Templar Builds List 3.11

vMarko101 wrote:
Inquisitor build with 4+ million DPS on shaper with semi-decent gear. can go up to 8+ million with optimal gear.

Can I get some thoughts on the build

First off, this isn't really the place for getting thoughts on a build. This is where you post guides to be listed. That said, I have some thoughts about yours.

For reference we'll use Wave of Conviction, which has 2.3 million DPS in your PoB.

Problem 1: You have both "Full ES" and "Leeching ES" checked at the same time. These are mutually exclusive. Unchecking full ES brings the WoC damage down to 1.8 million, already a large hit.

Problem 2: You're using elemental focus in all damage links, yet you have "Enemy is shocked" checked. You have no way to shock the enemy. Unchecking this brings WoC down to 1.3 million.

Problem 3: All your gear is using max rolls. You'd be hard pressed to find gear that good on a standard character with nigh infinite funds.

Problem 4: You have cast while channeling from two sources, the link and the staff. This doesn't change your damage, but it's a mistake nonetheless.

Problem 1 and 2 alone is a 50% more modifier, 24% more modifier, 24% increased modifier, all impossible to actually achieve. That's a total of 86% more, gone.

I'm not saying your build lacks damage. I'm saying the numbers you gave are way, way inflated.
Mana Guard updated to 3.6
Hey I'm the one who made the dominating blow guide, I have a new one for my unique league starter utilizing the reworked summon phantasm on kill support. I killed uber elder with it today. Here you go :)


Probably call it "[Gua][LS]Storm Brand Summoner" you could also add in the summons I use, herald of agony, herald of purity, and summon phantasm on kill.

Thanks for your hard work :D
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Unleash Firestorm Mana Hierophant ES Leech Tank
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[Inq][LS][3.6] AziiRe's Crit Elemental Purifying Flame Inquisitor

[LS][3.6]My Divine Ire Totem Build.

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I have a new build, well its sort of two new builds. The core of both is what I'm calling staff inquisitor. I started off with a self cast dark pact build that I killed uber elder on, and have plans to switch the character and see how it plays with purifying flame and some minor changes.

For now it is a fully functional guide to dark pact. If you post it, you could now or wait until I have finished the purifying flame portion as well, which shouldnt be long as I have already finished the path of building phase, and the gear is rather similar.


[Inq][3.6]Dark Pact/Purifying Flame Self Cast
or call it staff inquisitor or something idk.
If you would like me to split the guides up into two, I can do that. But I am fairly proud of the archetype that came from my experiments with dark pact, as its a guide to that as well as to the spells and build themselves, I would like to keep it together.

As always thank you for your work!
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Hello, I would like to share my first build!

[LS][Gua][HC] Herald of Agony Mana Guardian
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Would like to share the build:
Inquisitor: Crit Staff (Stormwall) Cyclone (100% Elemental), Herald of Ash, Herald of Purity, Hatred


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Looks like StormHavoc has taken over the Witch build list which you link in the first post.

And thanks for tagging builds if they are starters, or good for HC or SSF. I really appreciate that.
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