[3.7] Aziire's Purifying Flame Inquisitor - Budget Map Monster - Easy 2M Shaper DPS (Under 1 Ex)

I find myself sometimes wondering why people bother making build guides for skills that already have very popular threads. That's not the case here. I don't like what that other guy is doing, passing up on inevitable judgement. So I appreciate the fact that there's another build guide that is doing something a bit different.

on that note, it feels pretty wrong to be an inquis and go out of my way to get penetration. If I was going to do that, I feel like I'd rather roll a different class.

Thanks for your effort
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Yeah you are right about the Support Gems, I'll edit it so that Increased Duration doesn't have a Level. Arcane Surge still needs to remain Level 7 thanks to how it only procs after a certain Mana point.

Inquisitor just felt like a fun option to me as I thought the Consecrated Ground was a fun option. Some equally stronger Ascendancies would be an Occultist, Trickster, Assassin or Ascendant.

Occultist is a lot easier to gear to be tanky thanks to a lot of her Ascendancy passives. Her easy access to an extra curse on tree and Ascendancy tree makes it incredibly strong with 3 curses.

Assassin and Trickster both have juicy amounts of Critical Strike and Multi, as well as good ways to generate power charges. Their Damage Mitigation is also solid, so these shouldn't be shunned.

Ascendant is just always a strong pick, especially with Might of the Meeks + Unnatural Instinct. You can get massive amounts of Crit Multi from the Scion Start and lots of other good stats. With a high budget this would probably be the best choice of Ascendancy.
Really Interesting read, I Might do a build on Purifying Flame now. Thanks for the in-depth build
I got the build to Level 90, it isn't having any problems clearing through red maps. I'm confident the build could do Shaper, Guardians, etc. The only mods you need to avoid is Elemental Reflect and No Life/Mana Regen.

I won't be pushing the build much further, I will still make a build guide video for it but for now I will be levelling a new build I theory crafted which should be good fun.
Any changes in this build for 3.7?
Build remains pretty much the same. Templar got lucky and had barely any changes on his side of the tree. Still going to do insane damage like it did last league. Wicked Ward got added to the tree which is pretty nice, however I feel like this build doesn't have nearly enough Energy Shield to justify getting it.

I'll update the passive trees before the new league launch's, and skim through any possible new combinations (skill tree, gems, etc) that might make the build better. For now I am working on a Crit Cleave Slayer, which if you like melee should be very fun. I plan to have the guide up by tomorrow. I'll continue to answer any questions anyone has though, just respond to this thread :)
Build is updated and 3.7 ready. Just a quick note and PoB link for now as I no life made a different build. Any further questions about this build just respond to the thread, I check it daily.
Build is updated and 3.7 ready. Just a quick note and PoB link for now as I no life made a different build. Any further questions about this build just respond to the thread, I check it daily.
Hi Aziire, thanks for the great build.

I have 2 Questions:
- Why take Crackling Speed? Instead of Explosive Impact for instance (the node near dark arts) Is it worth it?
- Does flame dash still need the faster casting gem? I thought spell was instant as of 3.7, but might be wrong.

Thanks again!
@Ariasis sorry for the late reply. Due to the damage conversion to lightning it is much better dps to get Crackling Speed. Explosive Impact would by far be the better choice if we didn't convert damage.

Yeah you are right, I didn't deep dive properly into this build as I was focused on other project but yeah Faster Casting support will no longer work as Flame Dash is instant.

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