Templar Builds List 3.7

I'll be taking over for Kwitch in maintaining the Templar Builds List! If you have a build that you think should be on this list, please post it here!

All builds that have not been updated to 3.5 are archived.

Current version: [3.7]

Build Submissions
I will not be able to trawl the forums every day to add new builds to this list. If you have a guide you want to be included here, please reply to this thread with both a link to the guide and what you want it to be named in the list. That said, I will be modifying any suggested names to conform to certain standards.

The goal of the naming scheme is to be legible, objective, and persistent. A high estimated HP in the title might be changed to "Tanky", estimated DPS might be listed as "High DPS" rather than numerical values.

Concrete numbers that pertain to the build are permitted, such as 'three-curses' etc.

Other Builds Lists:

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[Hie]: Hierophant
[Inq]: Inquisitor
[Gua]: Guardian

[HC]: Hardcore
[SSF]: Solo self found
[LS]: League starter

[Inq][LS][3.5] Sovyn's Lazy Pally - Tanky Templar with Max Block
Cyclone [Inq] [3.7] Crit Staff
[Inq] [HC] [3.7] Disintegrator Glacial Hammer & Ice Crash

[Inq][HC][SSF][LS][3.7] Divine Ire Life/ES Hybrid Inquisitor
[Inq][LS][3.6] Uly's Purifying Flame Inquisitor - a beginner guide for all content
[Inq][LS][3.6] AziiRe's Crit Elemental Purifying Flame Inquisitor

[Hie][HC][SSF][LS][3.5] Tanky Storm Brand Hierophant
[Hie][3.6] Crit Storm Brand
[Inq][HC][3.5] [Video] Storm Brand Inquisitor | Shock & Shatter
[Inq][3.5] Self-Cast Arc Inquisitor

[Gua] [3.7] Low Life Righteous Fire/Scorching Ray Guardian
[Hie][HC][3.5] Armageddon Brand Hierophant
[Hie][3.6] Unleash Firestorm Hierophant

[Inq][HC][LS][3.5] [Video] Winter Orb/Lightning Spire Inquisitor | Shatter ME
[Inq][3.5] "Hot Ice" Winter Orb Inquisitor

[Inq] [3.6] Dark Pact/Purifying Flame Self Cast

[Hie] [LS] [3.7] Divine Ire Totems
[Hie][HC][LS][3.5] Righteous Fire Scorching Ray Totems
[Hie][LS][3.5] Glacial Cascade Totems
[Hie][LS][3.5] DischargeFromInsertion - Heirophant Discharge Totem
[Hie] [3.7] Wallach's Holy Flame Totems
[Hie] [3.7] Wallach's Freezing Pulse Totems

[Gua][LS][3.5] Cyclone Summoner - Heralds of Agony and Purity, Summon Holy Relic
[Gua][3.5] Solo Smite Mjölner LL 7-9 Aura Guardian
[Gua][3.6] Dominating Blow Guardian
[Gua][HC][SSF][LS][3.5] Poison Balls of Knockback! (Ball Lightning + Heralds of Agony & Purity)
[Gua][3.6] The Masochist | Herald of Purity Summoner
[Gua][LS][3.6] Storm Brand Summoner (Herald of Agony/Purity, Phantasms
[Gua] [HC] [LS] [3.6] Herald of Agony Mana Guardian
[Gua] [HC] [3.7] Low Life Herald of Agony/Spiders

[Gua][HC][LS][3.6] Mana Guardian
[Gua] [LS][3.8] PartyJesus: Tanky Aurasupport

[3.5] Archived builds
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Q: Why is my build not listed?
A: Because I don't know about it. I can't go through the forums all the time hunting for more builds to add. If you want your build to be added, reply to the thread with a link and the name you'd like it to have. Certain minimum standards as to what makes a build guide will be applied.

19/12/2018: Created thread

Thank you to Kwitch for taking care of the Templar until now!
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My newest Brand Build for Hierophant with ~1 Million dps on very affordable gear.
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[Gua][HC][SSF][LS][3.5] NO Uniques! Poison Balls of Knockback!

(Ball lightning/Summoner Build)
No uniques, 4Link, HCSSF Number 1! end game viable Guardian Lightning Ball knockback Herald of Agony/Purity summoner build

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[Gua][3.5] High Dps Dominating Blow Guardian (Or just Dominating Blow Guardian)

One could probably do it as a league starter pretty easily, but I didn't so I don't think that should be in there.

[3.5] Demi's ONE MILLION+ DPS SAFESTLEMON Low Life Righteous Fire/Scorching Ray Guardian
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My self-cast Arc Inquisitor build was updated for 3.5 - can you please add it to the list? https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2180410
please add my 2 builds in the list:

[3.5 HC | Video Guide] Stormbrand Inquisitor | high clearspeed/damage | Shock & Shatter


[3.5 HC | Video Guide] Winter Orb/Lightning Spire Inquisitor | Shatter ME | Starter/endgame viable

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