Templar Builds List 3.11

Hi, I have updated the 3.0 build to the 3.8 version. Hope you maybe able to add to the list.

[3.8] [Melee] Life Based Wildstrike Inquisitor #100% Conversion #HighCrit #WildStrike

Just submitted new guide, thanks a lot!


[3.8] Herald of Agony Mana Guardian With Spectre Tanks | Cheap | Deathless Uber Elder | Delve 1000+
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Please add my guide, thx :)

[3.8] Scold's Bridle Ice Nova Hierophant
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Hey guys. Is there any good build for inquisitor with scepter + shield as ele attack lighting ?
I’m new in game
https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2679321 Made a guide for a very tanky CI aurasupport, please add it to the list.(name as you wish really)
Vaal Pact is dead, long live Vaal Pact!
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Pls update to 3.9 you made a great job
Updated to 3.9, purged pre-3.9 builds
[3.9] Cheap Tanky Non-Crit Arc Inquisitor | All Content | Great League Starter


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