[3.0] Lioneye's pure physical Tornado shot/Barrage berserker (guardians, shaper, uber atziri)

Build is outdated, since it was build around using mechanics that are no longer in the game (old VP), so read with caughtion


Aug 21.
Wrote up a lot of stuff, not completed
Sept 6.
-Added explanations
-Removed the non-crit version,
-Leveling trees are up
-Updated my current tree (dropped the scion life wheel in favor of the bow wheel)
Sept 14.
-Added a laggy minotaur kill
-Updated the gear section
-Updated my currect passive tree
-Added chin sol tooltip
Sept 23.
-Edited the last part, where an URL broke the rest of the guide
-Updated tooltips with my current gear, as well as the current gear section
-Added TS/barrage link section
-Added a standalone passive tree at the end
Sept 28.
-Upgraded my gear, so I had to upgrade the current gear section as well as the tooltips
Oct 8.
-Added 2 new videos

Goals I set for myself this league

-6link bow
-Kaom's heart
-Do all the guardians
-Get a barrage enchant helmet

-Get an Atziri's acuilty to test how it is with the build, probably an overkill, but still
-Try to kill shaper and uber atziri (delayed until I hit level 95, don't want to waste xp)

Shaper down:

Uber Atziri as well:

Something, that will never happen:
-Get not-shit tier rings

Welcome to my archer marauder build guide.

First of all it is against the rules for karui males to wield ranged weapons, but we can't just assume it's gender, can we?

Second, I suggest you using Path of Building, as it is a great tool and it makes creating guides much easier, as the skill links and the passive tree is already included, with a lot of other things you can toggle, to see if it is good enough for you. I'll explain the thoughts behind the gear though.

The build was designed for endgame bosses and I feel great playing it, does not have the fastest map clears, mainly due to being a bow build without a lot of sources of extra movementsped, but as far as killing thigs go it does it really fast.


-Deals only physical dmg, so the increased resistances on guardians/map bosses won't matter to us, as well as there are only 2 mapmods we can't run: no leech and phys reflect
-Multilayered defenses make us way beefier, than a regular bow build
-Does not require too much currency to get started, can kill the minotaur on a fairly low budget in around 2 minutes, my first kill was in a tabula with 5.5k life
(50-120 chaos depending on how much you pay forLioneye's fall, it was 20c, now it is over 90 )
-Flexible chestpiece options
-Mostly potato computer friendly (no herald of ash explosions, shatter animations)
-Automated endurance charge generation
-Passive points past level 90 still feel impactful


-While it is indeed cheap to get started, upgrades for best in slot items are really expensive, so requires some commitment if you want to keep playing it
-You have to use a leveling build until like level 75 if you don't want to suffer


Single dmg mod minotaur, 3 FPS
Was with roughly 5-600k dps, it is way faster atm, will record a new kill soon, also sorry for the low fps, burning ground is retarded.

A modless chimera
Didn't expect to lagg this much without ground effects while recording, well whatever.

Slightly more FPS minotaur kill
Minotaur with 26% more life, took roughly 12 sec with my current tooltip with lineye's glare, which is exactly 2 flask rotation.

Why berserker?

Cloaked in savagery is a very good defensive node against bullshit spike damage, also marauders have a really good starting area, filled with life.

Marauder being my all time favourite base class also made me biased while I was making the build.

Raider/flaskfinder can be comparable in terms of damage, and even better at clearing maps, because movement speed limits us the most, most likely 5-5.5k life is enough on them as long as you use the same defenses as I do (since zerker is essentially reducing your EHP by 10%), however in terms of facetanking things, this is the best ascendancy.

Stats with kaoms:

Stats with Perfect form:

(Respecced 4 points behind accro and allocated it to get the Thick skin life cluster)

My character, DalekToiletPump (level 95) imported to pathofbuilding:
(you can always look at my character page, I'm not planning on dismantling him)

Guardian dps with my current gear (Lioneye's glare)

With chin sol

Bandit reward is allira at the moment, might respec it and take an endurance charge or a jewel socket (good jewels are really expensive tho), but all the options are viable, so it is up to you in the end.

I use tornado shot and pierce to clear everything up to the boss, then swap to barrage and PPAD.

Since I have the +2 barrage enchantment and a+1 quiver drillneck, I made a separate 6link setup for barrage,

Tornado shot can still do all the bosses, so if you don't want to buy expensive helmet enchant and other things, then that can still work fine, only difference is, it is a tad bit slower at killing them, but as long as you don't roll more, than 1 dmg mod on guardians, you can kill them in a reliable timeframe.



Facebreaker shieldcharge will take you to maps quite fast, I don't know of any better leveling build.

For those of you, who never played Facebreaker, I recommend checking out this guide.
[2.4] How to smash Heads. Extremely detailed guide about the Facebreaker gloves and builds!

Take the life nodes on the tree first, grab RT, so you won't miss attacks while leveling then spec into the crit clusters when you want to transfer to the bow build,Heavy draw andDeadly draw can wait, I killed the guardians without having that bow wheel, but I did some changes to the build and gave up some life, as this bow wheel gave me around 50% more dmg.

level 22 tree
level 39 tree
level 52 tree
level 75-76 tree (spec out of RT and grab the crit andinsert lioneye's fall into that socket, grab iron grip

From now on you just have to grab the rest, the bow wheel, the remaining life nodes, jewel sockets, endurance charges, whatever you feel like.
Take VP around level 80, or when you don't feel safe enough anymore.

Point blank is something you can choose not to use fo a while, however around level 90 it would be nice to have.




Brine king to avoid stun locks, also you might as well fully upgrade him, it is quite useful for fights, when you run out of your of Heat flask.


Soul of Tukohama:

I stand still a lot in bossfights, so taking this one is a nobrainer, especially really good since I use arctic armor.

Tornado shot/Barrage link:

Basically the links I use in theese 2 things, there are different things you can do, for example if you only have 1 6link and the other piece is unlinked or a kaom's heart, then the Tornado shot setup is basically the thing you have and you just swap barrage in for bosses instead of TS.

Optionally if you have a 6link chestpiece and a 5link bow, then using the barrage setup in the chest and as for the tornado shot you drop increased critical damage.

You can use chain instead of pierce, it all depends on which one you prefer, I'll stick to pierce tho.


I decided to run Haste and Arctic armor

Haste is just good, not great, but good, some attack speed and movement speed, there are other options, however I liked this one the most.

Arctic Armor is required, since we are facetaking a lot of things, it kind of removes the drawbacks of that 10% inc dmg taken, for physical and fire dmg.

We deal no elemental damage, so hatred is not useful to us.

Herald of ash is still usable, because the overkill dmg will still spread around the enemy you kill, but this is nothing more, than something to kill off stragglers, also works with curse on hit, so you can curse with it.

You can run purities if you like them, or just need to cap out some res, or just go Blood Magic and have more life while ignoring auras, it is up to your taste.

While doing heavy ele modded T16 maps I decided to level up a purity of fire and ice, for lightning I don't have enough intelligence, but whatever, testing is still ongoing.

I would consider putting one curse into your CWDT setup, there are a several good options, depending on your taste.

Poacher's Mark
You gain more flask charges, and also some frenzy charges

Projectile Weakness
Additional pierce, %dmg, knockback.
There are certain scenarios where the number of pierces are just not enough, for example breaches and harbinger packs, so using this one can make a difference.

Assassin's mark
Power charge generation, higher chance to crit against cursed enemies

Bread and butter of every people, who just want to be safer, lot of damage reduction and it works extremely well with evasion, hands down, the best defensive curse in the game.

So the cwdt setup looks like this:

Curse-Golem of choice-Immortal call

Depending on how many endurance charges you have, you can choose to not use immortal call.
If you only have 3, then it is advised to use it, however if you have 5 or more, then maybe it is worth to not use it anymore, as physical spike dmg will be way lower, so for consistency it is worth to just keep them up all the time and not consume them.

The gear section:

Weapon of choice:

The always reliable lioneye's glare, cheap, has the highest pDPS among any unique bow, the Hits can't be evaded mod removes a lot of pressure from the passive tree and gear, freeing them up mainly for more important things and Far shot means we gain 30% more projectile dmg, if the target is really far away.

Accuracy is double checked for crits, meaning the game first checks if you are going to hit and then checks again with it for crits, so having 100% hit chance means our effective crit chance is very high, so we can get away with a generally lower amounts of critical strike chance, than builds that have 88-90% hit rate.

Far shot was added to the bow in the recent 3.0 patch.

It is just a great addition, basically free dmg if you are far away from your target, better offscreening with TS projectiles and generally easier to do bosses, that you can't facetank (so the ones that don't savage hit us)

Also offsets point blank's penalty by a bit, so you deal 65% of your damage at long range, would still suggest walking right into packs if you choose to have the keystone.

Chin Sol is really good for boss killing, even tho I only have 81% accuracy with it, the time it takes to finish off bosses gets reduced by a lot, otherwise not mandatory at all.
Tried to get +1 arrow corruption on it, since it is a cheap unique, unfortunately the +1 pcharge I have on this one is useless for us.


Get some rares with life and resists (phys dmg and critmulti if you can and INT is nice as well), there really isn't any good uniques for theese slots other, than this one for the belt slot

(ignore the corruption, it is bricked)

Lacks life, but makes up for it with the unique passives it has.
30% reduced extra dmg taken from crits is a really powerful against occasional 1 shots, that might happen in the game.

Nearby enemies are intimidated:
Things that are intimidated take 10% more dmg, from all sources, it is a 1.1 multiplier to all the dmg you deal if the enemy is up-front, and since there's a lot of facetanking going on, it is perfect


Rares with resist and life, base does not matter, for boots you want movement speed at least 20-25%, but 30% is best.

Get a barrage enchantment if you want to gemswap, and if not, then go for the additional secondary TS projectiles, it helps a lot with your singletarget if you just want to use TS.

Unique options are:

Starkonja's Head
Decent life roll and also dexterity.

Use it if you need the dexterity, so mainly if you just transfered to the build.

Atziri's Step
Kind of okey life roll, good movespeed and has spelldodge.

Use it if you don't need the resists from your boot slots anymore.

One quiver to rule them all

Great basic stats, free 50% inc dmg, dirt cheap, looking at what this quiver provides it should be T1 rariy, but seriously, this thing is just so good.

You might want to get your hands on a +1 arrow one, as extra projectiles scale the dmg very well of barrage and TS as well, however it isn't that important.

Chestpiece options:

Using a corrupted 6link item, with the correct gem colors, that have any amount of life or resist on it, for 15-20c is the absolute budget and best option for a really long time, if you are short on money, would not advise using a tabula for a long time, even though I did that until level 85 (seriously don't, if you really want a 6 link, just buy a corrupted rare with stats, it is worth it).

Best in slot for pure tornado shot is no other, than

Honorable mentions:
Slso if you just want to run double 6link setup and not bother with gem swapping, because it gets tedious after a while, if you also happen to have a +2 barrage helmet and a +1 quiver, then for barrage it is recommended to get a chestpiece.

I switched to this chestpiece, as I wanted to have some evasion in order to take crits less often, also allows me to use an extra aura, so it is a really good defensive option.

Lioneye's Vision
Free pierce, so your barrage setup would be a 7 link, and allows you to drop the pierce jewel on the tree, since barrage requires 2-2-2 coloring, it does not make much of a difference whether you want to color this chest or a pure evasion base one.

Overall this option nets you the highest singletarget dmg, approx 14% more, than what you would have otherwise, but since it is armor based, it is not so good on the defensive side.

Belly of the beast
Good life and some resist, the life flask recovery rate is really nice as well, if you get a 6link, then you can pretty much use it in every other build you will play this league.

Daresso's Defiance
Little bit of dodge, little bit of life leech, little bit of life (seriously 40-60, why is it so low?) and the main part is the endurance charge generation, + guarantees pretty much permanent onslaught while mapping, a really underrated chestpiece.

Gruthkul's Pelt
Lot of dmg, good if you plan on going blood magic, however since it disables immortal call, I highly advise taking all the endurance charges on the tree as well as since it makes the increased dmg modifiers on the tree less efficient, would be nice to drop the bow wheel and grab the claw critmultiplier nodes with a 2nd lioneye's jewel, personally I would not use this chestpiece, because auras and blood rage are just so good.

Yriel's Fostering
There are 3 versions of this chest, but only 2 have actual benefits for us, Ursa (phys) and Rhoa (speed).

The chestpiece itself is a decent unique with life and some crit chance, Ursa grants a good amount of flat phys (like almost as much as you can get from 2 really good phys rings), and Rhoa has 15% movespeed and attspeed bonus, movespeed is a thing, that you can't have enough on a bow build, however if you want movespeed just play a flaskfinder or raider.
As far as I know, you can just 6socket the chest and add minion support to it, similarly to whispering ice and the fire projectile axe no1 can pronounce the name of.
If maintaining the minions is not bothering you and you are the kind of guy, that sefcasts golems (read, summon it after it suicided to some random thing), then this can make you have some extra fun, by having an extra "pet" by your side, their base HP is like 14-15k, so with minion life, resist and fortify, they should be tanky enough to last trough the map you clear.

Lightning coil
Makes you overly tanky against phys dmg, a really solid chestpiece overall.


This is probably the least complicated part.

Forbidden taste is a great instant flask, that pretty much full heals you every time, gives you 10/10 dodge chance as well, which is great.
A Catalysed Eternal life flask, has to be catalysed, that is the only requirement.
3 utility flask, 1 diamond for crit, 1 quiksilver for movespeed and a basalt for defenses.
Rolling reduced flask charges used on the basalt is good, so you have 2 uses instead of 1.

If you can, get your hands on a Dying Sun and replace one of your life flasks with it, this flask gives us 2 extra projectiles for barrage and that is a huge dmg boost.

My current gear:

My current passive tree:

4.0 patch notes

* Armor sources have been replaced with condensed milk.

Players can't feel the difference at all
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Look up the changelog for changes.

4.0 patch notes

* Armor sources have been replaced with condensed milk.

Players can't feel the difference at all
Why do you not have point blank keystone? You have the belt for facetank dmg, and even say you facetank a lot, but don't take that massive multiplier that's literally right there! If you're worried it will kill your clear speed, don't, the farshot from lioneye's mostly counters it, and you still obliterate trash, because it's trash.
The guide is still kind of under construction, there's some stuff I have to test, but didn't want to risk killing myself until I leveled up, PB was initially in the build, but then I started testing different things, to be honest you have to be close to the bosses anyway, because otherwise barrage spreads to the sides a bit and misses them, for endgame bosses most probably a chin sol is better, than lioneye's as you have to keep close distance anyway, but that's good enough with a trash weaponswap chinsol (so a chestpiece with the link is preffered).

And then there are some other things, that will make me modify the recommended gear section...

Stuff like having +2 barrage helmet and a +1 arrow makes gemswapping suboptimal compared to a 2nd setup in the chestpiece, as MAIM ouperforms GMP at 7 projectiles (so kaoms had to go), also it got really annoying during level 93-94 to gemswap all the time, that being said, TS can do everything just as fine, but it is a tad bit slower on bosses, will have to see how it performs with a helmet enchant, so people, who don't want to invest 1000c into a build can still be happy.

So the update will be tomorrow, I plan to add a short laggy video of a guardian kill and as well as the changes to the skill tree/gear.
4.0 patch notes

* Armor sources have been replaced with condensed milk.

Players can't feel the difference at all
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All right, might do a reformatting at some point, because it is not as pretty as other guides I made before, but as far as today's update goes, it is done.

3 FPS minotaur kill
4.0 patch notes

* Armor sources have been replaced with condensed milk.

Players can't feel the difference at all
Is it HC viable? :)
AvatarKuzon wrote:
Is it HC viable? :)

Probably is, can take volatiles on -12 maxres T15 maps (on T16's I simply reroll that mod, because otherwise the boss is super rippy), just make sure to run purity of fire with arctic armor to be extra safe, not sure if other ele mods apply to volatiles or not anymore, but as long as you don't run -max maps they won't do too much to you, even if you fail to dodge them.

I'm only using purity of ice, because perfect form would uncap my cold res for eleweaknes maps, and I'm lazy to buy or craft new rings.

So far the only thigs, that it can die to is lagg or not paying attention to bearers on a -max map (or not seeing it from ground effects/harbingers).

If you plan to play HC, then lightning coil would probably be the best chestpiece, but perfect form is not half bad either (I'm unsure about the prices, but as I mentioned in the gear section, there are a lot of options you can go with), and be careful on bosses, that have thorns (waterways and promenade).

Also sice it is a crit build and you plan to play HC, the crit nodes should be the last things you take, otherwise you are really squishy, I think I mentioned it at the leveling trees anyway, but this is just the usual way crit builds work on HC, so you might want to delay it even a bit further.

Good support gem, while you have no crit nodes is chance to bleed (frontloaded flat phys dmg).
4.0 patch notes

* Armor sources have been replaced with condensed milk.

Players can't feel the difference at all
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krenderke wrote:
All right, might do a reformatting at some point, because it is not as pretty as other guides I made before, but as far as today's update goes, it is done.

3 FPS minotaur kill

Ignoring the FPS, that's a very solid kill speed. The swap to chin sol definitely pumped those numbers up. I like it. Thanks for sharing and updating.
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Dreschau wrote:
krenderke wrote:
All right, might do a reformatting at some point, because it is not as pretty as other guides I made before, but as far as today's update goes, it is done.

3 FPS minotaur kill

Ignoring the FPS, that's a very solid kill speed. The swap to chin sol definitely pumped those numbers up. I like it. Thanks for sharing and updating.

Thanks, in the meantime I downed shaper, wasn't familiar with the fight at all, but it is not that hard once I realised where to stand and what exactly to do,

Next stop is uber atziri, probably not today, but I need to tinker my gear a bit and run purity of fire, as I originally wanted.


Crafted a steel ring, boots and found a straight updtate for my previous belt.

4.0 patch notes

* Armor sources have been replaced with condensed milk.

Players can't feel the difference at all
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Uber atziri down, the trash mobs were quite all right, got oneshotted by a +5 level strongbox ice nova, died twice to the vaal (have to practise it a bit, because I'm just not patient enough for it), trio went deathless, as the knockback makes it super safe and died once to a flameblast, while testing the things I can take.

Overall it felt easier, than shaper, probably because I've been farming atziri since forever and I know what to avoid/where to stand.

Split phase flameblasts are facetankable during flask effect, the regular ones just do the oneshot, probably the difference is the split one doesn't have fire penetration or something like that, well whatever, 36 challanges done, the build can do every content, even hall of grandmasters is manageable because pure phys dmg is pretty much not mitigated at all by any of those player builds, so they die in 1-2 tornado shot hits.

I get like 4-6 sec laggspikes from their mtxes every time, but definitely doable, different question is, that it is not optimal to farm it.

So far with my lagg deaths I managed to clear 2 wings, don't want to give false promises, but yeah I think the build is capable of doing it.
4.0 patch notes

* Armor sources have been replaced with condensed milk.

Players can't feel the difference at all
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