Templar Builds List 3.11

psst, requesting to be added to 3.7 list.



[3.7 UNCHANGED] Demi's TWO MILLION+ DPS SAFESTLEMON Low Life Righteous Fire/Scorching Ray Guardian
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Hi, when you get a chance please add my build to the list. Thanks!


[3.7] Wallach's Hierophant Holy Flame Totems

you can add this (https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2528444) 3.7 and remove the 3.6 melee cyclone - its the updated version

Whenever you get a chance, please add my second build guide to this list. Thanks again!


[3.7] Wallach's Hierophant Freezing Pulse Totems
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I just created a build guide, if you could include it in the list, it would be awesome. Thanks for your work!


[HC][3.7]A Low Life Herald of Agony/Spiders Guardian
Hi, I made a full build guide for Glacial Hammer/Ice Crash using Disintegrator staff and would like to be included in this great list.

Build link

Build Name : [3.7] Disintegrator Glacial Hammer & Ice Crash Inquisitor

Thank you for your work.
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I created a Glacial Hammer inquisitor leaguestarter for 3.8 that I will update when they release the patch notes.

Name:[SC/HC]3.8 Leaguestarter Glacial Hammer, Clears entire game on 5-link

I would like it if you could add it to your list of builds. Thank you for your work.
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3.8 FaceBreakin' Ancestral Warchief Heiro


This build is based upon the FaceBreaker Gloves and the Vaal Ancestral Warchief Gem. It is a very viable, user friendly, and budget friendly build!
[3.8] Cheap Tanky Non-Crit Arc Inquisitor | All Content | Great League Starter

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