non-influenced Spine bow

2. Alt spam until you get the suffix 'bow attacks fire 2 additional arrows'. You need about 1k alt here on average.

3. Aug, regal, and use harvest/bench craft/ex slam to add random mods to get to 3 suffixes.

4. Use fracture random suffix craft, you have 1/3 chance to hit +2 arrow. If failed, go back to step 1. (You might also buy such a fractured bow if you can find a cheap one)

Imprint cannot be used to restore fractured items now.

5. Once you fractured +2 arrow, fossil craft to 30% qual via perfect fossil, or use Hillock t4 bench later.

6. Spam harvest Phys reforge craft or spam jagged fossil or deafening essence of contempt until hit high tier flat phys + % inc phys. Ideally we need T2+ flat phys with T2+ % inc phys or % inc phys/accu hybrid.

a) If you have % inc phys in step 6, then do Aug phys or non phys to phys again and hope for a decent roll of phys/accu hybrid. If you got a bad roll, and you have a lot more budget, can go back to step 6 and start over again.
b) If you have % inc phys/accu hybrid in step 6, and have an open prefix, you can craft 'Prefix cannot be changed' and gamble with T4 Aisling. If you get a veiled prefix, it will highly likely to give you the inc phys% mod. If you get a veiled suffix, then craft 'Prefix cannot be changed' and scour suffix, and redo T4 aisling.

8. Craft 'Prefix cannot be changed', and use harvest reforge speed craft. Repeat this until you get t1 attack speed. Make sure you have 'Prefix cannot be changed' craft on before doing harvest reforge.

9. Divine everything, and bench crit or DD.

Method 2: Fracture merciless (179% inc phys)


1. Get an ilvl 86 non-influenced Spine bow

2. Alt spam until you get the t1 prefix 'merciless': 170% - 179% increased physical damage. Divine it to 179% roll. You need about 2k+ alt here on average.

3. Aug, regal, and use harvest and bench craft to add random mods to get to 3 prefixes.

4. Use fracture random prefix craft, you have 1/3 chance to hit t1 phys mod. If failed, go back to step 1. (You might also buy such a fractured bow if you can find a cheap one)

5. Spam harvest phys reforge or jagged fossil until you get 'flaring': t1 flat phys (you can just use chaos orb here too, but gonna be quite costly).

6. Depend on what other mods you have, bench phys leech, and do aug phys or non phys to phys, and hope for a decent phys/accu hybrid roll. If you got a bad roll and have more budget, start over step 5. OR, can spam deafening essence of contempt until high tier phys/accu hybrid.

7. Craft 'Prefix cannot be changed', and use harvest reforge speed craft. Repeat this until you get t1 attack speed. OR, you can use harvest reforge attack craft to get +1 arrow, and craft 'Prefix cannot be changed' again and use harvest reforge more likely to get similar mods to get +2 arrow.Make sure you have 'Prefix cannot be changed' craft on before doing harvest reforge.

8. Craft 'Can have 3 crafted mods' and 'Prefix cannot be changed' and use Aisling t4 to add a veiled suff (so you will have 66% chance for Ailsing to not remove the suff you want), and hope for 14 DD or crit or attack speed, DD is the best. If failed, go back to step 7.

9. Divine and bench crit or 10 DD or attack speed/qual hybrid depending on the mod you get in step 7 and 8.

Method 1 guarantee the +2 arrow mod which is roughly 20% more damage, and good clear QoL. But it takes time to hit good triple phys prefixes. Method 2 is much easier to hit good prefix, but needs more work to get good suffixes.


Voidfletcher is the BIS here. Void shot is a huge dps boost for single target, and it helps with clearing too.

The pierce implicit though, can be annoying while clearing as it mess up with chain. So try to get a corrupted one with any other implicits. Best corruptions are +1 arrow for single target, and +1 chain for clearing, but they are both extremely expensive. Phys as extra cold is a good but much cheaper choice.

Void Shot Mechanics:

You fire a void shot each time you fire an arrow, which will explode after a short delay, the explosion deals 240% of your base damage. With +3 arrow from dying sun, the one void shot will become 4 (it will become 6 if you also have 2 on bow), and since the explosion damage can overlap, effectively dealing 4 times of damage.

You have max of 5 shots stored, and with barrage all 5 void shots will be triggered within ~0.2 seconds, creating a huge dps boost. And after the initial burst, you still get 2 void shots per second consistently contributing to your dps.

You can check your void shot dps easily in POB. Just go to the Calcs panel, and select void shot skill, the Average damage shown there will be the damage of one void shot explosion.

You can calculate your total void shot dps with the following equation:
Regular dps without the initial burst = Avg Damage * (1 + total additional arrows) * 2 (2 shots per second)
Initial burst dps = Avg Damage * (1 + total additional arrows) * 7 (5 stored shots + 2 shots per second)
So in the example above, void shot is giving us about an extra 3M of dps consistently.

On a typical set up, this is effectively about 15%~20% more damage, and the initial burst is like 50~60% more damage.

But note that void shot damage will not be scaled by increased attack speed modifier; so keep this in mind when you pick mods for your other gears. And also due to this reason, on a highly min-maxed set up Voidfletcher will start to fall off.

Crafting rare ones:

Dps wise, it is very hard to craft rare quivers that can beat voidfletcher now in 3.14. The pro is that you can get more life, and frenzy charge generation via bench craft.

The important stats here are +1 arrow, crit multi, phys as extra cold, and bench craft for frenzy generation.

Note that to out-perform a +1 arrow voidfletcher, you would want something close to my example here. Therefore if you don't have a lot of budget, just use voidfletcher then.

Body Armour:

Loreweave is an excellent all-round choice for us. It not only gives us tons of damage (flat phys, crit chance, and ele damage), but also the "max res is 78%" is an extremely good defensive mod. Make sure you get one with good rolls, 78% max res is a must, then priotize flat phys, ele damage, crit chance. Rest mods do not matter too much, a good roll in all attributes can be good QoL since we will need int from gear for gem requirement.

You should be better off by buying one unlinked with good rolls and 6l it yourself

Notes for 6l Loreweave:

We are not able to modify socket numbers on loreweave via bench craft anymore. So we will not be able to link it with Fated Connection Prophecy.

Hyrri's Ire can also be used too when you need more flat damage (ususally on a low budget set up, it will likely to give higher dps if you are using Chin Sol).

Farrul's Fur is a good choice too damagewise, gives us permanent frenzy and power charges. In general, you would need pretty good gears in other slots for Farruls to beat Loreweave or Hyrri's.

Just keep in mind that Loreweave is most balanced for damage and defense, plus the extra attribute it gives is quite needed for us.

Good rare ones:

With harvest in 3.14, it's very hard to craft chest with all above mods, but still possible to craft a good one with harvest reforge + pref/suff cannot be changed. if you have a lot of currency (if you don't have enough, just use unique ones, they are good enough for us).

There are different mods/influences we can choose here, the most useful ones being:
Attack base crit
Additional curse
power charge on crit
frenzy charge on hit


Rare helmet with Barrage +1 arrow enchant, and with as much res/life as possible (try to aim for ~120 total res here). Base does not matter here since we don't really scale any evasion, just make sure you don't pick one with too hight int requirement

Crafting such helmet is actually quite easy and cheap, just buy one with the enchant, and spam Screaming Essence of Greed/Hatred/Anger/Wrath until you get a decent one.

From my own experience, on a regular temp league set up, it is cheapest and most efficient to round up most of your res with your helmet and boots. But if you are somehow already res capped, there are definitely good offensive options here (you need ilvl 85 to roll the -cold res mod):

Crafting rare dps helm:

1. Awaken -9% enemy cold res and t1 crit multi on a barrage +1 enchanted helm (need ilvl 85+)

2. Craft 'Suffixes cannot be changed', and use harvest reforge life craft. Repeat this until you get high tier life. (Note that if you have empty suffix in step 1, reforge might fill that empty suffix even if you have Suffix cannot be changed craft on).

3. Bench phys taken as fire.


Similar to helmet, it is a good place to stack your res here. Try to get one with high life, high MS, and around 100 total res.

Same way to craft such boots if you can't find a cheap one on markert, just spam Screaming Essence of Greed/Hatred/Anger/Wrath on a ilvl 86+ two-toned base. Don't spend a lot of currency to buy such boots as they can be crafted easily.

Boots Enchant:

Adds 45 to 68 cold damage when hit -- Best dps option in general, it's going to be up most of the time, both mapping and bossing.

Damage penetrates 10% ele res if you haven't killed recently -- This gives the highest theoretical dps, but will only be up in situations like Sirus fight.

16% attack speed if you have killed recently -- great for mapping, also will help in fights like Uber Elder where you have trash mobs to kill.

Expensive Upgrade:

If you can manage to get more res elsewhere, and have some big money to spend here on boots (at least 10ex+), you can try to look for tailwind boots.

The most important stat is of course tailwind, it basically gives us like half of deadeye ascendancy, extremely strong both mapping and bossing. Elusive does give us more MS, and some defensive layer, but its not gonna be always up. DO NOT use tailwind/elusive boots with rest 4 mods being complete garbage, its not worth it.

Here is how to craft a good pair with 3.14 harvest:

1. Get a pair of double influenced (redeemer + hunter) two-toned boots.

2. Essence spam with screaming/shrieking/deafening essence of anger/hatred/wrath until you hit tailwind (on avg need about 400 essence here)

3. If there is an empty suffix, craft 'Suffix cannot be changed' and do reforge fire/cold/lightning to hope for a decent 2nd res. Note that reforge fire/cold can give trash influence mod here.

4. Craft 'Suffix cannot be changed' and do reforge crit for elusive (guaranteed)

5. Craft 'Suffix cannot be changed' and use T4 Aisling, and hope for a MS mod, if failed, go back to step 4.

6. Bench life


As I have discussed in build mechanics section, we have 2 options here in general, Hrimsorrow or rare conversion gloves.


Hrimsorrow is extremely cheap, you can easily get one on market with a good corrupt, or even double corrupt. The benefit you get from Hrimsorrow is that you're gonna have a much wider choice of Watcher's Eye mods, since the Hatred phys to cold mod is no longer needed.

If you don't have frenzy charge generation for bossing, the best corrupt is + crit chance; and if you do, best corrupt is +1 max frenzy. AS or life are also decent ones.

Rare conversion gloves:

Rare conversion gloves can be expensive, if you are on a low/medium budget, I highly recommend to just use Hrimsorrow.

The most important mod here is 25% of phys damage converted to cold prefix, you can get this mod from:
1. Bench craft
2. Temple mod (drop only)
3. T1 Crusader mod

In general, easiest/cheapest way to get it is via bench craft. You can buy a pair of gripped gloves with high life and attack speed, yolo annul trash mods, and then multi-mod phys to cold plus another bench mod depending on whether you have a prefix or suffix left. Or if you managed to find a pair with 4 good mods, you can just craft phys to cold on it and done.

This is NOT a good example since you can ONLY have 2 extra mods now, but it gives you some examples of good bench mods we can choose to craft.

Note that if you are using Farrul's, it is a good option to get aspect of the cat on your gloves. Socketing a less duration support in your gloves will let you have permanent max frenzy/power charge.

Expensive Options:

The best mod you can get on gloves is Culling Strike. If you don't have intimidate on your Lethal Pride (see jewel section), you can also get it here on gloves. Frenzy charge is also a good mod.

There are different ways to craft good rare gloves depending on your budget and goal, the best base is Gripped Gloves. You can do awk orb on culling + intimidate or culling + elder attack speed. If you have even more currency to burn, you can craft one hollowed fossil to get the abyssal socket.


Budget Option:

Replica Hyrri's is a really good budget option early on. It will allow u to run 2 heralds (Ice and Purity) at the same time due to reduced reservation on hatred, and therefore provide good dps boost, only downside is no life roll. But dps-wise it can be as good as the rare ones listed below, which usually costs at least 5ex+.

Rare Option:
There are a ton of powerful dps mods available on amulet, so we want to get as much offensive mods here as possible.

Here is a list of good dps mods for us:

Excellent mods:

T1 12~15% phys as extra cold (shaper/redeemer)
T1 35~38% crit multi
T1 8~10% cold res penetration (redeemer)
T1 43~50% ele damage with attack

Decent mods:

7~13% attack speed (elder)
4~7% Ele res penetration (shaper)
T1 12~15% phys as extra lightning (shaper/crusader)
T1 flat phys
T1 flat cold
T1 35~38% crit chance
3~5% non-chaos as extra chaos (elder)

Try to get amulets with at least one from excellent mods, and one from decent mods, and then you can either craft one more affix, or yolo annul and multi-mod, depending on what other mods you got, and how expensive the amulet is.

Note that you will need 126 int in total for lvl 5 awakened ele focus gem, and here is a good place to fill your int requirement.

Here are some examples:

Another way to craft is to spam Deafening Essence of Scorn (35~41% crit multi) on a redeemer base amulet, until you get something decent, or can potentially be used for multi-mod. But the essence is quite expensive so this method is not cheap.

Bench craft options:

+1 min frenzy charge (suffix) is the best bossing dps option if you are not using rare quiver or Farrul's

+1 min power charge (suffix) if you are using rare quiver

If you are using Farrul's or using rare quiver + rare chest, you can either craft +1 min endurance charge (suffix) for more tankiness, or increased damage while leeching (prefix, cost 1ex)


Best choices here are: Tenacity (some life + good dps), Throatseeker (pure dps), Heart of Ice (pure dps), Whispers of Doom (additional curse)

Expensive rare ones:

You can use harvest reforge cold with cold more common (or reforge phys) on a redeemer base, hope to get high life + 2 good cold/phys mods, then craft prefix cannot be changed and harvest reforge crit more common for crit multi + crit chance.


There are actually a lot of ring options for us.

My personal favorite set up is Mark of the Elder + a good Shaper dps ring. This combination can give tons of dps, as well as good amount of life, and it can be relatively cheap. Mark of the Elder will become very cheap after 2~3 weeks into the league, and you can select your shaper ring based on your budget.

The best dps mod on ring is T1 37~43% ele damage with attack, some other good mods are: T1 cold damage to att and spells (shaper), T1 17~20% crit multi (elder/warlord), T1 31~35% proj attack damage (elder), T1 flat cold/phys.

Best base here is shaper opal ring, but it's very expensive; any decent implicit (crit/life/res) can be used here. Try to get at least one of above mods, along with decent life, res (if you need any) and then bench craft depending on what the mods are. If you are using Farrul's, here is another option to get your aspect of the cat.

You can also use awk orb to combine those influenced mods mentioned above (make sure one of the influence is shaper), and yolo annul, multi-mod. Note that elder mod Life Gain on Hit gives a lot of QoL since it's like some sort of "Instant Leech". Definitely keep it if you happen to get it while crafting.

Similar to amulet, you can also spam Deafening Essence of Scorn (21~25% crit multi) on a shaper base ring, until you get something decent like the 3rd and 4th example above.

Bench craft options:

Similar to amulet, +1 min frenzy/power/endurance charge are some good choices here.

Another bench mod that worth mentioning here is the hybrid mod crit chance/crit multi if you've shattered an enemy, this gives a lot of dps while mapping, but will not be up in a lot of bossing encounters.

Other options:

Circle of Guilt/Fear: These can potentially give more dps than Mark of the Elder, and can roll some crazy implicits such as intimidate on hit or onslaught on hit, but lack life roll and good ones are extremely expensive.

The Taming: Gives tons of res and damage, also pretty cheap; downside being no life roll, and it's hard to utilize the "20% damage per freeze, shock or ignite" on bosses since we use elemental focus support on barrage.

Hex/Mark on hit:

Hex on hit: If you can apply additional curse, you can get frostbite or ele weakness on hit here too.

Mark on hit: We have a CWDT (or Arcanist Brand) + Sniper's Mark in our gem set-up. If you think that is not reliable or you don't like it, you can get "Trigger Assassin's Mark when you hit rare or unique" on rings. This is gonna give you lower dps, but it's gonna be up 100% of the time on bosses, free up gem slots, and help a bit on power charge generation when mapping. Note that you can only apply 1 Mark, and there is no way to increase this limit.

Expensive rare ones:

In the end, we would like to replace Mark of the Elder with a better dps ring (that would also allow the other ring to be non-shaper). If you prefer Ass Mark on ring than the CWDT set up, you can do two curse on hit rings, Frostbite + Ass Mark. Otherwise, you can do one with Frostbite, plus another synthesised dps rings. You can get some very good implicits here such as onslaught on hit, intimidate on hit, max frenzy/power charge, crit multi, etc. These are all crafted with essense of scorn.


Rare Stygian Vise is the obvious choice here, look for high life, and high ele damage with attacks roll, and probably some res if you need. If you don't have 50% flask effect yet, it's a good place to get more flask effect on belt. Note that in the example below, inc ele damage is now a shaper mod and can only be rolled up to 25%. Don't look for that mod in your search.

Expensive rare ones:

If you are looking for more expensive options, we can get some really good dps mods from elder or redeemer base (the ele penetration mod is from essence, not influence mod):

To craft a decent stygian, just spam a lvl 86 elder stygian with serrated + pristine fossil until you get something good (high tier life, higher tier ele damage with att, and at least one of AS during flask or proj dmg during flask). Hopefully leave an empty prefix for bench craft.

Try not to stack res on your stygian, so you can easily switch on a HH for mapping if you are rich; make sure you are resist capped though.



This section can be quite complicated for new players, as there are different kinds of cluster nodes to choose from, and the set up can vary based on your preference/level/gear/budget/etc. Make sure you understand all the details before you plan your own set up.

In a completed set up on a level 100 character (as in POB), we can have 2 large clusters, 2 medium clusters, can potentially add a small cluster or another medium cluster if needed, a Watcher's Eye, a Lethal Pride, 1 abyss jewel, and fill the rest slots with rare base jewels (need 5 or 6).

Make sure you have corrupted blood immune implicit on one of your jewel, cheapest place to get it is either abyss jewels or rare base jewels. Might find some cluster jewels with that implicit, too. Never try to get that on Watcher's Eye or Lethal Pride.

When you are at lower level, you either give up 1 or 2 medium clusters, or some life nodes on tree.

Lioneye's Fall can be used when you are on extreme budget, but not recommended on final set up.

Cluster Jewels:

Large Cluster:

There are two types of large clusters that we can use (you only want large clusters with 8 passives here):

1. Feed the Fury + Fuel the Fight + Martial Prowess:

This should give the best dps in a temp league set up. It also gives mana leech which let us save one point on tree. Get these 3 combination on large clusters with attack damage/damage with bows/damage with two hand weapons.

This can be quite expensive though. You can craft by spaming Serrated fossils, sometimes can be cheaper than buying from the market. If you can't afford it, you can try look for Smite the Weak in place of Martial Prowess.

2. Cold damage cluster:

For this type of jewel, we only take two notables, Blanketed Snow + Prismatic Heart. And therefore, the positioning of notables is important here. We want the trash node to be at the outer side. You can check the positioning by creating the same cluster jewel in POB, or you can check the notable descriptions by hovering your mouse on the jewel in game, the one in the middle will be at the outer side. Check the image below:

Note: if you are not using Fuel the Fight at all, you need to take a mana leech node near Arrow Dancing at bottom right corner of tree.

Medium Cluster:

There are several types of medium clusters that we can utilize (4 or 5 passive medium clusters are the same here, just don't get 6 passive):

1. Repeater + Eye to Eye:

Pure dps nodes, very cheap, but gives good dps. If you are already capped or almost capped in crit, this would be the best dps option.

2. Flask duration cluster with Spiked Concoction:

This cluster can be used to reach 50% increased flask effect. For the other notable, you can either use Peak Vigour (life node) or Special Reserve (life regen and a bit dps). I prefer Peak Vigour here.

This is not a widely used cluster, so should be relatively cheap on market.

3. Pressure Points + Precise Retaliation:

Good option if you need more crit chance.

Small Cluster:

We don't necessarily need to use a small cluster, but it is a decent place to get some extra life or chaos res if you wish to. Also, you can get some attributes or res here if you are missing any. Note that Feast of Flesh is actually a good notable to roll here since it gives Life Gain on Hit.

Good small clusters can be very expensive, and the best you can get here is actually 3 small nodes with no notables:

Watcher's Eye:

Watcher's Eye can be expensive but powerful.

Here is a list of useful mods we can get:

Tier 1:
Hatred cold penetration

Tier 2:
Precision crit multi
Precision attack damage
Hatred crit chance
Hatred cold damage
Hatred flat cold

Tier 3:
Precision attack speed

If you are using Hrimsorrow, then just get a Hatred penetration eye if you can afford it. Of course you can always get a 2 mod Eye if you have the budget, but definitely compare the dps in POB before you make the purchase, and make sure that the extra dps it brings worth the extra price you pay.

If you are using rare conversion gloves, then you need to get a 2 mod Eye with Hatred conversion + one of the mod above. If you can't afford a 2 mod Eye, just use Hrimsorrow then.

Lethal Pride:

Lethal pride can randomly add extra mods on notables wthin its radius, and also add flat strengh on small passives too.

The number of on the jewel is used as seed to roll those random mods. This means that same number will give same outcomes, but the number itself however, is meaningless. You will not be able to know what mods it gives you unless you socket it yourself. You can change the number by divining it. There are 2 decent locations on our path to socket this jewel. With 3.16 passive tree update, Location 1 would be a much better choice.

Location 1 (ranger side):

Location 2 (duelist side):

Here is a list of useful mods you can get on notables:

Intimidate on hit

5% double damage

Decent/Somewhat useful:
increase physical damage
% life
endurance charge on kill
fire res
reduced extra damage taken from crits
phys as extra fire

Try to aim for 1 intimidate + at least 1 useful other mods, as this is the easiest way to get intimidate for us. If a notable is that is not on our main path, but rolled intimidate or DD, it might worth spending 2 points to get that notable.

Abyssal Jewels:

You have 1 abyss socket on your stygian vise. You can get one with life + chance to blind on hit (note that you cannot roll onslaught no kill here anymore). You can get some other dps mods at the same time too (flat phys/cold damage, attack speed, crit multi).

Or, you can get pure dps jewel too. Also, a good place to get corrupt blood immune here.

Regular Jewels:

We need 5 or 6 rare base jewels in total. Try to get life + at least 2 dps mods on each jewel.

Best mods here are:
global crit multi
attack speed with bows

Other dps mods:
attack speed
attack and cast speed
damage with two handed weapon
damage with bow
global phys damage
projectile damage
cold damage
increase damage

Lioneye's Fall (For low budget):

Use lioneye if you can't afford large clusters as they can be quite expensive. With the new 3.16 tree, lioneye is actually at a much better spot, as it can give us both leech and suedo culling from the 2 masteries.


Quick note: With the huge nerf for flasks in 3.15, most flasks I link here now have legacy modifier/rolls. Be aware of that when you try to buy flasks with a specific roll in new league.

General set up:

Both Dying Sun and Taste of Hate are MUST haves. Dying Sun gives +3 arrow, and Taste of Hate gives a lot of damage as well as physical mitigation.

Quicksilver is a must for mapping. I prefer the reduced charge used prefix, but if you want extreme MS, you can go for the increased effect/reduced duration prefix.

Diamond flask got huge nerf in 3.15, however it is still one of the best dps flask you can get. Also without curse immune, remove curse alone from flask is quite meaningless. So we should just get the increased crit chance mod.

I like to have an "instant recovery on low life" life flask with me, helps a lot on chaos dots, since we are running with negative chaos res.

Bottled faith is an expensive option. However, with the nerf of diamond flask, you would need a second flask to raise your crit chance, which make bottled faith more important for us now. You won't have room for it when mapping unless you swap out life flask, but it is extremely useful to have it for tough boss fights (replace quicksilver). Note that new version of bottled faith gives increased crit chance instead of base crit.

Other decent dps flask options:

If you want to use Wise Oak, make sure your raw cold res is the highest.

Atziri's Promise is very cheap, gives ok dps, and a lot of chaos res.

Cinderswallow gives you onslaught, which is nice both mapping and bossing. Note that our PF ascendancy gives us 15% phys as extra random elemental damage, which means we should be able to get the ignited enemies take 10% increased damage mod while bossing easily, so no need to get flat fire damage for it elsewhere.

Suggested set up for mapping:

Suggested set up for bossing:

This set up is meant for tough bossing encounters like Sirus or Uber Elder. Depending on you budget, you can use other dps flasks to replace bottled faith if you don't have the money.

Gem Links:

With 3.15 gem nerf/rebalance, there are a few more dps gems that would be worth using depending on your set up/budget. Some combinations might give higher dps than what I suggested here. So if you would like to find out the best gem links for your own set up, compare them in PoB yourself.

Barrage single target:

Low budget:

High budget:

Added Cold will give higher dps than Vicious Projectile when you have low flat phys (when using Chin Sol), but Vicious Projectile is better for a high budget end game set up. And due to diamond flask nerf, Increased Crit becomes useful when you have poor gear, and cannot afford bottled faith. And Increased Crit Damage has become a very good dps support now even for high budget. It only start to fall off if you have near 600% crit multi, which is very hard to reach in temp league.

The 3.16 patch significantly buffed lvl 5 awakened gems, so get them as soon as you can afford them. The most useful one for us is the Awakened Cold Penetration as it gives chance to apply cold exposure on hit at lvl 5. This will free us from casting hydrosphere/frost bomb ourselves, and also saves 1 gem socket.

Other dps gems that can be used:

Clear Skill:

Pick one from


You can always replace the last link with other dps support gems mentioned in the single target section for higher dps, at the cost of much higher mana cost.

When you get more currency, upgrading to Awakened Chain will give the biggest impact, much more important than Awakened GMP.

If you have enough + extra arrows from your gear (say +2 from bow, +1 from quiver and +3 from dying sun), you can drop GMP for another dps support.

In tough situations like full deli maps, or if you feel you need more clear damage, replace Mirage Archer with another pure dps support gem.


Alt gem: Anomalous Precision saves a bit mana, but it's very expensive and we have enough mana so it's not necessary. Anomalous Herald of Purity allows the minions to taunt which adds a tiny bit to your safety.

Enlighten 3 should be enough here if you can't afford Enlighten 4.

You might need lvl 21 Precision to cap your hit chance.

You pick only one of Herald of Ice or Herald of Purity. Herald of Ice explosion gives better feeling while clearing, but Herald of Purity gives higher dps (HoI gives about 5~6% dps boost while HoP gives about 11~12% dps boost).

Curse/Debuff set up (CWDT or Arcanist Brand):


If you use Arcanist Brand, you can level all linked gems to lvl 20. If using CWDT, make sure the required lvls on linked gems are not greater than CWDT.

Pick one for Cold Exposure, need to hand-cast for boss. If you have lvl 5 Awakened Cold Penetration, you can skip this. If you have Assassin's Mark on your ring alredy, you can link this into your Arcanist Brand or CWDT set up to replace Sniper's Mark.

Other utility set up:

Note that we have limited gem sockets (likely only 3~4 gem sockets left) so you won't have room for all the options here.

Anomalous Blood Rage can be used here for frenzy charge generation during bossing, but 2% chance on hit is not really reliable, you will need couple seconds to ramp up the charges, and likely boss is already dead by then.

Alt version:

Best movement skill IMO, but costs 2 sockets.

1 socket option, don't level it too high due to int requirement.

Use Ice Golem if you are not capped on hit chance, otherwise Lightning Golem is better.

You can get another CWDT for more tankiness.

Don't use Phase Run if you are generating frenzy charges from Farrul or rare quiver, it's gonna eat your charges.
I never bother using Vaal Haste or Vaal Grace, and we usually don't have enough rooms. But it's personal preference anyway, some people like them.

Min-Maxing in STD:

Note that the high budget set up in the POB with 25M dps is far from min-maxed. This build has much higher dps ceiling even in temp league. And in std, it can be pushed to 200M+ easily with legacy/mirrored gears.

I will not discuss about min-maxing here since not many players gonna need that. Also, personal preference plays a big roll when truly min-maxing, and it can get very complicated to justify different choices due to this.

If you are interested in discussing about min-maxing or have any questions, feel free to leave your thoughts in the thread, or PM me in game.

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FAQs and Other Notes:

1. If you are playing PF, you need to reach 50% increased flask effect!!!!!

I have mentioned this multiple times in the guide but I still see a lot of people mess up with this.

Reaching 50% increased flask effect gives us 1 extra arrow from dying sun which is about 10% more barrage dps depending on how many arrows you have in total. Moreover, increased flask effect in general is also giving us a lot more: more MS from quicksilver, more dps and defense from Taste of Hate, more crit and damage from bottled faith, etc.

2. Why is my PoB dps so low?

I've seen people with decent gears, but wondering why the dps displayed in PoB is so low.

To correctly calculate our dps in PoB, make sure you have clicked all the option needed in the configuration panel such as:

Set the enemy to be Boss (Sirus)
Inspiration charges
Frenzy and power charges (if you have Frenzy/power charge generation, min charge does not count here)
Are you leeching
Do you have Alchemist's Genius
Is enemy at close range (for Chin Sol and Legacy Arborix)
Set projectile travel distance to 10 (for point blank)
Do you have tailwind (if you have on boots)
Set exposure type to cold
Is the enemy intimidated (if you have intimidate mod)
Is the enemy shocked (if you have way to apply shock)
Is the enemy on Consecrated Ground (If using bottled faith)

If you are not familiar with PoB, make sure you look at my PoB above to check what I have with these settings.

In addition, the barrage dps displayed in PoB does not include void shot dps. Check the quiver section for how to calculate that.

3. How can I improve my damage?

Players who are new to this build might feel lack of dps some times.

Here are some common aspects that might improve your dps:

1. Make sure you correctly followed my general set up. Especially check the 50% increased flask effect part, as I have seen countless people who messed up there.

2. Get as high roll as possible on your uniques. Phys dmg on Bow is extremely important. A well-rolled loreweave is also much stronger than a crappy one.

3. Level up your character. With the correct cluster jewel set up, every passive points can give a dps boost. I suggest to reach at least 95+ for your end-game set up.

4. Amulet/Rings can roll a lot of excellent dps mods. On a medium budget, you should try to get as much res as possible on helm/boots, and free up your Amulet/Rings for more dps mods.

5. Jewels are also important. This includes not only Watcher's Eye and Lethal Pride, but also rare base jewels. They can all provide good dps.

6. Level up your gems. Although gem level here is not as important as in a toxic rain build, it's still important to get them to max lvl. You don't need to rush for lvl 21 corruption or awk gems if you don't have the currency though.

As I mentioned in the introduction, this is not a simple and cheap build, 15Ex is just the bare minimum to start the build. However, when you invest more, the build has endless potential for min-maxing.

4. How can I add more defense/Is that worth it?

First, let's see what defenses we have, or can have rather easily:

1. 78 max res from Loreweave
2. Phys taken as cold from Taste of Hate, and phys taken as fire from helm craft/unveil, can get phys taken as fire on lethal pride too
3. 20% less fire/cold damage taken from Dying Sun and Taste of Hate
4. CWDT + steelskin (both max lvl)
5. Can craft +1 min endurance charge on ring and amulet, try to get chance to gain end charge on kill on lethal pride
6. Elusive, or get chance to gain end charge on kill on boots (you only have room for one, elusive is better in general)
7. Get blind on hit somewhere on gear (most likely on abys jewel)

The combination of Loreweave and phys taken as cold/fire is actually incredibly good for evasion based characters and many people don't realize this. It's basically 15% less ele damage mitigation, and about 20% physical damage mitigation from hits (flask + helm craft). This is almost as good as having 20% of Fortify. Plus, as PF you will have even more mitigation. Therefore, having flask up is very important for our survival, and thus longer boss fights can be very dangerous. That's the reason why PF will have better survival in general.

Other than these, if you would like to get further defensive layers, then you would likely need to sacrifice a significant amount of damage:

1. Grab points on tree that gives spell suppression
2. For Deadeye, drop Focal Point and take Wind Ward
3. For PF, swap in a jade flask, and can grab more evasion points on tree

Now, as for whether it's worth sacrificing dps for more defense, this is a hard question to answer, as it is mostly personal preference. But one thing that we know for sure is that such bow builds that are capable of zooming maps are all glass cannons by nature. No matter how much defense you invest in, you are still not going to get a real tanky character. You couldn't expect such builds to be capable of safe farming maps to reach lvl 100. I mostly delve for lvling after 90 (it's easy and quick before 95), and do Chayula Rota's or 5-way party for lvl 100.

Personally, I'm totally fine with occasionaly getting one shotted, so I don't invest that much in defense, but I always find myself dying less as I improve my dps.

5. Leveling/League start

About league start:

This build is not a very good league starter unless you are already very familiar with everything here. If you feel you are still at a state where you need to rely on a guide for your league start, then I would recommend you not to league start with this build.

About leveling:
You would definitely want a Tabula to level with this build, otherwise your damage will free really bad.

You can use any bow with decent amount of phys damage or ele damage or combination of both, no need to be 6L.

The 6L I suggest for leveling is:
Ice shot/Lightning Arrow + ele damage with attack + onslaught + added cold + added lightning + GMP (for clear)/barrage support (for boss).

Here is a skill tree with 78 points, which would roughly be the time where you can start using Chin Sol (lvl 62), the tree is almost same as out final tree:

After that, just socket in lioneye and took those nodes, and get jewel socket whenever you are able to grab a good jewel.

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Good Update on classic concept.
Nice to see you join the ranks of build guide writers.
andrew8448 wrote:
Good Update on classic concept.
Nice to see you join the ranks of build guide writers.

Thx! Phys conversion bow has always been my favorite build. Too many new options has been added since 3.9, and that's why I decided to give an update on this.
Enkharas build is one of my all time favorites. So im selling of the gear of my league starter to try your build out.
thegreekgod wrote:
Enkharas build is one of my all time favorites. So im selling of the gear of my league starter to try your build out.

It's my all time favorite too. GL on your new character!
How's heists on this build? I'm using it and so far mapping \ bossing is awesome. Heists i seem to die to one shots easily if im not careful
Nosmoss wrote:
How's heists on this build? I'm using it and so far mapping \ bossing is awesome. Heists i seem to die to one shots easily if im not careful

I'm currently not playing this build in Heist, so tbh I can't say for sure if this is good for Heist or not. But I guess for most ranger builds you'd have to somehow accept the squishiness and dodge some skills yourself. This build should be much tankier than similar deadeye builds anyway. I'm not sure how much life you have now, but I usually end up with 5.5k~6k at lvl 100.

I saw you already have pretty good gear, probably just need to get a few more levels so you can get a bit more life, and quite a lot dps from extra points. Maybe using Herald of purity would be slightly better in Heist so you get more dps and minions to tank some damage.
This is the first league I've gotten access to The Taming due to it typically being insanely expensive. While I'm playing a Flask-tank PF Ele Hit for my main, I have an alt Doomfletch's Prism character (currently a raider because why not, probably will switch to PF later with all of my Regrets). Since this isn't all that different from Doomfletch at a glance, I'm curious if you think attempting Shock is worth it. Barrage hits very low, so I was always wondering if it could even apply it meaningfully; however, if you can it would blow Elemental Focus damage out of the water according to PoB.

On the flip side, I was wondering if running Secrets of Suffering via The Interrogation would be worth it. I'm currently playing around with it on my alt with Painseeker and The Taming (which was fixed to count the new debuffs as separate) just to see how it feels. PoB didn't seem to have options built in for calculating those.

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