[3.9] Divine Ire Totems Hierophant. Elder, Shaper, Uber Elder, Sirus!


Synthesis league has been a whirlwind of emotions for me. Also class and work has kept me from finishing this sooner. But I've finally refined the build to a point that I'd share my take on my Divine Ire Totem Hierophant.

Do you like ignoring 90% of boss mechanics? Do you like blasting away content with one of the most over-tuned abilities in the game? If so Divine Ire Totems we'll blow you away.

Betrayal was the first league I played extensively on soft-core and I had a blast. Despite the fact I was playing Arc Totems, I thoroughly enjoyed all the end game content it had to offer. So I thought the only logical progression for this league was to make my own Totem build using one of the new skills they released. And yes this is a League Starter.

Going headfirst into Conqueror's of the Atlas it should be noted that this build's defensive's are rather lackluster. At endgame with decent gear you can expect this build to foster around 4k Life, 1k Energy Shield and 3k Mana. This could be changed greatly to sacrifice damage for more life and mana, but these are the numbers I'm comfortable playing at. More importantly what I've found is that there is 3 main classifications of Divine Ire Totems that you can choose to play. You can either go with the Stibnite, Kikazaru, or if you have quite a bit of currency the Reflection variant. Each of these variations have different ways of maintaining your curses generated by your Soul Mantle.

3.7-3.9 Changes!

3.8 UPDATE!: I haven't looked too much into 3.8 yet but from what I've been told nothing has effectively changed too much from 3.7. I've been pretty busy with Classic WoW and School lately. At some point I'll give this the update it deserves, but it seems to be sufficient for now!

3.9 UPDATE!: WARNING a lot of the information in the Damage Calculations and Shock page is incorrect due to shock's changes. I've labeled all the shock references "<--- OUT OF DATE." I haven't gotten around to figuring out how much shock we are applying to bosses, but it's probably still quite a bit. Leveling Skill Trees have been fully updated for each of my 3 variations of build paths.


3/28/19: Added Bandit Choice
3/28/19: Added My Path of Building
3/28/19: Leveling Guide Added
3/28/19: Fixed issues regarding my PoE Planner
3/29/19: DPS Rotation Section added. Coming Soonish
4/2/19 : DPS Calculator Added
4/2/19 : Fixed Average Crit Calculation
4/2/19 : Added relevant and reasonably farmable lab enchants
6/6/19 : Updated the Leveling Trees and the Guide to 3.7

Leveling/Path of Building/Ascensions

It should be known leveling with Holy Flame Totem is advised early on until you receive your Divine Ire skill-gem, because pretty quickly you'll have Ancestral Bond. This will make it so you have an additional totem frying everything in your path until you get your first Divine Ire/Spell Totem setup. My skill tree will be split up based on where ones skill tree should be when attempting each Labyrinth. Depending on your skill and knowledge of Path of Exile this can of course be done earlier or later!
IMPORTANT: By your Cruel Lab you'll want to make a decision on which variation of DivIre totems you'll want to be pursuing. I have each tree labeled accordingly. These leveling skill trees are merely a suggestion. I recommend checking out https://poe.ninja/challenge/builds?class=Hierophant&skill=Divine-Ire for all the different variations in skill trees other successful DivIre Totems players are using!

PoE Planner & Skill Tree Progression

The Lab
www.poeurl.com/cHZQ < - - - All Variations
Notice that we take the loop around at the start of the skill tree as to save a couple of skill points. Early on in the skill Tree we make pathing towards Ancestral Bond our number one priority. More totems more damage. After we'll make our way over to the Ele/Phys wheel to pick up Divine Judgement and Wrath. For our Ascension we choose to ascend into Pursuit of Faith because of the same reason we got Ancestral Bond earlier. Lastly we'll start pathing towards the center of the skill tree towards Arcanist's Dominion.

Cruel Lab
< - - -
The next crucial node is Shaman's Dominion, this is one of the strongest totem nodes in the game period. Making sure to pick up health nodes as we move along the skill tree towards it. The Ascension of choice this time is Ritual of Awakening. This is also about the same time you'll be incorporating your 4-Linked Soul Mantle into the build. You should have a total of four total totems right now. Before you equip your shiny new Soul Mantle, make sure you aquire a De-Curse flask of any sort. I'm biased towards stibnite due to the number of charges on it, but any flask will do.

Merciless Lab

< - - -
Now were going to be looking for our Crit Nodes. Notably Arcane Potency, Throatseeker, and most importantly Doom Cast. Doom Cast is actually an insane node for crit builds. 80% Critical Strike Chance for Spell & 45% Crit Multiplier. Seems decent. The ascension of choice this time is Conviction of Power. Since this is about the time you'll be incorporating Crit into your build, why not also get 3 free power charges that'll give you even more crit? This is also a point in the game where enemies will start to hit rather hard so having 3 Endurance Charges constantly will help mitigate a solid portion of it. Lastly I recommend doing this before you kill Act 10 Kitava since you'll lose even more resistance when you kill it making this fight unnecessarily harder.

Uber Lab&Maps
< - - -
If you noticed we are actually a MoM build. This is when we will finally be incorporating it. Killing act 10 Kitava will shred your resists even further which means you'll likely need to purchase all new pieces of loot. So instead of wasting the money and time on Mana gear before hand I wanted to wait until now so you could spend the little money you had clearing the story on important gear pieces with adequate stats on them to get your resistances to the full 75%. Remember! The Wise Oak is a critical part to this build when bossing so make sure that your Lightning Res is the highest and Cold Res is the lowest. If you can balance all three resistances without sacrificing too much that's even better, but it's very time consuming and expensive. Also this is a great time to switch over to the 2 Extra Skill points "Deal with the Bandits." This can be done selling 20 Orbs of Regret along with an Onyx Amulet to a vendor. Now is also a reasonable time to start thinking about the Jewels you want to purchase, since we picked up 3 jewel nodes. Notable nodes to acquire are Deep Thoughts, and Mind Over Matter. By now you should have a pretty decent understanding of the simple map clearing rotation. Flame Dash > Put Totems down > Pop DPS Flasks > Quicksilver flask/Phase Run.

Guardians/Shaper/Uber Elder
< - - -
This is what your skill tree should look like when you are level 93 or 91 if you ended up getting the 2 extra skill points. Now would also be a great time to pick up your perfect Atziri's Promise, since you'll want it for melting bosses. The notable node to pick up here is Alchemist. This not only makes your flask last a bit longer, but also increases the effect they have on you. By now your Soul Mantle should be at least 5-Linked and you should start thinking about either manually making your own 6-Link or buying one that's already 6-Linked. I made the mistake of sinking 12 Exalted Orbs worth of fusings before I broke down and purchased my 6-Linked soul mantle for 4.2 Exalt. "You feeling lucky punk?" Honestly I'm not too good at explaining how to do these fights, because this is only the second league I've done them in. Feel free to either watch my videos on how I do it or even better, I'd look to YouTube for various guides on the Guardians and Shaper!

Engineering Eternity is a good source of late game bossing information.

Pastebin/Path of Building

This is the PoB setup I killed Uber Elder with.

Early on I recommend helping Alira for the All Resist & Mana Regen, but later on switching over to the 2 Extra Points before moving into red maps. Although I currently haven't switched over to the extra 2 points because I'm too lazy to reinvest into new gear and re-balance for my Wise Oak.



Unless gems are specified to stay at a certain level, they should be leveled as high as possible. This gem setup is merely a suggestion and a starting point. I advise that you test other setups for what works best for you!

Weapon 1/Shield: Wave of Conviction / Trap / Charged Traps

Weapon 1/Shield: Flame Dash / Arcane Surge(7) / Faster Casting

Helm: Storm Brand / Conductivity / Curse on Hit / Onslaught

Chest: Divine Ire / Controlled Destruction / Faster Casting / Physical to Lightning / Concentrated Effect / Infused Channeling

Gloves/Boots: Cast on Damage Taken(1) / Immortal Call(3) / Increased Duration / Enfeeble(5)

Gloves/Boots: Phase Run / Vaal Haste / Increased Duration / Vaal Righteous Fire

Essence Worm: Wrath

You have all your general Gem setups here including a Movement, Curse and Defensive link. Along with 3.6 we were blessed with ridiculous de-buff link Wave of Conviction. This will shred 25% resistance off of the target it deals damage to based on what type of damage it deals adding TONS of DAMAGE.


Necessary Uniques:

I think going Soul Mantle is definitely necessary. Also Essence Worm making Wrath free since our primary Elemental damage will be lightning I'd argue is necessary too.

Suggested Items:

The affix to take note is the Mana Roll which is paired with the "regen 6% of damage taken as mana." This allows you to forgo using Vaal Clarity altogether.

Items I killed Uber Elder with and why:

Since you are a Hierophant and you'll be taking Mind over Matter, gear with Life, Mana, and resists are highly recommended. This can be a tad pricey at the beginning of a league, but with some cunning searching in PoE Trade you can find an item with an empty Prefix for Mana that would be priced under what it should be. Also getting a dex roll on either your gloves or boots is recommended, because having Phase Run is such a great luxury to have while Mapping or Delving, but not needed.

Jewels I'm currently Wearing

Health is very important as a starting point when purchasing a Jewel. Flat Damage vs % Damage is pretty comparable with % damage barely edging it out. Crit Multiplier and more notably Cast Speed are other modifiers to watch out for. Cast speed is likely going to be your second affix to prioritize on jewels, but we'll cover that later.


For Mapping:

For Mapping w/ no Regen:

For Uber Elder/Shaper/Guardians:

You'll want to get your Staunching flask somewhere as well as Heat and Warding. Seething VS Bubbling comes down to primarily preference on your life flask. And I recommend your heat flask to be on your Diamond Flask, since Heat is always something you'll want to have. Lastly your de-curse flask in my experience should be a Stibnite Flask with +20 to charges. Meaning you get 5 uses with each giving 5 seconds of cleansing your curses off while blinding any bois near you. This makes Delving so much easier. This flask can effectively be spammed while mapping making it so the Burden that your Soul Mantle brings is neutralized EVEN when bossing.

I'm pretty torn on whether going Taste of Hate is better than Wise Oak for a new player. My knee jerk reaction is to just recommend using Taste of Hate, but the Damage Reduction and Penetration Wise Oak gives makes me heavily biased towards it for this build. Also you don't need to be a Masochist and try to balance ALL 3 resistances, but rather you could Make Lightning your highest resist and Cold your lowest, because cold damage is most common for Shaper/Uber Elder fights.

Lab Enchants

Helm: You really don't need this trust me, but if you REALLY want to pay the premium for it I'd suggest going with the "%#Increased Damage to Divine Ire" as opposed to the other ones. I would suggest going for this ONLY after all other stats are met.

Gloves: Since we won't be hitting anything and we won't do any damage ourselves, it's largely useless for Totem builds. The exception is the "Of Light" enchantment, due to the fact it gives us consecrated ground when we curse something with our Storm Brand.

Boots: Now this enchant could possibly be worth farming for. The boot enchant literally named "Enchantment Elemental Penetration 3" says if we don't kill anything, which we can't due to Ancestral Bond, our damage penetrates 10% of their elemental resist.

Mapping: Major - Solaris or Lunaris, Lesser - Shakiri
Uber Elder/Shaper: Major - Solaris, Lunaris, or Brine King, Lesser - Yugul

I recommend trying to capture the Gods with
while you do your Shaper Questline, because they offer some nice bonuses especially if you are using Shakiri. Immune to poison damage is sweet.

DPS Rotation for Bossing
Coming Soon. TM.

The Proof/Kill Videos

Path of Building: Divine Ire - Terms

There's quite a bit of math that goes into calculating what your actual damage is with Divine Ire, because unlike most other abilities it doesn't have an intuitive DPS calculator in Path of Building. Instead the Values we'll be paying most attention to are Average Hit, Average Hit When You Crit, and Cast Rate.

Cast Rate:
Cast Rate is conducive to how fast your Beam charges up so if you have 10.00 as your Cast Rate, you'll get 10 charges every second making it so it'd do it's full Damage in 2 seconds. With the way Divine Ire operates it gains an extra stage depending on what the Beam is channeling near to with every cast rate tick. The wiki explains it better than I do, but notably if you have it next to an unique mob it gains +1 stage per channeling tick. Thus if you had a totem directly on Shaper for instance it would gain 20 charges in 1 second.
There are two important feasible breakpoints to consider knowing this. Since our buffs will last 5-6 seconds we want to consider how many beams we could get off in that short amount of time. 8.33 Cast Rate will allow you to shoot 5 beams in 6 seconds. So it's something to take to consideration while stacking your cast rate. I went ahead and went for the 10.00 break point just to make DPS calculation a little bit easier.

Average Hit:
This is on average how much damage your beam will do, note this is also taking into consideration the damage when you don't crit. This is relevant when considering the Shock debuff you'll have on Shaper/Uber Elder. In general this gives you a decent idea on the damage your Divine Ire will do.

Average Hit When You Crit:
To understand how much our shock will do we'll first need to understand how much damage we actually do when we crit. This is important because we will want to know EXACTLY how much shock will we have applied to Shaper/Uber Elder.

- Simply increase your crit chance to 100% on Path of Building then observe what your Average Hit changes to.

- Look in the 'Calc' page and within the 'Skill Hit Damage Column,' hover over your 'Skill Average Hit' and view the 1st # in the 2nd row. If you import in my Path of Building the number should be exactly 1,529,424.


Shock %: <--- OUT OF DATE
This is something I've recently come to understand in Path of Exile and correct me if I'm wrong. But for every % of max health you CRIT something with LIGHTNING DAMAGE you'll provide %shock to it scaling up to 10% of it's max health giving you an additional 50% of your total damage. For this example lets say the Shaper has roughly 20 Million Health, so if you did 500,000 lightning damage in one singular blast it'd result in doing 2.5% of Shaper's Max HP thus resulting in a 12.5% shock.

DPS Calculator <--- OUT OF DATE
First off, let me know if this is too confusing or if you think something is incorrect. I wasn't sure exactly how I should word this but I'll give it my best shot. Also this calculation is taking the stats given to me from Path of Building. Finally, this is by no means necessary in order to kill Uber Elder, but it gives you an idea what certain setups can do for you. Don't attempt this if you are not using Path of Building!

Values You'll need to do the calculation.
- Your Average Hit @20
- Your Total Channeling DPS
- Your Number of Totems
- Your Cast Rate
- The Health of your Target
- The Percent of Damage that is Lightning

Using these values you'll be able to find your 'actual' dps. My values will be colored in red.

Firstly we need to calculate our Average Crit Hit @20 Stages.
- Refer back to 'Divine Ire Terms' to find this.
- The result is 1,529,424.

Secondly we need to calculate the shock that'll be applied to our Target.

Remember shock damage is only calculated with specifically the LIGHTNING damage you do to the target!

In this case it'll be The Shaper, so if you want to know how much shock you do to the Minotaur or any other target you'll enter in it's health pool instead. At the end we'll multiply our shock percent by '5' in order to receive our total bonus damage from shock. Then take 1 + our shock percent.

- ((Average Hit When Crit) x (Percent of Damage that is Lightning)) / (Shaper's Health).
- ((1,529,424 x 0.79)) / (18,328,731)
- The result is 0.066 or 6.6%.
- Thus our damage increased from shock is (6.6%) x (5).
- The result is a 33% shock. Which results in a 1.33 Shock Damage Multiplier.

Lastly we have all the information we need to do our final formula. We'll split this up into two values then add them at the end to find our DPS.
- A: which is our Average hit @20 calculated with the number of totems, their cast speed, and shock.
- B: which is the channeled DPS, the number of totems, and shock.

The Formulas
- A = (Average Hit) x (Shock Damage Multiplier) x (Your Number of Totems) x ((Cast Rate / 10)).
- B = (Total Channel DPS) x (Your Number of Totmes) x (Your Shock Amount).

Plugging in your numbers
- A = (1,133,179) x (1.33) x (5) x ((10.00/10)).
- The result is A = 7,535,640.
- B = (177,962) x (5) x (1.33).
- The result is B = 1,181,651.
- A + B = (Your DPS).
- (7,535,640) + (1,181,651).

The Final Result is 8,717,291

Final Note
Thanks for taking the time to read my guide. I understand that there is much more optimization that can be done with this build and multiple ways to make Divine Ire Totems work.

In conclusion I'd like to plug my friend's stream here who helped me format this guide so it didn't look like a complete pile of garbage. Happy Hunting Exiles! https://www.twitch.tv/bigboilegarto

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Last bumped on Jun 28, 2020, 4:39:09 PM
I was looking for a build for Divine Ire totems and this just popped up!

Well written guide! :)

P.S.: Messaged you!
Great guide, I would love for a leveling breakdown of the skill tree if you're ever up for it and have the time.

Either way, greatly appreciate you taking the time making this guide.

Just finished my leveling guide! Wasn't sure how to present it, but I hope it's easy to understand!
How do you deal with the curses? I have seen builds using Soul Mantle using Kikazaru rings to offset them.

Also, I’m trying a DI totem build. Level 80 but my damage seems a little low. I only have a 5L Soul Mantle. So that’s some if it.

Wondering what are the stats I should be looking for to scale my damage.
How do you deal with the curses? I have seen builds using Soul Mantle using Kikazaru rings to offset them.

I used a +20 charge Stibnite flask with Warding.


This would give you 30 seconds of being immune to curses during bosses, which is more than enough time to finish it before the chest becoming a burden. This flask is also very spammable during maps and provides a really useful blind when delving making it good for farming too.

Wondering what are the stats I should be looking for to scale my damage.

In general aim for 65% effective crit chance, 450% crit multiplier, and either 8.33 or 10.00 cast rate breakpoint. Of course beyond that you want to stack as many 'more multipliers' such as Wrath as possible and spell damage where you can. Your gem links on your 5-Link very greatly depending on the other items you are using. Faster Casting - Concentrated Effect - Physical to Lightning are generally 3 support gems you'll always be using.
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Sweet. Thank you for the quick reply. I'll try your suggestions. So with my 5L I have DI, Faster Casting, Physical to Lightning, Conc. Effect, and Infused Channeling.

I replaced one of my rings with an Essence Worm for Wrath and I'll work on the rest soon.

I am trying this as my 2nd char in the league. Loving it so far.
I am not fully geared/lvl'd yet, but I am feeling there could be done more about defense. but not sure.
offense is nuts.

can you explain a bit your theory behind righteous fire? it just drains my HP like a chump. Am I missing a certain point in the tree?

The Righteous fire is only used for the vaal righteous fire part. Also trying a version of the build and loving it so far
ah I missed that part. I am using the regular one. my bad.

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