[3.6] Crit. Staff Cyclone, 1 M+ Shaper dps, 100% Elemental Damage (Shaper Video online)

Hi All,

Templar/Inquisitor Staff Build

3.7 Version, (more damage, updated Items, updated skill tree, new Videos (deathless Shaper kill))

- with buffs 1 Million+ Shaper DPS (it's possible to get 1,5-2,5 Million).
- Without Buffs about 500K+ Shaper DPS. 6500+ HP, with Kaom's Heart even 8000+
- ignores elemental resistances on crit
- crit chance 85%-100%, effective crit chance 75%-95%
- Labyrinth is easy because of high life regeneration
- Not out of the box possible to play elemental reflect maps, but all other maps can be played (also Tier 15 and Guardians) - For elemental reflect maps I use Hegemony's Era Staff and deactivate Heralds and Hatred.
- Good chance to shock, chill enemies with shock on block (Staff) attack damage, and to shock via Vessel of Vinctar
- nearly always consecrated ground and so immune to alignments (ascendency 'Pious Path')
- not immortal but tanky.

Your damage calculation

Your damage calculation (flasks ignored):

Main damage you cause due to ignoring elemental resistances on critical strike (Ascendency). And the Staff gives you 100% Elemental Damage. It converts 50% to cold and 50% to lightning. Also Hatred the amulet and Herald of Ash gives you extra physical damage as elemental damage.
You have
- 70% to Lightning
- 90% to Cold
- 15% to Fire

- A Staff with good physical Base damage

'more' multiplier with Skill gems 'Elemental Damage with Attacks' and 'Elemental Focus' and 'Hatred' (131% more for fire and lightning, 173% more for cold)

'increased' physical damage -> all is converted to 175% Elemental Damage

'increased' elemental damage

- High Crit Chance: your Critical Strikes have a 400%+ Multiplier

Pastebin Passive Tree

https://pastebin.com/v0h94zR0 -> More dps with other Gloves and Amulet, with Starkoja's Head and skill tree changed (vs Shaper kill tree) a bit (3 Points)

https://pastebin.com/3ZPBsxL6 -> Used killing shaper

https://pastebin.com/GvEn2Yfv (More Damage with gifts from above and another amulet, but less regeneration + Leech)

Screen Shots (Damage)

Without Buffs (just standing around in the hideout)


(best option I think at the moment)
(more magic find, 10% more movement speed, less damage, more life leech)

- The Staff is Essential, it converts all of your damage to elemental damage, it has high block chance and you shock and chill enemies on a block. - you can get nearly the same amount of damage with Hegemony's Era if you skill to Winter Spirit and use Physical To Lightning support gem, but then you can't take Vitality Void and you will have less life.

- Take Life on all rare items, because you don't have on the uniques.

- Try to get also some energy shield (200-300) in addition, because you get 200 energy shield regeneration from Consecrated Ground (nearly always)

- Take some accuracy on Rings/Amulet/Gloves so that you reach at least 90% hit chance.

- Take Resistances spread over the rare items (also the Jewels if needed) that you reach 75%. Other mods should increase damage: 'To Physical Damage' and additional 'Critical Multiplier' and 'increased attack speed' is the best option, because it scales good (you convert it and you get physical as extra cold / fire / chaos)

- Flasks: You need only one flask to remove bleeding. Because of the Ascendency, you are nearly immune to ailments (pious path). All other flasks increase damage and defenses. Because of the immunity, you can easily use the Vessel of Vinctar! At the moment I use a Diamond Flask to get even more damage.

- Important: You will have problems with DEX perhaps, so you must have some Dexterity (30+) on your equipment - if you do not have enough you can take the +30 Node on the left side of the tree

Skill Gems - Setup

6L Armor, Bronn's Lithe G-R-R-B-B-B, Difficult to obtain
...if you don't want to use Bronn's Lithe (-20% damage) you can put these gems also the 6 link staff...
Cyclone (G)
Concentrated Effect (B), for mapping use Increased Area of Effect
Elemental Focus (B), for Mapping you can also use here Item Rarity Support
Increased Critical Strike Support(B)
Elemental Damage with Attacks Support (R)
Melee Physical Damage (R)

6L Weapon, The Stormwall G-R-R-R-B-B
Cast on Critical Strike Support
Power Charge on Critical, for Power Charges
Fortify, we want to have this buff
Molten Shell, COC for better defenses
Consecrated Path or fighting Shaper I use Leap Slam, utility movement skill and to trigger COC

In this 6-Link I want to have some utility to buff on Crit when jumping into the enemies.
For mapping and spawning Frency Charges you can use "Cold Snap" instead of Enfeeble. I also tried another color setup with COC "Blade Vortex", Curse on Hit and Enfeeble.

In general, feel free to change the 2nd 6-Link setup.

4L Gloves B-R-R-R
...defensive, you don't need to recast you Minions in a fight...
Cast when Damage Taken (20)
Summon Holy Relict
Summon Stone Golem, for more damage the best choice is Ice Golem
Ancestral Warchief (you have to cast it yourself)

4L Helm G-B-R-R
...for more damage
Enlighten (Level 4), but (Level 3) is also ok
Herald of Ash
Herald of Purity
If you have too less mana you can take less life in the middle (see tree) and go to Tireless node (about 100 less life, but about 10 mana less needed to use cyclone)

4L Boots G-B-B-R
Cast when damage is taken (1)
Phase Run (1)
Immortal Call (1)
Increased Duration Support (20)

--> Amongst other things I tried
- Cast when Damage Take (1), Immortal Call (3), Ancestral Warchief (20), Blind Support (20), which is also ok - then you need (R-R-R-G)


* Use Consecrated Path to jump in combat and get Power Charges, Molten Shell and also Fortify, use Cyclone afterward.
* Use Leap Slam to overcome obstacles faster or jump out of combat.
* Character is tanky because of about 1850 life leech and about 950+ life regeneration.
* Melee avoidance (Block/Evasion) is about 60% with this setup (pob).
* With Fortify and any armor flask on, we have good physical damage. reduction (up to 60%)


Key item with this Passive Tree is the Staff (The Stormwall), it converts all physical damage to cold and lightning. Also, because it's a staff, it gives you a good block chance, so evasion and physical damage reduction are low but ok. Also because of the massive damage, you won't get much damage while map clearing.


* Go to Inevitable Judgement for ignoring Elemental Resistances
* Go for Pious Path, it has some advantages:
- you gain extra Mana Regeneration - this is important because most mana is reserved.
- you create Consecrated Ground, so nearly all the time you have additional Regeneration (6%) and
- you get 40% increased damage
- you get 200 Energy Shield Regeneration
- you are immune to ailments on Consecrated Ground
- and because of this you only need one Flask for don't be frozen, do not bleed, don't be shocked: Surgeon's Sulphur Flask

--> All in all for pure damage it is better to take Augury of Penitence and Instruments of Virtue, but especially the passive abilities (immunity vs ailments) are worth to give up a small amount of damage.

Map Cleaning / switch Skill Gems

* For map cleaning and easy bosses you can use Increase Area of Effect Support (I use it nearly always but the Guardians).
* Also I change Elemental Focus Support on map cleaning and put in Item Rarity Support. This Gem I only change when bosses are hard and map setup is difficult, too (rare map, no leach or regeneration).

Jewel advise

Because you have high Critical Strike change best Passive Tree Jewel options are Life + Critical Strike Multiplier + Increased Attack Speed With Staves (+ either more damage or Resistances if needed)

Other Equipment options

Body Armor:
Instead of Bronn's Lithe, you can also use a rare Armor with Hitpoint and Resistances as long as you do not can get enough through other items. But you will lose a notable amount on damage (about 20%)

Also for getting 8000+ HP you can use Kaom's Heart and put Cyclone Setup into the staff. Remove setup in the Boots and put in 4L: Faster Attack Support, Leap Slam, Power Charge on Critical and i.e Fortify or Ice Bite or Blind Support.

Belt: For more damage and less life you can use Belt of the Deceiver

Amulet: For more damage and less Leech:

--> if you can get a good elder amulet with physical as extra cold and physical as extra lightning damage than you can do even 20%+ more damage!

Flask options:

You can use Sulphur Flask instead of Diamond Flask to create an additional consecrated ground - so stationary bosses get 10% more damage (see also ascendency 'Sanctuary')

Skill Gem setup options

* Six links on armor. If you use another armor you can put the Cyclone Setup also in the staff.

* Second six link isn't necessary but nice for cleaning. Teleport with Consecrated path in the Group of enemies to get Frency and Power Charges optional you can also use onslaught Support instead of using Leap Slam or Increase Critical Strike Chance

* Leap Slam I only use for movement but not for damage. So also here it is possible to use use a Totem skill gem.

* Don't use Blood Rage - you will lose the energy shield and 200+ hp Regeneration

* Summon Ice Golem instead of Stone Golem is possible for more damage but less life regeneration

* if you do not have an Enlighten Support on Level 3 dismiss Herald of Ash


Take 2 passive points

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Would love to see a video showcasing the build
some videos added
Added Shaper Video and update to 3.6, also PasteBin link updated
Some Videos added:

Maze of the Minotaur

Pit of the Chimera

Lair of the Hydra

(also added to 'videos' section above)
Hi and thank you for your build. I have a question, is consecrated path your main way for applying consecrated ground? I feel like we are never stationary with cyclone. Do you pause briefly to get buff going then cyclone away? Thanks for your input.
Last edited by BetRoven on Apr 22, 2019, 9:04:52 PM
No, with the ascendency 'pious path' of the inquisitor you start creating consecrated ground each time your cyclone ends and restarts (without stopping). The effects last four you the next 4 seconds ('pious path'). If you are watching the videos, you can see that the counter restarts counting with 4 seconds while using cyclone also without stopping!
But yes, so you do not stand on the consecrated ground all the time but you get the effect of the ground nearly always - only if you are running through an empty dungeon you will lose it.

so you are
- immune to alignments 'always'
- and you have the additional damage 20% on consecrated ground
- and energy shield regeneration (200)
- and mana regeneration (15)
- and life regeneration (6%)
- you do not have always the bonus '10% more damage vs. enemies on consecrated ground' - (pob do not show this bonus; and you have enough damage output and do not need it really while map clearing and even during boss fight it's no problem if you do not have him on the consecrated ground)

Also for stationary bosses, you can use the flask to create consecrated ground. The last days I also test 'Purifying Flame' in the staff the to proc on COC instead of 'Enfeeble'.
You also can use the Holy Flame Totem in addition or instead of the Ancestral Warchief.
But all in all, I think It's the best option as I use it.

(For example in the minotaur boss fight, he stands on the consecrated ground created by the flask I think - you can see it for example at time 4:42 - then no 4-second timer is runnig below the consecrated ground symbol)
Last edited by Turba on Apr 22, 2019, 8:55:23 PM
Thank you for clarifying with a detailed answer. I needed up picking pious path and can clearly see the buff getting applied even while cycloning!! Definitely glad I went that route. One last question, what pantheon do you run while mapping?
I do not change it for mapping - It is always set to

major: Soul of Solaris
minor: Soul of Gruthkul

My advice is to use Soul of Lunaris.
Seems to me that you could be clearing just with Consecrated path and using Vaal Cyclone for some faster clearing. Have you tested it ?

Also, did you consider Reckoning and Vengeance ?
Pity the emperor who sits alone on his throne.

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