[3.9] Physical Conversion Bowyer | Wander [TS/LA/IS/KB + Barrage] [All Content] [In Depth]

I plan on fully updating both guides for 3.9, but this will take some time as the large scale changes require extensive in-game testing. They'll probably be fully updated ~1-2 weeks into Metamorph League. In the meantime I'll be posting preliminary POB setups/guides for those who want to play the build earlier in league. these will be subject to major changes once more info about the new atlas bosses/uniques/mods are revealed.

Post 1 covers Physical Conversion Bowyer

Posts 2-4 cover Physical Conversion Wander

I encourage those with successful setups to share them on this thread so others can learn from them.

If you're new to crafting your own gear, I highly suggest downloading the app: "Path of Crafting" on your smartphone. You can practice crafting your items on there before doing so in-game if you're afraid of accidentally screwing up.

If you have any questions/concerns please leave a message on this thread. If it's a private matter message me on forums.


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>{ Physical Conversion Bowyer }<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Above DPS is with no Vaal Haste, no curse + Cold Exposure, and no Diamond Flask of Order swap on a ~20 ex league budget.

-- this is a version meant for temp league players. People wanting to play mirrored setups should check out Mai_Cedere's service thread (owner of Tempest Thunder) --

3.9 Preliminary Guide
So far, there haven't been too many changes in 3.9. I've modified the tree a little to get more life at the cost of a little less DPS. I've also gotten rid of Lioneye's Fall (who knows how much that'll cost this patch). It's safe to say with the new 3.9 mods/items (ex: tailwind if crit), the DPS will be even higher than last patch.

Here's a POB template for what the build will look like when finalized (includes Void Shot DPS). Since GGG hasn't nerfed Voidfletcher yet, we can continue to abuse its ridiculous single target mechanics. It's very likely all bosses in 3.9 will be faceroll. Any important changes/points are listed below.


- I don't recommend starting out with this build, because it requires items that aren't available until at least several days into league. Either play it as a mid-league build or transition from a different ranger build ~1-2 weeks into league.

- even though multimod is nerfed, you can continue using rare gloves and replace the 2 lost suffixes w/ more resists. 20-25% phys to cold conversion is still the most important mod. If you decide to use rare gloves, Hatred Conversion Watcher's will be the best option.

- another glove option is Hrimsorrow w/ a good corruption such as base crit/ele weakness on hit/attack speed. You won't be able to reach 100% conversion so phys reflect maps aren't doable, but you can use Hatred Pen or Precision Multi Watcher's to reach higher levels of damage. Even without a good corruption, Hrimsorrow will still give ~400k more DPS (from Void Shot) than rare gloves but you have ~150 less life and no phys reflect immunity.

- if you can get a Hrimsorrow w/ good corruption I suggest using that over rare gloves. The reason is b/c Void Shot already has built-in 50% conversion, so the conversion mod on Watcher's is useless for scaling its DPS. Hatred Pen/Precision multi mods on the other hand do apply to Void Shot. This means the DPS disparity shown on POB (~700k) between rare gloves and Hrimsorrow is actually much greater.

- Get a shaper ring base, roll T1 WED and aug regal 2 other mods, hopefully resists, life, or flat phys/cold damage. You can also spam a couple essences of scorn and work some annulment magic to get a 3 mod base w/ crit multi. Apply multimod if you can afford it, +1 minimum frenzy is the best damage option.

- The other ring will be a nicely rolled Mark of the Elder. This gives approx. the same life and damage as a 3 ex multimodded ring from 3.8.

- Amulet is the same as in 3.8, except you lose 1-2 mastercraft mods. %damage while leeching and +1 minimum Frenzy are the strongest mastercrafts so try to keep one of those; otherwise get whatever damage/resist mods you can with alt/regal.

- Instead of Lioneye's Fall, try to get a rare jewel w/corrupted blood immunity. Another good place for that corruption is on Inspired Learning. This will enable you to replace your staunching life flask with a 4th DPS flask, either Atziri's Promise or Cinderswallow. You won't need a life flask for 99% of encounters.

- everything else is more or less the same as 3.8. The hardest items to obtain are Loreweave, Watcher's Eye, Voidfletcher, Dying Sun, and Arborix, although you'll most likely be able to do Uber using Tabula + 5L Arborix due to how broken Voidfletcher is. The two most important items are Voidfletcher and Arborix. If you have just these two items, a tabula can probably carry you through Uber Elder even if the rest of your gear is trash. The next item to prioritize is Dying Sun b/c it scales your damage significantly from both Barrage + Void Shot.

Since we now use Mark of the Elder instead of a 3 ex multi mod, Hrimsorrows instead of 2-3 ex rare gloves, and Lioneye's Fall is no longer required, it's possible the build cost will remain the same as in 3.8, or possibly cheaper.

I will gradually overhaul the guide, but all the info above + later in the guide should be enough to run the build. If anything's unclear feel free to ask.

Introduction - Reviving SignalShot™
Phys conversion bowyers were once the most overplayed meta build in all of POE; pretty much every veteran of the game can recall the pre 3.0 days of Signal Shot CI instant leech builds dominating the meta. Sadly, with nerfs to Vaal Pact, Vinktar, Reach of the Council, etc. this archetype has since faded into obscurity, at least in temp leagues. The last guide about phys conversion bows that I could find hasn't been updated since 3.3.

Here's a link to the original Signal Shot build for those wishing to indulge in nostalgia. Good times... RIP


The thing is, phys conversion bow builds are still extremely strong, rivaling current meta bow builds (dex stacking, impale, etc). With each patch they've only gotten stronger. Back in the day you needed a ton of currency to get a phys conversion bowyer working. Now, due to gradual power creep over the years, barrier of entry has been significantly reduced along with a higher dps ceiling. It's now arguably one of the cheapest bow builds out there for doing all content.

This guide is my attempt at updating "Signal Shot" for the modern era while taking a lot of creative liberties, obviously because we have a lot more toys to play with nowadays.

The emphasis, just like in the OG version, is on end-game bossing and tackling all content. No, we aren't using Signal Fire quiver + Phys to Lightning gem anymore b/c there are way better options, but the iconic name still sticks, and the underlying concept remains the same.

Build Explanation
We use a bow with high physical flat damage and convert all of it into cold damage.

But why not convert into all three elements? The reason is efficiency, because if all your damage is converted into a single element, you can scale it using just one type of penetration. This is overall better for damage.

But why convert in the first place? Why not just play ele bow?

Once physical damage is converted, it can be scaled using both physical and elemental multipliers. This means we can mix together the best multipliers each damage type has to offer, resulting in a higher dps ceiling. Ele bows are more expensive to craft, and have a much lower dps ceiling unless you go the dex stacking route.

As a phys conversion build, you can also take full advantage of Taste of Hate + Loreweave. Both make you a lot tankier than ele bow builds.

But that's not all...

Phys conversion bows are also in the perfect position to take advantage of the Voidfletcher quiver.

This quiver is extremely broken due to the Void Shot skill. It not only helps clean up mobs during map clear, but also provides a huge amount of single target burst damage. Here's how it works.

Every 0.5 seconds, you gain a Void Charge up to a maximum of 5 charges (2.5 seconds to ramp up). Each Void Charge grants one use of the Void Shot skill. Every time you fire an arrow, you automatically expend one Void Charge to fire Void Shot, which then explodes dealing 240% of your base damage.

There are only two ways to scale Void Shot. One is with additional arrows, which leads to more overlapping explosions. The other is by increasing your Damage per Hit, which directly scales the damage from the explosion itself.

This is why phys conversion is so great. Not only does it have extremely high damage per hit, but all the bows with additional arrows are phys bows.

We use Arborix because it provides a ton of flat phys, and on top of that you get 2 additional arrows.

With Arborix and Dying Sun flask, you get a total of 6 arrows. This means that each Void Shot generates 6 arrows that go on to create 6 overlapping explosions, each dealing 240% of your base damage.

But there's more. Because Void Shot triggers each time you fire an arrow, Barrage is the perfect skill for proccing it. Each Barrage attack fires 11 arrows, so in less than one animation, you will trigger Void Shot 5 times. This takes ~0.2 seconds.

So to summarize, you fire 5 Void Shots in ~0.2 seconds, each Void Shot generates 6 arrows. Each arrow generates one explosion dealing 240% of your base damage. In total you are unleashing 30 arrows --> 30 explosions within the time span of ~1 second when accounting for explosion delay.

Here's what it looks like:

That explosion represents 30 Void Shot explosions going off simultaneously. Unless a monster has millions of life, it will instantly die.

Here's what it looks like in action against Minotaur. Notice the sudden drop in life when Void Shot goes off.

This initial discharge of 5 Void Shots is equivalent to a 60-70% MORE damage multiplier for the first second of the fight. Afterwards, you will still consistently fire 2 Void Shots per second while Barraging. This is equivalent to a 20-30% MORE damage multiplier on top of the high flat cold and other useful mods from the Voidfletcher quiver. Both Arborix and Voidfletcher are uniques so it's easier (relatively speaking) to get +1 arrow corruption on both, which means even more damage...

Keep in mind this isn't our main source of dps either. You're still dealing millions of dps from Barrage alone due to phys conversion mechanics. The Void Shot dps is just an added bonus, plus it can hard carry you if you're poorly geared. You can do all content without Voidfletcher, but why not take advantage of it?


Sample Gear (3.8 Blight League)
This is the gear used in all videos on this guide. Total cost around ~25 ex

Pros and Cons

- fast clearspeed

- can swap between 3 different clear skills for fun

- can easily do all content

- tankier than all bow builds except possibly Impale, but you move faster + have perma flask sustain

- ailment immunity


- not recommended as a day 1 league starter

- gear can be sort of expensive? but cheap compared to most meta high DPS bow builds

- piano flasking

- not an immortal facetank everything build; you'll have occasional bullshit deaths, but can facetank pretty well most of the time

Map Mods
Can run all map mods except for no leech and ele reflect. 90% ailment avoidance isn't as satisfying to run b/c you don't get the juicy crit shatters so I skip those, but they're easily doable. No regen is somewhat annoying but also easily doable.

POB Pastebin
Voidfletcher Setup

- includes DPS from Void Shot after the initial burst. If you want to know the DPS for the initial burst, multiply the POB DPS by 1.3

Rare Quiver Setup

- for the purists out there. (outdated in 3.9)

Important MUST READS Before Starting
Physical Conversion Wand vs Physical Conversion Bow

- Bows have enough flat phys to be a true phys conversion build. Wanders are pseudo-conversion b/c wands can't roll high enough phys.

- Bows have a greater variety of skills that can be swapped around depending on preference/situation.

- Bows have a much higher single target DPS ceiling.

- Bow is better at Blight encounters due to constant knockback + better clearing dps, can sometimes be annoying when trying to facetank though.

- Tornado Shot has 360 degree clearing ability, perfect for Legion encounters and wide open map layouts.

- Bow's equivalent of KB is Lightning Arrow/Ice Shot. Both have cone-shape clearing ability.

- Mirage Archer kills shit for you; wanders have no equivalent.

- Optional QoL Bow Swap (bow + dps quiver for boss, bow + Rigwalds for clearing)


- Bow builds are more meta, so gear is usually more expensive.

- Sometimes less tanky due to no shield + no proccing of Fortify, but Voidfletcher allows you to not have to facetank as often.

- Slightly less mobility due to lack of Shield Charge and lower attack rate.

- More socket starved.

- Slightly worse flask sustain.

- Can't weapon swap to end Blood Rage.

- KB is a sexier clear skill (obvious bias).

Resist Capping!!! VERY IMPORTANT
The most common issue with underperforming setups is way overcapping on resists. There's no point getting above 78% lightning/fire/cold, because you use Warding flask for ele weakness maps. Every point of resist you get over the cap is directly contributing to lower dps.

You need 414% total resists to reach 78% per element. Alira bandit will give you 45%, so you actually need 369%. The helm slot should give ~120% resists and boots should give ~100%. Boots aren't too difficult to roll yourself if items on poe.trade are too ridiculous, just use deafening/shrieking essences of wrath/anger/hatred on a two-tone base til you hit decent life + move speed, and then mastercraft a 20% hybrid resist.

Voidfletcher provides ~30% cold resists

Taking all the above into account, you'd still need ~120% resists. If you dedicate 1 suffix slot on each ring towards resists, you can achieve another ~70%. This leaves you with ~50% resists left to worry about.

To get the last ~50%, you can stack some on belt/jewel(s). Worst case scenario replace a second suffix on rings. If fire/cold are slightly undercapped you can try it out. Usually this isn't that big of a problem since TOH + Dying Sun should be up 99% of the time, and for the other 1% when you aren't paying attention, you probably won't be hit anyways.

Follow the strategy outlined above and you'll be able to maximize your dps. Deviate from it and you'll be shooting yourself in the foot.

Why Pathfinder? What about Deadeye?
Pathfinder is the best ascendancy for bossing because of permanent flask sustain and more tankiness against one-shots. You therefore have higher sustained dps for longer boss fights. You also get ailment immunity.

If you go with Deadeye, you'll have better clearspeed + burst dps. However, Deadeye is glassier b/c flasks won't be up all the time, no ailment immunity, and there's less damage mitigation from flasks/ascendancy, so it's definitely worse for end-game bossing.

+1 Minimum Power/Frenzy/Endurance?
While gearing, you'll have to make a decision about which minimum charge to mastercraft on your jewelry. Here's some relevant info on each so you know which one to pick depending on your playstyle.

+1 Minimum Power Charge:

- gives the most dps while mapping.

- gives less dps on end-game bosses.

+1 Minimum Frenzy Charge:

- gives the most dps on end-game bosses.

- gives less dps while mapping.

+1 Minimum Endurance Charge:

- 5% phys damage reduction gives added tankiness against Legion/Syndicate encounters as well as bosses that deal heavy phys damage like Minotaur/Chimera/Hydra, etc. This mitigation also applies to phys degen like Blood Rage/Bleed/Uber Elder degen.

- +4% all resists = 12% total resists. Good for rounding out if you're near the cap.

My Approach
I've learned from past experience that giving people less specific instructions (AKA more creative freedom) about what rare items to buy often ends up being a disaster. Some people don't care enough to check POB while others don't have the experience. The result was that more casual players massively handicapped their dps with bad purchases.

To minimize this problem, I'm going to adopt the same approach from the wander guide and be extremely specific about what to look for in each slot. Almost every slot will have a self-crafted multimod item as "BIS". This means you won't have to deal with getting ripped off via trade or being unable to find gear if league is dead. All you need is the currency.

This build follows the same philosophy as the wander guide, focusing on clearing all content and reliable single target dps for bossing. I'm aware of power/frenzy charge sources while mapping (HoI - Ass Mark/Blood Rage), but I regard them as mere dps inflation because they don't work for most end-game boss encounters where dps actually matters.

There are plenty of clearspeed oriented MF bow guides out there; this setup isn't for that, although you certainly can make tweaks if your priority isn't bossing.



- best all-around bow. Alternates between two states every 8 seconds. One state gives more single target dps while the other state gives more attack + movement speed and Far Shot.

- you also get 2 additional arrows for enhanced screen clear and synergy with Voidfletcher.

- %quality on this item is extremely important, so get 8% from Hillock in Transportation or 10% beast corruption (make sure it's well-divined first).



- currently the best single target dps quiver unless you're min-maxed enough to phase everything in <1 second. DPS isn't reflected in POB.

- Void Shot cleans up stragglers while clearing.

- synergy with Arborix's +2 arrows since Void Shot damage scales with additional arrows.

- works extremely well with Barrage, giving you a huge moment of burst damage at the start of a boss fight.

- relatively common drop from Uber Elder, so pretty cheap during mid-league.

- don't spam attacks right before a boss encounter so that you can build up to maximum charges.

- additional arrow corruption is GG.

Rare DPS Quiver

- currently worse than Voidfletcher for dps. Maybe it'll become #1 in a future patch when Voidfletcher is inevitably nerfed.

- best option for the special few who dislike Voidfletcher and Void Shot mechanics.

- frenzy charge on crit w/ fast barrage hits will bring you to max frenzy charges very quickly during any boss encounter. Shaper quiver is best b/c of the additional arrow prefix. The other mods are icing.

- for most setups, Broadhead base is slightly better than Spike-point.

- alteration spam an ilvl 80+ shaper base until you hit +1 additional arrow. Aug/regal for a decent 3-mod combination rare. This may take a few attempts. Then multimod the two follow two crafts: hybrid crit chance + frenzy charge on crit + attack speed. If you can't afford to multimod, make sure your quiver has +1 arrow and at least the frenzy charge on crit mod.

Rigwald's Quills

- best quiver for map clearing.

- those with a lot of currency can use this while clearing the map and then weapon swap to dps quiver + bow for the boss.


Rare Essence-Crafted 120%+ Res helm w/ High Life and Barrage Enchant

- since single target is the priority here, I recommend getting a +1 barrage base, but if geared properly you'll have more than enough damage even without that enchant. So you might want to consider using a clear skill enchant like "T-shot additional proj" or "LA hits 2 additional enemies".

- use essences to craft a helm capable of providing 120+% resists + decent flat life.

- for more precise instructions read the section titled "Crafting the Rare Helm" under the "Helm + Boots" section in the wander guide (Post 3).

- average cost of crafting one with essences is ~1-2 ex. This is pretty cheap for a +1 enchant helm, considering most unique helms with the same enchant cost multiple exalts.

- just keep in mind that the less resists you stack here, the lower your DPS ceiling will be.


Rare Boots w/ high resists + movespeed + life

"Adds 45-68 Cold Damage If You've Been Hit Recently" enchant is by far the best for dps, because it's nearly always proccing. I highly recommend running uber lab just to get this. "16% increased attack speed if you've killed recently" is decent for clearing, but not for bossing.

- stack lots of resists (~100%) + life + movespeed here.

- don't spend >2 ex for boots unless it's truly GG. If you really can't find a pair on the market, just spam some high tier resist essences on a pair of two-tone boots. This already guarantees 60+% resists, so you only need to hit a high life and movespeed roll. Finish with a 20% hybrid resist mastercraft (ex: 20% cold + light resist)

- avoid boots with high intelligence requirement. Try to get one with an int req below 113.


Rare Multimodded Amulet
*ignore the anointment on the examples above*

- you want a high-int base because build sorely lacks int. Lapis > Agate ≈ Turquoise > Onyx.

- the ideal base has T1 crit multi suffix + one of the following prefixes: T1 phys as extra cold/T1 flat phys/T1 WED/T1 ele pen/T1 non-chaos as extra chaos. You then multimod two of the following: M1 flat life // M1-2 %damage while leeching // +1 minimum charge. Acquiring bases like these require time + patience w/ poe.trade livesearch.

- if the amulet base mentioned above is way too expensive, you can buy a shaped ilvl 75+ Lapis base, alt spam until you hit T1 crit multi and yolo augment/regal til you get a decent 3-mod base. Finish with one of the following mastercrafts: M2+ %damage while leeching // +1 Minimum Frenzy // M1 flat life. If you can afford a multimod, apply two of these crafts (example above is outdated).

- Get Profane Chemistry enchant (1 silver + 1 black + 1 verdant). This node gives %life as well as 8% flask effect. You must have this anointment along with the entire Primal Spirit node cluster and 12%+ flask effect mastercraft on belt to get the extra Dying Sun projectile!! This is extremely important so read the above carefully. A lot of people screw up here and handicap their DPS.

- you can choose between dps or elder LGOH rings. I personally prefer elder LGOH rings, just because damage is more than enough.

Elder LGOH Ring

- these rings increase life recovery rate, which is very useful for facetanking situations and provides plenty of QoL while map clearing. For example, you can outleech Shaper beam and Eradicator lightning tendrils.

- obtain an Elder ilvl 75+ Opal/Steel base. If you can't afford either of those, use a resist one instead. A diamond base is not recommended unless you're res-capped.

- for Steel/Opal/Diamond base: alteration spam until you hit T1 LGOH (+16-20), then yolo regal/annul to create a 1-mod rare. This may take several tries. Multimod the following: M1 flat life, M1 flat phys or WED, +1 minimum charge, and M1 resist.

- for resist base: do the same thing except replace M1 resist with a second +1 minimum charge.

DPS Ring

- for those who don't care about LGOH and want maximum dps instead, follow the dps ring instructions in the wander guide (Post 3) EXCEPT replace M1 flat cold with M1 WED or flat phys and (optional) replace one +1 minimum charge with an M1 resist.

Budget DPS Ring

- if you can't afford paying the 2 ex multimod fee, follow the budget ring section in the wander guide (Post 3) to craft a cheap serviceable dps ring. EXCEPT replace M1 flat cold with M1 WED or flat phys and (optional) replace one +1 minimum charge with an M1 resist.



- this chest is perfect for the build. Provides a lot of dps for phys conversion builds as well as 3% extra max res. The max res mod allows you to facetank phoenix explosions and treat minus max res maps as just free quant. The 3% max res also your tankiness against ele damage by a lot. Attribute roll helps with satisfying the int requirement.

Hyrri's Ire

- this chest gives more dps than Loreweave, but you lose a lot of defenses. Sure you get 10% spell/attack dodge, but that comes nowhere close to compensating for the loss of Loreweave's tankiness.

- its main use would be for deep delving where DPS is more of a priority than tankiness.


Rare Conversion DPS Gloves

- read the wander glove section (Post 3) for all the info you'll need. The gloves are pretty much identical between the two builds.

- the 20-25% cold conversion mod is essential.

- the budget version costs ~0.5 ex to craft.

- the more expensive version costs ~3 ex to craft.

- use a regular base, not an elder one, for obvious reasons.


Stygian Vise w/ high WED + life + flask effect

- the following three mods are mandatory: high flat life (70+), high WED (T2+), and open prefix.

- in the open prefix slot you MUST mastercraft the M1 hybrid mod: 11-14% flask effect + 33% reduced charges gained. Keep in mind this costs 1 ex. Make sure the flask effect roll is 12%+.

- you also MUST take Primal Spirit + node above Primal Spirit as well as anoint your amulet with Profane Chemistry. These mods combined provide the 50% flask effect required for the +1 extra Dying Sun projectile (lots of dps). DO NOT OVERLOOK THIS.

- for suffixes, get some resists if you're undercapped, otherwise the 25-30% elemental damage fossil mod is a good dps boost.

All belts below have a 40+% total damage roll, an open prefix, and 80+ flat life. Try to find one within your budget with as much life, damage, as possible. Resists work too if you need some here to be capped.

Belt Trade Link:

Your finalized jewel setup should consist of:

1 Watcher's Eye w/ Hatred Conversion

1 Lioneye's Fall

1 abyss jewel socketed in Stygian Vise

2-3 rare jewels ideally w/ life + 2 dps mods

1 Lethal Pride (optional but highly recommended)

Watcher's Eye

Hatred "Physical Damage Converted to Cold Damage" mod is essential for the build. You must have this mod as well as the conversion mod on your gloves to be phys reflect immune. Make sure the %conversion roll on your gloves + Watcher's Eye adds up to 60% total.


For those who can afford a 2-mod Watcher's Eye, a ranked breakdown is provided below. The % value represents the added dps relative to a single mod Watcher's. Keep in mind these values will fluctuate depending on your particular setup + how well you divine them, but the margin of error when comparing different eyes is very small, say +/- 0.5%. This is because the gear I've laid out in this guide is very specific.

#1 Hatred Pen

17.7% without Wave of Conviction (Cold Exposure).
11.9% when using rare Harbinger Bow.

#2 Precision Multi

11.8% when using rare Harbinger Bow.

#3 Hatred Crit

4.6% when using rare Harbinger Bow

#4 Hatred Flat Cold


#5 Precision Attack Damage


#6 Hatred Cold Damage


#7 Precision Attack Speed

5.2% *this is actually an overestimate b/c attack speed doesn't scale Void Shot*

Lioneye's Fall

- socket in the location shown above. The yellow circle surrounds the nodes affected by this jewel.

- Soul Raker notable provides all the leech for this build. If you don't have a Lioneye's Fall yet, you must temporarily spec into a mana leech node.

- getting Corrupted Blood immunity on here is a huge QoL, but understandably very expensive.

Rare Jewels

- you need two rare jewels in the setup, or three if you aren't using Lethal Pride.

- you ideally want 3-mod jewels with %max life and two dps mods. The best combination is: global crit multi + attack speed w/ bows + life, but these tend to be very expensive. I'd say prioritize the crit multi roll b/c that one scales both your barrage + Void Shot damage. Attack speed doesn't scale Void Shot, but all %increased mods do so keep that in mind.

Below are two trade links, one for "elite" jewels, and the other for more budget ones. Underneath the listed mods for each jewel is a "Sum" value. This value represents how much relative dps the jewel provides, so you may want to sort based on that.

"Elite" Jewel Trade Link:

"Budget" Jewel Trade Link:

Abyss Jewel

- you need only one abyss jewel for your Stygian Vise.

- you have two choices here. Either get 3 mod jewel with flat life, Onslaught on Kill, and dps mod (recommended), or replace the "Onslaught on Kill" with another dps mod.

Below are three trade links, one for Onslaught on Kill jewels, one for "elite" dps jewels, and one for budget dps jewels. Underneath the listed mods for each jewel is a "Sum" value. This value represents how much relative dps the jewel provides, so you may want to sort based on that.

Onslaught Abyss Jewel Trade Link:

"Elite" DPS Abyss Jewel Trade Link:

"Budget" Abyss Jewel Trade Link:

Corrupted Blood Jewel
If you get a corrupted jewel with the implicit: "Corrupted Blood cannot be Inflicted on you", this will allow you to drop your Life Flask for an additional DPS flask. This setup is recommended b/c life flask is useless in 95% of situations.

The best place to get this implicit is on Lioneye's Fall, but that is obviously very expensive. You can also get it on one of your rare jewels.

For rare jewels, I suggest at the bare minimum 1 life roll + 1 damage roll.

After you get this jewel, replace your life flask with either:

Lethal Pride

Check the two locations shown below before rerolling with a divine orb. Added mods on notables circled in red are guaranteed because they lie on the main path. The notables circled in green represent nodes that you could consider taking if a very good mod is added such as "10% chance to Intimidate on Hit" or "5% double damage".

You should aim for at least "intimidate on hit" and 1 additional dps mod such as 20% phys damage or 5% double damage. Another option is to roll at least 2-3 damage mods (5% double damage or 20% phys damage). You could also keep +20% fire resist if it allows you to substitute a resist on your jewelry for another +1 minimum charge.

Some good defensive mods are: Endurance charge on kill, 4% max life, 10% reduced damage from crit strikes.

Location 1: "good"

Location 2: "meh"


Main Setup

Flask Swaps

- for detailed info, read the wander flask section (Post 4). The flask setup is identical for both builds.

Gem Setup
Barrage Single Target Setup

- you must have Blood Rage active to fully take advantage of Energy Leech.

- if you don't like the Inspiration charge mechanic and/or aren't using Wave of Conviction, consider replacing it with Cold Penetration. Your mana cost will go up by a lot though.

- Cold Penetration will give around the same dps as Inspiration IF you aren't using Wave of Conviction. Otherwise, Inspiration will give more dps + lower mana cost.

Lightning Arrow Clear Setup

- I prefer this setup for most map layouts. Feels sort of like KB, you shock/chill pretty much everything.

Ice Shot Clear Setup

- similar feel to Lightning Arrow.

- if you're overly trigger happy, replace Hypothermia with Inspiration.

Tornado Shot Clear Setup

- this setup is better for wide open layouts due to 360 degree coverage.

- if you're overly trigger happy, replace Hypothermia with Inspiration.

Aura/Herald Setup

- Enlighten 4 isn't necessary, but does give another 20-30 mana for some nice QoL.

Curse on Hit + Cold Exposure + Flame Dash Setup

- Flame Dash is better than Blink Arrow because lower cooldown time, 2 less sockets required, and a faster cast rate. Build is already socket starved so these 2 extra gem sockets are extremely important.

- keep CWDT at lvl 1, Projectile Weakness at lvl 5 (20q), and Wave of Conviction at lvl 7 so that it procs as often as possible.

- this setup gives a lot of DPS and will proc in almost all situations where you actually need it.

- make sure Flame Dash isn't linked to the other 3 gems or else you can't use it...

- can also replace Projectile Weakness with a defensive curse like Temporal Chains/Enfeeble.

Utility Setup

- keep Steelskin at lvl 16 and CWDT at lvl 11.

- Vaal Haste is optional for some extra burst dps. You can also go with Vaal Grace for extra dodge.

Alternative Gem Links

- who likes micromanaging portal scrolls?

- some attacks can chain off the golem and wreck you. I personally dislike golems for that reason and also too annoying to constantly refresh. Can link with CWDT though.

- Herald of Purity gives more dps than Herald of Ice, but you lose the orgasmic shatters. Gem quality doesn't matter.

Passive Tree/Bandits/Ascendancy/Pantheon
Lvl 95 Passive Tree (Pathfinder)

Pathfinder Ascendancy

Nature's Boon --> Master Alchemist --> Veteran Bowyer --> Nature's Adrenaline

Alira is a must.

For Major God, upgrade Soul of Solaris for bossing.

For Minor God, use Upgraded Yugul for Uber Elder and Upgraded Shakari for everything else.

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>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>{ Physical Conversion Wander }<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Click here to see the list of highest DPS wanders in Blight League. As you can tell, all wanders ranked near the top are following some variant outlined in this guide (DPS is grossly underestimated on Poe.Ninja).

Yeah wanders can't do Uber on a 1-link sadly... We can't use Voidfletcher :/

Mirrored wander guide has been moved to the following thread: 2236445

3.9 Update
Here's a preliminary POB template for 3.9. Surprisingly, the build is cheaper and stronger now than it was in 3.8, at least for the more budget version using Poet's Pen.

Current single target setup sits at ~4.4mil shaper DPS, 4.9mil with Vaal Haste. This factors in Culling Strike and Barrage Support. Life pool will be around 5k, but with TOH + Loreweave + fortify etc. as well as 78% attack avoidance the ehp will be more than enough for Uber Elder.

Most of the items are cheap non-meta uniques, the only expensive one being a Loreweave and possibly TOH, but TOH can be replaced with Atziri's Promise for more DPS although you lose the defensive bonus. The rares I've left most craft slots open to give a conservative DPS estimate.

No Dying Sun, no helm enchant and no Watcher's Eye, I think this setup is affordable within 1 week of league and will be pretty cheap. Judging from the numbers it should be sufficient to do Uber Elder/guardians, but not sure about the new atlas bosses yet, we'll have to see.



There were two main reasons why I wrote this guide.

One was to provide an alternative way of building a wander, and help get rid of the stigma associated with phys conversion wanding. I wanted to get people to stop believing many of the reddit myths about phys wanding that continue to be circulated despite being no longer true or were never true to begin with. Examples include: "phys wanders aren't viable unless you spend hundreds of exalts", "phys wands cost 20+ ex", "an ele wander can easily beat phys with much lower cost", etc.

The other reason was to provide the community with a wander template tailored towards comfortably farming end-game content with as low a barrier of entry as possible. Most wander guides out there focus on quickly clearing low-tier maps. As a result, they are usually poorly optimized for dealing with end game bosses. This guide is my attempt at filling that niche for those who love the wanding playstyle, but prefer bossing over repeatedly farming low-tier maps.

The build has evolved quite a bit since it was first conceived, and will continue to evolve in response to GGG's balancing changes. I've had to gradually abandon aspects of phys conversion wanding to keep the build optimized every patch. It's very possible that in the future this build will transition into pure ele scaling. Between preserving the character of the build vs. maximizing damage output, I will always opt for the latter.

For now, we can call it a phys conversion ele wander ;)

NOTE: This wander was built with farming end-game bosses in mind. For those who want to go the MF/more clearspeed route, you can do so with some minor changes (check section under General Topics)

Can I afford this build?
Poet's Pen, especially w/ a good corruption, is perfectly viable for completing all content assuming you follow the guide accurately. Most people will eventually invest ~5-9 exalts into a better self-crafted rare wand, but this is not a priority.

You also want a Hatred conversion Watcher’s Eye, 6L Loreweave and ~10 ex for the "budget" version. This can get you through all map bosses, shaper, and most likely Uber Elder if you know what you're doing or you're willing to learn the fight mechanics. There are many vids on this guide showing you how to approach the Uber Elder fight as a wander. You also need to be competent enough to level up to at least the low 90's. For those with less bossing experience, you probably need to invest a few exalts more or make playstyle improvements.

Upgrading from the budget to "min-maxed" version will cost an additional ~10-15 ex, and this is the one I hope you eventually end up playing.

For those with a budget of ~50 ex+, you can consider the ele wander version with ~15mil shaper dps.

Pros and Cons
- enjoyably fast clearspeed.

- pleasant crunchy crit shatters all the time.

- good enough single target dps for all content.

- high damage ceiling.

- SSF friendly; most of the items can be self-crafted and some of the uniques aren't hard to obtain/build around.

- nearly all your gear is self-crafted, so no getting ripped off by greedy sellers and if the meta ever shifts, prices won't change as much for the gear.

- you'll baffle all your friends by playing a phys wander in 2019!

- virtually nerf proof b/c not relying on any broken mechanics.

- it's a life wander on the right side of the tree, so not an inherently tanky build. Expect to die occasionally when farming end-game bosses.

- not a beginner friendly build. You can play this as a beginner but you must carefully follow the guide. If you're both a beginner and too lazy to read the guide, save yourself the time/effort and find another build.

- not meant for people who don't level their builds past the 80s. Wanders require a decent character level to function smoothly, especially for end-game. Level 92 is a decent place to stop if you despise leveling, although lvl 94-96 is recommended. It's very easy to level nowadays, just hoard Niko missions and delve.

- you'll craft most of the gear pieces yourself so some RNG is involved.

- barrage is not the easiest single target skill to use.

- not meant for farming very deep in delves. Can probably farm depths ~350 comfortably, but go deeper at your own peril.

- bossing requires actually engaging with game mechanics. Not a mindless faceroll build unless you truly invest a lot of currency.

- not a budget build, but this is expected since it's a wander meant for mainly bossing, not low-tier map farming.

- piano flasking.

Offense/Defense Summary
Just to make things clear, this isn't a physical wander in the sense that we deal mainly physical damage. We focus rather on converting all of the phys from our wand into cold damage. On top of this, we also scale some efficient sources of flat cold. Therefore this wander is technically a hybrid between a phys conversion and an ele wander. For simplicity's sake we will just call it a "phys wander".

We convert/invest in cold instead of lightning/fire for 4 main reasons:

1) Winter Spirit node cluster makes it super easy to fully convert.

2) Hatred is the best dps aura especially with the change to a "More" multiplier for cold damage.

3) Cold pen from the tree is easily accessible.

4) Cold damage provides chill/freeze which greatly helps with survivability by slowing down enemies and keeping them at a distance.

Barrage requires you to facetank within melee range, which isn’t the most pleasant way of tackling a boss. To address this problem, we try to steer away from rng-dependent defenses and focus more on overall tankiness and a high life recovery rate from leech + life gain on hit to mimic instant leech.

~5k life, but you can reach higher if you sacrifice some damage (5.5k-6k).

78% all ele resists from Loreweave

20% block chance + 30% dodge chance = 44% of attacks will miss you

~60%ish chance to evade if you use blind on hit jewel (recommended)

6% reduced elemental damage taken

30% physical damage taken as cold damage from Taste of Hate. This is equivalent to ~1300 extra life against large physical hits

~ 3-4k life recovered per second when barraging/facetanking with Vaal Pact + elder LGOH rings

Steelskin procced by CWDT absorbs 70% of incoming damage up to ~1-1.5k depending on gem level. This reduces your chance of getting KOed by consecutive large hits

Shield charge procs fortify, granting 20% reduced damage from hits. This is equal to an additional ~1000 life

Other damage mitigations on gear, flasks, pantheon etc.

Map Mods
This build can safely do most map mods. The ones I would definitely avoid are ele reflect and no leech. Don't run phys reflect maps either unless you have rare conversion gloves (see later section).


Pathfinder vs. Raider vs. Deadeye
GGG has nerfed %flask effect, making it harder for Pathfinder to reach the 50% Dying Sun threshold. On top of this, Raider has received minor numerical buffs and Deadeye remains a powerful alternative.

Despite all this, Pathfinder is still by far the best ascendancy for bossing due to its permanent flask uptime, stronger Taste of Hate, ailment immunity, and overall better tankiness. Since this build is geared towards bossing, I suggest everyone switch to Pathfinder eventually. Deadeye is the best choice for starting out because its ascendancy provides a lot of damage that can cover up your build deficiencies early on. Deadeye does have better full-screen clear potential and a stronger KB due to larger AOE/more pierce etc. so if your main focus is just mapping, feel free to remain a Deadeye.

Unlike Deadeye/Pathfinder, Raider doesn't excel at anything. It's just there for people who want to play Raider for fun.

For bossing, Pathfinder > Deadeye > Raider. For speed farming regular maps it's: Deadeye > Pathfinder > Raider. I've listed some of each ascendancy's strengths/weaknesses below.

- most consistent single target dps, permanent flask sustain, more tankiness. This is ideal for long, multi-phase endgame bosses (ex: Uber Elder/Chimera/Shaper/Uber Atziri). Ailment Immunity. Large mana pool so misfiring barrage is less punishing. Doesn't need +2 mana gain on hit jewel.

- not as much burst dps (when flasks are up) compared to Deadeye. 6 passive points are mandatory to achieve the 50% flask effect threshold for +3 Dying Sun. This means your full dps potential isn't reached until the lvl 90s because those 6 points went towards flask nodes before dps ones.

*Make sure you aren't 100% converted so that you deal a little bit of phys damage to bleed enemies. Otherwise, the Rupture node is completely wasted*

- highest burst dps of the three when flasks are up (majority of map bosses, some T16s like Minotaur). LGOH from Rupture greatly increases your life recovery rate bringing it up to ~5k/second, which helps with facetanking. Can increase your mana pool by reducing Precision level with very little dps loss. Has the best screen clear ability/damage with KB.

- no permanent flask sustain so end game bosses will be harder. No ailment immunity, so Cyclopean Coil belt is required. This may be viewed as a pro, since it's extremely cheap. Might require +2 mana gain on hit jewel to sustain attacks. You won't be ignite immune. Also, no permanent flask sustain. Slowest movement speed out of the 3 classes, but you compensate for it with more action speed/screen clear.

- slightly more barrage dps than Pathfinder when flasks are up (majority of map bosses, some T16s like Minotaur). More dodge/evade. Phasing. Ailment Immunity. Highest movement speed out of the three classes.

- no permanent flask sustain so end game bosses will be harder. Requires +2 mana gain on hit jewel to sustain attacks. You also have 1 less projectile for both KB + Barrage compared to Deadeye/Pathfinder. This negatively impacts your ability to screen clear.

My Approach to Gearing
Wanders are well known for their bad single-target dps but amazing clearspeed. That's why most people use them only for speed clearing and not for bossing. Some of us though, enjoy having our cake and eating it too, so the key is optimization. But in order to optimize we need to use almost all rare items in our setup.

This introduces a problem. Because there's so many rare item mods, there will be a lot of variability in build performance even between individuals who invest the same amount of currency. Some people will spend a lot of currency, buy bad items- whether due to impatience or lack of game knowledge/planning, and have bad dps. Others will do perfectly fine.

My approach attempts to minimize this problem as much as possible. I've analyzed the strengths/weaknesses of every mod for every slot, and considered how to minimize cost as much as possible while maintaining good single target. I've also provided precise crafting instructions for almost every item slot. This reduces the variability across builds, and basically guarantees you a good item provided you follow the instructions properly. Think of it as crafting a "unique" item.

Feel free to improvise/make changes to suit your own needs/preference. Just remember that damage and life are interchangeable via the tree to a limited extent. Damage and resists are interchangeable in several slots, but not all, as some item slots give a lot of resists, but have mediocre damage mods. If you find an item with a resist mod where I'd normally recommend damage, you can still take it, but you SHOULD make adjustments by replacing resist with damage in another slot. And you should make sure that this trade-off (damage in one slot for damage in another slot) results in no net loss of dps. To do this, you need to have an understanding of weighted modifiers.

Weighted Modifiers/Comparing Different Mods
The concept of "weighted modifiers" lets us compare different damage mods to determine which is better. To do this, we assign point values to each mod depending on how much damage it gives. This is what we mean by "weighted".

I've arbitrarily assigned the point value of "1" to "1% increased damage". Every other mod's point value will be relative to this mod. So for example, 1% attack speed gives about 2.5x more damage than 1% increased damage. Therefore, I assign each 1% attack speed the point value of 2.5. When you compare 10% increased attack speed vs. 10% increased damage, you know that the attack speed roll is much better: 10 x 2.5 = 25 points. 10% increased damage is only 10 x 1 = 10 points.

As a rule of thumb, ~8 points translates into 1% more total dps.

Understanding how to use weighted modifiers will be extremely helpful if you're buying your items instead of self-crafting. It's also helpful if you need to make adjustments to my setup.

Keep in mind, these point values are merely estimates, but very good estimates. They do not apply to other builds, only this one. Also, the point values will vary between individual setups, but not by much because I've outlined very specific items to buy/craft. So for example, your build might value attack speed at 2.6 points, whereas another person might value it at 2.4 points but numerical differences that small won't matter unless you're even more anal about optimizing than I am.

Another important thing to note. There are many %increased damage mods like %fire, %cold, %lightning, %phys, %ele, %projectile. They aren't all worth the same due to how this build scales damage. We convert all our phys flat to cold, but ~40% of our damage comes from elemental flat. This means %phys only scales the former but not the latter, which is why they're only worth ~0.6 points. %cold applies to all converted phys damage as well as our flat cold sources, which is is why %cold = %WED = 1 point. Similarly, barrage is a projectile skill, so %increased projectile damage is fully effective = 1 point. HOWEVER, %fire and %lightning are not very good for this build, because we avoid flat lightning/fire. We do this for optimization purposes because you get more damage by focusing on penetration scaling in a single element rather than all three. This is why %fire and %lightning are worth almost ~0 points and I didn't even bother including in the list.

The weighted mods are listed below:

Reference List:

1% increased damage = 1 point
1% increased global physical damage = 0.5 point
1% increased cold damage = 1 point
1% crit multi = 2 points
1% increased elemental damage (with attacks) = 1 point
1% increased projectile attack damage = 1 point
1% increased attack speed = 3 points
1% non-chaos as extra chaos = 5 points
1% ele pen = 6.5 points
1% increased damage while leeching = 1 point
1% physical damage as extra cold = 2.5 points
1% physical damage as extra fire/lightning = 1 points
1 flat phys = 2 points (Add min + max values and divide by 2)
1 flat cold = 1 point (Add min + max values and divide by 2)
1 flat fire/light = 0.5 point (Add min + max values and divide by 2)
+1 to minimum frenzy charge = 45 points
+1 to minimum power charge = 22 points
1% cold damage as extra chaos = 5 points
1% chance to deal double damage = 8 points
1% increased global critical strike chance = 0.6 point (based on effective crit chance of ~81%, if your crit chance is <81% expect this point value to be higher)

8.5 points = ~1% more damage
Each dps node on tree gives ~3% more damage = 26 points

Reaching Resist Cap
There are two main points I want to emphasize here.

Point 1: "you can get resists anywhere!" is technically true, but it's a bad principle to follow if your goal is to maximize damage.

Certain item slots are extremely good for resists, but lack good damage mods such as the helm + boots. Other's have both good resists + good damage mods (jewelry). So to optimize, we have to take full advantage of each item slot's strengths while avoiding their weaknesses. This is why I emphasize to stack resists heavily in the helm + boot + shield slots, and focus heavily on damage for the rings/amulet/gloves/belt.

The other advantage is that your items become less dependent on each other, which gives you the ability to make meaningful upgrades. To illustrate what I mean, here's an example: let's say you want to upgrade your amulet, but it has 30% cold res and you MUST keep this res to stay capped. Your options are then drastically limited because you must compensate for that resist elsewhere or buy an amulet with that exact same resist, which means you probably have to forgo an amulet with more damage, but with the wrong resist, or perhaps slightly nerf the dps on your ring by slapping the cold res there, etc. This typically leads to both higher build cost and lower damage. On the other hand, with my approach, your belt, gloves, rings, amulet are all resist free, so you can focus on stacking pure damage. If you want more damage, you simply look for mods that give a greater sum of weighted modifiers. This helps to simplify things tremendously.

Point 2: Overcapping on resists is a bad idea.

Some people complain about damage but when I check their gear they're like 50% overcapped in each res. Keep in mind that every point of resist you get over the 78% res cap is a point of damage being wasted. So get just enough resists to reach the res cap and then shift your attention towards damage. What about ele weakness map mod? Well, with a Warding flask mod you don't have to worry about it at all, especially as a Pathfinder.

Let's take a quick look at the resist requirement for this build:

With Loreweave, you need 414% total res to reach the 78% cap. Bandits (Alira) will give you 45%, Snowforged cluster gives 20%, and Command of the Elements cluster gives 12%. This means you need 337% on your gear. Ideally your helmet should have 120%. Your shield can easily get another 90%, if not 110%+, and your two ring implicits alone can provide 60%. That leaves you with 67% left.

With a pair of decent boots, you should easily get 67% and probably have ~30-40% extra resists to spare. This gives you flexibility because you can use damage ring bases like opal/diamond, or double up on WED on your belt, or replace a resist on your shield with an extra damage mod (4-5% double damage mastercraft comes to mind).

Life Gain on Hit
This is a powerful mechanic that greatly enhances our ability to facetank. Barrage is a terrible skill for single target b/c it requires aiming within point blank range, but the one aspect of it that shines is the high hits per second. This synergizes extremely well with LGOH. You can reach nearly 40 hits/second. If you have 2x LGOH mods on your elder rings, you can get close to 1.6k life recovery per second from that alone. On top of this if you use Vaal Pact, you can get another ~2k life recovery per second for a total of ~3.6k/second. This means you can reach your full life pool in less than ~1.5 seconds. This is the closest we can get to simulating instant leech VP from the good old days when wanders were the meta option for bossing, and even though LGOH is much inferior to legacy VP, it's still extremely powerful.

LGOH is very useful for trash clearing as well since each KB explosion hitting multiple monsters counts as multiple hits. This essentially gives you something similar to "instant leech" while trash clearing. I sometimes don't even bother using a life flask, replacing it with a damage flask like Atziri's Promise or a defensive flask like Basalt instead. This can actually improve your survivability in some scenarios because flasks like basalt will save you from one-shots whereas a life flask won't.

You can disregard LGOH if you want, but bossing becomes quite a bit harder and a life flask becomes mandatory. Replacing self-crafted elder rings with damage equivalents will result in ~15% more damage, but to me, that's not worth losing 1.6k life recovery/second. It's your call.

Stuns can be an issue, especially at the start of the gearing process when our life pool is small. Before you've acquired your end-game setup, use the Brine King Pantheon. Also take Heart of Oak on the tree for 20% chance to avoid stuns. Once you reach ~5k life, stuns become much less of an issue, although it still does happen occasionally, especially for certain high phys damage encounters like Syndicate.

One thing you can do to virtually eliminate getting stunned altogether is to use a Quicksilver of "Order" rather than "Adrenaline". There is an "Order" flask suffix that gives 50% chance to avoid getting stunned + 12% movement speed. Pathfinder scales this up to 75% and 18% respectively. When stacked w/ Heart of Oak, you have ~95% stun avoidance aka virtual stun immunity. The main drawback is that you lose a good amount of movement speed from not having "Adrenaline" suffix.

Mana Sustain
Barrage eats up mana like crazy, so to even sustain it you must have 1 mana leech node on the tree and if you're Deadeye/Raider, a +2 mana gain on hit viridian jewel might be necessary. Remember, it's +2 NOT +1 (a lot of people make this mistake, just reroll with divine orb). Another common mistake is taking a second mana leech node on tree. That is absolutely useless b/c you reach your cap with just one node. Taking a second is a waste of a passive point.

Since your ability to sustain mana requires successfully hitting the boss with barrage, missing your first several shots can be disastrous because you run out of mana. When you run out of mana, you can't sustain either mana or life. This is usually followed by instant death.

My advice is just practice practice practice. Do not barrage at a moving target, b/c most of your projectiles will miss. Do not barrage unless you're confident you'll hit the boss. Pay close attention to whether or not your barrage is actually connecting with the boss b/c sometimes it just doesn't for some weird reason. If you're in a situation where you need to barrage from a distance, don't spam it, fire in bursts to make sure the projectiles are connecting. All this comes with experience.

Focus is an interesting mechanic for boosting your burst damage or increasing your tankiness for 4 seconds with a 12 second cooldown. This is very useful especially for single-phase bosses (Hydra/Minotaur/Phoenix, etc.) and some multi-phase bosses as well. It's similar to a temporary buff like Vaal Haste, except with a shorter cooldown time and requires a mod slot instead of a gem socket. I also find it useful for situations that you know are dangerous (syndicate/legion encounters when you need to engage a rippy rare monster). Basically, if you have a gut feeling you might rip, activate focus to eliminate the threat quicker.

Some disadvantages are that it requires more micromanagement b/c you need to press an extra key. In long drawn out fights like Uber Elder, this burst damage buff is "diluted" but it still serves its purpose in allowing you to phase each boss faster. You also must sacrifice a damage mod for each focus mod you take, thus lowering your overall dps a bit. As a general rule of thumb, a focus mod will give you more dps than a regular mod if the fight takes less than ~12 seconds. In your end game setup, no fight except some multiphase ones should take this long so you can consider focus as an effective damage boost in practical scenarios.
Whether or not you should use focus is totally up to you and your playstyle. If you followed the guide closely, you shouldn't need extra damage. It does help those with a lower-end budget reach comfortable levels of burst dps though.

I'm going to briefly go over each focus mod worth incorporating into your setup should you wish to do so. Note that you can make your focus even stronger by stacking focus mods in multiple slots. I'm also going to give each focus mod a rating out of 5, representing how good I think the focus mod is. This takes into account the tradeoff you make from giving up a regular damage mod.

Ring: "Shock nearby Enemies for 4 Seconds when you Focus"
Rating: 5/5 - huge damage bonus, you can replace +1 minimum power on your ring. Effectively gives ~20% more damage (slightly less if we use Projectile Weakness, but still significant)

Shield: "(13-15)% chance to deal Double Damage while Focussed"
Rating: 4/5 - 10% more burst damage than the alternative regular mod.

Gloves: "(31-36)% increased Attack and Cast Speed while Focussed"
Rating: 4.5/5 - replace the hybrid mod %crit chance + elemental damage if crit. Also raises your life recovery from LGOH.

Gloves: "(11-12)% additional Physical Damage Reduction while Focussed"
Rating: 3.5/5 - very strong defensive boost, especially for hard hitting phys mobs like those from Legion/Betrayal as well as some T16 guardians. You'll have to sacrifice %damage while leeching mod though. No doubt this mod would save you many times.

Skills Overview
Auras/Heralds + Accuracy

To reach 100% hit chance, we need around 700 accuracy rating. Luckily, a Precision aura gives 701 accuracy as well as a lot of %crit chance. Pathfinders/Raiders might still have 99% hit chance depending on the amount of dex on your gear. In this case you can get a lvl 21 Precision to reach the 100% threshold. Deadeye on the other hand has accuracy built into its ascendancy, so this isn't an issue for them. For Raiders specifically, I don't recommend using lvl 21 Precision unless you have a large enough mana pool, so an Enlighten 4 or higher character level may be necessary.

In addition to Precision, we use Hatred of course, and a herald. I chose Herald of Ice over Herald of Purity although both provide around the same dps boost. Herald of Ice gives satisfying shatters and enhances AOE clear.

Mobility + Other Skills

We move through maps using a combination of Shield Charge + Running. For no regen maps, you'll have to rely more on running b/c you can't sustain Shield Charge. For me personally, I shield charge 70% of the time, and run 30% of the time. Shield charge is preferred over running in most scenarios b/c it's faster + we can proc fortify granting us more tankiness.
Some people may take an auxiliary movement skill like Flame Dash/Dash for navigating platforms and dodging boss mechanics.

Blood Rage is mandatory because it gives not only damage + frenzy charge generation, but also triggers the more damage multiplier from Energy Leech gem. If you hate the degen, try to socket it in your shield that way you can weapon swap quickly to stop the degen.

Steelskin serves as an extra defensive layer to protect against two-shots.

Our attack skills require no explanation. Classic 4-link KB for trash clear and 6-link Barrage for single target.

MF/Speed-Farming Alternative
Use Deadeye Ascendancy as it's superior for clearing easy content and makes your KB much better.

You can first start by juicing up with a 6 link. I suggest testing out faster attacks/faster projectiles/chain/fork/volley; if you find your damage lacking, you can put in Added Cold/Hypothermia/Cold Pen/Increased Crit Damage/Ice Bite. These gems have very similar damage values, and the best one really just depends on your setup.

If you're dropping barrage entirely, a 75% KB explosion helm enchant should be prioritized. This is a huge damage multiplier and comes with no drawback to mana cost. Its damage is equivalent to an extra gem link.

You could also craft a pair of elder gloves with "supported by" mods (see glove section for list of KB boosting mods) + life and mastercraft 20+% phys converted to cold. This will give you a 5-6 link KB and also allow you to keep your barrage for single target purposes.

There's also the generic MF items including QOTF, Sadima's, corrupted Pariah, Bisco's etc. that can easily be incorporated into the setup. Goldwyrms might be doable too unless you use rare boots for bossing.

If you have no desire to farm end-game content and only want to run low-tier maps all day, and especially if you're poor, ele wanders are a much better option. A very good guide I've seen for this is Thi3n's KB Deadeye mapper (guide on forums). Ele wanders have two main advantages over phys: 1) they can run phys reflect while using a Sadima's and 2) they can utilize Esh's Mirror. This provides a shit ton of flat and enables ele wanders to run low-tier maps on an extremely low budget.

Power Siphon?
You could use Power Siphon instead of KB, but it's definitely worse for clearspeed. There's really only two valid reasons I can think of for using Power Siphon over KB. Either you just want to try something aesthetically different or you're struggling in the Uber Elder fight and need a slight edge. For the Uber fight, Power Siphon allows you to build up max power charges during portal phases, which'll give you a bit more dps throughout the fight.

Here's the gem links:

These are the exact same gem colors as KB, so that you can swap between the two skills whenever you feel like it. Lvl 21 Power Siphon adds an additional projectile so that's something to prioritize.

Dual Wield vs Shield
Let's consider what dual wielding gives us that shields don't: 10% more attack speed and 20% more physical damage. We also get access to Twin Terrors cluster, which provides lots of crit chance, and dual wield multi jewel mods.

This build isn't a true phys conversion wander because it's extremely expensive to make a real one in temp leagues. Abyss jewel nerfs in 3.7 were the final nail in the coffin for this ever being viable. Therefore the build derives only 2/3 of its flat damage from phys sources. This is why the 20% MORE physical damage multiplier from dual-wielding isn't that great because you only get to utilize a bit over half of that multiplier. We also have to consider what we give up in order to dual wield too. We lose a shield slot that gives high flat life + some damage/resists. The lower life pool could result in dual wielders needing to get more life nodes on the tree, which is counterproductive. We also lose some good shield nodes and shield mods on jewels. The 18% crit multi jewel mod for dual-wielders is definitely the best dps mod possible on a jewel, but it's only a little better than 8% attack speed with wands. Plus, this build doesn't use that many rare jewels, so the net contribution from those mods are minimal (~3-4%). KB and Barrage rely on both mainhand and offhand wands alternating attacks which means you need at least two similar-dps wands which will increase the build cost by 6+ ex. That amount of currency could get you a really nice shield and better gear in other places. Plus, this doesn't even factor in the additional cost from having to get more resists elsewhere which means you'll have to sacrifice damage in other places to remain resist-capped.

Taking all this into account, you will definitely gain some damage from dual wielding, perhaps 5%, at most 10% when controlling for all other variables like life + resists. But the drawbacks of less tankiness far outweigh the advantages in my opinion. The build's biggest weakness is survivability, not damage.

All that being said, there is a tedious way of building a dual-wield wander that does not require capping resists. I'll add a section on it when I find the time, Regardless, the general takeaway is much higher cost and less survivability for the tradeoff of more damage.

>>> More Expensive Ele Wander Variant ~15M DPS w/ Farrul's Fur <<<
Over the past few months, this build has changed a lot due to GGG's balancing decisions, and it's become more and more obvious that my "phys conversion" wander is now just an ele wander in disguise. This wasn't the case when I first made the build, but I've had to make these adjustments to compensate for GGG's nerfs, which have continued to lead me in the ele wander direction.

A real phys conversion wander has 2 traits that separates it from ele wander.

1) most of its flat damage comes from phys sources

2) scales damage using both ele and phys mods.

In the current meta, ele mods scale damage better than phys mods in general. For example, the phys wander cluster (Tempest Blast) on tree is not worth taking. Most setups won't use Master of Force cluster. Fangs of the Viper + Will of Blades usually gives less damage than just an extra jewel socket. We also no longer use any phys scaling gems like Vicious Proj.

This means 2) is no longer applicable, but what about 1)? Sadly, the build is becoming more and more reliant on flat cold with each new patch. When I first made the build, 95% of the flat damage was phys. Now it's closer to 60%, and maybe with future meta shifts, that number will continue to decline. And to further illustrate my point, a flat cold Hatred Watcher's provides more damage than a conversion one for phys wanders.

So why not just tear the mask off by going full ele wander and ditching phys conversion entirely?

Well the reasons are mainly practical. Ele wander gear is harder/more expensive to craft. Ele wander Watcher's eye (especially 2 mod combo) is much more expensive. You also ironically can't run phys reflect.

But the advantage is that ele has a higher dps ceiling than phys, and the more defenses you give up, the more this ceiling rises.

General Info
This ele wander setup is based on my current phys conversion one, except with tweaks that give more dps at the cost of tankiness. It insta-phases everything, but you will have more bullshit deaths. The build cost is also much higher, probably between ~45-70 ex depending on the type of 2-mod Watcher's you buy. However, almost all the gear can be self-crafted.

I recommend this setup for those with a lot of currency and want to insta-kill everything, don't care about random deaths from being more glass-cannony, and also don't care about rerolling phys reflect maps. In a way, having super high dps is also a layer of defense by allowing you to ignore most game mechanics.

If you're switching over from the main phys wander setup, you could save on a lot on costs by just replacing the ele wand + 2-mod Watcher's + gloves with those from the main guide! This will turn it into a "phys wander" Farrul's build. The advantages are that you will be able to run phys reflect maps and overall build cost is lower. However the dps ceiling will be ~1 mil lower as well.


This setup uses Farrul's Fur instead of Loreweave for max damage. Although Farrul's provides less defenses than Loreweave, it has some decent perks: 15% chance to avoid damage, reduced visibility (harder for enemies to aggro you), and phasing.

Aspect of the Cat is best on your belt, and second best on rings. Don't put it on your amulet. We take 1 power and 1 frenzy duration + charge on tree to perma-sustain charges. You can drop Vaal Pact, but I think you'll probably want it if you don't use elder rings.

Another important thing is not to cap your fire resist. This may sound ridiculous, but as Pathfinder your Dying Sun should be always up. This is especially true now, because you have enough dps to insta-phase nearly everything so there won't be extended boss fights. This is made even easier if you use Wise Oak in your setup since the flask has a longer uptime.

You can replace TOH with Atziri's Promise for much more dps/chaos damage reduction at the expense of phys/cold mitigation. You could also keep TOH, but follow the same principle as above and don't cap your cold resist either. Replace cold resist with dps mods on your gear. A third option is replace TOH with Wise Oak. You must ensure your cold res is highest so that Wise Oak provides dps.

Abyss jewels aren't mandatory, contrary to 99.9% of ele wander builds out there that go Piscator's or rare wand w/ele as extra chaos and get all their flat from abyss jewels. With this setup you can use all cobalt jewels for tree with a minimal loss in damage and gain some extra life. Of course this type of ele wander isn't viable unless you have a large budget, but it will outperform a conventional ele wander with the same budget.

The wand requires more RNG to craft than a phys one. The chance of hitting T1 flat cold (this is mandatory) is 1/2k alterations, so I highly recommend using Craicic Chimeral imprints once you land it. The rest of the crafting steps are identical except you replace %phys damage with %cold damage + %chance to freeze (hybrid mod). You also replace the hybrid %crit chance + quality mod with just the regular crit chance (25-27%). This saves you 2 ex in the multimodding step, but the initial step has more RNG. On average, the wand is slightly more expensive than the phys one, but if you have bad RNG it could cost a lot more.

For the rings, you can go with 2x elder rings, or 1x damage + 1x elder ring or just 2x damage rings. The 2x damage rings will give you the most dps, but you should probably take Vaal Pact. The 2x elder rings give you the least dps but you have more survivability for facetanking. I think the best compromise is 1x damage + 1x elder. Use opal bases only. For ring crafting instructions follow what's laid out in the phys wander guide, but replace +1 minimum frenzy/power with either +1 endurance for 5% phys mitigation + 4% all res (atziri's promise users especially), or 1-2 resists. If you really want damage here you can take 16% increased cold but ring suffixes are honestly terrible for damage, so prioritize resists here.

For the amulet, follow the same steps as phys wander guide, but don't use flat phys or phys as extra cold obviously. You ideally want T1 non-chaos as extra chaos or ele pen prefix, but T1 flat cold or WED works too, especially if not on a shaper/elder base, b/c you can use Jorgin Rank 2 for a greater than 50% chance to convert into a GG talisman and nearly no chance of a brick. There's only two mods (50% of fire damage taken as lightning/cold) that will reduce your survivability a bit, but the chances are very low (~15% or lower). For the suffix, mastercraft 6% increased attack + cast speed. Above is an example of a talisman that is neither a success nor a brick.

For your gloves, instead of %phys converted to cold, you want to replace it with %increased damage during flask effect (24-28%).

For the belt, follow the phys wander guide, except make sure you have an open prefix for the flask effect craft and an open suffix for the Cat Aspect beastcraft. If your belt has no empty suffixes but 1-2 resists, you can replace a resist on your ring with Cat Aspect instead.

At the bare minimum you need a flat cold Hatred Watcher's Eye. For 2-mod eyes, follow the same guidelines as the phys wander section except replace conversion with flat cold.

For the boots, use Bubonic Trails since the emphasis is on damage, and you'll want the extra life/damage Bubonics provide.

For the shield, you want 1-2 damage mods. The most important mod is the 70%+ increased cold damage. This is a super rare regular mod or you can get a Topotante's shield base (75-79%), annul off the crap, and multimod it with what you need. For the suffix, I recommend 5% chance to deal double damage and 1-2 high resist rolls. For the prefixes, you can mastercraft M1 flat life and either M1 hybrid life or 8% cold as extra chaos.

For the Uber Elder fight, you can replace life flask with a TOH or sapphire flask. The goal is just to insta-phase everything and ignore most mechanics, and have a big enough life pool to avoid one-shots.

Example Setup

*credit goes to LongSiu for the example gear from Blight League*

Note that his setup is slightly different from the one in my sample POB. I encourage you to make adjustments based on your own playstyle/crafting outcomes.

I'll point out three adjustments he made that were totally valid given his circumstances.

1) He has resists on his amulet even though I recommended against this. For him this was perfectly justified because he slammed a good dps suffix on his ring giving more dps than the 6% attack + cast speed mod he lost in the amulet slot.

2) He took an extra damage mod instead of flat life on his belt. This is fine considering he's level 100, and he has an extra abyss socket on his helm to further compensate since he didn't need the extra utility gems.

3) He has his Aspect on ring instead of belt. This is also fine because his belt has resist rolls that are much higher than any you can mastercraft on rings


Path of Building Pastebin

3.8 Blight League Real POB (SoapyBlast lvl 95)

3.8 Blight League Real POB (Kinetictee lvl 96; more investment)

"More Budget" 5mil Shaper DPS

Theoretical POB links w/ mostly self-crafted gear (~30-35 ex budget, ~8mil+ shaper dps) (multiple passive trees)




Bonus: Tooltip Warrior 70M+ Bullshit DPS Inflation POB
This one is just for fun. A lot of guides have bullshit settings on their POB to mislead newer players. Don't fall for this!


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Post 3

Leveling Section + Order of Upgrade
Leveling as a wander at league-start is usually both frustrating + slow, and breaking into maps can be a nightmare if you're unlucky. This is why you should level with Toxic Rain. It's an extremely smooth + easy process. The only drawback is that you eventually have to spend around ~15 regret orbs to respec in addition to all the respec points you receive from side quests. This cost is well worth it as Toxic Rain can carry you up to early maps with no investment and save you from hours of struggling.

Below is a link (credit goes to whoever wrote it) with a very detailed step by step guide for leveling with Toxic Rain. You should follow everything in this link but DO NOT FOLLOW THEIR PASSIVE TREE. This is because respeccing from their tree will cost you a shitload of regrets (40-60). I've instead provided a tree that's a bit less optimal but requires much less respeccing. Your damage will still be fine.

Click here for link.

Toxic Rain Passive Tree(s)

Here are some key points you need to know. Read carefully:
- level with a Deadeye even if you plan on playing Pathfinder/Raider in endgame. You get a ton of damage and clearspeed, which is much more important than stuff like ailment immunity early on. I recommend not to respec until after you finish your flask setup + most of your atlas.

- reach Blood Aqueducts as quickly as possible and begin powerleveling there until you reach ~lvl 75. Make sure to level up your KB + Barrage gems + aura gems in your offhand/spare sockets. Complete Merciless lab before you switch to wander.

- you must acquire the following items + reach lvl ~75 before respeccing: Thief's Torment (ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL) + Tabula + Moonsorrow or Poet's Pen (preferred) + Hrimsorrow gloves + Belt of the Deceiver. For your helm, boots, shield, focus on getting resist capped + flat life. For your amulet slot, try to get some damage mods like crit chance/multi/flat cold or phys + life/res if needed. To make enough currency for this gear, just keep chaining Blood Aqueduct instances, do chaos recipes, and sell your Humility cards until you can afford it.

- for gem setup after transition, make sure you have 4L KB and 6L Barrage, also make sure you have Blood Rage + Shield Charge/Fortify. For auras, use only Precisions + Hatred until you can afford Hyrri's Truth. I also recommend a cursing setup to boost single target in desperate situations (Wave of Conviction + Curse on Hit + Assassin's Mark). For flasks, make sure you have at least a Diamond flask for damage (also suggest Silver for onslaught).

- if you reach lvl ~75 and you're still nowhere close to being able to afford all the required items, go ahead and start running T1-T5 maps with Toxic Rain, but make sure to be res capped.

- use Soul of the Brine King pantheon at first because you get stun-locked quite often w/ a low health pool. Transition to Solaris/Lunaris once you reach ~4k life.

- this setup should carry you through all white + yellow tier maps until you reach lvl ~85. Once you reach T10 maps, you might begin to notice a drop-off in damage/tankiness (boss fights start to take 10-15 seconds). To compensate you should buy a Hyrri's Truth at this point to enable Herald of Ice + buy an Atziri's Promise for 1c to supplement your damage. You should also try to get
a Poet's Pen at this point if it's affordable. This will allow you to progress into red maps. If you prefer a larger mana pool for shield charge, use a lvl ~14 Precision gem instead of the lvl 22 one from Hyrri's Truth.

- when you've finished your flask setup and/or acquired the barrage helm enchant, you should be around ~lvl 88 and have enough dps to complete all red maps. Focus on improving tankiness at this point since your life pool will still be quite small ~3.8-4k. Continue upgrading towards end-game setup.

Order of Upgrade AFTER switching to wander:
1. Set up live search (check jewel section) for a +2 mana on hit viridian jewel + 3 dps/life jewels. If you're switching to Pathfinder later on, you'll eventually drop the +2 mana viridian for a 4th dps jewel. You can get endgame jewels for ~1-10c early on, and ~15c-1 ex mid-league. Also set up live search for 1-3 abyss jewels depending on your boot choice. All relevant info is found in the Jewels section.

2. Complete Uber Lab.

3. Replace Moonsorrow with Poet's Pen. Make sure to socket Proj Weakness + Enhance + Wave of Conviction. If you dislike the Proj Weakness knockback, replace it with Assassin's Mark, but for T16+ maps, Proj Weakness is much better.

4. Get a Hyrri's Truth. This gives good damage and will enable you to run Precision + Hatred + Herald of Ice. Also get an Atziri's Promise as a temporary dps flask (1c).

5. Get a Cyclopean Coil belt for very cheap (~1c). This allows you to be shock/freeze immune as Deadeye.

6. Finish your flask setup. This includes Diamond of Warding/Order, Dying Sun, Taste of Hate, Quicksilver of Adrenaline, and a staunching life flask.

7. Replace Cyclopean Coil with endgame rare WED belt w/ open prefix or 10% flask effect (see belt section). Then switch to Pathfinder ascendancy. Make sure you take Aqueous Accelerant + Primal Spirit + node above Primal Spirit for the extra Dying Sun projectile.

*If you're sticking with Raider, you can do this step later. If you're sticking with Deadeye, just continue using Cyclopean Coil.*

8. Buy a cheap +1 Barrage helm base (read helm section). Throw an essence on it for some usable resists + life, begin hoarding essences for crafting tri res helm.

9. Replace Tabula with 6L Loreweave.

10. Buy a Hatred conversion Watcher's Eye + craft a pair of rare conversion gloves. These two slots must be upgraded at the same time.

11. Finish crafting your tri res helm.

*The order for the remaining steps below can be switched up depending on your particular situation/preferences, but I find it best from personal experience*

12. Buy a shield with high res (~90%+), high life, and a useful damage mod (recommended). Average player should spend somewhere in the 30c-1 ex range here.

13. Buy high tri-res boots w/ high life + ms depending on route you take (see helm + boot section). You should be res-capped or near res-capped at this point. Average player should spend 40c-2 ex here.

14. Replace Hyrri's Truth with a rare amulet. See the amulet section for details. You have 3 options depending on budget.

15. Replace Thief's Torment with 2 rare rings. See the ring section for details. You have 3 options depending on budget/preference.

16. Get flat cold enchant on boots (Uber Lab).

17. Craft your rare wand if you want to upgrade from Poet's Pen.

18. Get a decent Lethal Pride jewel.

19. Reach at least lvl 92ish.

Read the guide very carefully. Taking creative liberties usually doesn't end well for most people.

Gearing Strategy
The general strategy is to stack a lot of resists in certain slots and invest in damage elsewhere. To accomplish this, first craft your +1 barrage helm. This is done first b/c you have almost no control over the resist rolls. Spam it with essences to get a really nice 120+% resist helm w/ life.

Once you find out what resists you have on helm, proceed to the shield slot. You want to strive for a shield with 2-3 high tier resists, good life roll, and 1 damage mod (high %increased cold mod is ideal). Ideally, you want an open suffix because you have the choice between self-crafting a high resist roll OR a good damage mod (4-5% double damage). This gives you more flexibility later.

Next buy the boots and assess your resists at this point, make sure you took Command of the Elements, Alira bandit, and Snowforged on the tree. You should be able to cap your resists with only these aforementioned slots. Don't be cheap with your resist gear. They are the key to making dps upgrades in the future. If you can't cap your resists using these items and have to put some on jewelry, you'll face trouble later on when upgrading.

I recommend a high WED belt, preferably double WED. This means a high WED prefix in addition to the %increased elemental damage suffix crafted w/ fossils. A belt like this would cost 1-2 ex mid-league, but are hard to find earlier in league or if the league is unpopular. A second option is to buy a rare belt with high life + high WED and 1-2 good resist rolls. Then buy a shield with a high %cold damage prefix (60+%) as well as an open suffix for you to craft %double damage. This will result in approx. the same damage. You can get some resists on the belt slot to round out your 78% res requirement, but that shouldn't be prioritized over life + damage.

Keep in mind, the average costs I've listed in each crafting section is merely an average that most people should expect in order to finish the craft. RNG is still a factor here. You may get super unlucky and spend a lot more or super lucky and spend a lot less. For the most part, none of the items in the guide require insane RNG to craft. You usually have a 50/50 shot on the yolo steps.

It's best to craft your own wand because those on the market are often way more expensive and provide less dps (unless they were crafted using these instructions of course). Towards the latter half of league, I recommend checking the market for secondhand copies <6 ex. The highest pdps wand doesn't necessarily give the most real dps, as pdps doesn't factor in local crit chance and ele pen.

Remember, a wand is probably one of the last items in your setup to upgrade if you're trying to prioritize currency spending.

Crafting Your Own Phys Wand
Don't craft using a shaper or elder base. ALWAYS USE IMBUED BASE.

Don't confuse crit chance with crit multi. Crit chance is the one you want on your wand. Crit multi = bricked!

Crafting Instructions:
1) Alteration spam an ilvl 77+ IMBUED WAND base until you hit T1 Flat Phys (Flaring). Once you hit a Flaring, make sure NOT to augment. If your Flaring came with a bad suffix, apply an annulment to try and remove it.

If you land on T1 170-179% increased phys (Merciless) instead, you can also proceed to Step 2. Treat the Merciless as a Flaring for the remaining steps and mastercraft M1 flat phys instead of M1 %phys in Step 4. Note that this wand will have slightly less dps than a Flaring wand, but you save an extra exalt which can be invested elsewhere to make up for the dps difference.

2) Use Craicic Chimeral to make an imprint. This step may be optional depending on the beast's cost. The Flaring mod isn't too rare (1/440 rerolls) so most likely you can skip this step and just resume alteration spamming if it bricks later in Step 3. For the lucky few who landed on both a good suffix + prefix during Step 1, I advise you make an imprint.

3) Apply a regal orb. If you hit a good mod (T4+ %phys/T2+ hybrid %phys + accuracy/T1 %cold (prefix!)/T2+ flat cold/T2+ attack speed/T2+ crit chance), this step is complete and your wand might be better than advertised. If you regal a bad mod, yolo annul off that mod and proceed to the next step. If the annul bricks your base by removing the Flaring, apply imprint and repeat Step 2. If you didn't make an imprint, return to Step 1.

4) Slap on Multimod (2 ex), and craft M1 %phys (1 ex) and M1 attack speed (1 ex). If you regal slammed T2+ hybrid %phys + accuracy or T1 %cold (prefix!) or T2+ flat cold from Step 3, you can skip the ele pen mod and save 1 ex. The lucky few who rolled a desired suffix in Step 1, or regal slammed a desired suffix/prefix in Step 3 will save at least 1 ex in this step. For those who rolled a Merciless in Step 1, replace the M1 %phys with M1 flat phys (you save 1 ex).

DO NOT mastercraft the hybrid mod: attack speed + quality

5) For the remaining two craft slots, you have two options each depending on your budget.

Mastercraft either M1 crit chance or M1 hybrid crit chance/quality. I suggest going with M1 crit chance if you're on a budget, as it's 1 ex cheaper but you lose out on a little dps.

Mastercraft either M1 hybrid %increased cold damage/chance to freeze or M1 %ele pen with weapons. The first mod is 1 ex cheaper, but you lose out on a little dps.

If you picked the cheaper mod for both slots, you will save 2 exalts, and lose ~5-6% in total dps. This won't make or break the damage on your build, unless the rest of your gear is badly optimized.


6) Divine to a high roll.

7) Get Rank 3 Hillock in Transportation to add an extra 8% quality to your wand (recommended).

You're done! As you can see the process will on average cost 4-6 ex + price of obtaining the magic base, so keep this in mind if you decide to shop for a finished wand. Don't be tempted to buy a wand with higher pdps but lacks crit chance + ele pen because 99% of the time it will be worse. I highly advise against making such a purchase until you've confirmed it's actually better via POB. Having high pdps but lacking attack speed mod hurts too since it cuts into our life recovery rate.

Budget Option: Poet's Pen

Crafting your own rare wand can be very frustrating due to the RNG involved and high mastercraft cost (5+ ex). A Poet's Pen, especially a corrupted one with at least one of the following implicits: %critical strike chance, flat cold, %ele pen, or %attack speed is perfectly viable as an end-game option, assuming you're using solid gear in all your other slots.

The reason Poet's Pen can even remotely compete with a rare wand in damage is due to the constant proccing of the two socketed gems: Wave of Conviction + Projectile Weakness. These two skills combined grant Cold Exposure (25% cold pen), and the modifier: "enemies take %increased damage". Even when the damage buff from Proj Weakness is scaled down during Guardians/Shaper/Uber Elder fights, it still provides a huge chunk of damage. A Poet's Pen with these two skills socketed gives about as much dps as a 6 ex rare wand user who ISN'T manually casting Wave of Conviction + COH + Proj Weakness. For hectic fights like Uber Elder, you might be too busy to manually refresh your Cold Exposure/Proj Weakness anyways, so a Poet's Pen and a rare wand give around the same single target dps for that and similar boss encounters. However, for single phase boss encounters where a rare wand user can self-cast Wave of Conviction, Poet's Pen will be 2-3mil less dps. Another disadvantage to Poet's is that in Hexproof/reduced curse effect maps, it's quite a bit weaker than its rare counterpart.

Poet's Pen has two advantages though. It auto-applies knockback from Proj Weakness to trash mobs so this might keep you safe, and it's very useful for Blight encounters. Secondly, you don't ever have to think about casting Wave of Conviction, and can begin all fights immediately.

While Poet's Pen and a rare wand might have similar single target dps in some scenarios, most of the time Poet's Pen users will have a weaker KB because Wave of Conviction has a limited range and applies the exposure only upon hitting the enemy. Therefore, you won't get the damage buff unless it takes 2 or more KB hits to kill the enemy and they have to be in somewhat close proximity. All this being said though, Poet's Pen is still a decent option, especially before you can afford the rare wand upgrade.

For the 3 sockets in your Poet's Pen, socket at least Projectile Weakness + Wave of Conviction. For the 3rd socket you should socket a Lvl 3 Enhance. Curse on Hit does not work with Poet's Pen.


Loreweave is the best chest for this build. The 78% max res mod makes you tankier in general against ele damage and unaffected by -max res maps. The crit chance, %WED, attributes, flat phys, and even some flat life are all very useful for the build.

Farrul's Fur will give you the most dps, but is worse than Loreweave from a practical standpoint mainly because this build wasn't designed for Farrul's. First off, it's expensive. With the money you spend on it you can spend on other gear slots to get even more damage using Loreweave. You also need to take a frenzy and power charge duration node on the tree to ensure 100% uptime, which isn't an efficient allocation of points. Farrul's will give you only ~10% more dps than Loreweave but comes with a much higher price tag and loss of defenses.

If you want to play a more dps-oriented build that takes full advantage of Farrul's, you better have a fat stack of exalts and go check out the ele wander section.

What about an elder chest w/lvl 1 Maim or base crit?
For an elder chest to beat Loreweave, you're going to need a really really nicely rolled chest close to mirror tier. It'll need to have a ton of flat life + %life + Maim + base crit. But having the Maim will raise your Barrage cost, which leaves less room for making mistakes. You also can't run -max res maps without penalty nor can you expect to facetank Phoenix explosions. If you have this much currency to spend on a chest, may as well get the 40-50% increased damage implicit on a Loreweave or save up for a full set of decent 4 mod jewels, 2 mod Watcher's Eye, etc.

3.7 accuracy changes means you can reach 100% hit chance using the new Precision aura! This makes gearing way easier as you now can use a Rare Shield.

Treat this as a versatile slot for filling out your resists and getting some extra damage

Legion trade link:

All the shields available in this trade link have at least a 70+ life roll and 3 useful mods excluding mastercrafted slot. Feel free to modify it to suit your needs/budget. Don't accidentally buy a shield with too high of a strength requirement!!!

PS: hybrid armor + ES shields have %all res as an implicit, which is far better than any other shield implicit.

+1 barrage projectile helm enchant is a considerable dps and survivability boost since it gives both life recovery + damage. Prioritize getting this.

Use essences to craft a helm capable of providing 120+% resists + decent flat life. This slot is extremely important for resist capping and ultimately enabling you to maximize DPS.

Crafting the Rare Helm
Buy a +1 barrage enchant base (evasion/armor are easier to roll than ES). Make sure it's at least ilvl 72+, ilvl 84+ is recommended. Avoid getting one with too high of a strength requirement! Spam screaming essences of greed/hatred/wrath/anger until you hit 2x T2+ resists, high life, and an open suffix. You can then mastercraft +20% hybrid resists for a helm that gives 120%+ total resists. If you hit tri-res, with an open prefix you can also just mastercraft a decent life roll (example above).

It takes around ~100 essences on average to successfully craft the helm. The frustrating part is buying essences in bulk, as people sell them for only 1-2 at a time usually. The essences themselves are pretty cheap ~1c per. Even if you have bad RNG and it takes 200+ essences, the helm is still going to be cheaper than most unique helms w/ barrage enchant. The main challenge is the time-gate for acquiring essences.

Mods to look for:
Useful prefixes (ranked)
High life roll (mandatory)
%physical damage from hits taken as fire damage (mastercraft) (recommended)(solid defense boost, provides ~7% phys damage reduction = ~350-400 life)

+1 proj gem level + proj pierce 1 additional target (mastercraft) (extra buff for your Kinetic Blast)

12% WED (mastercraft)

Useful suffixes (ranked)
~40% resists x 3 (get as much as you can, aim for 120+% total!!)


The best DPS boot enchant by far is "Adds 45 to 68 cold damage when hit". This is almost always up and gives a ton of damage. I highly highly recommend getting this, even if it requires running lab.

"10% ele pen" enchant gives the most theoretical dps but realistically isn't up most of the time (not recommended).

"16% attack speed if you’ve killed recently" is a very decent clearspeed option, but only get this one if you're satisfied with your single target DPS.

You want rare boots with high life + movespeed + resists (~100%+) here. This slot along with the helm slot provide the majority of your resists.

Don't spend >2 ex for boots unless it's truly GG b/c you could just get a two-toned base, alteration spam it to 30%+ movespeed, and then multimod: flat life + hybrid life + 2x ~40% resists (example above). The end result would be a high movespeed + high life + ~100% resist boots. Ideally for self-crafting, you want to use a two-toned base carrying the hybrid temple mod: 30% movespeed + 12% spell or attack dodge (Matatl's). Attack dodge is better than spell b/c of the amount we already have.

Avoid getting boots with too high of a strength requirement.


I recommend having at least one elder ring in your setup with T1 life gain on hit mod. You fire ~40 projectiles per second with barrage so each LGOH mod grants you an additional 800 life recovery per second, which greatly improves your facetanking ability. It's also extremely useful for maps w/ less life recovery rate b/c LGOH is unaffected.

It's definitely possible to do all content just fine without these elder LGOH mods, but they really are a huge QOL, especially for lazier/less experienced players. You'll have to play more carefully without them since there will be certain boss mechanics that you'll need to avoid.

You should first craft 2x budget dps rings, which costs on average ~0.5 exalts each to craft (instructions below). Don't buy your own unless you know what you're doing please... Then once you're finished with the rest of your setup, you can choose to go with a better pure dps ring (opal base) or a LGOH elder ring, or just stick with the budget ones if you're not picky.

Crafting a Budget Ring
3.8 Trade Link for Ring Bases

Use the trade link above to buy a ring for 1-5c depending on the base type. I suggest either Diamond or Coral base. Diamond is the best but might be hard to find. Coral is good too because you're usually lacking life early on. If none of these are available, go for an unset so you can socket a Vaal Haste for burst dps. As a last resort you can just go with some resist rings.

Once you get the base, yolo regal. If you slam an acceptable prefix such as T1 flat phys, T2+ flat cold, T3+ flat life, or T3+ WED, proceed to mastercraft. If you hit a mod not listed above, yolo annul and pray it saves your base (50/50 chance). If it bricks, buy a new base and try again. If the annul was successful in clearing the garbage mod, proceed to next step.

Mastercraft M1 flat cold (2 alchs), M1 WED (6 alts), M1 flat life (2c), +1 minimum frenzy (1 divine), and +1 minimum power (1 divine). You're done.

The AVERAGE cost per ring is: price of 2 bases + 2 annuls + 2 divines + 2 alchs + 6 alts + 2c.

Crafting an Endgame Elder Ring for ~3 ex

You can craft the rings above with ~3 ex, and this ring will beat out virtually any elder ring on the market within the same price range.

This only works well if your gear is solid, meaning you only require at most 1 resist per ring (implicit) to reach res cap. Make sure you've also taken Snowforged (damage + 20% resists) on the tree.


1) Obtain an ilvl 75+ elder ring base. The implicit should be Opal > Diamond > Steel.

2) Alteration spam until you hit T1 +Life gained for each Enemy hit by your Attacks (Eldritch) prefix. On average this will take ~86 rerolls. Once you hit the mod, DO NOT augment. If your T1 LGOH came with a suffix, reroll or annul UNLESS it's one of the following: % increased Projectile Attack Damage (26-30%), or +% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier (17-20%).

3) Yolo regal. If the regal hits any of the following mods: Flat life (50+), T1 flat phys (9-15), T2+ flat cold (19-34), T2+ WED (31%+), T2+ proj damage (20%+), T2+ crit multi (13%+), T1 %cold damage (18%+), proceed to next step. If the regal hits something not mentioned above, proceed to yolo annul. If the annul bricks your ring by removing LGOH mod, return to Step 2.

4) Multimod (2 ex) and mastercraft the following: M1 flat life (2 alchs), +1 to Minimum Frenzy Charges (1 divine), +1 to Minimum Power Charges (1 divine), and either M1 flat cold (2 alchs) or M1 WED (6 alts). Which of the latter two is better depends on your specific setup, but for most people the flat cold will be better.

Instead of +1 to Minimum Power Charge you could replace it with +1 to Minimum Endurance Charge for more tankiness or a focus shock mod for more burst dps.

If you kept a damage suffix from earlier, you can drop +1 Power Charge. If you kept a damage prefix from earlier, drop the M1 WED/flat cold.

Crafting an Endgame DPS Ring for ~3 ex

If you prefer pure dps instead of quality of life, you can craft this ring for around 2.5-3 ex, and it will beat out virtually every ring in its price range. In fact this ring will beat out most rings that cost 10-20 ex or more!

Make sure you've also taken Snowforged (damage + 20% resists) on the tree.


1) Obtain an ilvl 81+ Opal Ring. This does not need to be elder, a regular base will work just fine.

2) Alteration spam until you hit T1 % increased Elemental Damage with Attack Skills (37-42%) prefix. On average this will take ~229 rerolls. Once you hit the mod, DO NOT augment. If your T1 WED came with a suffix, reroll UNLESS it's one of the following: % increased Projectile Attack Damage (26-30%), or +% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier (17-20%), T1 % increased Cold Damage (18-22%).

3) Yolo regal. If the regal hits any of the following mods: Flat life (50+), T1 flat phys (9-15), T2+ flat cold (19-34), T2+ proj damage (20%+), T2+ crit multi (13%+), or T1 %cold damage (18%+), proceed to the next step UNLESS YOU ALREADY KEPT A SUFFIX FROM STEP 2!! IF YOU DID KEEP A SUFFIX FROM STEP 2, MAKE SURE THE MOD YOU HIT WITH REGAL IS NOT A SUFFIX. Otherwise, proceed to yolo annul. If your annul bricks the ring by removing the WED mod, return to Step 1. A finished example is shown above.

4) Multimod (2 ex) and mastercraft the following: M1 flat life (2 alchs), +1 to Minimum Frenzy Charges (1 divine), +1 to Minimum Power Charges (1 divine), M1 flat cold (2 alchs).

If you kept a suffix from earlier, you can drop +1 Power Charge. If you kept a prefix from earlier, drop the M1 flat cold.

Rare Belt

As a Pathfinder, you must use a belt with the mastercrafted T2 hybrid prefix: "20% reduced charges gained + 10% increased flask effect". The flask effect roll MUST be 10%. It can't be 8% or 9%, so keep recrafting until you hit 10%. This, in addition to the Aqueous Accelerant + Primal Spirit + 1 node above Primal Spirit on the tree will enable you to reach the 50% flask effect threshold. Once you reach this threshold, Dying Sun provides an extra projectile = lots of damage.

3.8 Trade Link for Belts

All the belts above have 60+% elemental damage, high life, and an open prefix for crafting %flask effect (Pathfinder) or %increased damage (Raider). Towards the start of league, these belts are going to be a lot more expensive, so if it's outside of your budget, lower the %elemental damage value on the filter. Another option is to stack an extra damage mod on your shield and compensate by getting more resists on your belt.

Ignore flask effect mastercraft and replace it with %20 increased damage or 30% cold damage (fossil mod).

Version 1: high WED prefix (~40-50) + %ele damage fossil suffix (~25-30) + %20 increased damage (mastercraft)

Version 2: %cold damage fossil prefix (~30) + %ele damage fossil suffix (~30) + mastercrafted %WED (~30)

*Version 2 is slightly less dps but mastercraft costs 1 ex less + is more flexible, allowing you to easily switch to Pathfinder by replacing %WED with %flask effect.*


Use the unique elder belt: Cyclopean Coil for shock/freeze immunity. This belt is extremely cheap.


Mastercraft the M2 hybrid mod: 10% increased flask effect + 20% reduced charges gained. You need to also spec into Aqueous Accelerant + Primal Spirit + 1 node above Primal Spirit. This is mandatory for the build or else you will not have the third projectile from Dying Sun! YOU MUST CRAFT 10% FLASK EFFECT.

Belt Mods: high WED prefix (~40-50) + high ele damage fossil suffix (~25-30) + one open prefix for 10% flask effect + reduced charges gained

I highly recommend stacking lots of % elemental damage here if you're Raider/Pathfinder. Stygian vises are cheaper and better than a well-rolled elder leather belt most of the time. HIGH FLAT LIFE IS MANDATORY.

A rare belt for Raider/Pathfinder like the ones described above should cost at most 1-2 ex mid-league. Ideally you want to meet your resist requirement using mainly your helm/shield/boots. You're on track if you don't need any or just a little bit of resists in this slot.

Headhunter if you can afford it. Boosts your clearspeed significantly. You should still own a stygian vise or an elder leather belt for bossing situations like Uber Elder. Try not to get any resists on your bossing belt. Go for life, pure damage + flask mods instead. Pathfinders may want to drop the 6 flask effect points from tree as you can't get the extra Dying Sun projectile while using Headhunter anyways. Would not recommend using with Deadeye unless you plan on running low-tier content since you'll have to give up dps flasks for utility flasks w/ ailment immunity.

Rare Conversion Gloves

If you need any of the glove crafts in Blight, message my trusted friend SoapyBlast in game.

3.8 Trade Link for Glove Bases

Use the trade link above to buy a pair of gloves (ilvl doesn't matter). Yolo regal, if you hit a bad mod, annul it off. If the annul bricks it, buy another pair and repeat. Once the bad mod is anulled off, mastercraft the following: M1 flat life (4 alchs), M2 %damage while leeching (3 chaos), M1 hybrid %ele damage if crit + %crit chance (4 chaos), 20-25% cold damage converted to physical damage (1 divine), M1 attack speed (2 chaos). You now have a pair of very cheap gloves that will take you to endgame. Make sure you're using a Hatred Conversion Watcher's Eye to reach 100% cold conversion.

Crafting Min-Max Gloves for ~2.5-3 ex
Get a pair of ilvl 76+ Gripped Gloves for crafting. ilvl 76 unlocks the chance of rolling T1 attack speed suffix, which is the best dps mod in this slot.

These gloves give ~4-5% more dps than the budget version, so you make the judgment call for whether this justifies the 2.5-3 ex cost.


1) Obtain a pair of Gripped Gloves (ilvl 76+). Alteration spam until you land on T1 attack speed (14-16%) or T1 flat life (80-89) depending on personal preference. The chance of rolling either is ~1/30-1/40 alts. Once you hit either mod, proceed to Step 2. If your desired mod came with a trash mod, just reroll, don't bother annulling.

2) Yolo regal; if you hit a desired mod such as T3+ life or T2+ attack speed, or a mod you desperately need such as a T1 resist, you can move on to Step 3. If you hit a bad mod, either scour and return to Step 1 for more gambling, or you can proceed to yolo annul it off. If the annul bricks, you have no option but to return to Step 1. Below is an example of what you should have before moving to the next step.

3) Craft multimod (2 ex), M2/M1 %damage while leeching (3c-1 ex), M1 hybrid %ele damage if crit + %crit chance (4 chaos), and 20-25% cold damage converted to physical damage (1 divine). You also need to craft either M1 flat life (4 alchs) or M1 attack speed (2 chaos) depending on the mod you hit on Step 1.

You could also replace one of the suffixes with resists (3 chaos) if you're desperate...but I don't recommend this.

4) Divine it to a high roll.

5) Get an enchant from Uber Lab (optional).

Congratz you're done and you'll never need an upgrade again!

Other than life + conversion mod being mandatory, the rest of the affix slots are flexible. This is probably the easiest item to self-craft.

If you want to buff your KB, you can craft a pair of Elder Gripped Gloves (ilvl 82+ recommended). Alteration spam until you hit the hybrid mod "Socketed gems are supported by level 20 Faster Attacks" + (13-14%) increased attack speed as a suffix and then follow the same steps as above.

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Post 4

Rare Amulet

Amber/Agate/Citrine are the best bases followed closely by Onyx b/c the build lacks strength, but you can probably go with any implicit if you have a decent attribute roll on Loreweave, use a Lethal Pride, and/or slightly lower Steelskin's level. Shaper bases are slightly better than elder ones to craft on because they have more dps mods. If the amulet has a useless implicit and you're crafting on a non-shaper/non-elder base, there's very little drawback to converting it into a talisman with Rank 2 Jorgin in Research (Syndicate). Who knows, you might hit the jackpot.

I advise against buying your own unless you're an experienced player b/c you'll most likely get ripped off.

Crafting a Budget Amulet
3.8 Trade Link for Amulet Bases

1) Use the trade link above to buy an amulet for 1-5c. An Amber/Agate/Citrine/Onyx base is preferred but don't go out of your way to overpay for one b/c you'll eventually replace the implicit.

2) Yolo regal. If you slam one of the following mods: T4+ flat life, T3+ flat phys, T3+ flat cold, T4+ WED, T4+ crit multi, or T1 %increased cold, proceed to the next step. If you didn't slam a mod listed above, yolo annul. If your annul removes the multimod, return to Step 1. If the bad mod is removed, proceed to the next step. An example of each scenario is shown above.

3) Mastercraft M1 flat life (2 alchs), M2 damage while leeching (3c), M1 flat cold (2 alchs), +1 minimum power charge (1 divine), and +1 minimum frenzy charge (1 divine). If you slammed a good prefix in Step 2, don't craft flat cold. If you slammed a good suffix in Step 2, replace +1 minimum power charge. Both finished examples are shown at the top.

4) Anoint Prism Weave enchant w/ 2 Opalescent + 1 Sepia oil.

5) Divine to a decent roll. Get Jorgin (Syndicate) to Rank 2 in Research. Then convert this amulet into a talisman. You have a 50% chance of getting a very good implicit roll, and there is 0% chance of bricking. Avoid being reliant on your amulet for strength. Reduce the level of Steelskin, CWDT, Shield charge etc if necessary.

Crafting a Decent Amulet (Medium Budget)

Over the past few months, I've seen people sporting some truly awful multi-exalt amulets. This slot is very important for damage, so to make sure you get the most bang for your buck, go with a reliable self-craft for ~2.5-3 ex. If you decide to buy your own that's fine, but most likely you'll end up paying more for less.


1) Buy a shaper base, ilvl 82+ recommended, and no lower than ilvl 74.

2) Alteration spam until you get T1 crit multi (35-38%). If you roll any of the following prefixes: T2+ %phys as extra cold, T2+ %ele pen, T2+ flat phys, T2+ flat cold, T4+ flat life, T4+ WED, go ahead and augment for crit multi. Whatever you do, you CANNOT move on to the next step until you meet one of following two conditions:

- T1 crit multi with no prefix or a prefix mentioned above.

- T2 crit multi with a high-tier prefix mentioned above (T2+)

If you get lucky and hit T1 crit multi with a T1 prefix, I suggest imprinting b/c it will be an insane amulet. Then skip to the min-max section below.

If your RNG is average, satisfy the above condition and move on to the next step.

3) Yolo regal and pray for a good slam. If it's a T4+ life roll or a T2+ prefix mentioned above, proceed to the next step. If you hit garbage, you can scour and return to step 1 for more gambling or just yolo annul. If the annul bricks the base, sadly you'll have to return to step 1.

4) Multimod (2 ex) and add the following mods: M2 %increased damage while leeching (3c), M1 flat life (2 alchs), +1 to minimum frenzy charge (1 divine). If you didn't have a prefix from step 1, go ahead and add M1 WED or M1 flat cold. Which one gives more dps varies across individual builds, but flat cold is usually a bit better.

5) Anoint Prism Weave enchant with 2 opalescent + 1 sepia oil.

This amulet will most likely be better than anything you find on poe.trade in the same price range unless you're a savvy shopper.

Crafting a "Min-Max" Amulet (Large Budget)

You can craft the amulet above with 4-7 ex, and this amulet will beat out almost any amulet in the 30-40+ ex range.


1) Use trade site live search to find an amulet (example above) with the following suffix: T1 Crit Multi (35-38%), and ONE OR MORE of the following prefixes: T1 Gain % of Physical Damage as Extra Cold Damage (16-20%), T1 Damage Penetrates % Elemental Resistances (8-10%), % increased Elemental Damage with Attack Skills (43-50%), Gain % of Non-Chaos Damage as extra Chaos Damage (7-13%),, T1 Flat Phys (Flaring), or T1 Flat Cold (Entombing). T1 Flat Phys/Cold are the worst mods out of the 6, but the difference is very small (<1%). MAKE SURE THIS AMULET DOES NOT HAVE ANY OTHER MODS OR YOU'LL HAVE TO YOLO ANNUL. You could also buy cheap bases with 1-2 garbage mods and yolo annul for a 1/3 or 1/6 chance of success respectively.

Acquiring the amulet base should cost between 1-3 ex. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO ROLL THE BASE ON YOUR OWN. If you're patient with livesearch you can find one for <1 ex. Ideally you want Amber/Agate base, but any base might work depending on your strength requirement.

2) Use a Craicic Chimeral to imprint if magic and yolo regal. If you hit a good mod keep it, otherwise revert the base and repeat this step. If you're crafting with a rare amulet w/ extra garbage mods, you may need to yolo annul and risk bricking the base. If your rare base is clean like the one shown above proceed to step 3.

3) Multimod (2 ex), and craft the following mods:
M1 flat life, +1 to Minimum Frenzy Charges, and M1 %damage while leeching (37-43%). This last mod costs 1 ex, but you can also craft M2 (31-36%) version for 3c.

4) Anoint Prism Weave enchant with 2 opalescent + 1 sepia oil.

5) Divine to a good roll and convert to talisman using Rank 2 Jorgin in Research. This only works if your base isn't shaper/elder.

This amulet should beat out almost any amulet you find on the market including most of the ones above 20+ ex. So you'll never need an upgrade again.

Blight League Amulet Anointments
1) Aggressive Bastion - very easy to get and will help a good amount in the early end-game with endurance charge generation + some dps boost.

2) Dazzling Strikes - slightly harder to get than Aggressive Bastion, but still easy. Will give ~2% more dps than Aggressive Bastion if you replace the blind mod on your abyss jewel with crit multi or attack speed if crit.

3) Prism Weave - gives the most dps of any notable, a bit more expensive than Dazzling Strikes. This is my recommended choice for dps and #1 choice overall.

4) Discipline and Training - gives 10% life + 20 strength, and costs quite a bit more than Prism Weave, still probably the most practical life anointment to take. This is my recommended choice for defense.

5) Tenacity - extremely expensive; gives a good balance between life + damage. Very well-suited for those taking extra life nodes on the tree.

6) Constitution - best defensive anointment but will cost a lot; only for the top 1%.

Abyss jewels have been nerfed, so go with non-abyss jewels in all your passive tree sockets. Make sure each jewel has at least %life + 2 damage mods (multi + attack speed with wand/shield). Attack speed with wands is the best mod since it can roll up to 8%. With shields is a bit worse (up to 6%).

You also might need a +2 mana gain on hit viridian jewel base if you you're playing Raider or Deadeye.

Both Blind on hit/Onslaught on kill mods are available on either murderous or searching eyes. I recommend you get one of each mod somewhere in your build. Onslaught for the bonus clearspeed and blind on hit for extra evade chance.

A 3 mod jewel with multi/attack speed is typically better than a 4 mod jewel with only %increased damage rolls, so don't be fooled and overpay.

Ideally you want the following:

1 Watcher's Eye
1 Lethal Pride Karui Timeless Jewel
3-4 cobalt jewels with multi/attack speed with wands/life
1 abyss jewel with onslaught on kill/blind on hit + life

Abyss Jewels

Blight trade link (Abyss jewels):

Any of these budget jewels will carry you to end game; find at least one jewel with blind + onslaught. If you can't afford any of these, check the backup link in the regular jewel section and set filter to abyss jewels.

Get mainly cobalt jewels for the tree (other trade link below!)

T1 Abyss Jewel Mods Ranked:

T2+ flat life (mandatory)

Flat wand cold - 19 points
Flat wand phys - 13 points
Flat wand lightning - 11 points
Flat wand fire - 10 points


%attack speed if you've crit recently - 21 points
%crit multi - 19 points
Flat cold - 18 points
%attack speed - 13 points
Flat phys - 11 points
Flat light - 10 points
Flat fire - 9 points
%phys as extra fire if you've crit recently - 4 points

%blind on hit (should have 1 in setup)
%onslaught on kill (nice QOL, up for some boss fights)

Regular Jewels

Blight trade link (Non-abyss jewels): https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Blight/5ZPWqdfa

Backup Blight trade link (Non-abyss jewels): https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Blight/JBLmjErFl

*The second link is provided in case jewels from the first link get too expensive due to increased demand. Set price + sort by maximum weighted sum according to your budget. Note that the abyss jewels in this backup link give approx. the same dps as regular jewels, but your life pool will be reduced. This is fine for 1-2 jewels, but if you use all abyss jewels in your tree, the reduction to your total life pool might be noticeable.*

A cobalt jewel will be best for damage b/c of the mod: attack speed with wands. If you're considering a 4 mod damage jewel, make sure 3 of the mods are: %crit multi + %life + %attack speed with wands/shield.

This trade link doesn't include mana gain on hit jewels so don't forget about that if you're Raider/Deadeye...

T1 Non-Abyss Jewel Mods Ranked:

%increased life (mandatory)

%attack speed with wands (highly recommended) - 21 points
%attack speed while holding a shield - 16 points
%damage with wands - 16 points
%cold damage - 16 points
%damage with 1-handed weapons - 14 points
%global phys damage - 8 points


%crit multi - 19 points
%attack speed - 13 points
%projectile damage - 12 points
%damage - 12 points
%attack and cast speed - 10 points
%crit chance - 7 points

+2 mana gain on hit - need one in entire build setup for Raider/Deadeye

Watcher’s Eye

Hatred "Physical Damage Converted to Cold Damage" mod is essential. You must have this mod as well as the conversion mod on your gloves to be phys reflect immune. Make sure the %conversion roll on your gloves + Watcher's Eye adds up to 60% total, or ~59% if you're sticking to Deadeye.


For those who can afford a 2-mod Watcher's Eye, a ranked breakdown is provided below. The % value represents the added dps relative to a single mod Watcher's. Keep in mind these values will fluctuate depending on your particular setup + how well you divine it, but the margin of error when comparing different eyes is very small, say +/- 0.5%. This is because the gear I've laid out in this guide is very specific.

#1 Hatred Pen

11.2% without Wave of Conviction (Cold Exposure)

#2 Hatred Flat Cold


#3 Precision Multi

11.3% when using Diamond Flask of Order (Crit Chance)

#4 Hatred Crit

6.1% when using Diamond Flask of Order (Crit Chance)

#5 Precision Attack Damage


#6 Hatred Cold Damage


#7 Precision Attack Speed


Lethal Pride Timeless Jewel

This jewel adds a mod to each node in its range. The socket just below Heartseeker is usually the best spot. This will give you one extra mod on each of the three notables: Heartseeker, Winter Spirit, and Herbalism. You also get +4 strength per small node and +2 strength per travelling node which adds up to 34-36 strength! This will allow you to run a higher level Steelskin and not have to worry about attribute requirements.

Check Forces of Nature. If there's a good added mod on there, you have even more incentive to take Revenge of the Hunted along with Forces of Nature if you haven't done so already.

You should also check the notable: Flash Freeze. If there's a good added mod on it like %double damage, you should consider freeing up 2 points to take this notable.

Before each reroll, check around every socket location on the tree in case there's some sleeper OP combo somewhere. (excluding the sockets near Point Blank + Acrobatics b/c the keystones will be wiped)

On one of the 3 notables, you ideally want "10% chance to Intimidate Enemies for 4 seconds on Hit". This is a huge damage multiplier. If the jewel you own doesn't add this mod to any of the 3 notables, you can throw a divine orb on it to reroll its "seed" and check again. At the moment no one understands what the relationship is between seed number and mod combination so I can't tell you exactly how many divines this would take. Therefore you might be fine stopping once you hit 5% chance to deal double damage + 2 other useful mods

Intimidate on hit seems to be pretty rare, so keep in mind that two 5% double damage mods gives slightly better damage than Intimidate on hit.

A Lethal Pride with a good seed is way better than a perfect 4 mod cobalt jewel and probably cheaper too.

The following are all the useful mods Lethal Pride provides for this build (ranked somewhat subjectively from best to worst):

10% chance to Intimidate Enemies for 4 seconds on Hit
5% chance to deal double damage
4% increased maximum life
5% chance to gain an Endurance Charge on Kill
10% increased Effect of Fortify on you
20% increased Physical Damage
5% of Physical Damage from Hits taken as Fire Damage
You take 10% reduced Extra Damage from Critical Strikes
+20% fire resistance

Corrupted Blood Immunity Jewel

You may want a corrupted rare jewel with “corrupted blood cannot be inflicted on you” implicit if you plan on running a 4th unique dps flask such as Wise Oak/Atziri's Promise instead of a life/utility flask. A well-rolled one can be expensive so get one with 2-3 useful mods for cheap. Regular corrupted jewels tend to be cheaper than abyss ones.

This implicit gives us the freedom not to use a staunching flask. However, the tradeoff is loss of damage since it's very hard to find a good jewel with this implicit. Keep in mind that it only protects against corrupted blood from nemesis rares/bloodlines magic mobs, not regular bleeds. But b/c Kinetic Blast is excellent at screen clearing, the mobs usually won’t be able to inflict normal bleed. If you do suffer one, you can usually outleech it or use a life flask or worst case scenario, log out. The benefits of not using a staunching flask far outweigh the drawbacks since it gives you flexibility to use another damage flask (Wise Oak, Atziri's Promise etc.) or a better life flask (Blood of the Karui) or some other useful utility flask (basalt of warding). I suggest waiting until you have a good end-game setup before getting this jewel.


Dying Sun
#1 dps flask for wanders. The extra projectiles helps with both survivability/damage/clearspeed and the AOE mod is an extra clear boost; absolutely essential for build.

Diamond flask of the Order/Warding
This %crit chance suffix provides a huge chunk of dps so make sure to get it as soon as possible. In most mapping situations you may want to use a Warding suffix instead unless you have it somewhere else, b/c it helps a lot with curse map mods. Being immune to enfeeble + TC will give more damage than "Order" for those types of maps, and being vulnerability/ele weakness immune is pretty important too. I suggest reserving "Order" crit flask for bossing situations like Uber Elder/Shaper/Catarina/Guardians w/o curse mods etc.

Taste of Hate
This flask gives you a lot of tankiness and the phys as extra cold is a solid dps boost. Essential if you want to do T16+

Quicksilver of Adrenaline/Order
This flask is a must-have for clearing maps quickly. Try to get "Alchemist's" prefix for even more movement speed. For suffixes you can either use "Adrenaline" for max movespeed or "Order" (% movespeed + %chance to avoid stun) for a balance of mobility and stun immunity.

Staunching Life Flask
Elder ring users should go with a Catalysed Eternal Life Flask of Staunching.

DPS ring users should go with Bubbling/Panicked Divine Life Flask of Staunching.

I am not a fan of seething flasks, because it barely recovers any life, and doesn't provide any duration for bleed immunity.

Basalt Flask/Wise Oak/Atziri's Promise/Cinderswallow Urn
For most boss encounters such as Shaper/Uber Elder/Chimera/Hydra, use a life flask, especially if you aren't using elder rings.

For Minotaur/Purifier or prevention from one-shots during Betrayal/Legion encounters, go with basalt flask of staunching.

Your life recovery from rings + Vaal Pact leech should be enough for life flask to be optional in most situations. KB + cold damage's freeze + chill makes sure most mobs don't get anywhere near you to deal damage.

Another option is Wise Oak, which'll give you a lot of damage if your cold resists are the highest + keep you ele weakness-capped. If you can somehow balance your resists, this flask provides a super strong defensive boost ~800 more life against elemental damage.

If you find yourself struggling with certain chaos damage mobs, an Atziri's Promise gives a good amount of damage + chaos resists.

Cinderswallow is a good flask for extra clearspeed/safety while mapping/Delving. It gives a lot of dps, especially with the crit chance veiled mod, but you may have trouble sustaining for bossing situations and a corrupted blood immunity jewel is mandatory.

Experiment and figure out what suits you best... it's really up to personal preference for this last flask slot. But if you decide to use a unique flask in place of your life flask, you'll need a corrupted blood immunity jewel.

lvl 21/20 Added Cold Damage should be the first gem you try to corrupt. Lvl 21 Hatred/Precision is also pretty easy to get b/c quality doesn't matter. Socket multiple of these in your offhand.

Barrage setup (chest)

For situations requiring single-target damage make sure to activate blood rage so you can access Energy Leech gem's 39% more damage multiplier.

To take full advantage of Inspiration, fire barrage 5 times before engaging the boss. This allows you to reach maximum inspiration charges at the beginning of fight rather than building it up during the fight.

Slower Projectiles is no longer recommended as it provides less damage, has a higher mana cost, makes sockets harder to color, and has way less projectile speed making it harder to hit targets outside of immediate melee range.

Kinetic Blast setup (gloves)

Aura + Heralds setup (helm)

- most/all your accuracy requirement should come from Precision.

If you're low level and/or a Raider/Deadeye, your mana pool may be too small to sustain attacks effectively. There are two temporary options available.
Option 1: keep your Precision at around lvl 17-18 until your mana pool increases through leveling/obtaining Enlighten 4. There is a de-leveling vendor recipe for your gems (1 scour I believe)

Option 2: sacrifice 1 passive point for Eldritch Battery. Since Loreweave provides ~130 ES, your mana pool essentially becomes your ES pool + unreserved mana pool combined. This second option requires a +3 ES gain on hit jewel instead of +2 mana gain on hit jewel. The advantage is that you'll likely get more dps than Option 1 in the short run + less issues with mana sustain. However, this option will be less flexible in the long run when your mana pool is no longer a problem b/c you'll need to buy a +2 mana gain on hit jewel or continue wasting a passive point on Eldritch Battery.

Single Target Boosting Setup (wand)

- make sure to keep CWDT at lvl 1, Projectile Weakness at lvl 5 20 quality, and Wave of Conviction at lvl 7. These are the most optimal gem levels.

- this setup provides a huge amount of DPS and will almost always proc in situations where you need it (facetanking hard bosses) as well as sometimes proccing throughout map clearing.

- projectile weakness is the best dps curse, but knock-back effect can be annoying when barraging map bosses. If you aren't doing T16+ all the time, swap it for Assassin's Mark.

CWDT setup + Blood Rage (shield)

- Blood Rage provides a huge damage buff and triggers the full effect of Energy Leech Support. If you don't like the degen, only activate it for single target situations. We socket it in shield so that you can quick-swap weapons to end the degen effect when you aren't engaging monsters.

- don't go higher than lvl 14 CWDT and and lvl 18 Steelskin. Most likely you won't meet the strength requirement anyway and will have to settle for lower level.

Shield Charge + Fortify setup + Utility Gem (Boots)

- shield charge into the boss every few seconds to maintain fortify buff while facetanking. This will improve your survivability a lot by essentially adding ~1000 more ehp.

- make sure you keep Shield Charge/Fortify low enough that you can meet the strength requirement.

- Faster Attacks is optional but gives a lot of QOL. With it, you can use Shield Charge as your main method of moving around (instead of running).

- Flame Dash or Vaal Haste in the last socket.

Alternative Gem Options

- turn on Vaal Haste right before boss for an extra damage/life recovery spike.

- Flame Dash is extremely useful for traversing annoying platforms + quickly avoiding boss mechanics.

Passive Tree/Bandits/Ascendancies/Pantheon

There are four clusters that you can remove/take depending on your own playstyle:

1) Removing Vaal Pact + the nodes connecting to it. This should free up 4 points. You must take a mana leech node in the Essence Sap cluster to compensate, leaving you with 3 spare points to play with.

2) Taking Phase Acrobatics. This requires 4 spare points. Phase Acro will improve your ability to facetank at the cost of damage and/or life.

3) Taking Elder Power. This node gives power charge generation for trash clear. If you followed my guide closely and used rare boots. You should have ~2 minimum power charges on your self-crafted rings. This turns Elder Power into a very good damage node for bossing.

4) Taking Revenge of the Hunted w/ optional Forces of Nature. I recommend taking this cluster if your life pool is lower than ~5200. If you're starved on points you could take Forces of Nature and drop Primeval Force. This will grant you one spare point.

To free up nodes on the tree, know that the 3 nodes connecting between Coordination + Fangs of the Viper can be dropped and a dex node below Coordination taken to maintain the tree's connection. This will result in 2 spare points. You can get a 3rd point by also dropping Fangs of the Viper.

Master of Force is another 3 point cluster you can drop. The damage from it isn't great, but you might be dependent on it for strength at least earlier on in the gearing process.

Precise Interception is another 2 node cluster you can free up.

As mentioned above, if you take Revenge of the Hunted, you can swap Primeval Force for Forces of Nature to save 1 point. This is an equivalent trade-off so nothing is gained or lost assuming you properly allocate this spare point.

If you have 3 points and can't decide between Snowforged cluster or Master of Force, go for Snowforged if you have enough strength. Not only will Snowforged probably give more dps, you also get +10% cold and fire resistance which'll help with res capping.

The major difference in tree pathing between Deadeye/Raider and Pathfinder is that Pathfinder must take Aqueous Accelerant + Primal Spirit + node above Primal Spirit. This requires 6 passive points. Deadeye/Raider on the other hand uses those 6 points to take Snowforged + Master of Force instead.

Once you have enough damage, you can consider switching to the more defensive tree, which is better for bossing.

Pathfinder Level 96 Passive Tree

Deadeye/Raider Level 96 Passive Tree

For the more defensive skill tree, check the POB pastebins.

Pathfinder Ascendancy

Nature's Boon --> Master Alchemist --> Veteran Bowyer --> Nature's Adrenaline

Deadeye Ascendancy

Gathering Winds --> Rupture --> Far Shot --> Endless Munitions
*Make sure you aren't 100% converted so that you deal a little bit of phys damage to bleed enemies. Otherwise, the Rupture node is completely wasted*

Raider Ascendancy

Rapid Assault --> Avatar of the Chase --> Quartz Infusion --> Avatar of the Veil

Go with Alira... she gives a lot of resists and juicy crit multi.
Major Gods: Lunaris/Solaris each have their merits. Solaris is better for high-end bossing. If you're using a golem, you may want to take Lunaris to prevent enemy attacks from chaining off your golem.

Minor Gods: Upgraded Shakari helps with strongbox opening and poison maps. This is preferred for general mapping. Upgraded Yugul is the best for Uber Elder.

Playstyle Tips
Make sure you're doing the following:

- using all your flasks (except life) on a constant basis every 3-4 seconds.

- clearing the packs surrounding the boss before using barrage (or else it auto-targets and you'll die from missing + lack of leech).

- making sure your barrage proj is actually hitting the boss; at the start of the fight always pay close attention to where your barrage projectiles land. If they all "pass through" the boss and fly offscreen that's a sign you're missing; readjust your cursor position accordingly.

- don't bother barraging the boss if he's moving around. Instead, focus on re-positioning, reapplying curse, reapplying fortify, clearing adds, etc. until the boss becomes stationary, then proceed to barrage. You can also run up to the boss to get him to stop moving while simultaneously applying fortify. Trying to barrage a moving target can be extremely disastrous.

- re-positioning/dodging with shield charge occasionally when facing difficult boss, while hitting something along the way, either a mob or the the boss itself in order to proc Fortify.

- don't spam shield charge too many times in a row while moving between packs, or else you might not have enough mana to sustain barrage if you get caught off guard.

- casting Wave of Conviction preferably before entering the boss's aggro range. Recasting it when re-positioning during drawn-out boss fights.

- re-position more often if the boss deals too much damage for you to facetank; if you're low on life flask charges, fire off 1-2 shots of barrage between each re-position in order to heal. Try to move around the boss in a tight circle to keep it stationary, or else your barrage will miss more often. The leech + LGOH acts as a pseudo-life flask while you dodge and hit.

- using basalt flask instead of life flask on Minotaur/Enslaver so you can face tank and not have to worry about boss mechanics.

- start barraging phoenix once you reach the center of the arena, and sidestep as he spins towards you. This allows you to deal some damage to him before he begins his first explosion. You should be able to tank his explosions directly for almost all mod combinations.

- using a recovery life flask instead of an instant one is useful for many situations, such as Chimera. With elder rings + life flask effect, you should be able to facetank most of the time.

- don't get surrounded and attacked by more than 1-2 Legion rares/Syndicate members at a time. If you encounter a situation where there are multiple Syndicate members/Legion rares targeting you, shield charge to proc fortify and kite. Kill them one at a time. Being surrounded by multiple and trying to facetank all of them could get you killed b/c they deal heavy physical damage. Basalt flasks are often better than life flasks for these situations.

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sick bro !!!!. nice build <3
IGN: _YunaAura_BestAura_
Yuna aurabot build : 2519298
Cute ingame ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ *:・゚✧ :
Nice!! Finally an updated phys wander build I can follow :) Been so tired of playing ele wanders
Thanks for the great writeup! Looking forward to trying out a phys wander again :)
Hello, i want to know why wouldn't this build be viable in HC? I haven't played wand builds for the 3 last years but i wanted to play one in this league.
mdrlolkikoo wrote:
Hello, i want to know why wouldn't this build be viable in HC? I haven't played wand builds for the 3 last years but i wanted to play one in this league.

Hi thanks for bringing this up. I guess it just depends on what one considers viable. Any build is hardcore viable if you spec into enough defenses.I only meant to say that the tree + gear I recommended in the guide would not be optimal for high level hardcore content. A phys wander will still be much tankier than an ele wander though because we can utilize taste of hate.

I just meant to say that wanders in general because they are located on the right + top of the tree and aren't naturally high dps and the fact that single target requires facetanking bosses just wouldn't be the best choice of a hardcore build, but you can definitely get it to work if you aren't running any crazy content in hardcore.

Thanks a lot :) ok i understand, of course i will adapt the tree for HC. I just have zero knowledge about wand builds in this game.
Will maybe try it out when i die but not sure, and let's hope i don't die. :D

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