[3.9] Centorios's Guardian AuraBot (20 Auras,2 Curses,1 AG,1 CGolem) (No-solo viable)

Welcome guys

Ive mainly been playing metamorph with Assassin COC Cyclone but hey we are a group of 5 so.
Later on the idea of having an aurabot in the party came to my brain, here is my take on the guy that everyone wants in the party

Highly recommended to know how to use Path of Building

Important to read Pros/Cons down below


-Make everybody Triple their DPS (especially if paired with Phys builds)
-Chaos immune
-84% MAX ELE resists
-Very tanky in terms of defense layers
-Just run and loot, very entertaining if you only want to chill with some music in background

-Can be very expensive 20-35 exalts just to get it running
-Just run and loot, very boring if you want to be an active movement player



Alpha's howl has everything we want, reduced mana reserved +2 to socketed aura gems evasion and makes our character freeze immune.
Ignore +2 aura gems corrupt, it cant get really expensive with just the normal one you can be running (I bought this corrupted AH because economically speaking this was cheaper than 21/20 quality auras)

This one could be viable too but we should tweak our skill tree to grab more jewel nodes and flat stats in order to reach alpha's howl reduced mana reserved, and probably wear another amulet something like Astramentis full rolled with Catalysts

Body Armour

Victario's influence is the way to go here, it's very cheap and you can use it without it being 6 linked, if you have the colours you are ready to go
(if you have a lot of currency to spend you may try to find this one with +2 to socketed auras or even +2 to socketed auras and +1 to all gems with double corruption altar)

Main Hand

you are mainly looking for auras from your skills grant 2% increased damage to you and allies from fossil crafting
if you want to craft this yourself youll have to use Aetheric+Bound+Lucent fossils

Off Hand

15% reduced mana reservation on socketed gems is mandatory here, if you have currency to spare look for a titanium shield base(aspect of the spider not introduced to my build yet)


Skyforth are the best to fit in this slot they are mandatory


Shaper's touch provide a huge ES pool and other bonuses but changes here are welcomed, leave ideas in the coment box



This one is going to be really really expensive, they are now like 15 exalts and unluckily it is mandatory


we really need unsets rings here but if you dont have the currency you can go with 2 cheap unsets with stats and ES


Darkness Enthroned is really needed but only when minmaxin, a well crafted crystal belt or stygian vise will fit as well


Chest : Wrath , Anger , Zealotry , Hatred ,
Pride , Malevolence

(Setup here is focused on giving the best offensive bonuses to you party members and summons)

Helmet : Impurity of Ice , Impurity of Fire , Impurity of Ice , Vaal Discipline

(we are running triple resists here to make ourselves benefit from them and discipline for the same reason)

Shield : Vaal Grace , Vaal Haste , Determination

(Here we are socketing auras that have 50% reserved so we want them to be affected by the shield but we also want them for ourselves to move faster, have increased dodge chance and some extra armor)

Main Hand : Flame Dash , Summon Chaos Golem , Smite

(We are using flame dash to move around, chaos golem to have extra phys reduction and smite to grant aditional shock effect and extra lightning damage)

(it's important to use a scepter or a mace to be able to use smite)

Boots : Animate Guardian , Flesh and Stone , Vaal Clarity , Purity of Elements

(purity of elements gives us our final boost to reach resistance cap, flesh and stone gives us insta blind enemies during sand stance)

Gloves : Vitality , Blasphemy , Assassin's Mark , Elemental Weakness

(im personally running assassin's mark and ele weakness to synergise with my party builds but feel free to chance to any curse you see fit)

Rings : Dread Banner , Precision

(im running those here in the ring slots because i cant reach mana reduced if i slot something like vaal discipline in the vivinsect)


(Currently running this setup but im able to hear some advice for a better one)


Major god
Soul of Lunaris

Minor god
Soul of Abberath or Soul of Gruthkul

Skill Tree


Stats to look for :
-Maximum mana

Corruptions to look for :
-Corrupted Blood cannot be inflicted on you
-You cannot be Hindered
-You cannot be Maimed
-1% Reduced mana reseved
(the latter one is mandatory)

Conqueror's Efficiency
Crimson Jewel

(also mandatory and with 1% mana reduced corrupt)

(if you have a lot of currency to spare try to search for a Watcher's eye jewel with 2 or 3 aura explicits)

-Gain (12-18)% of Maximum Mana as Extra Maximum Energy Shield while affected by Clarity
-(5-8)% Chance to Block Spell Damage while affected by Discipline
-(5-8)% chance to Dodge Spell Hits while affected by Haste
-You have Phasing while affected by Haste
-(4-6)% chance to Evade Attacks while affected by Grace
-(10-15)% increased Movement Speed while affected by Grace
-(6-10)% chance to Dodge Attack Hits while affected by Grace
-(5-8)% chance to Evade Attacks while affected by Grace

(Underlined ones are really really expensive and should only be looked for while min maxin)

(try to use healty mind below Faith and Steel, might of the meek only if found cheap on the left of Harrier , intuitive leap only if found cheap on the left of Charisma)

Animate Guardian

Leer Cast Festival Mask

Body Armour
Ambu's Charge Crusader Chainmail

Dying Breath Iron Staff

Victario's Flight Goathide Boots

Southbound Soldier Gloves

(This dude right here is going to generate endurance charges when hit, give 36% increase damage and 10% increased movement speed, Everything to all the party)


Not real information here, i was just carried till lvl 80 or so, i just recommend to search for some guardian build and then re-skill when lvl 76 or higher

Kill All

Flexing my defences


With Flasks

With Flasks + Vaal skills
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Nice Sexy Build ;) ;) ;) Keep up the Gewd Werk!
juz wondering how do i min-max using intuitive leap near charisma? what nodes to allocate? or do i juz un-allocate the int and dex connecting to the charisma wheel and put them somewhere else?
K4ZTER wrote:
juz wondering how do i min-max using intuitive leap near charisma? what nodes to allocate? or do i juz un-allocate the int and dex connecting to the charisma wheel and put them somewhere else?

Using intuitive leap is something similar to might of the meek, just focus the %reduced mana reserved from charisma and some other aura nodes, you can grab attributes somewhere else if needed

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