[3.13] Remi's Toxic Rain Pathfinder | Beginner guide | All Content | Fast, Strong and Easy to play

My first ever lvl 100 character

A9 Sirus

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7. 3.13 Possible fix for survivability & dmg

8. My PoE Ninja Profile, check the time machine to look at my own progression

9. Build is currently considered a meta build, this caused inflation on the gears of this build, some upgrades may feel too expensive regarding its performance. If you felt discourage to continue on, you can swap to other ranger builds or farm for your 2nd build!

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3.13 update :
PF loses 20% AoE which is roughly equal to 1 radius so it is really not much, estimated 3.57% damage loss (depends). But PF gained 15% more damage at the same time.
Not much have changed for TR, slight buff to early game (earlier access to Efficacy) and slight nerf to min maxing (Anomalous malevolence). TR changes on patch notes (Physical converted to chaos) is completely irrelevant regardless. So far looking good for the next expansion!

(3/2) : Added 1 new video, updated gems section

(6/2) : Added progression flow chart, reworked section 1.3, added more QnA

(16/2): Due to word limit, I've split gearing section into two parts. Additionally, updated some contents in the gearing section.

(17/2): Reached Level 100 with the build!

Updated PoB to the latest snapshot, changed the GIF in front (seems to have some loading issues for now to me).


We are a small community right now, if you have any questions you can hook me up there as I'm fairly active on discord - https://discord.gg/XAREVfd
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Occasionally I will stream at https://www.twitch.tv/remicaster1, feel free to ask any questions about the build there, I will be more than happy to help you out

This guide is made possible with help from one of my friend, Seberus100. He has provided some reliable information from conducting experiments on toxic rain to us. I gathered some of the information, did some further testing and to prove that pathfinder is NOT a bad class for toxic rain builds.

So I'd quickly give him a shoutout for the information, watch his stream right here!

The full leveling section is made possible by Shyvanaa, thanks to Shyvanaa for writing the full leveling process.


Table of contents
1.0 Introduction
> 1.1 Pros and Cons
> 1.2 Toxic Rain Mechanics
> 1.3 Why Pathfinder?
> 1.4 Videos
> 1.5 Mechanics of this build

2.0 Gearing Information - First Half
> 2.1 Path of Building <------- Don't miss me, I am here
> 2.2 Gears

2.0 Gearing Information - Second Half
> 2.3 Jewels
> 2.4 Flasks

3.0 Passive Tree pathing
> 3.1 Passive Tree explained
> 3.2 Progress + Final Tree

4.0 Ascendancy explained
> 4.1 Pathfinder ascendancy rundown
> 4.2 Ascendancy Order

5.0 Bandits & Pantheons
> 5.1 Bandits
> 5.2 Pantheons

6.0 Gem Links
> 6.1 My setup
> 6.2 Alt Quality

7.0 Leveling
> tl;dr leveling
> Whole leveling
8.0 Miscs
> Questions and Answers
> Information for beginner players
> Gear crafting guide
> Other Media


1.0 Introduction

1.1 Pros and Cons

> Insane damage
You are able to kill conquerors and guardian in matters of seconds, looking their life pool getting drained so quick that if you blinked you might didn't saw what happened to them. But of course this does comes with a price, the more you invest the more damage you will get.

> All map mods
This build allows you to safely faceroll any maps of your choice. Any map mods, just name it! It can be reflect, no regen, or whatever, this build DOMINATES all map mods

> 100% flask uptime
Spent all your flask charges on a boss fight? Don't worry, your flask charges will still come back to you! So on a long boss fight, you can easily get those flask charges back!

> Tanky
Ok I wouldn't say it is insanely tanky, but the defenses are quite great. We have a near perma fortify from our Hybrid flask via Hardened Scars anointment, a Wind Dancer Keystone that reduces our damage taken by 20%, and additional evasion when we have been hit recently. In addition we have flesh and stone helping us, further reducing damage taken from enemies outside of our circle. On top of that, from our ascendancy we have 6% reduced elemental damage taken AND elemental ailment immunity!

> All content
Aside from Hall of Grandmasters which people could be immune to our damage, we can pretty much do any content available in the game currently with EASE. A8 Sirus, uber elder etc, all you can name it, yes we are able to do them!

> Upgrade gaps
This particular build has a smaller upgrade gap compared to Trickster version, but this doesn't mean the upgrade gap is not huge. The first gap comes when you are upgrading your budget gear to middle ground gear, especially when you are getting the cluster jewels and the amulet which is your priority. When you got 2 of those, your next upgrade gap is getting high damaging stats on your gear which can get expensive really fast. Attempting to get +level Carcass Jack would also be relatively expensive, though it is cheaper than trickster the currency needed is still a lot.

> Flask reliant
As a pathfinder, you have to rely on your flasks to survive and have offense, so you need to piano flask all the time to maintain your dps and defenses, overflasking might actually kill you so you'd also have to be careful on that.

> Weak early stages, takes a bit of time to reach optimal setup, not very SSF friendly
This build have a relatively weak early stages of mapping. You would have troubles on clearing red maps early on without any investment on the build. But once you have all the items ready (especially jewels and cluster jewels) you would start to deal a lot of dps. Survivability also don't shine early on, Hardened Scar is the biggest survivability upgrade which also takes a bit of time to obtain golden oil, hence making this build not really SSF friendly for endgame setup

1.2 Toxic Rain Mechanics (Important)


Toxic Rain is a chaos based attack skill gem. When fired, it will be firing 1 + 4, a total of 5 projectiles by default into the sky, then landing on the ground, hitting enemies around the area then leaving pods based on the amount of projectile you fired (default 5), which deals chaos damage over time (DoT) and last for 1 second (on default) which can stack and overlap on each other, applying 10% slow on monsters for each pod, maximum of 60%. When the pods duration end, it will explode, hitting the enemies additional time, applying on hit effects too.

Although Toxic Rain is a projectile, modifiers to projectile behavior such as pierce does not affect them.

Toxic Rain will be able to "convert" projectile damage into the gem's damage over time effect. This means that any projectile damage you took on the passive tree will apply to the chaos damage over time effect.

Here we scale the damage over time effect on Toxic Rain instead of the on hit damage as its on hit damage is very weak by itself and have low damage effectiveness. The damage over time effect from Toxic Rain comes from the VINES from the pods, not the EXPLOSION, as the explosion apply on hit affect when it ends, which is not the damage over time damage. (This is an error from Esoro's guide, he mentioned explosion is our main part of damage, which is not the case)

Modifiers to skill effect duration will Toxic Rain's pods last longer, at the same time increasing the total duration of Mirage Archer and other skill gems such as Vaal Haste. Do note that some skill effect duration only buff certain gems with tags. For example Tempered Arrowheads only scale the duration for Mirage archer + Toxic rain, not for Vaal Haste

Modifiers to area of effect modifiers will increase the area of effect of the vines reach and the pods explosion area. Though it does not increase the spread / placement of the pods. AoE modifiers will increase the overlap damage, as pods will be able to overlap on the same target easily with large area, increasing single target damage.

The more additional projectile modifiers you get, the more pods Toxic Rain will fire out, but this also means the more spreaded out the pods are. This means it does not increases your single target damage, only your clear speed.

All the pods are placed as close to your cursor as possible with random offset, but each pod blocks other pods from falling in a variable radius around it. Which means that there will be a minimum and maximum radius (the numbers are hidden) where it prevents the other pods colliding on each other. Though technically this variable cannot be changed, since this mechanic exist, adding more arrows would increase this variable as you fire a lot more projectile, there will be more pods which prevent other pods from colliding on the same place, which means they will be more spreaded when they land.

This build is focused on damage over time damage, which is one of the 4 major category damaging skill gems in the game. Damage over time does not scaled by spell damage or attack damage, this includes any "adds #% to projectile attack damage". So our method on scaling Toxic Rain damage will be these commonly found stats

> generic #% damage
> +gem levels to Toxic Rain
> #% skill effect duration
> #% increase attack speed
> #% increase damage over time
> #% increase chaos damage over time
> #% to damage over time multiplier
> #% to chaos damage over time multiplier
> #% increase projectile damage (as stated in the gem itself)

#% increase damage over time and #% increase chaos damage over time are identical, just one of them only scale chaos damage based, and one of them only scale all types of damage over time skills. For example #% increased cold damage and #% increased elemental damage, the #% inc cold dmg only scales the cold damage, while #% increased elemental damage scales all 3 elementals. So there is no difference in terms of #% increase damage over time, #% increase chaos damage over time and generic #% increased damage.

What is generic #% increased damage? This goes the same for all stuff like
> #% increased chaos damage
> #% increased damage
> #% increased projectile damage
> #% increased area damage

They are identical in way, but for our build they are the same, none of them gives more damage compared to others if their numbers are exactly the same.

From the basics of Toxic Rain, instead of purely scaling the damage over time damage on Toxic Rain, we will be scaling skill effect duration for the pods to last longer so more pods stacks, area of effect so the pods overlap on each other more often, and attack speed (well it is kinda obvious), applying a lot of pods on our enemies.

We do not scale any on hit damage effects, so any flat chaos damage does not benefit us, this includes "adds # to chaos damage". Also on our build we does not scale any poison damage, as this is a pure damage over time build.

The basic calculations for a damage over time is
Base DoT * Increase DoT * DoT Multiplier

> Base DoT is the base DoT from the gem itself, so scaling the level of Toxic Rain has a huge impact

> Increase DoT can be found easily on your tree and gear. Any modifiers like #% increase damage will count towards the increase part.

> DoT Multiplier is slightly harder to find compare to Increase DoT, but it is an additive with other DoT multiplier then multiplies after the increase modifiers.

The ideal situation to scale the DoT damage is to have all 3 balance out, or else scaling the higher part will have diminishing returns compare to scaling the other lower 2. Here is an example

5 * 300 * 100, by scaling more base DoT (through gem levels) has the highest impact among the 3, but scaling the DoT increase (the 300) will have the lowest impact among the tree.

So you will see most of the time people scale Toxic Rain with +gem levels and DoT Multiplier, but prioritizing those will have dimishing returns at the long run without scaling any attack speed or skill effect duration.

Also, I've made a spreadsheet calculator to calculate your Toxic Rain damage. Feel free to use it to calculate your own dmg.

Toxic Rain Calculator

below this spreadsheet calculator includes :
Damage with Mirage Archer
Ramp up calculation damage

Do note that you would need to have Path of Building tool to use this tool properly, it needs the numbers from PoB to have accurate numbers.

1.3 Why Pathfinder? Why not mines?

Most of the time Toxic Rain is compared with Trickster, Deadeye and Pathfinder. There is a more detailed explanation down in the QnA section regarding other ascendancy performances, but here i will draw a short tl;dr regarding the ascendancy.

Trickster is the most popular choice of TR before PF dominated, the reason why you wanted to choose Trickster is because he offers ghost shrouds (ghost dance), which is a very good defensive skill, recovery on kill (patient reaper) and high damage output (prolonged pain).

The reason why you shouldn't be picking it is because

1. Ghost shrouds are not very reliable, because your ghost shrouds are removed when you are hit, which makes you take increased damage. In PoE, most deaths in maps are caused by multiple hits in very quick succession, which in this case you want to be more tanky, not become weaker and receive more damage.

2. Patient reaper is overshadowed by cinderswallow, as it basically does the same stuff that this 2 ascendancy point offers.

3. No flask sustain. In extended fights, you could run out flask charges if you use them carelessly. Flasks are very strong in this game as they can make noticeable damage buffs or defensive buffs on you. As pathfinder offers flask sustain in these prolonged fights, you can recklessly use them without being punished, while for Trickster, you are severely punished if you use them recklessly.

When you should pick Trickster? : My personal opinion is, almost never.
Although Trickster have a very strong start, it falls off pretty fast too. He has identical performance with Pathfinder in acts, but once you reached maps he will start underperforming, both offensively and defensively.

Deadeye received a reworked at patch 3.13, which introduced the 3 Mirage Archer clones that can be placed throughout the boss arena, which provide a huge damage uptime. Thanks to this ascendancy point, it actually allows deadeye to overperform the DPS that Pathfinder can do. Additionally, Gale force has some very nice defensive (thanks to Wind ward) layer for deadeye builds and tailwind is a pretty good speed buff.

The reason why you shouldn't be choosing deadeye is because

1. Although Wind Ward looks very nice on paper, but Gale Force is not very great. I noticed that in maps, even as a dodge build I'd get hit rather often. I am also not always on 10 galeforce stacks because it only stays for 4 seconds. It can be great on bosses, but on mapping it is not really great because you would constantly lose Gale forces.

2. Tailwind can be obtained through hunter influenced boots. This makes the ascendancy overshadowed by this stat that can be obtain in a rare item. Although obtaining a tailwind boots can be hard, but it still can be replaced. On top of that, as I mentioned earlier where you wouldn't be able to have 10 stack of Gale force up all the time, this means that you won't be able to get the full benefit of 10 stack tailwind buff.

3. Same reason as trickster above, low sustainability due to no flask sustain from Pathfinder.

When you should pick Deadeye? : When you care is about DPS more than survivability.
I personally tested it out and I was just spoiled by Pathfinder's flask sustain. I notice there is quite a bit of DPS gain, I actually felt like I am dealing a lot of damage. The problem is flask sustain again. Because you can't utilize flasks during prolonged fights, stuff like hardened scars will become useless and you wouldn't have a good way to recover your life. It is basically a race to who dies first in fights like Maven.

Why you shouldn't go with TR mines?
Mines will cancel out the need to go for attack speed because you just throw mines instead. With this, you don't need to go for a quill rain or +3 bow with attack speed, which saves quite an amount of currency.

The main problem is that TR itself is a delayed skill, if you further delayed it with mines, it will be very bad for moving bosses because you cannot ramp up your damage, all those excessive duration will all be wasted. Hence TR mines has some poor DPS performances on the current endgame bosses.

1.4 Videos

- Maven influenced Uber Atziri
- Maven Invitation 10 mob
- A8 Drox
- A9 Sirus Deathless /w Quill Rain
- Maven Deathless + No touching coil beam challenge

- Uber Elder : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JGb5AyfLMEU
- 100% Delirious Map
(2 deaths caused by Corrupted Blood cus I don't have an immunity jewel and my flask is unable to save me because I stack too many pods way too fast)

1.5 Mechanics of this build

Hardened Scars - Hardened Scars is a hidden anointment that gives us Fortify when we use a life flask. Hybrid flask also counts as a life flask and it is able to roll a stat "Enduring". Which means that our flask effect will not end when we reached full life / mana, this will allow us to have longer duration of Fortify.

Wind Dancer - Wind Dancer is a Keystone which prevents any one shot on our build, when we have been hit recently, increasing our evasion so that we are able to mitigate away attack hits from monsters under quick succession.

Dodge and Spell Dodge
Dodge is a mechanic that completely nullifies the damage taken. It is a second layer of defense, first as being evasion. This means that when a monster attempt to hit us with an attack, we have 40% chance to completely nullify the damage, and 30% chance to completely nullify a spell damage. Do note that Dodge does not help us deal against damage over time.

2.0 Gearing Information - First half

2.1 Path of Building

Path of Building (PoB) is a great tool for all poe players as it provides a "simulation" for a build. It can be used as theory making a build, getting a rough estimation on dps on our build. Do note that PoB does not calculate our Mirage Archer damage.

If you haven't gotten PoB or you are using an outdated PoB, you can find the link on here : https://github.com/PathOfBuildingCommunity/PathOfBuilding/wiki/Installing-this-Fork

Please use PoB Fork instead of PoB by Openarl, this is because there will be calculations and stuff that is not available on there, so you MUST have PoB fork, not normal PoB

And here is my current PoB link (updated) :

Last updated (22/2)
https://pastebin.com/X7PsCKQW (Ignore gem setup)
https://pastebin.com/4krsrWq2 (Latest snapshot)

Please read the notes section!

2.2 Gears

General Information on gearing

Due to the unpredictable market price, I will not give an exact value, instead i will give a range of value, stating how expensive is that item. So this will be my pricing range.
Cheap - 10 chaos or below
Moderate - 10 chaos or above, but not higher than 1 exalted
Expensive - 1 exalted or higher

On rare items, I will put a link that directs you to the Softcore Trade site, which I had already filtered out the stats you need on your gear. Do note that this setup is for players who doesn't know how to properly filter out items with the trade site so they will not have a lot of trouble looking for the gear.

Please use official trade and don't use poe.trade. Poetrade existed way before official trade is up, so it is a very ancient website that has reduced performance. Think about a 1 y/o PC and a 20 y/o PC. Would you pick the older one or the new one to play your games? Main reason is because poetrade API updates way slower, you would found those item getting sold before you get the chance to purchase it because the update time is just too slow.

Official trade link (even works after delirium league ended) : https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Delirium

PLEASE NOTE : all items listed below are endgame items or items that carry you on early stages of mapping, items below are not leveling items!

2.2.1 Weapon

Quill Rain is a good starting weapon and endgame weapon, it also gives a lot of QoL because of the attack speed it provides and the damage it gives cannot be competed. +1 Arrow corruption is not mandatory, also there are no priority rolls.

Do not get +3 bow unless that is your final upgrade and you have nothing to do with your currency. The main reason is that quill rain is able to do all content without much troubles. Though +3 bow does helps in improving your damage, it is not an item that can directly solve your damage issues like a miracle, and it cost quite a bit to get going even with harvest crafting.

There are a lot of other stuff that increases your damage way better than a +3 bow does, especially cluster jewels which could almost double your damage. So I highly recommend to invest into other parts of the gear, leaving +3 bow upgrades one of the last upgrades.

Price - Cheap to Expensive (depends on corruption and links)

Trade link - https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Harvest/rbyGSQ

2.2.2 Quiver

Cheap - Expensive

First Quiver is a very budget quiver. Elemental damage to attacks and the implicit added cold damage does nothing to our build. That quiver is just purely for life and resistance.

Second piece of quiver is an endgame quiver scales a lot of the damage over time affect, it is one of the best offensive quiver you can have. You will need a Hunter Influenced with item level of 80 or above in order to roll the Chaos damage over time multiplier.

Look for these stats on the quiver (endgame):
> #% to maximum life
> #% to Damage over time multiplier
> #% to Chaos damage over time multiplier (Hunter)
> $% Increase attack speed
> Bow attacks fires an additional arrow (Shaper)

You are recommended to get Ornate Quiver base for the extra socket, as all other Quiver base does not have any beneficial stats to us. Else look for Spike-Point quiver for the crit chance as it helps if you use Tailwind.

For a more budget quiver, you can get a decent Life + resistance quiver early on with some attack speed craft.
Price (endgame) : Expensive
Price (budget) : Cheap - Moderate

Trade link (Budget) : https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Harvest/4DmkwoLS9
Trade link (Moderate) :

2.2.3 Helmet

Devoto's Devotion is a great helmet, it gives us both attack speed and movement speed, increasing our clearing speed and single target damage, though the downside of Devoto's is it does not have any life modifiers.

The reduced global physical damage does not affect the damage of the Toxic Rain damage as it does not affect DoT damage. If you face survivability issues with Devoto's, I recommend using a rare helmet below

A rare helmet with -9 chaos with high life works as a more defensively helmet. Note that if you use a hubris circlet, you must have a total of 155 INT else you can't wear the helmet.

For enchantment, look for
- Toxic Rain fires 1 additional arrow
- Malevolence has 15% reduced Mana Reservation

If you have the Malevolence reduced reservation, you can throw in a Skitterbots for more damage.

Price (no helmet enchant) : Cheap
Price (with helmet enchant): Expensive

Trade link (No enchant) : https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Harvest/xm2zu6

2.2.4 Body Armour

Carcass Jack is a BiS body armour for Toxic Rain in terms of damage, it gives 50% increased area of effect which is an additional pod overlap. At the same time giving us decent amount of life and resistance which makes it one of the best body armour for Toxic Rain

Early setup - You are able to farm Carcass Jack

Endgame option - You will need to have a +4 or a +2 +1 Carcass Jack to maximize your Toxic Rain damage, they are not insanely hard to obtain as Toxic Rain has a lot of gem modifiers

Look for these implicit
- +1 to level of socketed gems
- +2 to level of socketed duration gems
- +2 to level of socketed AoE gems
- +2 to level of socketed projectile gems

All the videos above are done with a +1 to level of socketed gems Carcass Jack which cost me 15ex

To beginner players :

About getting a corrupted +socket, make sure the item is ALREADY 6 linked. This is very important as we will not be able to modify the item if it is not a 6 link, making it quite useless for us to socket our gems into it.

After an item is corrupted, you cannot modify the item by any means, EXCEPT for crafting benches. In order to get the right socket colors for your 6 linked corrupted Carcass Jack, you need to spam the bench recipe "at least 1 red", which is found on delve and it cost 4 chromatics + 4 vaal orbs. Spam that recipe until you got 1 red 5 green.

The reason why you should buy an already 6-linked Carcass is because if you don't have it 6 linked, you need to spend 350 jewellers + 350 vaal orbs to get it to 6 socket, and additional 1500 fusings and 1500 vaal orbs to 6 link it, making it very costly. So it is highly suggested to get a 6l Corrupted piece for the +socket.

Meanwhile for Explody chest, it works as a defensively chest if you want to hit level 100 as it helps remove corpse, or mainly focused on defenses since Carcass can't give as much life as a rare chest does. You can look for a crusader 15% phys taken as lightning damage to further mitigate more phys damage. Additionally, having frenzy charge on hit will allow us to sustain frenzy charges on long boss fights such as Maven or Sirus. The maximum mana is useless in my case, it is just an unlucky scenario from my awakener's orb.

Do note that the explode does not chain as we have no methods to scale its damage outside of headhunter buffs.

Price (with good implicit / explody chest): Expensive
Price (non 6 linked) : Moderate

Trade link (Budget) : https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Harvest/1JmOHl
Trade link (5l, moderate) : https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Harvest/8Bj27BhV

2.2.5 Gloves

Budget - Expensive

For the endgame gloves, we will be looking for a rare hunter gloves

Look for these stats :
- +# to Maximum life
- #% to Chaos Damage Over Time
- #% Increase Attack Speed
- #% Increased Area of Effect (crafted)
- #% to (any elemental) resistance

For a more budget glove, you can look for just Life and Resistance and craft the Increased AoE craft which is found by unveiling gloves from defeating syndicate members, then socket your aura gems on the gloves

Price: Cheap - Expensive

Trade link (Budget) : https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Harvest/bGgmRmdiL

2.2.6 Boots

Budget - Moderate - Expensive

For the boots, we will be looking for generic life + resistance + movement speed. It is recommended to look for a pair of boots with high movement speed, decent life and resistance and a two-toned boots for your elemental resistances.

Look for these stats :
- +# to Maximum Life
- +#% to (any elemental) resistance
- #% Increase Movement Speed
- +# to Intelligence / Strength (optional)

For the boots enchant, look for
- 10% increased Movement Speed if you haven't been Hit Recently
- 8% chance to Dodge Spell Hits if you've taken a spell damage recently
- 10% Chance to Dodge Attack Hits if you've taken a Critical Strike Recently

Don't get the 16% increased Attack and Cast Speed if you've Killed Recently enchant as it doesn't help us on boss fights and the only trouble we will have is during boss fights

Tailwind is the ultimate endgame boots stats, it is very expensive to get one and I don't recommend it if you are on tight budget.

Price: Cheap - Expensive

Trade link (Budget) : https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Harvest/Zq63j7msQ

2.2.7 Amulet

For the amulet, it is recommended to get a rare amulet with STR or INT on it as we will be having some attributes trouble.

Look for these stats
- +1 to level of all chaos skill gems
- +1 to level of all Dexterity Skill gems
- +# to Maximum Life
- +# to Chaos damage over time Multiplier
- +# to (any elemental) resistance

For a more budget amulet, you can Ignore the Chaos DoT Multiplier and the +1 Chaos or Dexterity Skill gems

Link to trade web for budget amulet

For the anointment, we are going for Hardened Scars as mentioned, it gives us a great survivability boost. For a more budget start option, you can look for Corruption anointment for more damage early on.

Price: Moderate - Expensive

2.2.8 Rings

For budget rings, you can get any life and resistance ring. When you reach the point where you have a higher budget for rings, look for either Hunter Influenced rings that give you despair on hit, or a delve despair on hit ring. Only one of them needs the Curse on Hit as this is due to the curse limit we have. Also you could get a ring with increased chaos damage, but it will be expensive on top of good amount of life and resistance.

Look for these stats
- +# to Maximum Life
- #% to (any elemental) resistance
- #% Increase chaos damage
- +# to Intelligence / Strength

It is recommended to get a Vermilion Ring, Coral or Two stone rings to cap your elemental resistance and heavily increases your life.

One of your ring will need to have the -mana cost to non channeling skills, this is only important after you need to reserve skitterbots into your build.

Price: Cheap - Expensive

Trade link (Budget) : https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Harvest/VL5o3ePHp

2.2.9 Belt

Budget - Moderate - Expensive - ????

For the belt, I would say any belt will do, but on my situation I have this belt (expensive belt) which gives me a lot of offensive options. You can also throw in a Headhunter on the build no problem because it gives us a lot of movement speed and attack speed. Else just look for life and resistance.

Taunting Contraption - It taunts enemies, changing their target aggro and reduces their damage towards you, this is a pretty good belt to use and this means we would have an perma additional 10% damage reduction as taunt makes enemy deals 10% less damage.

Headhunter works surprisingly well with the build, because Toxic rain is considered as a physical skill, it gains all the buffs that headhunter provides, scaling our explode chest damage at the same time. As Headhunter also gives additional action speed and area, it massively increases your damage output on mapping. The downside is that without a rare mob, a headhunter is nothing, so in long boss fights like Maven or Sirus it is pretty useless.

For a rare belt, look for a stygian vise with
- #% Increased Chaos damage
- +# to Maximum life
- +#% to (any elemental resistance)
- #% increase attack speed during any flask effect
- +# to Intelligence / Strength

Budget belt will be a life and res belt. Link to the trade is right here

If the belt has an open prefix, you can craft
- Flasks applied to you have #% increased effect
- #% reduced flask charges gained, flask applied to you have #% increased effect.
- #% Increased Damage

If the belt has an open suffix, you can craft
- #% Increased flask effect duration
- Regenerate #% life per second during any flask effect
- +#% to (any elemental) resistance

Price: Cheap - Expensive

I cast remi - a very beginner friendly guide : https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2866127
Support me if you want to! ttv/remicaster1
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2.0 Gearing Information - Second half

2.3 Jewels

Basic Jewel

Look for these stats
- #% Increased Maximum Life
- #% Increased Attack Speed
- #% Increased Damage over time
- #% to chaos DoT multiplier
- #% Increased damage
- #% Increased attack speed with bows

For the Abyss Jewels, look for
- +# to Maximum Life
- #% Increased damage over time while wielding a two-handed weapon
- #% chance to gain phasing on kill

One of the jewels I aimed for some attributes and resistance as I didn't manage to cap my resistances with my gear. That 1% reduced mana reservation is not mandatory.

Generally you would want to have a maximum life on all of your jewels. Then look for attack speed and DoT damage multi then increase DoT. Those jewels will be expensive, so you will have to narrow down cheap ones by yourself if you are lacking on money, but Prioritize maximum life.

Cluster Jewels

Cluster jewels is a new item introduced in 3.10 Delirium. It can only drop in Delirium encounters and cannot be found in anywhere else for now.

For the medium clusters, you will need a total of 4 of them
FOr the large clusters, you will need 2 of them

Medium cluster : Look for 4-5 added passives with 1 jewel socket, NOT 6 passives, again, NOT SIX.
For the stats, look for

- Wicked Pall
- Student of Decay
- Brewed for Potency

This goes the same for all other 3 medium clusters.

Wicked Pall are mainly to increase our skill effect duration so our pods will last longer while increasing the damage. Having an open jewel socket will allow us to socket in a powerful basic jewel socket to further increase both offense and defenses.

Brewed for Potency will be primary increasing on both our offenses and defenses. Since Brewed Potency increased charges gained, you can craft the "Increased flask effect, reduced flask charges gained" mod on the belt without having the downside being noticeable. Also you will have better life recovery with Brewed for Potency.

Alternatively you can go for Student of Decay instead of Brewed for Potency for chaos resistance then go for Divine Flesh which is granted by Glorious Vanity for additional defensive layer.

Large clusters : Look for 8 added passives, not 9 or 10, EIGHT. You must look for one that has 2 jewel sockets
For the stats, look for
- Broadside
- Tempered Arrowheads
- 2 Jewel sockets

This goes the same for the other large cluster

Broadside is very important as they increases the area of effect on the pods, by having 2 Broadside we will effectively have an additional pod overlap (though i am not too sure). Having 2 jewel sockets will allow us to socket 2 medium clusters in a large cluster jewel, so it is very important to look for a 2 socket large cluster.
Tempered Arrowheads also further increases our damage because it makes the pods last longer and further increasing the damage.

Small cluster : Look for Enduring composure, must be 2 passives. It will buffs our immortal call greatly and further reduce your phys damage taken.


Unique jewels

For the Watcher's Eye, we will be looking for Precision Attack speed and Malevolence damage over time multi. Prioritize Malevolence then attack speed Precision. Watchers eye is not mandatory but it can be quite expensive.

For the thread of hope, it must be in very large ring. Then place it on this position.

2.4 Flasks

Flask is one of the most overpowered items in this game, but it is very hard to fully utilize and manage your flask well even for a very experienced player. But with correct usage, you can avoid some near death situations.

For the flask, we will be looking for 1 Mana flask, 1 Life flask, 1 Hybrid flask and 2 Utility flask

Mana flask - This mana flask is our core item to recover all of our mana during any types of fights. You won't be running out of mana regen even on long boss fights like Sirus if you did not over use your flask. But even you overused your flask, you can just wait for a few seconds then you should be ready to go. You will need Enduring stat which allows our mana flask to continue the effect even when we reached full mana. For the stats, look for
Prefix : Enduring
Suffix : Of Order (Avoid Stun)

Hybrid flask - Hybrid flask is a life flask + mana flask. It acts as a mana flask with Enduring craft that doesn't let the flask effect stops, while it also counts as a life flask to apply our anointment Hardened Scars on us to give us fortify when we use it and will not end when we reached full mana or life.
Prefix : Enduring
Suffix : Of Warding (curse immune)

Quicksilver flask - Quicksilver flask basically gives us a lot of movement speed, increasing our mobility. This is a both offensive and defensive flask as movement is very important in this game.
Prefix : Alchemist (or any other prefix)
Suffix : Of Adrenaline (Inc Movement speed)

Silver flask - Gives us onslaught. Onslaught is a buff to action speed, which increases both movement and attack speed. Further increasing our dps.
Prefix : Any
Suffix : Of Acceleration (Inc attack speed)

Divine Life flask - Pretty much self explanatory as it recovers our life. Also Hybrid flask recovery won't be enough to recover our life on some situations, so it is recommended to get a life flask. Staunching will remove any corrupted blood stacks or bleed on us.
Prefix : Any
Suffix : Of Staunching (removes bleed)

You might be wondering why I don't have a anti freeze flask? This is because I have the Pathfinder "Master Alchemist" as it makes me immune to all elemental ailments during flask effect, which includes freeze. So by using a flask, I am immune to ignite, freeze, chill, shock, scorch, brittle and sap.


3.0 Passive Tree pathing

3.1 Passive Tree explained

This section is for beginner players!

Path of exile's passive tree is very overwhelming to beginner players, but once you've understand the general concept of it you will be able to know where goes where and why.

On ranger class, we are only limited to a maximum of 123 passive points, so we could not cover the whole tree. Due to this we have to choose wisely on our passives on what to choose and what not to choose in order to fully utilize the passive tree benefit.

Generally we will go through a "wheel" on the passive tree. This is an example of a Life Wheel, which gives life nodes.

In the middle there is a small icon of a heart, if you don't believe me, look around on your passive tree and try to look for the same Icon. The same icons will give similar stats (not exactly the same) and it gives life modifiers!

Here is a wheel of a bow node, as you can see in the middle there is a bow icon

Generally we will take half or everything available in the wheel then move on to the next target wheel. This is the same for all other builds

3.2 Passive Tree Progression

20 points


40 points


60 points


81 points


114 points No jewels (Check QnA section if you have doubts)


114 points with normal jewels


After 1 set cluster (1 large 2 mediums)


Final Tree


4.0 Ascendancy explained

4.1 Pathfinder Ascendancy Rundown

Pathfinder is often related to "Flaskfinder" as she has a lot of modifiers to flask effect. She is one of the Versatile character in the game as she can play both spell, attack and DoT builds.

Pathfinder has a major weakness and that is her starting point as a Ranger, which is considered one of the squishiest class in the game as there are not much life nodes near her. But outside of that, pathfinder generally gives flask modifiers and elemental modifiers on her ascendancy notables.

I will be explaining the 4 ascendancy notables We will be taking in this build.

Nature's Adrenaline :
15% increased movement speed during any Flask Effect
20% increased attack speed during any Flask Effect

This ascendancy notable is quite straight forward, it gives you 15% movement speed and 20% attack speed when you use a flask, pretty much it. So when you use a mana flask, you will get movement + attack speed. But when the flask effect is over, same goes to the movement and attack speed, they will be gone too. But as long as you have flask active that bonus will always be active.

Nature's Boon :
6% reduced elemental damage taken
Flasks gain 3 charges every 3 seconds
20% chance for Flask you use to not consume charges

This ascendancy notable gives us sustainability and survivability. 6% reduced elemental damage taken basically reduces fire, cold and lightning damage, including DoT damage. For every 3 second, you will gain 3 flask charges to all of your flask, it can be increased by having modifiers such as "20% increased flask charges gained" or similar stats. Also you have 20% chance that your flask will not consume charges when used. With flask charge gain and will not consume charges, it provides us great sustainability on long boss fights.

Master Alchemist :
Immune to Elemental Ailments during any Flask Effect
40% increased elemental damage during any Flask Effect
20% chance to Freeze, Shock and Ignite during any Flask Effect

We take this ascendancy notable because we will be immune to all types of elemental ailment, including freeze so we are able to drop an anti freeze flask. The other 2 stats in this notable are useless for our build as we don't deal any elemental damage. In order to freeze and shock, you need to deal the amount of elemental damage that bypass their ailment threshold in a single hit to inflict ailment but in this case we never deal any elemental damage to start with, so it is useless.

Nature's Reprisal
15% More chaos damage
Chaos skills have 30% increased Area of Effect
40% of physical damage converted to chaos damage

This ascendancy notable has the largest impact on our dps. 15% MORE chaos damage counts as a multiplicative increase which increase our damage by a lot, but the main part that boost our dps is the 30% increased AoE, allowing an additional pod to overlap on our enemies. Though the physical damage conversion is quite useless as we don't really deal physical damage at the first place

4.2 Ascendancy Order

Normal Lab

Cruel Lab

Merc Lab

Uber Lab


5.0 Bandits & Pantheons

5.1 Bandits

Kill All for +2 points.

Sadly there isn't any bandit that is useful for us. The only time you would want to help a bandit, I.E Alira is on league start situations and you don't have enough time to cover all of your resistances.

5.2 Pantheon

Major : Lunaris / Arakaali
Minor : Garukhan / Tukohama

For general mapping, you will be using Soul of Lunaris as it gives us decent dodge, physical mitigation and speed which is useful for mapping. For bosses such as Sirus, you might need to change it into Arakaali for the DoT storms.

Garukhan for general mapping as upgraded version gives you some survivability and speed. But for bosses you might need Tukohama because when we fire toxic rain we are stationary, so the bonuses from being stationary helps alot.

6.0 Gem links

6.1 My setup


Main Link

Acts setup

Budget Setup

Endgame Setup

(Gem is in this order : Strongest > Weakest)

Upgrade those gems into awakened gems if possible to maximize your damage output. Gem priority is in order, even with awakened gems.

You can replace Awakened Void Manipulation with Awakened Increased Area of Effect for more overlaps, more consistent damage but slightly worse damage if you didn't manage to get 5 green on your Carcass.

If you don't have Empower, replace it with Increased duration. Though you want to prioritize getting empower asap.

Prioritize level 21 Toxic Rain because it gives a lot of damage boost due to boosting the base DoT damage. This is one of the biggest DPS upgrade you can get and it is not that hard either so prioritize this!

Why no Concentrated Effect? This is because it reduces almost half of the area, which is a massive DPS loss actually for Toxic Rain, as opposite on PoB where it says it boost your DPS. So whenever you see people use Concentrated Effect on their Toxic Rain, this means they don't understand how toxic rain functions, or they just use it to boost the PoB numbers, not the actual dps numbers in game.

Awakened gems are great in terms of boosting your damage, so if you have the currency for upgrades, buy the awaken gems!

4 Link setup



Utility - Damage amplifier

(Culling strike is optional)

Auras - During acts, use Skitterbots instead of Malevolence and Flesh & Stone, this will solve the mana issues that you would be facing during acts. Malevolence is basically for damage, and Flesh & Stone is for survivability, make sure to put it on sand stance, not blood stance. You can slot another aura such as skitterbots / precision if you have the mana for the reservation. Enlighten support is to reduce the mana reserved.

Defense - This is the immortal call setup I am using in all the 3.13 videos. It was introduced by Scottiar. Make sure to put Immortal call on your left click, as it allows you to constantly self cast it when you move. I also recommend putting immortal call onto another key in case you don't need to move but you need the immortal call up.

This setup must have the anomalous alternate quality, it helps reduces the cooldown by a lot. If you don't have the alternate quality version, don't use enhance till then.

Utility - Damage amplifier - This is basically wither totems but better, though you lose mirage archer in the way. This setup is introduced by WolfieNa. With the help of GMP and withering touch, blast rain will fire 10 arrows at once, that would have estimated 2 wither stacks on average per fire, as it last for 4 seconds, stacking the wither stacks up with Mirage Archer is rather easy.

Additionally, since we don't need to put down totems, we don't need to worry the totem positioning and the totems getting one shotted by bosses without doing anything. Culling strike helps us to kill the toughest bosses no matter how tanky they are, as long as they have 10% hp remaining, they will be instantly killed, no matter the boss.

Misc gem setup


Dash can be replace with other mobility gem such as Flame dash or any mobility gems that is suitable and usable on this build.

6.2. Alt Quality


If the particular alt quality is not mentioned, it means the default version imo is better or it is not available for the endgame version.

Toxic Rain - Anomalous or Phantasmal
Anomalous is the BiS, but only if the normal quality did not manage to reach the breakpoint. If your normal quality inc aoe is essential for the breakpoint, then the normal one is BiS.

Phantasmal is not great in my opinion as you can get an additional arrow on Quill Rain rather easily or helmet enchant. Do note that the +2 arrow does not increases single target damage if you don't have enough overlap. To me Phantasmal quality is only when you don't have any sources of increase projectile and you've reached over 25 Radius AoE.

Mirage Archer - Divergent
This thing is just bonkers, TR gain 20% increased skill effect duration is just too strong from this alt quality. Divergent is the BiS version for MA.

Precision - Anomalous
Reduce mana reserve

Dash - Anomalous
increased dash distance, faster clear speed.

Malevolence - Anomalous
More Skill effect duration

Immortal Call - Anomalous
More evasion, increases survivability.


7.0 Leveling

7.1 tl;dr leveling

This is a summary of the leveling progress, recommended for experienced players

Act 1
> Caustic Arrow + Pierce
> Look for 3 green
> take Puncture for single target when you reached Submerged
> take Void Manipulation on reaching Prisons
> take Smoke Mine for mobility
> don't take Toxic Rain yet if you don't have an attack speed bow, you might delay it until act 3 ish

Act 2
> get Herald of Agony on lvl 16
> take Vicious Projectile as quest reward
> Kill all bandits
> you can support hoag with gems if you swapped to Toxic Rain

Act 3
> Take Despair
> buy Malevolence
> gem links for 4l Toxic Rain - Vicious Projectile - Void Manipulation - Swift Affliction if you don't have Quill rain
> replace Void Mani with Mirage archer if you have Quill rain

stats to prioritize is attack speed on bows, bows can be any stats but as long as it has attack speed it is a good bow early on.

make sure to have 40% res + upon reaching act 6 after penalty, and cap your res when you reached maps. Drop HoAg when you felt like it is doing nothing anymore, replace it with skitterbots.

7.2 Whole leveling

> DC = Disconnect (Or use Portal Scroll to go back to town)
> WP = waypoint

This leveling method works for me, it might not be the most efficient method, but if you have no clue on how to level with this build, this is the method that works the best for you.

= Act 1 =

[] Hillock
[] Get Caustic Arrow (link to Pierce)
[] Check for MS boots and G=G=G if nothing get iron ring
[] Coast
[] Mud Flats
[] Submerged Passage (Get WP)
[] WP to Coast
[] Tidal (from top right, go left)
[] DC
[] Get Quicksilver + Mirage Archer from reward (link to Caustic, drop Pierce)
[] Buy Shrapnel Ballista + Onslaught (link Onslaught to Caustic + Mirage Archer)
[] Upgrade Life Flasks whenever possible
[] Dash + Puncture
[] Check MS and G=G=G (G=G=G is links and socket colors)
[] Submerged Passage
[] Portal at bridge
[] The Ledge
[] Get WP
[] Prison -> WP to town -> Take Portal to Submerged
[] Flooded Depths
[] DC
[] Get Void Manipulation from reward (Link it to Caustic)
[] Buy War Banner, doesn't need to be linked
[] Buy 2nd Void Manipulation (level it offhand)
[] Start to ID rares to vendor for Alteration shards
[] Lower Prison
[] Trial
[] Brutus (follow blood in upper prison)
[] DC
[] Buy iron rings if needed
[] Smoke Mine (Replace Dash)
[] WP to Prisoner's Gate
[] Narrow path to Ship Graveyard
[] Look for WP or Cave. If can't find WP, drop Portal and go up towards Cave.
[] Cavern -> WP to town -> Take portal to Ship Graveyard
[] Fairgraves
[] DC
[] Get Toxic Rain from reward
[] Toxic Rain + Void Manipulation (the 2nd void manipulation earlier), drop Shrapnel Ballista
[] WP to Merveil's Cavern
[] Merveil

= Act 2 =

Current Links
- Toxic Rain + Void Manipulation
- Caustic Arrow + Mirage Archer + Onslaught (Or Void Manipulation)
- Smoke Mine
- War Banner

- Don’t overdo toxic rain, tap and go
- Essences
- 2 Quicksilver


[] Old Fields
[] TP Outside Den (If no 2nd Quicksilver)
[] Crossroads WP -> WP to town -> Portal to Old Fields
[] Den (always go top except one that loops)
[] DC
[] Get Quicksilver
[] WP to Crossroads
[] Chamber of Sins
[] Trial
[] Kill Fidelitas/ Save Helena
[] DC
[] Buy Blood Rage + Skitterbots + Arctic Armor
[] Riverways (follow road to WP) then continue to Western Forest
[] Follow road get WP
[] Follow spiderwebs to Weaver's Chambers
[] Kill Weaver (~lvl 16)
[] DC
[] WP to Crossroads
[] Follow road to Broken Bridge
[] Kill Kraityn
[] DC
[] WP to Riverways
[] Wetlands
[] Kill Oak
[] Find Roots/ get WP
[] WP to Western Forest
[] Kill Alira (could help Alira on league start)
[] Follow road south to kill Blackguard
[] DC
[] Get Vicious Projectiles reward (link to Toxic Rain, Toxic Rain = Void Mani = Vicious Proj)
[] WP to Act 1 Town for Bestel reward
[] WP to Crossroads
[] Fellshrine Ruins
[] The Crypt Trial
[] DC
[] WP to Wetlands
[] Clear roots -> Vaal Ruins
[] WP
[] Ancient Seal
[] Northern Forest
[] Cavern
[] Ancient Pyramid
[] Kill Oversoul
[] DC
[] WP Act 3


= Act 3 =

- 4-links start at lvl 24

Current Links
- Toxic Rain + Void Manipulation + Vicious Projectiles
- Caustic Arrow + Mirage Archer + Onslaught (Or Void Mani)
- Smoke Mine
- War Banner
- Skitterbots
- Blood Rage
- Arctic Armor

- Despair - remember to use it on high HP mobs/bosses
- 4 Link green
- 3 link Royal Bow (attack speed)


[] Save Clarissa (talk to her)
[] Go to Slums
[] Crematorium
[] Get WP
[] Trial
[] Tolman quest
[] DC
[] Clarissa
[] Maramoa reward Despair (Doesn't need to be linked)
[] Slums -> Sewers
[] Busts
[] WP
[] The Marketplace
[] WP
[] Catacombs
[] Trial
[] DC
[] Hagan reward + passive
[] WP to Marketplace -> The Battlefront
[] WP
[] Ribbon
[] Docks (if underleveled, reset zone on WP to keep killing ~half way to 27)
[] Quest item
[] DC
[] WP to Battlefront
[] Solaris Temple
[] Int amulet reward
[] DC
[] WP to Sewers
[] Ebony Barracks
[] WP
[] Skip Gravicious
[] Lunaris Temple
[] WP
[] Lunaris 2
[] Piety
[] DC
[] Grigor, Clarissa
[] Busts reward
[] Check for 4 link
[] WP Ebony Barracks
[] Imperial Gardens
[] Grab WP -> Trial
[] Library -> Pages
[] DC
[] Aspirants Plaza -> WP
[] WP to Library
[] Get Malevolence + Flesh and Stone + Spell Totem + Wither Totem
[] Drop War Banner + Skitterbots + Arctic Armor auras and Caustic Arrow Setup
[] Link Mirage Archer to Toxic Rain
[] WP to Aspirants Plaza for First Lab (Pathfinder -> Nature's Reprisal / Adrenaline) (Pick Reprisal if you want more stable damage, Adrenaline for extra speed)
[] WP to Imperial Gardens
[] Enter Scepter of God
[] Dominus


= Act 4 =

Current Links
- Toxic Rain + Void Manipulation + Vicious Projectiles + Mirage Archer
- Smoke Mine
- Flesh and Stone
- Blood Rage
- Malevolence
- Spell Totem + Wither

- Fixed resists and damage by crafting
- Upgraded 3 or 4 link bow
- Upgraded flasks


[] The Dried Lake
[] Crafting recipe
[] DC
[] Check vendor again
[] Mines
[] Mines level 2
[] Deshret's Spirit
[] Crystal Veins
[] WP
[] Daresso's Dream
[] DC
[] Tasuni Passive Reward
[] Kaom's Dream
[] DC
[] Belly of the beast
[] Piety
[] The Harvest
[] WP
[] Shav
[] DC
[] Doedre -> Maligaro
[] DC
[] Check vendor, grove bow
[] Fix resists/ damage (crafting)
[] Kill Malachai
[] DC
[] Buy Multiple Totems Support (Link to Spell Totem + Wither)
[] The Descent


= Act 5 =

Current Links
- Toxic Rain + Void Manipulation + Vicious Projectiles + Mirage Archer
- Smoke Mine
- Flesh and Stone
- Blood Rage
- Malevolence
- Spell Totem + Wither + Multiple Totems Support

- Flasks with resists or adrenaline
- Enough resists for the penalty after kitava


[] Escape the slave pens
[] Transmute + alt flasks if needed (adrenaline / staunching / etc..)
[] Two stone ring reward with most fitting implicit resists
[] Control Blocks
[] Templar Courts
[] Chamber of Innocence
[] Kill Innocence
[] Torched Courts
[] Ruined Square
[] WP
[] Ossuary
[] The Reliquary -> Kitava's Torments
[] DC
[] Silver Flask reward
[] Replace the low ilvl Quicksilver for the Silver flask
[] Reset and WP to Ruined Square
[] Cathedral Rooftop (~lvl 41)
[] Apex
[] Kitava


= Act 6 =

- Use your essences to find potential upgrades

Current Links
- same links

- Craft to even out resistances post Kitava
- Pantheon
- Tukohama
- Brine King
- Upgrade gear as you find it or by quest rewards
- 4 links
- Upgrading flasks


[] Coast
[] WP
[] Tidal Islands
[] DC
[] Bestel
[] Choose most needed slot, use alchemy or essence
[] Craft missing resistances
[] WP to Coast
[] Mud flats
[] Kill Dishonored Queen
[] Karui Fortress
[] Defeat Tukohama
[] Tukohama Pantheon
[] Go north to The Ridge
[] Get WP
[] Lower Prison -> Trial
[] Shavronne's Tower
[] Shav + Brutus
[] Portal to Town
[] Clear Twilight Strand
[] DC
[] Lilly reward
[] Tarkleigh passive and 4link reward
[] WP to Prisoner's Gate
[] Defeat Abberath
[] Western Forest
[] Riverways
[] WP
[] Wetlands
[] Puppet Mistress
[] DC
[] Tarkleigh Passive Reward
[] WP to Riverways
[] Southern Forest
[] Get WP
[] Cavern of Anger
[] The Beacon
[] WP
[] Beacon quest
[] Brine King's Reef
[] Brine King Pantheon
[] DC
[] Bestel Reward
[] WP to Act 7


= Act 7 =

- same links

- stanching flask for corrupted blood


[] Broken Ridge
[] Silver Locket
[] Crossroads
[] Get WP
[] Fellshrine Ruins
[] The Crypt
[] Get WP
[] Trial
[] Damage over time recipe
[] Crypt level 2
[] Get quest item
[] DC
[] WP to Crossroads
[] North East to Chamber of Sins
[] Talk to Silk and get WP
[] Use map device
[] Loop around inner wall
[] Maligaro
[] Portal
[] Talk to Silk
[] Chamber of sins level 2
[] Trial
[] Den
[] Ashen Fields
[] Northern Forest
[] Leave TP at Dread Thicket
[] Causeway
[] WP
[] Get quest item
[] Vaal City
[] WP
[] WP to town and take portal
[] Dread Thicket pick up Fireflies
[] Kill Gruthkul
[] Pick up remaining Fireflies
[] DC
[] Turn in quests and get 4link boots, passive points, jade flask
[] WP to Vaal City
[] Temple of Decay
[] Kill Arakaali


= Act 8 =

- same links

- Aspirants Trial, 2nd lab


[] Stick to the wall
[] The Toxic Conduits
[] Doedre's Cesspool
[] Go to The Quay because of skill point quests
[] Stick to the left for the Ankh
[] Clarissa & Tolman
[] Head to the right towards The Grain Gate
[] The Imperial Fields
[] Get WP
[] Solaris Temple (Follow red carpet)
[] Get WP
[] Solaris Temple lvl 2
[] Portal
[] Kill Dawn
[] DC
[] Turn in Clarissa quest
[] Turn in Maramoa
[] Hargan get Two-Stone ring that helps with your lowest resistances
[] Aspirants Trial, 2nd lab
[] -> Nature's Adrenaline / Reprisal (Pick the other one, depend on what you picked at the start, if you picked Reprisal first then pick Adrenaline and vice versa)
[] Solaris Concourse
[] The Harbour Bridge
[] The Lunaris Concourse
[] Get WP
[] Lunaris Temple
[] Lunaris Temple lvl 2
[] Go to Harbour Bridge (make sure to reset so you can kill on your way to boss)


= Act 9 =

- same links

- At least level 60


[] Farm blood aqueducts until level ~57
[] Head to The Descent
[] The Vastiri Desert
[] Stick to top wall
[] The Foothills
[] Get WP
[] The Boiling Lake
[] Kill Basilisk
[] DC
[] Talk to Sin
[] Go to Foothills
[] Reach The Tunnel -> Trial
[] The Quarry
[] Talk to Sin
[] Refinery (Going up is the fastest way)
[] DC
[] Quarry
[] Shrine of the Winds
[] Kill Garukhan
[] Belly of the Beast
[] The Rotting Core
[] Shavs
[] Maligaro
[] Doedre
[] Black Heart


= Act 10 =

- same links

- Kill Kitava!


[] Cathedral Rooftop
[] Rescue Bannon
[] Ravaged Square
[] Get WP
[] Torched Courts
[] Desecrated Chambers
[] Kill Avarius
[] DC
[] Talk to Bannon
[] WP to Ravaged Square
[] Talk to Innocence
[] Kitava

I cast remi - a very beginner friendly guide : https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2866127
Support me if you want to! ttv/remicaster1
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Questions & Answers

Q: How to progress with this build?

First of all, get Quill Rain. Quill Rain is cheap, +1 Arrow corruption is not mandatory, so instead, get a 6 linked Quill Rain if possible early on. Even then a 4 linked Quill Rain should carry you through the whole 10 acts. Carcass Jack is also important as more overlap = more single target damage.

During leveling, make sure to level your gems offhand. To do that, equip 2 melee weapons / wands on your offhand slot (default key X), make sure all of the sockets are green colored, then socket all of them with Toxic Rain. When the gem reaches level 20, corrupt them with Vaal Orb and hope for level 21 Toxic Rain to appear.

After you have those 2 gear, rest of them can be filled. +1 Arrow Toxic Rain enchantment on devotos is not mandatory too, so you can just get a devoto devotion. Rest of the gear can be filled with rares with life and resistances.

Your first "bridge" will be - 6l Quill rain, Devotos (for faster clearing and more damage, if you want more survivability, use starkonja or a rare helmet with phys taken as fire and high life) and carcass jack.

After that, prioritize your amulet as hardened scars is important and you don't want to waste a golden oil on a trash amulet. +1 Dex > +1 chaos, try to look for DoT multi on the amulet if possible. After getting amulet, get DoT quiver and DoT gloves. After that, get Thread of Hope, allocation is specified in jewels section.

With all of that set, you start to move onto Cluster jewels. Focus on the first set of cluster jewel first. Look for Tempered Arrowheads and Broadside and again, 8 passives, NOT 9 OR 10. After having a large cluster jewel up, get 2 mediums and 2 basic jewels. Make sure to follow and buy the appropriate cluster jewel and basic jewel given on the jewels section.

If you are having survivability issues, you are recommended to prioritize anoint Hardened Scars on your amulet.

Below is a flow chart of the progression. They are all connected together.

Q: I am having survivability issues

This will be a common issue, but first you need to know that you aren't made to facetank. Yes we are tanky but those defensive layers are prevention from dying when we make mistakes. You are still required to move around and dodging monster skills.

Now first of all, do you have elemental resistance capped? If you don't know what does this means, look into the spoiler

What is Elemental Resistance

Elemental resistances are a critical part of your character’s survivability.
From act 5 onwards enemy damage is balanced around your all 3 of your elemental (fire, cold and lightning) resistances being capped (default cap 75%). If you have 50% resistance instead you'll take double the damage of someone with 75%, so doing your best to cap your elemental resistances is vital. To have this info, press (default key C) on your character sheet, then look onto defenses. It should be shown on the life bottom side of the screen.

You receive a 30% penalty to all resistances at the end of act 5, and lose another 30% at the end of act 10. A total of -60% elemental resistances. Do make sure to cap your elemental resistance again when you killed Kitava.

Chaos resistance can be ignored while in campaign, but rises in relevancy the further you get to end game. Getting above 0% for maps is a good idea.

Ideally you want to have about 4k hp. If you didn't hit 4k hp, make sure to find more maximum life on your gear to boost your hp pool up. Also make sure you have your cwdt with immortal call gem setup completed

Hardened Scars helps out a lot on mitigating damage. It is very important to have Hardened Scars up at all time as it gives Fortify (explained above). This can be obtained by having the anointment (talk to Cassia and have 3 specific oils while having the amulet you want to craft on). Same goes to Wind Dancer (also explained above).

If you have further issues with survivability, you want divine flesh, which also helps out a lot in terms of mitigating damage. Additionally, you could get a jade flask which gives more additional defenses. On top of that, a vaal grace would also be able to help out our survivability.

Q: I am having mana issues / not enough mana reservation


I am having mana issues
This usually only happens on the very early stages of the game. If you do happen to have mana issues, you want to roll enduring mana flask as soon as possible because that single stat will solve your mana sustain issue.

For early game I suggest to use skitterbots only, until around act 8 - 9 you can try putting in a flesh and stone. Once you have enduring mana flask, replace skitterbots with Malevolence

I don't have enough mana for all 3 reservations
Drop skitterbots before you have enough reservation

Q: What should I do between the 81 points and 114 points? The starting position is different! Is this a mistake?


No it is not a mistake. This is because when we reach a certain place in the game, we will have to get some defensive layers as dying in maps are annoying. The reason why we get projectile damage early on is because we will be lacking on damage. So when we reach a certain point where we felt like we need more survivability and willing to drop some damage, it is the point where you have to refund the projectile damage nodes and then use it on the life + evasion nodes.

So for this refund you need a total of 10 regret orbs. Temporary refund random 5 points on the passive tree, then allocate the 5 points on the life + evasion. After that, refund the 5 projectile damage nodes on the beginning path, then reallocate back points where you've temporary removed.

Q: Why not Witchfire Brew / Dying sun?


> Witchfire
Witchfire itself is not a great flask to begin with. As you are a ranged build, you have to get ridiculously close to the boss in order to apply your despair curse. If you get rid of that, the remaining 50% increased damage is close to nothing, as increased damage itself is additive to all other increases, making it pretty weak. Compared to other flask like silver flask, it is noticeably weak with a side by side comparison

> Dying sun
Dying sun is great, but the catch is the AoE. Although I did mentioned AoE is great, but it does nothing if it didn't reached the breakpoint radius. For example, if you get a 20% Increased AoE, and in the PoB it does not increase the radius, it basically does nothing. Most of the time dying sun will only +1 radius, which is not significant. I personally only use it when it gives +2 radius, but as I said, most of the time it does not, so I choose not to.

+2 arrows on dying sun is also not very great, as mentioned above how projectile and the AoE work together. Although it can be useful, but you won't be noticing the immediate dps gain from it.

Q: How is Trickster / Deadeye / Raider?


For other ascendancy other than PF, you would have to find a way to fix mana issues, which is usually through -mana cost rings. On 3.13 there is a new glove which is designed to sustain our mana, but it hasn't been widely tested yet and I am unsure how it will perform. Generally all of these ascendancies have one downside at the start, which is
- Lack of versatility in gearing
- More difficult to obtain damage jewelries
- Crafter cost / scams / obtaining elreon rings


This is the section when you plan to play trickster for whatever reason. Most of the stuff in the guide applies to this version. DPS is the identical but the cost of the gear is not.

= Important notice =
As I am near word limit, please read the notes section in PoB for additional information.

PoB : https://pastebin.com/y7Fmp86y


My stance on raider is that it is not a really good class for TR. I've tried TR raider a lot of times on league start, it start off well, but falls off way too early. It starts to fall at early yellows since it doesn't have a lot of damage from her ascendancy.

Reworked Deadeye

I've tested the reworked deadeye, and this is my own verdict.

- I am too used to PF setup, where I can just recklessly use my flask charges. As I swapped to deadeye and I don't have flask charge sustain, this isn't helping me out, I am punished every single time I carelessly use my flask charge. This can be noticed when you swapped out from a PF build into another non PF build (Including Scion PF ascendancy)

- Deadeye have some very nasty damage, would say it has better damage better than PF, but in turn the survivability is noticeable that it became worse (Even with Wind Ward yes, and I also noticed )

- Deadeye has a lower burst damage compared to PF, mainly because you need your mirage archers to deal damage

- Deadeye has a better coverage because of +2 projectile, some indirect damage increase

- Deadeye has worse sustain, once you get hit it is hard to recover life back.

Imo I would still go with PF, mainly because I am just too used to my flask charges and I could recklessly use it with my perma quicksilver charge on, and I have a better sustain on fights without having to maintain my flask charges all the time on bosses like Sirus Maven.

I have the twitch vod if you guys are interested.

Q: PoB link is not working


Please download the latest PoB Fork Community, I've linked it directly above my PoB link. If you already have community fork, notify me via discord

Q: How to I calculate my dps correctly on PoB?


Use the calculator which I mentioned at section 1.2, TR mechanics. To use it, just simply create a copy, then insert the numbers via PoB. It will automatically do the job to calculate it for you.

If you can't find the specified queries for the calculator (for instance skill duration), please download PoB fork I've linked in section 2.1.

Q: How to export my build on pastebin?


1. Have your PoB configured
2. Go to "Import/Export Build" section

3. Click "Generate", then copy (DO NOT PRESS SHARE WITH PASTEBIN)
4. Go to pastebin
5. Click on "+Paste" (it has a green button)
6. Paste the whole PoB code into the paste
7. Click on "Create new paste" at the bottom
8. Copy your current link, then paste it to share your PoB code via Pastebin to other people.

Why we need to do this? This is because Pastebin has revoked the access for guest members to create a paste, hence we need to manually create paste via pastebin now.

Information for beginner players & Console players
Helpful information for beginner players & Console players

Before you go checking on these info, feel free to join the official Path of Exile discord, link is https://discord.com/invite/pathofexile or just type "PoE official discord" in Google search. There are a lot of helpful players willing to help and assist you when you are confused about certain part of the game. Feel free to ask any questions in their help channel, don't be afraid if you think your question is dumb or not, just ask!


What is trading in this game?

Trading in this game is usually referred to buying or selling items through https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Metamorph. You can bookmark this page, even though it is Metamorph on here, it will redirect you to the current league!

How to trade with other players?

So when you go to the trade website, you are greeted by this overlay.


So this is a quick sketch of mine showing you how to use it


If you can't see it properly, open that picture in a new window.

After you have filtered everything out, click on the blue button (search item). Then the server will search for the item available in the trade system. After the search is finished, it will show you a overlay like this.



When you found the item that you are satisfied with, click on the whisper button, then go back to your game, copy and paste it on the chat. It will send a pm to the player that is selling the item.

If the player did not send you a party invite after 1 minute without any response, chances are the player is afking or not responding, best bet is to move on to the next guy then buy it from him / her.

When the player invites you to the party, accept it. Then right click on his profile at the top left on your screen, then go to hideout. After that, wait for the player to send you a trade invite, click on accept.

When you accept the trade invite, you will see an overlay, similar to this.


This is an example of a trade overlay of me, buying an amulet for 5 exalted orb.

On the top side is their offer, and on the bottom side is my offer. You are required to hover onto the item before you are able to accept the trade.

This is to prevent scamming to happen, so make sure. MAKE SURE. MAKE SURE, MAKE SURE. MAKE SURE to DOUBLE CHECK the item before you accepting the trade, especially big trade that involves with exalted orbs.

You cannot believe how many scams had happened, if you don't believe me, on this forum, go to either help & information section or general discussion section, press CTRL + F, then type in "scam", if the results are none, look for another page.

Again, double check before you buy an item.

When you finished the trading, give a thanks then go back to your hideout or waypoint then continue your journey on acts.

How do I sell items?

irst of all you will need a premium stash tab, it is obtained by buying it on the MTX store. This basically means that if you are not willing to put any money into the game, you can't sell items, unless someone gifted you points.

Also, there are some websites like PoE Ninja you can price check currencies, check which unique item is the most demanded and expensive at the moment, graphs for the price movement and so on.

Third party tools such as Awakened PoE Trade Macro could also be used to speed up the price checking process. Do note that price checking rare items (or the so called yellow items) are not accurate through these kind of tools.

So after having a stash tab, put an item you wanted to sell on it, then right click, set the type of currency you want (generally chaos or exalted orbs) then set the value.

After finishing act 10 - Atlas Progression for dummies

Congrtaz! Now you have finally killed Kitava and saved Oriath. What now? Most people referred the 10 acts as "tutorials" in this game, and 99% of the builds you found at the guides are builds made to do this content, which is called "mapping" and it involves with the thing called Atlas. The first quest you encounter will be "Find Kirac's Brother", this is no longer a "grabbing your hand quest". Rather this is a quest that may take several hours or even days to achieve.

Ok honestly this is very confusing and difficult to explain, so to prevent you guys from reading a wall of text and still understand nothing, here is a video guide provided by a content creator Badger.

Atlas Guide

I would like you to watch the guide first before proceeding reading the rest of the text below as I will use information provided from that particular atlas guide.

For the Kirac's Brother quest, you will need to reach an outer region section in order to find him. This takes a bit of time but when you found him, you will need to complete 3 maps within that section. So let's say you found him on Lex Ejoris, you need to complete 3 maps within Lex Ejoris in order to proceed the next quest.

You will eventually have to meet the 4 conquerors. They are
Baran (The Crusader) - Boss Fight Mechanics
Veritania (The Redeemer) - Boss Fight Mechanics Video
Al-Hezmin (The Hunter) - Boss Fight Mechanics Video (Mainly chaos damage)
Drox (The Warlord) - Boss Fight Mechanics Video (Mainly physical damage)

Note : I do not own any of the boss fight videos above!

So once you gathered 20 watchstones, you will eventually have to fight the "final boss" which is Sirus, The Awakener of Worlds. Honestly that fight is a big pile of mess, it is not difficult but annoying.

here is the boss fight video -

Ok so what I do after killing Sirus? The story for the game is pretty much over for now. So just have fun upgrading your build, killing monsters and completing some challenges or achievements available in the game! Or try out other builds!

If you still have troubles understanding the Atlas, feel free to join the official PoE discord right here! Ask your questions away in the help section, anything PoE related or parts you don't understand about the game, it can be anything as long as it's related to the game!

Basic Crafting

First of all let's learn item stats. This is important later on so as I will use the terms that you will learn over here. You will need to enable an option setting in the options UI section called "Advanced Mod Description" to view all the details like the image below.

This is a Rare (a type of rarity) ring in the game I've found on level 13

Purple > Bases : Usually what we call as "item bases". They have a fixed visual and implicit on them (except for unique items have a different visual).

Orange > Item level : Item level determines the pool of modifiers (mod) it can roll on an item. The lower the item level it is, the lower range of pool it can roll, also the lower tier (or numbers) it can roll on the stats.

Red > Implicit modifiers : These stats are on the top line of the item, which in this case it is "20-30% to Cold Resistance". This stat cannot be removed or changed with any orb except for vaal orb which is likely to destroy your item, so in most cases implicits are stuck forever on your item.

Yellow > These are the mods that you can roll on an item using currency like the chaos orb and other means. They are visually presented under the implicit mods. Generally, these are the most important modifiers and determine whether an item is worth using. There are two types of explicit mods: Prefixes and Suffixes. Depending on the base of the item the maximum number of explicit modifiers varies. On most rare items (or yellow items), the maximum number of suffixes is three, while the maximum number of prefixes is also three, for a total maximum of six explicit mods.

Green > Prefixes : To sum it up, a category of stats. It determines a set of mods that can be rolled on an item, for example, "Adds 1 to 2 fire damage to attacks" is a prefix, and this stat cannot be rolled in the suffix category.Can only hold up to a maximum of 3 prefix modifiers on a rare item.

Blue > Suffixes : Also a category of stats, same as prefixes logic.

Light blue > Crafted mod : A modifier that is crafted from the crafting bench. On default you can only have 1 maximum crafted mod on your item.

This is the basic of a rare item, which is generally used in the game. There are a total of 4 types of rarity in the game.

Normal (white name text): An item of normal rarity has no explicit mods. These are the most common items.

Magic (blue name text): An item of magic rarity has at least one explicit mod and can have a maximum of 1 prefix and 1 suffix for a maximum of two affixes.

Rare (yellow name text): An item of rare rarity can have much more mods then a magic item. They will usually have more than four mods, with a limit of 3 prefixes and 3 suffixes for a total of 6 maximum explicit mods. Jewels (of any kind) are the exception with a maximum of 4 mods, with a maximum 2 prefixes and 2 suffixes.

Unique (brown- dark orange name text): These (mostly) cannot be crafted and have special properties crafted items cannot have. They can be very powerful or very bad, so even though they are of the highest rarity, they won't always be the best choice.

Crafting in this game is actually through using the orbs that we considered as currencies. Such as Chaos Orb is used to reroll the stats of a rare item.

All of the orbs have their own properties and stated how to use them. So such as Chaos Orb which rerolls the stats of an item.

So to use it, you will have to right click as the orb, then left click on the item you wish to reroll the stats. This orb cannot be used on an unique item.

Orb of Transmutation - Will turn a normal item into a magic item (with one or two random explicit mods).

Orb of Alteration - This is one of the most commonly used orbs in crafting. It will reroll a magic rarity item into a new magic item, removing all old explicits on it and giving it up to 2 new explicits mods. If you just need to hit a certain mod, this can be a cost-effective way of creating an item with that mod. (This is generally referred as "Alt Spam" and it is commonly used)

Orb of Augmentation - Will add a new random explicit mod to a magic item that is missing a prefix or suffix. This is often used while alteration-crafting. If you create a single-mod item with a good mod, it is probably worth using one of these on it.

Regal Orb - Will add a new random explicit modifier to a magic item turning, it into a rare item.

Orb of Alchemy - Will turn a normal item into a rare, adding up to six randomly generated explicit modifiers.

Orb of Scouring - The opposite of the Orb of Alchemy, this orb will turn a rare item into a normal rarity item and remove all explicit modifiers from it.

Chaos Orb - Will reroll a rare item into a new rare item changing all its explicit mods.

Divine Orb: Will reroll the numerical values of each explicit mods on the item but will do so within the actual value range of the mod tier. It does not change the mod tier.

Essences - Essences are essentially alchemy orbs that always grant one guaranteed mod. That means that even the worst ones are still almost as good as an alchemy orb while the best ones are a lot better than those. Essences have 7 tiers (from Whispering to Deafening), the 5 lowest tiers of which can be found as drops from frozen mob packs riddled throughout Wraeclast.
The two highest tiers of essence (Shrieking and Deafening) can actually be used on a rare item, meaning that they can function as a special chaos orb instead of an alchemy orb with a single guaranteed mod.(include graph of essences?) Three essences of the same type can be vendored to receive one essence of the next tier up.

Vaal Orb - These will modify the item unpredictably with four possible outcomes. Use at your own risk!
It will either: do nothing except adding the "corrupted" status, change the item into a rare and totally reroll its explicits (this is known as bricking and is very bad), add a corrupted implicit to the item (this can be good and is usually what you're after) or in the case of socketable items, transform a number of sockets into white sockets (these can be socketed with gems of any color). Once an item has been vaaled, it will gain the "corrupted" status, which means it cannot be modified any further, not even by another vaal orb. That means that these orbs are quite likely to destroy your item!

Exalted Orb - Will add a new random explicit modifier to a rare item that has at least one vacant prefix or suffix. It cannot add modifiers that are already on the item.

Conqueror Exalted Orbs - Warlord, Redeemer, Crusader and Hunter Exalted Orb function like normal exalted orbs do except that they will always add a modifier related to their specific influence. You can only use these orbs on uninfluenced items, and it will apply their influence on the item.

Awakener's Orb - This orb will combine two influenced items of a different influence together and create a new item with both items' influences. It will take up to one influenced modifier from both items (if they are available) when making the combination. The other explicit modifiers are rerolled as if using a chaos orb - meaning that for most uses this is essentially a chaos orb with two influence modifiers locked in place.

(all of these explanation can be found on https://www.craftofexile.com/basics. Be sure to check out this useful website!

= Crafting Bench =
Crafting bench is a powerful tool that we all have. It can only be found in our hideout, which is obtained by completing Helena's Quest at Act 2.

Using the crafting bench in the hideout is probably the most crafting used method in the game. This is the most straight-forward and predictable method. You can choose a single modifier to add to an item and if you pay the crafting cost it is added as a freely removable "crafted mod". Some of these modifiers can be extremely powerful and can be used flexibly to add a missing piece of elemental resistance to a character or to add maximum life to a piece of gear that is otherwise perfect for you.

More modifiers to craft can be found through crafting recipes in different places in the storyline, maps and the delve mine (refer the places on wiki). You can also unlock specific crafting options by unveiling mods on veiled items.

One specific crafted modifier of note is "this item can have up to three crafted modifiers". This modifier is used for what is known as "multimodding". It also includes itself as a crafted mod, so you can only realistically craft 2 more stats on an item.

To have more information about what stats your item can roll, refer to https://poedb.tw/us/mod.php or https://www.craftofexile.com/

I will only cover the basics of crafting on an item, if you want to dive deep into a more challenging and time consuming craft, you will need to refer to https://www.craftofexile.com/

Harvest Crafting

Harvest crafting is introduced as a very powerful crafting medium, as it allows players to directly target a specific stats on adding, removing and rerolling the tiers. This powerful mechanic also has its own downside, which is pretty rare.

To combat against the rareness of the harvest crafts, players generally trade the crafts found on their harvest with each other, which is a major flaw as scams can easily occur.

This is because crafts cannot be directly traded, the buyer will have to give their item to the seller, afterwards the seller will then apply the craft, then the seller will give back the item and the buyer will pay the agreed cost of the craft. This flaw enabled a lot of scammers stealing items during these services. So you will have to be constantly aware of this issue when you are performing harvest crafts with another person.

That being said, Harvest crafting is commonly used simply it is too powerful and it is something that every beginner should tackle on.

The general rule of harvest craft is that the gear is limited to 10 levels, which means a ilvl 70+ harvest craft would not be able to apply on an ilvl 86 item, the harvest craft must be a minimum of ilvl 76+ in order to apply on an ilvl 86 item. If the item lvl is higher than 86 such as ilvl 100 item, it will count as an ilvl 86 item.

Through harvest craft, you really need to learn the tags of affixes. Each affix has their own tag. For example, "+100 to Maximum life" affix will have a life tag, using any harvest crafts related to "life" will affect this particular affix. Meanwhile, "+30 to movement speed" will have a speed tag, using any harvest crafts related to "speed" will affect this particular affix, you get an idea of this.

To understand which affix has what tags, you will need the help of Craftofexile. I will not go through much detail about this, I recommend you to ask for help from other players if you don't know how to use craftofexile entirely to look up affix tags.

Harvest crafts still respects the basic item rule, explain at basic crafting above.

Augment - Commonly referred as "Aug / add"
Augment is doing what it is stated, add an affix related to the tag to an item, as simple as that. For example, Augment lightning will be able to add lightning resistance, lightning damage or any other stats that have the "lightning" tag.

Remove - Commonly referred as "Rem"
Remove is also doing what it is stated, removing the particular affixes from an item. For example "remove cold" will be able to remove cold resistance on an item, or any stats that have a "cold" tag.

Remove & Add - Commonly referred as "Rem add, R/A"
This is commonly used to reroll the tiers of an item. For example, if your life is at the range of 19 - 29, you will need the help of this harvest craft to get up to 90-99, as using divines will not change the life roll to go higher than 29.

DO NOT CONFUSE THIS CRAFT WITH REMOVE NON & ADD, they are similar but they are entirely different stuff. Rem add will first removes a random affix related to its tag, then add back an affix relating to its tag. For example, Rem add life will be able to remove life, then add life regen back, since life regen would also have a life tag.

Remove NON & Add - Commonly referred as "Rem NON, add"
This is commonly confused with rem add, but they aren't the same. Rem add will first remove the particular affix relating to the tag, then add an affix relating to the tag, while rem NON add is removing an affix that DOES NOT have the particular tag, then add an affix with that particular affix.

This means it could screw up a whole item because it removes the item that is NOT RELATED to the specified tag.

This is not commonly used on trading, as it does not hold much value since it just rerolls an entire item and it is very common. But this can be useful as it acts as a free chaos orb. You could use this as an alternative alt spam method.

Information for Console players

If you are having troubles with flasks management and you don't have a fancy controller, try to keep your Onslaught flask and mana flask up all the time. Treat rest of the flask like this

- Hybrid flask : A shield to mitigate against damage, use it when bosses are going to blast a heavy dmg on you
- Life flask : A quick way to recover your life
- Quicksilver flask : A speed buff, use it when you needed to move from point A to B quickly.

I am also aware of console market being shitty (I.E the prices are very expensive) since there aren't a lot of console players, so I recommend you to follow some crafting guides below to obtain some of the high tier gear which would be very difficult to obtain for you console players through trading.

If you can't use PoB from Console, you can check via profile, you have most of the stuff you need in the guide already so you don't have to worry much about it. The only difficult part is trouble shooting the build, which can be only done via sharing your profile with other players either on the comments or in my discord.

Gear Crafting Guide
For those wants to craft their own gear

Below are the crafting methods I tested on CraftOfExile and suggest them, I am not 100% confident with this values, but it is something for those who wants to craft items. But honestly I don't really recommend crafting any of the stuff, I just buy them straight. If you have any better methods, do feel free to suggest on the replies.

Gloves - I tried a lot of possibilities to search for this section, but it seems like essence spamming is the way to go for this one. I recommend spamming Shrieking Essence of Greed on this one. Estimated roughly 320c on average to obtain T2 chaos, life and single resistance.

Quiver - This one is very difficult for me to narrow down, but it seems like Alt spamming is the way but you lose out attack speed for Double DoT multi. For just Chaos DoT multi just Fossil spam with Aberrant + Pristine, but for Double DoT, you need to also fossil spam it, with single aberrant and hope for the best, estimated for double DoT is 1,234c for Alt spam, 2,261c for fossil spam. The quiver I bought cost me roughly 25ex.


How To Craft It
1. Base
Must be a synthesis base with attack speed. Make sure to get high quality in order to 6 link it first. Make sure the base is at least ilvl 82 or higher.

2. Getting started
You have 2 methods
- Alt spam
- Harvest reforge

Your ideal bow after the end of step 2 should have
1 prefix (any will do)
2 suffix (T1 DoT Mutli & 1 easy removable)

If you alt spam
i. Make sure to get T1 DoT Multi (suffix)
ii. After that, regal it. You want it to hit a suffix, best case is attack speed. Below are the 2 scenarios
iii(1). If you hit a prefix (not +1 socketed), use Remove (X element), add (X element) until you get a resistance. If there are no mods for you to remove add, augment one in.
iii(2). If you hit a suffix, make sure it can be easily removed (I.E Resistances). If not, you have to annul it. If it turns back to a magic, back to roman 2, if the T1 DoT Multi is removed, back to roman 1
iii(3). If you hit attack speed, move to step 3. (Your final bow at the end of step 2 on this situation will be 2 suffix only, ignore the prefix)

If you reforge spam
I recommend reforging with speed so you get attack speed with it.

i. Make sure to hit T1 DoT Multi (suffix), also make sure to have another suffix
ii(1). If there is too many prefix, use "Reforge, Keep Suffix" until you get 1 prefix remaining.
ii(2). If there is no suffix aside from the T1 DoT Multi, use "Remove (X element), add (X element)" to get some stats into the suffix.

3. Multi mod
Prepare a minimum of 6 exalted orbs. Then follow the exact steps

I. Craft "Cannot Roll Attack Modifiers"
II. Exalt Slam, it will guarantee to hit "+1 to socketed gems"
III. Remove crafted mods with the bench
IV. Remove suffix with harvest(depends on your suffix, ignore this if it is attack speed)
V. Craft "Can have 3 Crafted Modifiers"
VI. Remove Attack harvest (If you have attack speed from step 2, ignore this)
VII. Craft T1 Chaos DoT Multi & +2 to socketed support gems

4. Finishing touches
After that, you are left with attack speed. Just augment speed in (if your suffix is not attack speed) for attack speed.

If you hit a low tier attack speed or projectile speed, use "remove speed, add speed" until you get a high tier attack speed.

[ BONUS ] High risk high reward
Below is an extremely high risk move, it is NOT RECOMMENDED to do this step if you are poor.

I. Annul out multimod, if you failed, you need to replace back what is lost.
If you lost T1 DoT Multi, go back to step 2.
If you lost a crafted mod, craft it back in
If you lost attack speed, aug speed
If you lost +1 socket, remove crafted mods, go to back to step 3, skip step 4.

II. If you succeed, augment attack. Remove & Add Attack until you hit bow attacks fire +2 arrows.

This is my crafting guide for the +3 bow, hopefully it helps out!




Step 1
This is the base you need
- Must be ilvl 82 or above
- Must be hunter influenced
- Can be any base

If you have a random base like a Paua Amulet, you can do the vendor recipe
Amulet + red gem + blue gem + green gem, can be active or support gems

Alternatively, you can buy a base with the main stat we needed, which is +1 to dex, prefer on a int base amulet. If you did this, skip step 2

Step 2
You want to alt spam until you get +1 to dex gems, would take an average of 400-500 alterations orb.

Step 3
After obtaining +1 dex, you want to regal it to a rare. Below are one of the 4 scenarios

If it hits a prefix
- If it is a stat that cannot be removed (such as Item rarity), you NEED to Annul it out. If it hit dex, go back to step 2. If it didn't, continue to step 4.
- If it is a stat that can be easily removed (such as add # to # cold damage), you can use the related affix tag to remove it.

If you hit a suffix
- If the suffix doesn't have a good tag, you can easily remove the suffix with "Reforge an item, keeping all prefix harvest craft". (Note that you must fill in all 3 prefixes before doing this)
- If the suffix can be easily remove, just remove it with the craft related to the affix tag (for instance remove cold on a increased cold dmg stat). But only remove the craft when you augmented life or chaos once in, which is not a suffix, else it will turn back into a magic item.

Step 4
You want to look for these 3 harvest crafts
- Augment Life x1
- Augment Chaos x3
- Remove & add life
- Remove & add chaos (NOT REMOVE NON CHAOS, ADD CHAOS)

Make sure to block prefix with a prefix craft, this will prevent it from rolling a bad stats on the prefix.

First of all, you want to augment the chaos 3 times until you get these 3 stats
+1 chaos
+chaos res
+chaos DoT.

Remove & Add chaos is mainly to reroll the stats until you can get high rolls and reroll out "chaos damage leeched as life".

With that, it is pretty much done!




Step 1
This is the base you need
- Must be ilvl 86 or above
- Must be hunter influenced
- Recommended to be two-toned boots
- Highly recommended to have crit enchant

Crit enchant is important because we do not scale any crit on our build, which makes procing tailwind a lot more difficult. Hence, the crit enchant will drastically increases the chance of us procing the tailwind buff

Step 2
You want to alt spam until you get tailwind, would take an average of 400-500 alterations orb. If not, you can harvest spam (referring to reforge harvest crafts) until you get tailwind on it.

Step 3
After obtaining Tailwind, you want to regal it to a rare. Below are one of the 3 scenarios

If it hits a prefix
- You will need to spend harvest augments to fill up all 3 suffixes. Ideally look for Harvest Aug attack / elements, just do this ONCE then craft on a suffix such as fire resistance to fully block out the suffix

If you hit a suffix
- If the suffix can't be easily removed (such as flat dex), you will need to annul it, if you annuled the tailwind, you will have to go back to step 2

- If the suffix can be easily remove, you can leave it for now, jump to step 4

Step 4
Now, spam Reforge, keep suffixes until you hit T1 movement speed

This part will be very hideous and it takes a long time until you can hit a T1 movement speed, T1 movement speed can only be obtained through ilvl 86 boots so it is important to have it at 86 or higher. If you are a rich person, you can spend aug speed and remove add speed until you get T1 movement speed

After that, you want to Aug life 2 times, one is the main life and another one is the hybrid. But before that, I recommend Aug defense first to block out the hybrid life, then aug life once, rem add life until you hit high tier life, then remove out the defense, then aug the hybrid life in

With that, it is pretty much done! The rest of the suffixes can be filled with resistances. It is basically down to removing the useless suffixes, aug in the respective elements for the resistances you need, then rem add X element until you hit high tier resistance!

Other media
More Videos

- T16 map with less than 1ex performance
- Maven influenced Phoenix on 8 map mods

- Mino T16 with 43% More Life + Hexproof

I cast remi - a very beginner friendly guide : https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2866127
Support me if you want to! ttv/remicaster1
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Cool build ! Thanks for sharing :-)

How dependant on medium CJ stacking would you say this build is ?
How would you rank this build if GGG:
- Completely removes CJ in 3.11
- Forbids allocating more than 1 each CJ passive in 3.11
thomzon wrote:
Cool build ! Thanks for sharing :-)

How dependant on medium CJ stacking would you say this build is ?
How would you rank this build if GGG:
- Completely removes CJ in 3.11
- Forbids allocating more than 1 each CJ passive in 3.11

I would say this build really depends on the cluster jewels to make up the damage, without them you will lose against trickster.

so for your other 2 question
1. GGG will not remove CJ, as it just doesn't makes sense if they removed one of the mehcanics they spent months on it. Though it is not 100% guaranteed, the chances is very high that they will not remove it. But if they do (which is most likely won't), this build will be quite weak.

2. So basically disabling cluster jewel stacking, well I hope not, there are some chances of this might happen but if it does, we would be almost half of our damage if this happens.

Yeah it is a new way to scale Toxic Rain but it is also quite vulnerable to these types of nerfs
I cast remi - a very beginner friendly guide : https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2866127
Support me if you want to! ttv/remicaster1
Remicaster1 wrote:
Our damage won trickster with +3 bow as seen in the video, why?
This is because pathfinder have 50% increased area with chaos skills, increasing our overlapping damage. With Pathfinder's Nature's Adrenaline, we will have a lot more movement speed and attack speed compared to Trickster.

How about defenses? Compared to trickster, we have perma fortify via Hardened Scars, 20% less damage on Wind Dancer and Elemental Ailment immunity, vs Ghost Shroud and life recovery on kill, our mitigation is better than Trickster.

Let me start by saying I'm not a "pathfinder stinks" guy. I love the ascendancy, think it has great synergy with TR, and I think this guide, like all of yours, is one of the most well written and comprehensive guides for any build I've seen.

My only nitpick is with the comparison video you posted. Looking at the PoBs you posted in the descriptions, the Pathfinder has 2 cluster setups whereas the Trickster only has 1. That gives your Pathfinder almost 50% more duration of the TR. The +1 gem level Carcass Jack also helps mitigate a lot of the benefit of the +3 bow vs. Quill Rain. You also don't curse the boss with the Trickster outside of Witchfire Brew. Don't get me wrong, the kill speed with PF is great enough to stand alone, and it proves that pathfinder is perfectly viable in its own right (enough to silence the haters). But using corrupt Carcass Jack, +1 arrow Quill Rain, not having a curse setup with the Trickster, and using an extra cluster setup with the Pathfinder and then labeling it "not min maxed PF vs near min maxed Trickster" feels like a bit of an oversell.

I don't know if it's possible to produce a perfect side by side comparison that will please everybody. Everyone will always be able to nitpick something. I think the choice just comes down to personal preference.
Last edited by rlauren2 on May 26, 2020, 12:50:04 PM
Yeah i know something like that will eventually happen but not yet. Comparison videos is almost impossible to make it fair on this game.

When I experimented on Shaper, I found the timing insanely hard to caught when the shaper literally have immune phase + immune phase on top of another immune phase, which mean Sirus is just a dead comparison too. I know eventually someone will nitpick on those points, just a matter of time

I do understand your point of view on the comparison, but here is the "behind the scene"
That bow alone is 40ex, let's just say I sniped one and I got it for 35ex.
Helmet is stupidly overpriced, 30ex for a 230es with enchant and -9 chaos, no way i am paying that. I attempted to snipe one for 3 days, no luck. Had to buy a base that cost 10ex which is just stupid, and let's say I dumped 2ex on the craft, sounds good right?

Both rings are for the same price shown in the comparison so there's that. But the curses will get wonky when both of the curses from rings and witchfire is up so I really want to prevent that. Though i didnt tested with it.

Meanwhile on pathfinder, i bought the bow for 3ex, yes 3ex. Just a few days ago i decide to look for another one, it cost 15ex so lets just say it is 15ex.
Helmet devotos i got it for 10ex, also stupidly overpriced but i have no other options
Carcass i could go deep ans get a +4 or a +2 +1 but i didnt, so there is an upgrade option for that. My +1 carcass cost me 15ex.

Trick : 35 + 12
Pf : 15 (3) + 15 + 10

So effectively it is a 7ex difference (as far as 19ex difference), and that is the cost for the additional set of the Pf's cluster and it is not even 7ex, 2 for large and 4ex for the medium ones

On top if that, my PF could chuck in skitterbots and a +4 chest while trickster is just for a cluster and a ring (which might works weird cus priority issues but lets just count that in ok?)

So there is that, prices are nearly the same, but eventually PF could do better with even more investment while Trickster is near at the roof, thats why i would say it is kinda near maxed for trick ( though i dont recall i ever claimed it is fully maxed)

Ok end of all of those "nonsense behind the scene". But at the end comparisons, no matter how fair they are, people will still find some "unmentioned" parts on the video and nitpick left and right, you are true about it is just impossible to satisfy everyone.

I think i did said that the Trickster is a generic TR that is built from those popular TR guides, and my current setup on my tr is considered their final min maxed version

I cast remi - a very beginner friendly guide : https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2866127
Support me if you want to! ttv/remicaster1
Last edited by Remicaster1 on May 26, 2020, 1:50:59 PM
Hey! Nice guide, it seems toxic rain is getting popular, there's been quite a few new pop ups this league about it.

I remember you from the delving guide, that was really nice because we've all seen the emergent "1hp" playstyle in delve but there wasn't a clear, exhaustive guide explaining how to replicate it, especially in the post-dex-stacking-nerf world where cold scourge arrow got dunked on.

You have really nice and clear formatting, which is a great advantage over builds that are either wall of text or barebones pastebin + gear + links.

First thing is you have a typo in your wither setup, I imagine it should be faster casting (it says wither twice atm).

Second, I'm wondering why would you pick nature's adrenaline over master toxicist, you already have tons of attack speed from quill rain, onslaught flask and various other mods, meanwhile master toxicist is 10% more chaos damage, not multiplier or w/e else has problem with diminishing returns.

Third, how sturdy is this build? I see there are some extra defensives incorporated like deshret jewel and fortify anointment, but on the other hand flasks are all dps options or fortify enabler, and cwdt immortal call I imagine is just baseline effectiveness, no endurance charges are used in this build right?

Tbh a lot of tricksters variants ARE glass cannon so this might be even a defensive improvement over them, especially the one that started the meme "pathfinder sucks, don't play it" because it was the ONLY guide I found for toxic rain back in Legion league when I played TR. I still played it as PF anyway, but there was no other guide except some poison-based ones which are only creating confusion for inexperienced players (I fell into that trap too), I don't think TR is even the best skill for poison bows, ROA (for HoAg scaling) or scourge is probably better.

I respect that guy for having the only decent TR chaos dot guide around when there weren't other ones (there was a totem one and maybe mines?), but I disagree with several of his choices like Queen of the Forest and no life flask in main setup? Is that like... a mapping only build?

Keep in mind that was the era when Quill Rain still had 40% penalty instead of current 30% and Vicious Projectiles elder bows were possible to make so having a 7-link was clearly beneficial.

Still I think I know what video guide you're relaying as it was discussed in rlauren2 trickster's thread. To achieve comparable numbers you will need double corrupted chest and those are in limited supply and when I checked, they cost 40ex+. Yes, yours is only 1 corrupt out of 2 good so it was 15ex but still if you want to "truly min max" you need a double +gem corruption.

You can self-craft a bow for around 7-8ex in mats that is probably like 80-90% efficiency of the "perfect 35ex bow" and that's the true advantage of going +gem bow over corrupted chest, it's cheaper for people who are more casual players and don't produce hundreds if not thousands of exalts within the span of the league. And let's be honest, people who can get couple of mirrors in the first month of the league don't need guides anyway... unless they got them through sheer luck of drop and not deep knowledge of the game (like crafting for profit).

Personally I'm not sure why would people pump 200ex into toxic rain or essence drain, there are much better scaling builds out there if you have this levels of currency, but to each their own.

So yes, helmet enchants are one of these "extremely overpriced for its benefit" types of upgrades. Especially for toxic rain where the most impactful is something like +1 extra arrow (requiring more investment into aoe scaling to make up for it and is mostly QoL), this is not molten strike / volatile dead / tornado shot / scourge arrow where helmet enchant is actually VERY impactful. People pay for it though, so the prices reflect it.

Same as paying for 21/23 gem over 21/0 even though all it does is add some minuscule aoe radius that will drown in all other aoe increases the build has.

I think the -9 res helmets after the fossil nerf just became much more "luxurious" than before when it was a given any build that can utilize them and doesn't require 100% a unique, will slap them in. Getting that, or correct base for it (85+ hunter influenced or wasting a hunter's orb) and with correct enchant became a chase item that's more pricey than it's really worth. Yes, it is damage upgrade, no, it's friggin' not worth the cost.

So I think considering alternatives like your Devoto or tricksters that run with Vertex are just fine.

The ornate quiver base is also that form of "luxury", I saw on reddit methods to copy them with beastcrafting, but it's still a base that cannot normally drop and afaik is produced from bricking maloney's that are 5ex a pop mid league and easily 10ex+ early league. So yeah, sucks to have to pay so much just to have 1 extra socket.

To sum it up, I think the whole PF vs Trickster debate is a bit of a moot point, both are fine to play and both can be played either with +3 bow or with double corrupted chest but the bow is much more accessible. While "min maxed trickster" has a lot of overpriced pieces, I'd say this version does so as well, just in other areas.

Personally I'm not a fan of Quill Rain because if you take non corrupted Carcass Jack and either Quill Rain or some 20c self made essence bow, the damage will probably be the same or slightly better on Quill Rain if you stand and attack, but you have to shoot 2-3 more times to achieve the same damage as with 1 cast from the other setup.

Map clear in a situation where mobs don't die from 1 instance of TR is very annoying, until you get enough gear that you can 1-shot them even with Quill Rain (and then it'll be faster as you'll have much faster animations) it's fairly frustrating, I remember trying to time alva incursion or legion monoliths and the delay of the skill encourages you to shoot and run and leave them to die from the skill duration, but if you didn't calculate it well and the mobs survived at 5% life then yeah, fail. I'm talking about gearing up situation.

Also about the cluster jewel situation, I think both setups (yours vs standard trickster) gain the same from cluster jewels. I don't see how one class would gain more from them than another. The only difference being that you went for the bow large cluster and most trickster's builds go for chaos cluster. The only reason for that is bow wheel has no great 3rd option for a notable, best option is one that gives 6% attack speed and some useless stats (martial prowess) and the other options are even worse. Meanwhile unholy grace + wicked pall on a large has nothing wasted, all good stats, and for the 3rd one you can get 10% damage taken by mob (basically another 1,5 withered stack for free) or 30% increased chaos damage.

TL:DR Nice guide but I'm not sold on the original idea that requires corrupted chest for good damage numbers. It's the same conundrum essence drain builds face "do I go bow, or do I go wand + shield + skin of the loyal / corrupted shavs", the second setup will reach better damage but for much higher cost and risk unavailability of the important dps components.

P.S. Do you bother with any sources of frenzy charges? Only thing that I never managed to find elegant solution for on toxic rain builds are reliable sources of frenzy charges because "maloneys with frenzy socketed in it" just doesn't work for me, when I play a "no aim required" build like TR I don't wanna have to worry where that frenzy arrow shoots and have it miss half the time on bosses. Plus maloney's is expensive and has underwhelming stats outside of the sockets it provides.
First of all I would like to give a thanks for your compliment on the guide :>, and thanks for notifying me those typo mistakes in there.

(Second) : The reason I picked Nature's Adrenaline is because it just gives a lot of QoL on both offense and defense (able to run around faster), increase clearing speed (cus movement speed) and a hidden scaling that it also scales the Mirage Archer dps, which a lot of people neglected about. But yeah I will still conduct an experiment on this because a video proves more than simple words

(Third) : I would say it is quite sturdy, if you have seen the Uber Elder video, you could see me tanking one shaper ball and still have like 40% hp left where some builds it is immediate one shot. On clearing wise I have anti stun from the mana flask which prevents me from getting stun in most situation, with the help of ailment immunity, reduce dmg and wind dancer evade, quite impossible to die (tbh I haven't got the experience where I actually died to map monsters), mostly died to Sirus cus his fight is just a joke and I actually start to hate it.

About the +3 bow stuff and the Quill Rain, I have a small clip made for you, here is the answers for your question. This testing is done on modless, yes completely modless Phoenix fight


Also about the +4 Carcass. I think a lot of people, including you, felt discourage when the build requires a corruption result. Let's say a +1 Power charge Diadem, most people will be like "oh man it needs rng" and they be like.. no, just no. I respect on your opinion on hating that kind of stuff because we all have different opinions, including this build which is built out from a different way, which is almost the same as a "different opinion on scaling the damage"

Also speaking, the -9 helmet is just overrated, it is not as good as it seems as you don't always stand close to bosses like Phoenix charge up, you don't stand right next to him. People though "oh it's the -9 helmet it must be superior" but it is just, nothing much as proven in the comparison

Yeah the Ornate quiver is quite difficult to get, let alone the stats I have on my quiver so my apologies for not really explaining well enough. It just an endgame option when you have the money, and it is not mandatory (i know that you know about it), it's just letting people know this kind of stuff existed, like I doubt most people know you can even roll Enduring on Hybrid flask.

I mean, if you are not a fan of Quill Rain i completely respect that, but when a new player goes looking on a "bow build" what would be the first type of gear they look on? Usually it's the bow right? Same goes to the melee builds, the first thing they will usually look is the weapons right? So the Bow is kinda the "face" of the build, when you let them see like, let's say a 100ex bow, they will be like "oh damn what should I do to get that", encouraging them to do the impossible. So here I am offering a 1 alch or 1c bow that can do the endgame content just completely fine. If you dislike the Quill Rain I can't force you to like that bow either, so again, I respect your opinion on there.

Trickster is not the best ascendancy, there are others as I've mentioned, like Pathfinder, Necromancer and Ascendant (yes, max block attack speed ascendant variant). And NONE of them are the best, the best one is the one you found the most comfortable and enjoyable playing with. But other than PF and Trick, most people doesn't even attempt to experiment with them (I don't because I don't have the GPU for it)

During the early stages mapping, even Trickster will still have some troubles on 1 tapping the monsters anyway, but as PF + Quill rain has faster attack speed which makes mapping smoother in general (though at the end it is still down to one's preference).

About the frenzy charge stuff, the only other method I found is via Elegant Hubris, 10% chance to gain frenzy on hit, which is quite strong but it doesn't offer any good defensive options. As a guy who likes balancing out stuff, I don't really like those kind of stuff that requires you to drop a lot of survivability.

tldr I do agree most of the stuff you say, some of them I stay neutral on because mostly it is personal's opinion and preference. I don't really have any major disagreement on your statement above.

PS : The moment I decided to write this guide, i know i am stepping into something extremely controversial and I am prepared to deal with it xd
I cast remi - a very beginner friendly guide : https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2866127
Support me if you want to! ttv/remicaster1
Last edited by Remicaster1 on May 26, 2020, 11:47:39 PM
It's nice to see another Pathfinder build. Congratz OP.

Viktranka wrote:
P.S. Do you bother with any sources of frenzy charges? Only thing that I never managed to find elegant solution for on toxic rain builds are reliable sources of frenzy charges because "maloneys with frenzy socketed in it" just doesn't work for me, when I play a "no aim required" build like TR I don't wanna have to worry where that frenzy arrow shoots and have it miss half the time on bosses. Plus maloney's is expensive and has underwhelming stats outside of the sockets it provides.

I wonder if a quiver with +25% chaos dot multiplier and chance to gain frenzy charge on hitting a rare/unique monster would be better than OP's quiver? Or your attack speed is already too high that getting more AS multiplier would not significantly be better than raw +17% dot multiplier? I guess my question is about +17% dot multiplier in OP's current quiver vs. a quiver with (+12% more multiplier and +12% AS more multiplier).

[theorycraft]Replace stun avoidance suffix with +AS to have luxury end-game quiver.
Poison Scourge Arrow/Toxic Rain + Blast Rain PF| Bottled Fortify:
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