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Hopefully can league start this build I really like Ice Shot as a skill.

Hi Lazyrabbit and everyone else,

Anyone knows if this gain extra fire damage works for cinderswallow ignite if we're already on 100% full phy->cold conversion?

I lost gain extra physical as fire from lethal pride from the changes instead and gain 5% to deal double dmg now.. so need a new source of fire damage.

Thank you for your guide, I'm enjoying playing it. Definitly still missing some key pieces to get higher damage, will probably get stuck around lv. 90 or so.

I have a very basic question: why Chain AND GMP with Lightning Arrow? In the past I recall using one OR the other most of the times. I tried playing other combinations, like swapping for example chain with added cold dmg and can't really decide which is better. I know did not fully level the gems yet and didn't calculate on PoB, just talking about ingame "feeling".

Is there a particular reason for which chain is absolutely better, for example, synergy with Voidfletcher, other items, passives, etc.?

Would you recommend any other change in the gem links for Barrage and Lightning Arrow?

(also, it's great that you answer to people with such attention. It's really helpful and very nice of you)

Hi. Do you have plan to update the build for 3.17?
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hey , I am also interested by 3.17 if you have some plan to update this, is it still Viable ?


Imo I feel this is a better and more efficient passive tree on the upper part.

points can be spent better else where for better dps and/or in case an insane lethal pride is found.
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fetullah wrote:
hey , I am also interested by 3.17 if you have some plan to update this, is it still Viable ?

Im not the author of the build guide, but have played this and many other phys/conv builds for ranger.

I think the first thing that has to be understood is that this is a complete glasshouse build, you will die a lot. I have league started this a few times,and its possible altough very rough. Voidfletcher carries HARD for boss DPS, and its nerfed in 3.17. I still think the dmg on voidfletcher will most likely still be very fine, just not insta-shotting bosses without other investment.

Build will still clear all content, but it will require more time and caution than pre 3.17.
I plan to come back to standard and run this with TS in 3.17 with a 100-200ex budget - I've been away from the game for a long time so my knowledge is old and bad.

What (in budget) old/legacy items in standard are upgrades from the league version of this guide?

Is a standard Arborix still good or do the bow buffs mean a 3.17 Chin Sol is best?

Anything else an old out-of-touch player should know to convert this into standard with my budget? Thanks!
Hello guys. I've been playing this build on standard and I have been enjoying it. I feel like there are a thousand things i could upgrade and it feels overwhelming. Especially since there are a lot more options in standard
If anybody who has experience with this build sees something obvious that i should upgrade (or just what to upgrade and in what order), I would very much appreciate it.

Here is my POB: https://pastebin.com/92P8QK8v
How do I get 50% flask effect??

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