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This build is based upon the FaceBreaker Gloves and the Vaal Ancestral Warchief Gem. There is a an older guide but i figured i would make a current version as it is still a very viable, user friendly, and budget friendly build!

When using the FaceBreaker Gloves, you do not use a weapon. This means you must add actual physical damage to your build, mainly thru your gear. That is why we use gear like Meginord's Girdle, Deidbellow, and Great Old One's shield. Then add in jewelry with physical damage and the Herald of Purity aura. The gloves then really amplify that damage!

I see a lot of nerfs out there but overall it didnt drop much total dps on POB tree. That does NOT include the HoP nerf so.. May have to move into the cluster jewels and see what the Slam designation offers...
I have now added a post about cluster jewels and how to maximize DPS with them https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2623691/page/6#p23275174
++ I see a lot of cluster jewels that could work for this build! many with DPS boosts and a few with hp/defensive boosts. These look promising!
My concern is that they take too many points to use...
Patch notes are out and I don't see any nerfs to the build itself!
Everything is pretty much the same as MetaMorph league. If you get a cluster jewel that adds to the build, please post the info!
++ huge DPS boost over last leagues, over 30%... check out the Stats section for details...
++ Awakened Physical Damage gem can also add DPS but it costs 12+ exalts! if you rich, go for it!

Shields with Reduced Mana, +1 Totems and 100 life and also the Ryslatha's Coil both costs Exalts... Looking at a shield without the Reduced Mana as I prefer to have 6 totems...

I see a nice buff on the tree! Retaliation is replaced with Surveillance and Panopticon nodes. Cost is 1 extra point but your AS drops from 22% to 16% while your DPS goes from 40% to 94%! This is showing as a 30% increase in damage for my blight build in PoB!
the Retaliation node has moved to the right of old location so it is still also usable.
Not seeing any negative changes at this point prior to league start.
+ will be leveling up a pulverize support gem to see if adds to our damage.
+ Will try out the StormBlast Mine to see if it is useful for more DPS.
+ New jewelry enchantments will add major DPS boost!
This build should work very well with the Tower Defense format of the Blight League as the mobs will be coming to you!

* Used the pulverize gem instead of Inc Area/Conc Area gems and will continue to going forward.
* Enchants: Ended up going with Command of Steel for the Amulet and +1 fireballs and +1 Meteor for the rings.
* Blight encounters were pretty good for the most part. Overall did pretty good but needed to use Vaal WCs sometimes to save the day. Getting killed from off screen attacks though were kind of lame...
* Blight maps were a hot mess. When the frame rate drops below 10 your pretty much gonna lose no matter what...
New Boots that help out for leveling!
-Immoral Call no longer gives immunity. This has been noticeable and i am sure resulted in many deaths across all builds!
-soul of arakaali and bloodRage trick doesn't work now because of IC nerf.
-Shield Charge was nerfed. you cursor needs to be a lot farther away from you than in the past. this has resulted in you not moving at all at the worse times.

Overall a negative defensive debuff!

it was hard to get all the mobs broken free with the Warchiefs and once free they ignored the totems and ran straight for you... In the emblem encounters the Warchiefs were just to slow to clear it reliably.
+ Warchiefs are a beginner friendly play style
+ Warchiefs are a budget friendly build
+ Excellent DPS - able to kill bosses
+ Up to 6 totems
+ High Life regen
+ High mana regen
+ Builds endurance charges for help in physical damage reduction
+ Up to 3 Auras (without expensive gems)
+ High life - easy to get over 6k life

- Physical resist maps are a huge pain and should be skipped
- No Regen maps are a huge pain and should be skipped
- Element resist maps Use Pride instead of Hatred
- Warchiefs require a medium speed play style. You can't outrun your totems
___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________
+ Maximize the DPS you get from Jewels as they can account for almost half of your DPS. End game Jewels should have at least 9% AS and 25% DPS or 5% AS and 40% DPS.

+ look to get a Vaal Ancestral Warchief with 23% quality early as they are very cheap then.

+ Bookmark you live trade watches so you can continue to monitor them over time. great way to get cheap end game Jewels.
Awakener Bosses
+ Al Hezmin the Hunter: Pantheons Arakaali and Shakari
+ Baran the Crusader: Pantheons Lunaris and Ryslatha
+ Drox the Warlord: Pantheons Lunaris and Ralakesh
+ Veritana the Redeemer: Pantheons Brine King and Yugul
+ Sirus: Pantheons Arakaali and Shakari. You also need a jewel with "Corrupted blood does not effect you"
No issues making it to Level 95 every league
Ending up going with Command of Steel node as the Amulet Enchantment!
NO changes in tree for 3.10.
Experiment with the new cluster jewels and post results.
POB 3.11
3.10 POB
3.9 Path of Building
Metamorph End Game gear
Blight End Game Gear
Legion End Game Gear

This is the gear I finished Legion with:
Gloves (Required)
The FaceBreakers are what makes this build possible with the massive "More Physical Damage". They can be corrupted for applying a Curse on Hit but I prefer to manually apply Vulnerability.
By the time I hit the maps I am look for a decent and cheap 6 link piece with decent HP (80+) and as much resistance as i can get depending on how much i have to spend (usually under 100c). After I have made some more cash i look to increase my HP as much as possible (120+), lots of armor, and fill in my missing resistance.
* Life - 120+
* Armor - 700+
* Resists - fill in whats needed
* Life Regen - any is good to have
The Loreweave is also an excellent choice for this build which adds DPS and Defense with higher resistance max. the reason i Don't use it is because i like the extra HP from other ones.
The Belly of the Beast is needed if you want to get over 7k HP and works good for this build too.
The 3 main options are all uniques.
The Abyssus offers massive DPS boost with a downside of you getting hit harder. Without a good HP pool it can be rough. It also has Dex.
The Deidbellow is usually what i go with. it adds DPS, has good armor, and the Dex you need.
Devoto's major upside is the 20% movement speed. Once you have it, it is tough to let go of it. It also covers your Dex need too.
If you can get a Warchief enchant, that is great! but there are so many for the Helmets that you could spend the whole league trying to get it. Look to buy or don't worry about it.
Typically i go for rare boots with speed, Life, Life regen, and resistance. There are also a number of uniques you can go with. Boots are usually my first end game piece and i look for these stats:
* Life - 100+
* Speed - 30%
* Life Regen - any is good to have
* Resist - as much as possible
For enchants you almost always want to go with the Life and Mana regen. there are also a few others that work including increased Movement Speed.
Great Old One's shield is the go to shield with great stats. Get it as soon as possible. After that you can look at rare shields that add another totem. Great for adding more life and resistance or you also try the reduced reserved mana which can increase your DPS overall. That is the way i go these days.
Amulets are another source for DPS, life, Dex, and resistance.
*DPS - 19+
*Life - 70+ (although sometimes you have to craft less on it)
*Resist - as much as possible
*Dex - as much as possible
Rings are another source for DPS, life, Dex, and resistance. End game ones are always Steel Rings.
*DPS - 19+
*Resist - look to fill in the what you need
*Life - 50+ (often crafted)
*Dex - as much as possible
Meginords is the go to belt with great stats. Get it as soon as possible. Upgrades are the Stygian belt with 2 jewels with lots of life and DPS (get one with blind also for more defenses) and also the Ryslatha's Coil which can be a really nice DPS and Life boost.

The following spreadsheet list the new blight enchantments for the amulet that work best for this build. Started with Shamanistic Fury but will change over to Command of Steel. It requires Amber Oil, Crimson Oil, and Opalescent Oil which are pretty cheap! Rings i started with chilling and summoning tower damage.
In the end i went all in on Fire with +1 Meteor and +2 Fireball Projectiles
+ Vaal Ancestral Warchief
- Vaal should have at least 16% quality as each percentage adds to your damage
- Corrupt: both level or quality adds damage
+ Multiple Totems
- Level it up a bit before using so DPS is better.
- Corrupt: Level adds damage, Quality adds placement speed
+ Melee Physical Damage
- adds DPS based upon your physical DPS
- Corrupt: both level or quality adds damage
+ Maim
- Maims enemies - 30% change to reduce their speed by 30%
- Corrupt: both level or quality adds damage
+ Ruthless
- every 3rd hit is major DPS boost and stun
- Corrupt: both level or quality adds damage
+ Pulverise
- Increases the range of your totems attacks
- Increases the damage
- Corrupt: both level or quality adds damage

Pulverise has now replaced swapping out Increased Area of Effect and Concentrated Effect


+ Increased Area of Effect
- Increases the range of your totems attacks
- Corrupt: Level adds range, Quality adds DPS
+ Concentrated Effect
- adds up to 64% DPS
- Corrupt: both level or quality adds damage
Swap Incr/Conc as needed.
Fast Attack just doesn't add enough DPS to be used.
Damage on Full Life is nice until your not at full life!

DPS Buffs

+ Herald of Purity
- Corrupt: Level adds DPS, Quality adds nothing
- Sentinel of Purity minions do not do any damage
+ Hatred
- adds cold damage
- Corrupt: Level adds DPS, Quality adds aura range
+ Blood and Sand
- Requires mana reserved reduced shield
- Blood adds more DPS in a smaller area
- Sand adds more range and less DPS
+ Vulnerability
- Enemies take more DPS
- 20% chance to be maimed
- 20% chance to bleed
- Corrupt: Level adds DPS, Quality adds Bleed chance

+ Pride
- Replace Hatred
- Gives up to 39% more physical damage

I used pride when i was doing Elemental Reflect maps.

Changed things up this league to see if i could get more defense to help replace the Immortal Call nerf from last league.
+ Standard CwDT (level 6) with IC (level 7) and Cold Snap (level 10). I really like Cold Snap, it identifies where the hit came form and slows them!
+ Shield Charge and Fortify to get the Endurance charges.
+ CwDT (level 17) and Vaal Molten Shield (level 19) is new for the build this league. MS is auto cast and V-MS is manually cast. Both are working good for the Metamorph boss fights!
- Stone Golem doesn't have any support so you cast him more often (or you can add him to the CwDT)
+Flame Dash has replaced Lighting Warp as it is much faster.

Using Minion Life and Minion and Totem Elemental Resistance on the Golem really helps keep it alive but those can be replaced if the spot is needed for other gems.
Using Cold Snap for the first time as part of CwdT. Frost Wall also works great but only in open areas.
Lightning Warp is my secondary movement skill and works great for lab runs.

You need to be able to stop bleeding and unfeeze yourself. I have those on life flasks. Speed flask should have more speed and more charges or increased duration. after that you got your unique DPS flasks with Lion's Roar being mandatory. I started using a Quartz flask for the phasing buff in the Delve and in Legion i used it for mapping too. it is a nice defensive buff.
Blight league i replace the HP bleed flask with Sins Rebirth for more DPS. For bleed i used Soul of Ralakesh Pantheon. Working well so far!
Look for Attack Speed and increased damage on the jewels.
For maximum end game DPS, look for jewels that have 2 AS and 2 DPS mods or 1 AS and 3 DPS mods for maximum damage. In Blight I have 7 jewels that accounted for 25% of my AS and 43% of my DPS.

+ increased Totem Damage
+ increased Area Damage
+ increased Global Physical Damage
+ increased Damage
+ increased Melee Physical Damage while holding a Shield
+ increased Melee Damage

+ increased Attack Speed
+ increased Attack Speed while holding a Shield
+ increased Attack and Cast Speed

There are also other options by adding in life and resist or with Abyssal jewels too.
Experiment to see what works best for your build.
I have added a couple of posts dealing with the Cluster jewels here that can greatly increase the DPS of the build

Major: Soul of Lunaris - Phy damage reduction and movement speed.
Minor: Soul of Ralakesh - used this instead of a bleed flask. Worked OK most of the time.
Change these based upon the map or boss you are doing as they can be very situational.
+ Enslaver Guardian: Soul of Solaris and Soul of Abberath

For the 4th selection you just take 2 small mana regen nodes
You can either take Oak with 1% life regen and 20% increased Physical Damage or Kill them all for the 2 Skill Points. I usually go for for the 2 points.
No Buffs - Pulverize - Blood Stance: 203,582 * 6 = 1.221M
With Buffs - Pulverize - Blood Stance: 313,012 * 6 = 1.878MM

No Buffs - Pulverize - Sand Stance: 168,175 * 6 = 1.009M
With Buffs - Pulverize - Sand Stance: 258,574 * 6 = 1.551MM

Life: 5,848
phy reduction: 25%
phy reduction with LR: 44%
Life Regen 777
Mana Regen 92
Deidbell - 1.258M
No Buffs Pulverize: 136,652 *6 = 820k
No Buffs Conc Area: 156.144 *6 = 937k
With Buffs Pulverize: 209,609 *6 = 1.258M
With Buffs Conc Area: 239,573 *6 = 1.437M
Devoto's Devotion - 1.118M
No Buffs Pulverize: 121,451*6 = 729k
With Buffs Pulverize: 186,344*6 = 1.118M
Abyssus - 1.564M
No Buffs Pulverize: 169,904 *6 = 1.019M
With Buffs Pulverize: 260,689 *6 = 1.564M
Life: 6,710
phy reduction: 30%
phy reduction with LR: 50%
Life Regen 1100
Mana Regen 100
No Buffs Conc: 175,700 * 6 totems = 1M DPS
No Buffs Incr: 114,160 * 6 totems = 685k DPS
With Buffs Conc: 259,155 * 6 totems = 1.55M DPS
With Buffs Incr: 165,400 * 6 totems = 1M DPS

Life: 6,215
phy reduction: 33%
phy reduction with LR: 56%
Life Regen 987
Mana Regen 95

Act 1-3
Level up based on what rare or unique items you might get.
+ Wands or maces use Purifying Flame - Elemental Proliferation Support
+ Swords or axes use Smite - Elemental Proliferation Support
+ Stormblast Mine as needed for extra damage.

* Get boots with Speed ASAP
* Grab jewelry on the fly based upon your needs.
* Keep an eye for linked items with the right colors for your leveling.
* use 2 1h weapons for max dps and speed

Act 1 Details
* Get the Coast portal, the Mud Flats quest, and The Submerged Passage portal.
** Take Summon Holy Relic for the life regen.
** Take the Frostblink for teleporting.
** Complete quest in the Tidal Island.
** Take the quicksilver flask.
** Take the Ruthless Support.
* Pick up your favorite leveling totem.
* Optional: Buy Arcane Surge Support if using Purifying Flame.
* Optional: buy Molten Shield or Steelskin for extra defense.
* Optional: buy War Banner for extra offense.
* Proceed to the Ledge thru the Climb and and the Lower Prison portal.
** Take Added Fire Support.
* Optional: buy added Lightning Support for Stormblast Mine
* Proceed to kill Brutus and then get the portal in Prisoners gate.
** Take Clarity for mana regen.
** buy Flame Dash to upgrade movement skill.
** Buy Shield Charge and begin leveling it.
* Return to Prisoners gate and head to The Ships graveyard and get the quest from Fairgraves and then head to Merveil’s Cavern and proceed to kill Merveil.
* Proceed to act 2 and then clean up remaining quests in act 1.
Act 2 Details
* Complete the Dens quest to get a quicksilver flask.
* Complete deal with the bandits.
* Complete Intruder in Black quest.
** Take Herald of Purity Gem.
** Buy Herald of Ash Gem.
* Go to Weavers chamber.
** Take Melee Physical Support Gem.
** Optional: Buy Faster Attacks Gem.
* Enter vaal temple and proceed to act 3.
* Clean up act 2 as needed.
Act 3 Details
* Complete 1st quest.
** Take Warlords Mark Gem.
** Buy Pride Gem.
* Head down into the Sewers and make your way to the Battle front.
* Get portals in Solaris 1 and 2.
* Get quests and portal in docks.
* Head to barracks and kill the general.
* Head to Lunaris and kill piety.
* Take any gem.
* Buy Ancestral Warchief Gem.
* Proceed to scepter of god and kill Dominus.
* Proceed to act 4.
* Clean up act 3 as needed.

Level 28: www.poeurl.com/cyXn

Act 4-6

Smite Leveling Gear
Made to Level 42 and Act 5 using Smite. Did the Normal Lab to get the first Ascendancy Node and now ready to switch over to AW.
Paid 2c for the 5 link just now and everything else i bought was 1 alch each or found.
Level 42 Tree
Using Skirmish Quiver for a bit until i buy a Great Ward Shield
Act 7-10
Act 7 now with 5 totems and everything is dying quickly. looking to up dps and resist on rings and ammy and maybe move to boots with more life and resist.
Act 8 I am looking to get cheap jewelry with life, resist, and dps. Will start looking at getting better boots soon too. Act 9 resist are maxed,got decent boots, next up will be a hi dps amulet with resist and life and dex
Level 65 Tree
Act 10 and looking good... Life is 4k, DpS is 25,187x5=125k... Get new boots with 100 hp, 30% move, max resist... next is amulet with min 19 phy Ddps, then chest with max life, max resist, max armor,,, then fill it in with rings, min 15 phy dps
Level 71 Tree
MetaMorph - 550c
Similar costs to Blight except for the Ryslatha's Coil belt and a Shield with +1 totem, 100 hp, and reduced mana. Both of those costs exalts this league.

*FaceBreakers - 20c - 800% gloves dropped for me this league!
*6L chest - 2.5 ex
*Boots - 35c
*Belt - 5c
*Rings/Ammy 70c
*Helmet - 1c
*Shield - 60c - got lucky and got a decent shield cheap at 60c
*Jewels 40c
Blight - 550c
Leveling up cost about 10c or so, mostly in Alcs...
A lot cheaper this league than the last on pretty much every item...
Bought a 6L chest for 40c to get me rolling when i made it to the maps.
*FaceBreakers - 7.
*6L chest - 2 ex.
*Boots - 35c
*Belt - 5c
*Rings/Ammy 85c
*Helmet - 1c
*Shields - 40c.
*Jewels 60c
Legion - 800c
Legion was an expensive league as many more people played Melee toons.
*FaceBreakers - 40c. 795%+
*6L chest - 3ex. cheap ones ran 1 ex and decent ones ran 3ex and up. I consider my current one only decent.
*Amulets and Rings - 150c. prolly around 50c each and i consider them to be just average stats.
*Boots - 50c. usually you can find a pair on your own too.
*Belt - 65c. the Ryslatha's Coil was 40c and i had to gamble with divine orbs to make it better.
*Helmet - 5c. not very expensive for the Deidbellow but the Abyssus with a low damage taken roll was crazy expensive.
*Shields - 40c. Greal Old One's pretty cheap, maybe 10c for very good rolls. the elder shield is hit or miss and just checking the market at the right time.
*Jewels - 80c. includes leveling jewels too. they did not seem to go up much if at all.

So a total cost was less than 800 chaos (when an ex was around 120c) and maybe another 100c on leveling gear and other miscellaneous stuff.

Also spent a lot more money on maps with sextants and zana mods.

+ updated trees
+ added costs
+ added final gear
+ added more gem options
+ added Strategies section
+ Added Sirus and Guardian videos
+ Filled in leveling section
+ Added Enchantment section
+ added Blight map run video
+ Added the final Enchantment (Command of Steel)
+ Added Uber Elder and Shaper kills and T16 clear speed video
* Updated the gems
+ Added Pantheon section
+ Created the guide.
+ Added Videos
+ updated leveling guide
I use AutoKey Macros staring in Synth League and I don't think i would want to play without them now!
Personal Macro Script
Exile Maps - Keeps track of your map runs and your net worth
POE Trade Macro
Path of Building
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This build should work very well with the Tower Defense format of the Blight League as the mobs will be coming to you!

as there are only videos from boss kills ... how well will it probably work for trash mob groups? Even if they are kinda fast ... what is the range of the totems and can a pair of 2 easily kill a group within seconds or not?
Last edited by Mydgard6 on Sep 6, 2019, 11:29:30 AM
Trash mobs go down really quickly, within seconds, even with only 1 or 2 totems hitting them. I did not upgrade to 6 totems until late in the league, so even without the +1 shield there are no issues with trash mobs. The range is pretty good with the Increased area gem. I will upload a clearing video shortly.

Added a quick sample of running T14 Racecourse map.
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added blighted map run
Ok, so I clicked on the build with the online link b/c I am on phone/ps4 combo. It says there are 5 unused skill tree points, so my question is if you are not going to use Oaks buff, then why not spend them? I am too new to this game, I need guidance!

On a more important note, is there anyway you could post the online version of the skill trees for the leveling guide section, for some reason I can't open them. If not, it is not the end of the world, I am just not sure in what order to spend my points.

Either way, thanks for the noob friendly build!
Thigh_Bru1ser wrote:
Ok, so I clicked on the build with the online link b/c I am on phone/ps4 combo. It says there are 5 unused skill tree points, so my question is if you are not going to use Oaks buff, then why not spend them? I am too new to this game, I need guidance!

On a more important note, is there anyway you could post the online version of the skill trees for the leveling guide section, for some reason I can't open them. If not, it is not the end of the world, I am just not sure in what order to spend my points.

Either way, thanks for the noob friendly build!

The 5 extra points are levels 96 thru 100. You could add bleeding or impaling or more life or dps.
On a side note, I usually add points to the big life wheel (constitution node) until i am ready to move them elsewhere. As always feel free to experiment!

You can ignore the leveling path of building links. I have added links in each act spoiler for levels 28 and 42 and then 43 for when i switch to facebreakers and ancestral bond node. after that there are levels for 54, 60, 65, and 71 which will take you to the maps. I got my 6 link around level 80 after i mad some chaos!

The best part of this build is that it a lot easier to learn the mechanics of a lot of the fights as your not always running for your life!
Ok...so I am new to this game..new as I just started today. Please explain to me what weapon I need to be looking for, also...I am trying to follow your build, but it feels like it has gaps...

At what point do I look for the totem skill and start leveling it?? So far, I have just been using Clarity/holy relic/molten strike. The gap I feel didnt explain when to go from 2 1h to the 1h shield combo.

Tons of questions...but thats where I will start!
Caeydin wrote:
Ok...so I am new to this game..new as I just started today. Please explain to me what weapon I need to be looking for, also...I am trying to follow your build, but it feels like it has gaps...

At what point do I look for the totem skill and start leveling it?? So far, I have just been using Clarity/holy relic/molten strike. The gap I feel didnt explain when to go from 2 1h to the 1h shield combo.

Tons of questions...but thats where I will start!

It is a very fun game! but you need to stick with it as it is takes a bit to get up to speed. Basically for your first character your just figuring out the gear and the gems and what works best for you, ranged, melee, or spell caster.

The leveling guide should help out to get you rolling. the 2 1h should take you to level 42 and that is where i switched to the AW with the ancestral bond tree node and facebreaker gloves. there is more information under Act 4-6 of the leveling guide.

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