[3.7] Aziire's Purifying Flame Inquisitor - Budget Map Monster - Easy 2M Shaper DPS (Under 1 Ex)

Path of Building Link

3.7 Changes
This build went unaffected by the 3.7 changes, and should still be a good build and a nice league starter as well. Thanks to being out of meta it should be a bit cheaper to get some gear. Purifying Flame will be wonderful in Legion thanks to the huge AoE and damage, clearing monoliths very quickly. I have updated the Path of Building Link above with the new tree, I will go through the build and convert the new trees when I get a moment.

If you feel like playing Melee I have just finished my Critical Cleave Slayer, check it out if you are interested.

Build Intro:
This build is based around the new skill Purifying Flame, and is played as the Inquisitor ascendancy for Templar.

Using Physical to Lightning we convert the 50% of Physical Damage from Purifying Flame to Lightning so that we are doing 100% Elemental damage. Unlike other Purifying Flame builds that go Avatar of Fire, we are instead playing around the Consecrated Ground that the skill creates on initial hit. On top of that we stack an ass tonne of Crit Multi for juicy damage.
Due to Inquisitors extra interactions with Consecrated Ground, as well as the fact that he can ignore resistances, I felt he was the best choice for this skill.

With very budget gear (talking a few chaos tops per piece) you can comfortably clear yellow maps and higher. If you want to invest hard you can reach some insane numbers such as 4.8 Million Shaper DPS.

If you have any questions the best place to reach me is my twitch (my only moment to sellout). I'll do my best to answer anything you need to know, build related or not

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/aziire

- Cheap
- Fun AoE Clear thanks to Herald of Ice shatters & Herald of Ash Overkill
- Heaps of meme potential, like just maxed out AoE (120%+) or maxed out Cast Speed (6+ a second)
- Can comfortably run maps and bosses without gem swapping
- Elemental and Curse Immunity
- Can level from right after Hillock with Purifying Flame

- Not some insane meta clearing build that stomps everything
- Defense mitigation can be a cuck sometimes, fairly reliant on Flame Dash
- Can't do elemental reflect
- Mind Over Matter, while a great defense, can leave you up shits creek if you get hit super hard
- Expensive if you want to min-max (as it always is)

Offense is directly proportional to how much you want to invest in this build. You can comfortably reach over 2 Million Shaper DPS for under an Exalt.

With a bigger budget you can reach up to 5 Million Shaper DPS and more.

- 5400 Effective Health Pool
- Pious Path gives us 200 Es Regen a second and 420 Life Regen a second on Consecrated Ground
- Elemental Immunity on Consecrated Ground
- Curse Immunity on Consecrated Ground
- Your classic Immortal Call CWDT Setup, which always saves our ass
- Purifying Flame gives us the ability to off screen
- Flame Dash, which is our main source aka just dodge manually
- Mind Over Matter
- Thanks to Herald of Ice and all our Elemental Damage bonus's we can most things Chilled & Frozen
- Atziri's Promise Leech is never to be underestimated

I've designed the build around Level 96, as I personally never go over that, and not many people do. If you are following the tree in Path of Building, then you can simply go to the bottom left to switch to the leveling trees I have created.

I also have a Level 100 version in the Path of Building, but if you reach that you are probably better than I am anyway.

Alira is our Bandit of choice. The Mana Regen we get from Alira helps us substantially, especially early on. Combine that with the % All Elemental Resistance's it is an easy pick. The Crit Multi stat is the icing on the cake. I'm sure with an insane Jewel you could squeeze more out of the build by going Eramir and getting the two points, however this works for me.

Level 21 Tree: Click Here | Progressing through Act 2 | Help Alira

Level 32 Tree: Click Here | Up to Dominus

Level 45 Tree: Click Here | Up to Act 5 Kitava | Should have your first 2 Ascendancy Points

Level 61 Tree: Click Here | Up to Blood Aqueducts | Should have 4 Ascendancy Points

Level 73 Tree: Click Here | Up to Maps | Should have 6 Ascendancy Points, and reallocated left side

Level 96 Tree: Click Here | End Game Tree | Just picking up Jewel Slots and leftover Damage/Life


TLDR: Sanctuary > Pious Path > Righteous Providence > Inevitable Judgement

After reading the description of Purifying Flame I knew making an Inquisitor would be the most fun, especially considering I haven't played a Templar past Dominus before. Thanks to Purifying Flame creating massive consecrated ground for us we can comfortably build around it with the Inquisitor, as well as following up with insane Crit damage and Penetration points. Priority Order for Ascendancy is:

Sanctuary gives us 10% increased Damage to Enemies, 15 Mana Regenerated per Second on Consecrated Ground and Consecrated Ground while Stationary.

Thanks to how movement spells work we have the Consecrated Ground around us the instant Flame Dash ends. This helps us immensely as Consecrated Ground is not only one of our best offenses, but also our best defense, giving us insane Life Regen which helps if we are dashing away from mobs, especially damage over time attacks.

Pious Path gives us 20% increased cast speed, Elemental Ailment Immunity and 200 Energy Shield Regen per Second all while on Consecrated Ground. On top of this our Consecrated Ground now lingers for 4 seconds.

We take this second as it is a huge defense boost, and prevents us from dying to Ignites and being Frozen.

Righteous Providence increases our Critical Strike Chance against enemies affected by no Elemental Ailment by 100%. We then have +45% to Critical Strike Multiplier against Enemies that are affected by Elemental Ailments as well as 20% increased Effect of non-Damaging Ailemts on Enemies.

This Major Point starts to beef up our damage right as we enter maps. The 100% bonus Crit Chance allows us to comfortably crit withing the first few casts, and as soon as we get off one Crit the whole pack explodes thanks to the large amount of shit we have stacked into the build.

Inevitable Judgement allows our Critical Strikes to ignore Enemy Monster Elemental Resistances and our Non-Critical Strikes to Penetrate 10% of Enemy Element Resistances.

Saving the best point for last, this things is a monster. Due to how much Critical Strike Chance we have this makes Enemies Resistances non existent.

For your Major God you want to either choose Soul of Lunaris or Soul of Solaris. These are both super solid options and just depends on whether you want to be mapping or bossing more. If you think you won't fuck with bosses then take Lunaris, otherwise take Solaris. I personally use Solaris as trash mobs get one shot.

For your Minor God your best bet is Soul of Shakari once she has been upgraded. This is because being Immune to Poison solves a lot of the issues we have with Mind Over Matter. Other good options are Soul of Yugul or Soul of Tukohama.

While the main skill we are building around is Purifying Flame, there are many options as to what support gems to take. I will be listing my personal favourite and some other choices, however there are heaps of things you could take instead. The gems will be listed in order of priority, then I will explain other options and why I chose them beneath the skill.

Purifying Flame > Faster Casting > Intensify > Physical to Lightning > Concentrated Effect > Hypothermia

This support combo is insane, and has me comfortably clearing into red maps even on just a 5 Link. Not only is it insane for map clearing but thanks to how Intensify works you are easily able to get the dps you need for bosses as well.

Options for switching is instead of having Faster Casting, you could take either Spell Echo or Unleash. Spell Echo will give you far more tool tip and on paper dps, however it locks you in for your cast. Unleash is just a good meme, however we have such insane cast speed that it doesn't feel as good as it would on other spells. For absolute insanity just put all three in for when you wanna fuck around. Gem swapping Concentrated Effect for Increased Area of Effect can also be nice, especially for larger or more open maps.

Holy Flame Totem > Multiple Totems > Culling Strike > Blind

This setup helps us immensely for bosses. This provides Curse Immunity to the Consecrated Ground around it (possibly even all our Consecrated Ground, not sure) as well as serving as another two targets for the boss to attack. It's just a small bit of defense and quality of life, however this build isn't very gem reliant so it didn't hurt to have it chucked in there.

Flame Dash > Faster Casting > Arcane Surge Lvl 7

In this build Flame Dash works pretty well as I went and picked up the Dark Arts node on the passive tree. This gives us 30% Increased Recovery for Flame Dash as well as insane cast speed. I also chucked in an Arcane Surge gem to give us a big boost in damage, and we only level it up to level 7 as otherwise it won't activate. This is a core spell in the build, and you need to dash once every 4 seconds in order to keep a large amount of our dps.

Cast When Damage Taken Lvl 4 > Immortal Call Lvl 6 > Increased Duration > Summon Stone Golem Lvl 6

CWDT is one of our main sources of saving our ass. I decided to level it to Level 4 to boost the required level for all the other triggered gems. The other gems that CWDT supports can have a required level of 44 or under. The Immortal Call and Increased Duration supports is just a standard setup, giving us invulnerability for a little longer than you would otherwise. The required level is mostly for the stone golem to give us a little more regen and minion life.

I tested out having the Stone Golem as self cast, but the fact was he just died way too fast. Even with Minion Life added he just wouldn't survive as he was head diving into giant packs of mobs. Having him in the CWDT setup means he will be summoned when I need him the most and I now don't have to manually cast him every 5 seconds.

Herald of Ice > Curse on Hit > Assassin's Mark

I just love Heralds and think it is one of the most enjoyable way to clear a pack of mobs. Herald of Ice is used to generate our power charges by curse mobs with Assassin's Mark when it shatters. My favourite MTX is Gore Herald, as it's just a massive explosion of blood. Truly makes you feel like a god.

Herald of Ash > Vaal Righteous Fire

Because if one Herald wasn't enough, why not have two. I actually chose Heralde of Ash and Ice at the same time, as I was previously using the Zealotry Aura. However for the same mana reserved I could get two heralds, and the dps was roughly the same.

Vaal Righteous Fire is a no brainer and a massive dps boost for the start of any boss fight. While you sacrifice 30% of your life and energy shield, that is almost all leeched back thanks to our good friend Atziri's Promise.

Thanks to Purifying Flame being so easy to scale in multiple ways, gear isn't super hard for us to get, and we aren't really tied down to anything specific either. A lot of this gear I didn't pick up until I was around Level 75 anyway, just as you start getting into maps.

Our main weapon of choice is Dual Sceptres. Sceptres provide the best stats for Purifying Flame as there is so many options for extra damage, crits, and cast speed. I found the only thing holding me back when clearing was Flame Dash so I picked up Dark Arts on the tree and went for two sceptres instead of one and a shield.

For all the gear options I will embed a Path of Exile Trade link so that you don't have to go search yourself and you can instead just open the link for what you need. Especially for the DPS Jewellery and Sceptres, this will help you save a lot of chaos and still get something you know will improve your DPS.

Levelling Gear:
If you have a big budget then you could go all in and buy your stock standard levelling gear such as a Goldrim and a Tabula Rasa but these are really not necessary. Thanks to how well Purifying Flame scales you can level with just about anything. I levelled with White Sceptres I would find and alc.

If you want to make the process a lot smoother then you can buy a Sceptre from this link here. Sort by Sum on the site and buy whatever is cheapest. Don't spend more than 2 chaos. Two of these sceptres with a sum of around 10 each will carry you to maps where you will upgrade to much nicer ones. Other than that make sure you have Purifying Flame in a 4 Link as soon as possible, as well as do your Ascendancies when needed and you will be fine.

Wanderlust are an amazing piece of levelling gear and helps you sustain Mana early on, as well as giving you Immunity to being Frozen and 20% Movement Speed. After the first few days these become dirt cheap and it'd be silly not to buy it.

I'd personally Recommend Goldrim, Wanderlust and the Rare Sceptres as they alone can take you to maps. Just fill the rest of your slots with whatever rare you pick up along the way.

The Gear I Levelled With:

Recommended Gear:
The main piece of gear I recommend for this build is a Caarcass Jack. The increased Area of Effect and Damage helps us immensely, and not only that but it still gives us amazing defense stats such as All Elemental Resistance and Maximum Life.

For the Helmet we either want to go with a Starkonja's Head or a Rare Helmet. Thanks to the fact we will cover all Resistances on Boots, Gloves and Belt we can just look for the Maximum Life on the Helmet, and also go for some damage stats while we are at it. The search link for the Helmet sorts through all the damage, just sort by Sum. We can craft a lot of Maximum Life on to the Helmet so we each result will either have an Empty Prefix slot or Maximum Life. Just buy within budget. (I will be upgrading to a Rare, just haven't had time to play).

The Boots, Gloves and Belt are where you need to get all of your resistances. Because of this we will be going with Rare Versions of each. I aimed for Minimum 90 Maximum Life on each piece, and then the biggest Total Elemental Resistance I could afford. This means by the last piece you are buying you can be more specific for the resistance you still need to cap. Boots Link , Belt Link , Gloves Link .

Of the gear we get, these are the more expensive pieces. The one thing this build lacks a bit is Defense, so we splurge a little on getting it where we can. If you really need to budget then lower the Maximum Life requirement in the search's above and you will find heaps more for cheaper. If you feel like spending a little more then in the Boots Search you can tick the If and Count on, which will give you % Increased Movement Speed or an Empty Prefix so you can craft it yourself.

Time for the the juicy dps pieces, all the Jewellery. Thanks to the fact we cap Elemental Resistances on our all previous items, we can go insane on our Jewellery. This is also a cheaper way to do it as a lot of the time people want resistances on their Jewellery. Gifts From Above Diamond Ring is a super good ring for us thanks to all the bonuses with Consecrated Ground. These aren't too expensive considering how much extra you get from it. Also Rarity of Items never hurts to have. If you are feeling like a madman you could rock two of those bad boys, however I opted for having a ring with Maximum Life for my second slot just to beef us up a little more. Rare Ring can still give you almost the same DPS as Gifts From Above so it was a nice option to have. Our Amulet is just straight DPS. This is to make it a bit cheaper, and I was comfortable with the Maximum Life we had. Just click Sum on the Trade Links so it sorts by Descending, then buy what ever is affordable for you.

Sceptre's are our choice of weapons. They provide so many different ways to scale damage with Purifying Fire that it would be silly not to. I went with Dual Sceptres and using Flame Dash to move, however you could easily use a Sceptre and Shield and Shield Charge for days. Like all the others just sort by Sum and buy what is affordable. Around Sum 20 is what I currently have equipped.

Lastly are our pots. Atziri's Promise is an essential. For such a cheap flask it is an enormous dps boost. For most build it is a standard item as it is just so nice. Other than that if you are a baller and want to drop big bucks for big deeps then Bottled Faith Sulphur Flask is your best choice. This thing is insanely strong, and insanely expensive but is one of our biggest increases to dps we can get.

The Gear I'm Currently Using:

Stat Priority:
In order to figure out what damage improved our DPS the most I used Path of Building. I would create a custom item and just put in a base Void Sceptre. From there I took note of the % Total Dps Increase that it gave me. I would then manually add every mod that would affect Purifying Flame. Each time I added a mod, I would calculate the difference betwen % Total Dps. This means that the mod I added would add a certain percent overall. I then divide and figure out what it is worth per percent.

The formula would look something like this:
Base Void Sceptre (5.2% Total DPS) Vs Void Sceptre w/ 79% increased Spell Damage (16.3% Total DPS)
16.3 - 5.2 = 79% Spell Damage is a 11.1% Total DPS Increase
11.1 / 79 = 1% Spell Damage is a 0.141% Total Dps Increase (Round to 3 Decimal Places)

For consistency I always did the mod at Tier 1 Value. After I repeated it for every mod that would give us worthwhile damage. This is a pretty tedious process, so below the result for every single one. In order to be as accurate as possible, if you make any significant changes to tree or gear you would need to re do this.

Best Total DPS increase per % aka Weighted Sum
1% Double Damage = 1.06
1% Ele Damage as Extra Chaos = 0.875
1% Phys Damage as Extra Fire = 0.66
1% Phys Damage as Extra Lightning = 0.595
1% Cast Speed = 0.475
1% Lightning Damage as Extra Chaos = 0.438
1% Fire Damage as Extra Chaos = 0.407
1% Increased Crit Multi = 0.22
1% Increased Spell Damage = 0.141
1% Increased Damage = 0.12
1% Increased Area Damage = 0.12
1% increased Elemental Damage = 0.115
1% Global Phys Damage = 0.113
1 Phys Damage to Spells = 0.103
1 Fire Damage to Spells = 0.082
1 Lightning Damage to Spells = 0.072
1 Cold Damage to Spells = 0.071
1% Increased Lightning Damage = 0.053
1% Increased Fire Damage = 0.053
1% Increased Crit Chance for Spells = 0.03
1% Increased Crit Chance = 0.026

These stats are really only for those that want to min max the shit out of the build. I've already incorporated all this into a Weighted Sum in all the Trade Links above. This will change depending on your items, however it is pretty close to accurate. To get the best result Copy the item from the Trade Search (All my item links above) and paste it into your Path of Building as a custom item. This will show you how much the item will increase your DPS by.

The Guide is still being updated, I will be polishing it up when I have the time. I will be adding a How It Plays sections, as well as a Build Guide Video and Boss Kill videos.
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will you do a leveling section ?
i really like this skill but all the time i play melee so i don't know how to play a caster
thank for you guide anyway ;)
Very nice looking and well written build so far. Clearly you put a lot of effort into it. Just starting to level it now.

Only thing I noticed is that a recommended gear section could potentially be very useful. Such as possible budget uniques or weapons/armour other than the ones listed in PoB. I especially appreciate the separated PoB levelling paths, normally I've got to import them myself from the browser tree paths into PoB.
Last edited by TyroneSwaggins on Mar 15, 2019, 5:26:46 PM
Hey man epic stuff <3
I'm making a Gear section now, I accidentally submitted the post early so I have just been updating it consistently over the past few days. I'll go in depth in the gear section and will have trade links etc, to cheaper gear aswell. Currently the most expensive thing I have personally is a 5L Carcass.

I'll also make a levelling section for gear, although personally I ran with trash rares most the way through. I should have a rough gear layout up within two hours.
Thanks a lot for the gear section. This is honestly the best written guide I've seen in 1.5k hours of playing. It has everything you could need without being massively long. Didn't even know the whole weighted sum filter was a thing on the trade website.
Last edited by TyroneSwaggins on Mar 16, 2019, 12:22:29 PM
There are heaps of cool ways to search on the trade website. It really helps for narrowing down what you want. I will have an explanation in the gear section hopefully updated within the next 24 hours which will go through and explain how to make your own weighted sum, so people can kind of learn. I'm looking forward to polishing off the guide and then making a build guide video for those that like video format.

This trade search link here is the best example I have on the guide atm and it is for the Helmet.

The level of support gems IE increased duration matters? I thought only trigger skills now support gems...

Cool to see someone working with this skill. I am currently running WoC and loving it.

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