Path of Building: Offline Build Planner [v1.4.12] Minion support added

Introducing Path of Building: A new offline build planner for Path of Exile!

Path of Building is designed to be a one-stop-shop for creating and optimizing builds, featuring all the tools you'll need to plan your builds.

Quick summary of features:
* Passive skill tree planner, with support for jewels (including conversion jewels!)
* Skills planner
* Gear planner, featuring a built-in searchable uniques database
* Offensive and defensive stat calculations, with support for most skills, passive and item modifiers
* Can estimate your effective DPS, taking into account buffs, curses, resistances and more
* Life/mana reservation calculations
* Stat calculations are fully integrated with the skill tree and items, so you can see exactly how your character would be affected by any given passive skill or item
* Full character import: you can import the passive tree, gear and skill setups of any of your characters

The passive tree and unique item changes for 2.6.0 have been added; skill changes are still to come.

For a full list of features, see the GitHub page.

Where can I get it?

You can download the installer from the Releases section of the GitHub page:

There's a standalone version available there as well.



If you'd like to help support the development of Path of Building, I have a Patreon page.

Version History
Current version: 1.4.12
Version 1.4.12 (2017/05/19):
* The Items tab now has a "Shared items" list which is shared between all of your builds
* Added an Options screen, accessed via a new button at the bottom left corner. The following options have been added:
* Proxy server: specifies the proxy that the program should use when updating or importing characters
* Build save path: overrides the default save location for builds
* Node Power colours: changes the colour scheme used for the node power display
* The breakdowns for hit damage types now show the percentage of total hit damage that is being dealt as that type
* The stat differences shown in passive skill tooltips can now be toggled on and off by pressing Ctrl+D
* Some friendly toasts have set up camp in the bottom left corner, and may appear occasionally to convey various messages
* With the new installer versions, the program will always update itself when started for the first time, but will still
start even if the update check fails

Version 1.4.11 (2017/05/16):
* Fixed a stack overflow error that could occur when trying to view breakdowns in the Calcs tab
* Fixed interaction between weapon swap and skills granted by items
* Consolidated the program's various list controls; their appearence and behaviour should be largely unchanged,
aside from some minor enhancements
* Various minor tweaks and fixes

Version 1.4.10 (2017/05/12):
* Added support for weapon swap:
* You can switch between the two weapon sets using the new buttons above the Weapon 1 slot on the Items tab
* Skills in the inactive weapon set are automatically disabled
* Switching weapon sets will automatically update the main skill selection if the current main skill is socketed in the
set being deactivated and there is a skill socketed in the set being activated
* Importing character items will now import both weapon sets
* Added support for "X% chance to deal Double Damage" modifiers
* The comparison tooltip for passive trees now displays the number of refund points needed to switch to that tree
* Added an option to the Configuration tab for "# of Freeze/Shock/Ignite on Enemy" (for The Taming)
* Fixed several anomalies in the handling of duplicate support gems
Also, for those interested in supporting the development of the program I now have a Patreon page.
You can find the link in the About window.

Version 1.4.9 (2017/05/08):
* AoE Radius and Weapon Range are now calculated and displayed in the "Skill type-specific Stats" section of the Calcs tab
* The breakdowns for those calculations feature a visual display of the area size
* The base radius values of some skills are not known, so they will not be shown
* Explosive Arrow now has separate skill parts for 1 fuse and 5 fuses
* Added support for Convocation
* Rallying Cry's buff is now able to affect minions
* The character limit for build names has been increased to 100; the build list has also been widened
* Spells of the correct type will now be considered to be Triggered when socketed into Mjolner and Cospri's Malice
* Infernal Blow no longer incorrectly benefits from modifiers to area damage

Version 1.4.8 (2017/05/02):
* Added a Physical Damage Reduction estimate for Armour; by default the estimate is made using the same damage value
used in-game on the character sheet, but it can be overriden using a new option in the Configuration tab
* Added a new "Damage Taken" section to the Calcs tab that shows the incoming damage multipliers for each damage type
* These factor in mitigation (resistances/armour) and modifiers to damage taken
* The multipliers for hits and DoTs are calculated and shown separately
* The multiplier for Physical hit damage includes the Physical Damage Reduction estimate mentioned above
* Added self-degen calculations for Righteous Fire and Blood Rage:
* The sidebar will display "Total Degen" and "Net Regen" (Total Regen minus Total Degen)
* Detailed breakdowns for these calculations can be found in the new Damage Taken section of the Calcs tab
* Added combined avoidance chances for Melee/Projectile/Spell to the Other Defences section of the Calcs tab which
factor in evasion, block, and dodge
* Added support for Arrow Dancing
* The "increase maximum Life if no worn Items are Corrupted" stat on Voll's Vision should now apply correctly
* Corrected the range of the life modifier on The Perfect Form
* Corrected The Alyardex's variants
* Fixed issue that prevented the program's title bar from appearing at low screen resolutions

Version 1.4.7 (2017/04/20):
* A new section has been added to the Configuration tab for Map Modifiers and Player Debuffs
* This section contains options for simulating many map modifiers, as well as self-curses
* Added support for Self-Flagellation
* Corrected the range of the increased Physical Damage modifier on Edge of Madness

Version 1.4.6 (2017/04/20):
* Fixed bug introduced in 1.4.5 that prevented Onslaught and Unholy Might from applying correctly
* The minion modifiers on the jewel templates are now correctly hidden when their value is set to 0

Version 1.4.5 (2017/04/19):
* Added support for Goatman Fire-raiser's Magma Orb skill
* Demigod items and legacy (pre-1.2.0) quiver types can now be imported
* Fixed issue causing the enchanting UI to only show enchantments for the first skill in each socket group
* Fixed issue preventing the life/mana leech boot enchantment from working

Version 1.4.4 (2017/04/17):
This update fixes two issues affecting the damage calculations for minions.
As a result, the calculated DPS for many minion skills will change to some degree:
* All golem skills will gain up to 25% DPS
* Other minion's attacks will generally lose up to 30% DPS, but some may gain DPS
* Other minion's spells are generally unaffected, but some will gain up to 10% DPS
* Zombies, Skeleton Warriors and Raging Spirits are not affected
Other changes:
* Improved the DPS calculation for Blade Vortex skills used by spectres:
* The blade count can be set using a new option for Raise Spectre in the Configuration tab
* The skills now have a hit rate override, which allows the DPS to be calculated properly
* Added support for the Raise Spiders skill granted by Arakaali's Fang
* Added support for the Spectral Spirits skill granted by Essence of Insanity
* Added the attack rate cap for Blink/Mirror Arrow clones

Version 1.4.3 (2017/04/16):
* Added Fighting Bull, Kraityn's Sniper, Shadow Lurker and Kaom's Chosen to the spectre library
* Added options to the Configuration tab to enable charges for all minions
* Corrected the minion damage modifier on the Cobalt Jewel template, and added the minion life modifier
* Fixed issue causing minions to trigger Elemental Equilibrium

Version 1.4.2 (2017/04/16):
* Added support for Beacon of Corruption's Caustic Cloud (adds an extra 'Caustic Cloud' skill to your minions)
* Added Goatman Fire-raiser, Towering Figment, Noisome Ophidian and Pocked Lanternbearer/Illuminator to the spectre library
* Fixed the flat mana modifier on Grand Spectrum

Version 1.4.1 (2017/04/16):
* Added Slashed Miscreation, Spectral Scoundrel and Cannibal Fire-eater to the spectre library
* The DPS for monster versions of Blade Vortex won't be accurate yet
* Added support for the modifier on The Anima Stone that grants an additional golem with 3 Primordial jewels
* The Zombie's Slam skill should now count as a melee skill
* Minion and Totem Elemental Resistances Support now correctly applies resistances to minions
* Fixed the minion damage conversion from The Scourge
* Fixed the golem damage modifier on Primordial Harmony
* Fixed the Zombie Slam modifiers on Violent Dead

Version 1.4.0 (2017/04/15):
This update adds support for Minions:
* Added support for the following skills:
* Blink Arrow
* Mirror Arrow
* Raise Spectre:
* A library of commonly used spectres has been added; with Raise Spectre selected as the main skill,
you can click "Manage Spectres..." to browse it and add spectres to your build
* The level of the spectre can be set via a new option in the Configuration tab
* Spectre curses are disabled by default, and can be enabled in the Configuration tab
* Raise Zombie
* Summon Raging Spirit
* Summon Skeletons
* Vaal Summon Skeletons (except generals)
* Summon Spectal Wolf (from The Scourge)
* Added minion support for:
* Summon Chaos Golem
* Summon Flame Golem
* Summon Ice Golem
* Summon Lightning Golem (the Wrath aura can be enabled via a new option in the Configuration tab)
* Summon Stone Golem
* Added support for:
* Minion Instability (adds an extra 'Minion Instability' skill to your minions)
* Necromantic Aegis
* Most minion-related helmet enchantments
Other changes:
* A new section has been added to the Configuration tab for skill-specific options
* The section will only appear if at least one of your skills have options
* The only options added so far are those mentioned above, but more will be added later
* Skill cooldowns are now calculated and displayed
* Corrected or updated the wording of modifiers on several uniques
* Fixed several "NaN" values that could appear for mana-related stats when Blood Magic is allocated

Version 1.3.26 (2017/04/08):
* Modifiers to Area of Effect of Aura Skills now correctly apply to curses supported by Blasphemy
* Corrected the implicits on Maraketh One-Handed Swords (thanks sherardy)

Version 1.3.25 (2017/04/06):
* You can now export and import builds directly to/from links
* Added support for the "Claw X also apply to Unarmed" modifiers on Rigwald's Curse
* The conditional penetration modifier on imported copies of The Wise Oak should now be recognised correctly

Version 1.3.24 (2017/04/05):
This update adds support for Life/Mana Leech and Life/Mana/ES Gain on Hit:
* All sources of Leech and Gain on Hit are supported, including "Damage dealt by your Totems is Leeched to you"
* For skills with a known hit rate (i.e skills that show DPS instead of Average Damage), the combined rate of recovery
from Leech and Gain on Hit is displayed in the sidebar
* For other skills, the total amount leeched/gained from one hit is displayed instead
* Detailed breakdowns of Leech and Gain on Hit can be found in the new "Leech & Gain on Hit" section in the Calcs tab
Other changes:
* Added support for the additional Siege Ballista totems modifier on Iron Commander
* The "%Inc Armour from Tree" and "%Inc Evasion from Tree" sidebar stats now include "increased Evasion Rating and Armour"
* Various minor tweaks and fixes

Version 1.3.23 (2017/03/31):
* Helmets and Boots can now be enchanted via the new "Apply Enchantment..." button that appears when viewing the item
* Added support for more helmet enchants; the vast majority of them should now work
* Added support for the conditional penetration stat on The Wise Oak
* Corrected the base of Lycosidae
* The quality bonus on Blood Rage now applies correctly

Version 1.3.22 (2017/03/28):
* The sidebar can now displays two Crit Chance values:
1. Crit Chance:
* This is the skill's "real" crit chance, as displayed in the in-game character sheet
* If your crit chance is capped, this value will always be 95%, unlike your effective crit chance (which can be lower)
2. Effective Crit Chance:
* This is the value previously shown as "Crit Chance"
* This estimates your true crit chance, factoring in accuracy and "Crit Chance is Lucky"
* Added an option to the Configuration tab for "Are you Leeching?"
* Essence Drain now uses "Average Damage" mode
* Phasing is now enabled automatically if you have Quartz Infusion and maximum frenzy charges
* The Red/Green/Blue Nightmare jewels now correctly apply to the conditional resistance stats in the Sanctuary cluster
* Corrected the crit chance modifier on Pre-2.0.0 Windripper
* Updated "The Oak" to mirror the changes to Springleaf in 2.6
* The program should now correctly prompt to save the current build before updating

Version 1.3.21 (2017/03/20):
With this update, the handling of buffs and debuffs has been improved:
* Having multiple copies of the same flask or buff/debuff skill active is now handled correctly
* When multiple copies are present, the highest value of each stat is used
* The enemy curse limit is now calculated and respected; when the limit is exceeded:
* Blasphemy curses take priority over other curses
* The Vulnerability aura from Witchfire Brew takes priority over non-Blasphemy curses
* Otherwise, curses are prioritised according to their ordering in the Skills tab
Other changes:
* Punishment is now supported (this was mostly made possible by the buff overhaul)
* Generosity is now supported
* Block Chance Reduction is now supported (although it has no effect)
* Several uniques have received minor corrections to the wording of stats

Version 1.3.20 (2017/03/17):
* Added skill parts to Vaal Fireball that match those on Fireball
* Reverted the rounding change from the previous update, as the change in the game has been reverted also
* Fixed issue that caused passive node stats to lose tags (such as conditions) when converted by certain jewels
* Corrected the implicits on many item bases that received undocumented buffs in 2.6
* Various minor tweaks and fixes

Version 1.3.19 (2017/03/09):
* Changed the rounding method for flask/aura/buff/curse effect to reflect the change in 2.6
* Relics can now be imported, and copied from in-game
* Fixed behaviour of the "Both slashes" skill part of Lacerate when only using one weapon
* Corrected the implicits of Maraketh sceptres
* Various minor tweaks and fixes

Version 1.3.18 (2017/03/05):
* Added support for threshold jewels:
* Most of the relevant modifiers from threshold jewels should now be supported
* The tooltips for jewel sockets now indicate which types of threshold jewels will work there
* Added and updated many new uniques (shoutout to chuanhsing for the list on PoEDB)
* Applied the remaining balance changes to unique items (including threshold jewels)
* Updated all item bases (thanks Patrick for doing most of the work)
* Claw and Sword uniques and templates have been updated to account for the new implicits
* Corrected the conversion on Wild Strike

Version 1.3.17 (2017/03/04):
* Updated skill data to 2.6
* Minor update of the passive tree data; this fixes the Storm Weaver pathing
* Added many new uniques

Version 1.3.16 (2017/03/03):
* Added a skill part to Lacerate to simulate the target being hit by both slashes
* Added support for the "Damage while you have no Frenzy Charges" modifier on Daresso's Passion
* Updated the conversion values of Wild Strike, Ice Shot and Frost Blades (thanks viromancer)

Version 1.3.15 (2017/03/02):
* The skill gem search field can now search by gem tag (e.g 'support' or 'aura')
* Removed the bonus Energy Shield from Vaal Discipline
* Node location displays in the Items and Calcs tabs will now render correctly
* Fixed error that resulted from entering certain characters into search fields

Version 1.3.14 (2017/03/02):
This update implements the AoE changes for 2.6:
* Changed the Area Radius Modifier output in the Calcs tab to Area of Effect Modifier
* Updated the stats for Increased Area of Effect, Concentrated Effect and Melee Splash
* Changed Area Radius modifiers on uniques to Area of Effect
* Changed the Area of Effect value on Illuminated Devotion to match that listed in the patch notes
* The area of effect of many skills will be incorrect until all the data is made available in the patch
Other changes:
* Added support for the "Arrows that Pierce cause Bleeding" stat on Slivertongue
* Added support for the increased Golem Buff Effect stat on Primordial Eminence
* Corrected the implicits added when crafting Wands and Sceptres
* The (possibly incorrect) pathing in the Storm Weaver cluster should now render correctly
* Fixed an error that would occur when loading certain builds

Version 1.3.13 (2017/03/02):
* Updated tree to 2.6.0

Version 1.3.12 (2017/03/02):
This update brings some of the changes for 2.6; other changes are awaiting updated data.
* Almost all balance changes to unique items have been applied
* Implicits for most weapon types have been updated
* Added the four new uniques announced thus far
* A new Unset Ring template has been added, with the new + to Level of Socketed Gems modifier
* The +2 Chaos Staff template is now +3
Other changes:
* The "Blocked Recently" option has been replaced with separate options for "Blocked an Attack" and "Blocked a Spell"
* Caustic Arrow's hits no longer incorrectly benefit from Area Damage
* Ancestral Protector and Ancestral Warchief now correctly use the main hand only

Version 1.3.11 (2017/02/26):
* When importing a character you can now choose to delete existing data (jewels, skills, equipment) before importing
* Wither now shows the secondary duration (%increased Chaos Damage Taken) instead of the primary duration (Hinder)
* Local increased Accuracy modifiers on weapons are now correctly multiplicative with global increased Accuracy

Version 1.3.10 (2017/02/23):
* Added support for the helmet enchants that grant increased Buff Effect from Golems
* Added an option to the Configuration tab for "Is the enemy Rare or Unique?"
* Skills that cause Bleeding now have an option in the Configuration tab for "Is the enemy Moving?"
* Two-Toned Boots should now be handled correctly; all 3 variants should import correctly, and are available to craft

Version 1.3.9 (2017/02/23):
* Projectile skills now have an option in the Configuration tab for "Projectile travel distance"
* Point Blank, and the scaling Pierce chance from Powerful Precision, are now supported
* Far Shot is not supported yet, as the scaling is unknown
* Freezing Pulse's damage and freeze chance can now scale with distance (factoring in projectile speed)

Version 1.3.8 (2017/02/22):
* Flicker Strike now shows DPS instead of Average Damage
* Added an extra option for Elemental Equilibrium to ignore the hit damage of your main skill
* Added options to the Configuration tab for "Taunted an Enemy Recently" and "Enemy is Taunted"

Version 1.3.7 (2017/02/22):
* The "enemy is a Boss" option in the Configuration tab now has 2 modes: Standard Boss, and Shaper/Guardian
* Standard Boss is equivelant to the old boss setting (30/30/30/15 resists, -60% curse effect)
* Shaper/Guardian applies: 40/40/40/25 resists, -80% curse effect, 50% less Bleed/Poison/Ignite Duration
* Witchfire Brew's Vulnerability aura now correctly accounts for less curse effect on bosses, and now counts for Malediction

Version 1.3.6 (2017/02/21):
* Added a skill part for Barrage that calculates the DPS from all projectiles hitting the target
* The breakdown for Crit Chance in the Calcs tab now shows how far overcapped your crit chance is
* Empower/Enhance/Enlighten now default to level 3; Portal/Detonate Mines default to level 1
* Fixed issue that caused some existing items to lose quality; all affected items will be fixed automatically

Version 1.3.5 (2017/02/21):
* Added support for the extra Chaos Damage from Malediction
* The bonus only applies with "Have you killed Recently?" enabled, and scales based on the number of active curse skills
* Added options to the Configuration tab for:
* Are you always on Full Energy Shield?
* Do you have a Totem summoned?
* Have you been hit by Fire/Cold/Lightning Recently? (for Paragon of Calamity)
* Have you used a Warcry Recently?
* Consumed a corpse Recently?
* Added support for the "Consecrated Ground grants 40% increased Damage" modifier from Sanctify
* The total Damage taken from Mana before Life is now displayed in the Other Defences section in the Calcs tab
* The Items tab now only normalises quality on items when they are first added, allowing the quality to be edited if necessary

Version 1.3.4 (2017/02/20):
* Added support for the Offering skills and Mistress of Sacrifice

Version 1.3.3 (2017/02/19):
* Added support for Intuitive Leap
* Added support for the Decay effect granted by Essence of Delirium
* Added support for the Fire Burst skill granted by Essence of Hysteria

Version 1.3.2 (2017/02/18):
* Added support for the "increased Effect of Buffs on You" modifier on Ichimonji
* Added basic support for Detonate Dead; only the base damage is used
* The points display in the top bar will now move to the right of center if the Save/Save As buttons would cover it
* Fixed issue preventing Unarmed from being correctly detected

Version 1.3.1 (2017/02/18):
* Added socket count to the tooltips in the passive tree selection dropdown menu
* Added percentage values to the per-point stat differences for passive nodes
* Flameblast's 10 Stages skill part now uses a x0.1 DPS multiplier instead of a 90% less Cast Speed modifier
* The cast rate will now reflect the time taken to build each stage, rather than the total time to build 10 stages
* This change will prevent an issue where adding increased cast speed would have no effect under some conditions
* Skills that only use the main-hand when dual wielding will now be handled correctly

Version 1.3.0 (2017/02/16):
This update adds support for Flasks:
* Flask slots have been added to the Items tab. Checkboxes next to each slot allow the flasks to be individually activated.
* All flask-related modifiers are now supported
* Flask modifiers have been added to the belt templates; this will not affect items previously created from templates
* All unique flasks have been added to the Uniques database
* There will not be templates for flasks; custom flasks can be created using the new crafting system
Additionally, a new item crafting system has been added:
* You can access it by clicking "Craft item..." in the Items tab
* You can choose the rarity and base type of the item from lists
* For flasks and jewels, you can choose the item's affixes from lists once you've created the item
* For other items, modifiers must be added manually for now, so you may continue to use templates for them
Other changes:
* You can now have multiple passive trees within one build!
* To add more trees, select "Manage trees..." from the new dropdown at the bottom left corner of the Tree tab
* Different trees may have different jewels socketed in them
* Hovering over a passive tree in the dropdown will show you the stat differences from switching to that tree
* Hovering over gem names in the gem dropdown now shows the stat differences from selecting that gem
* Hovering over the gem enable checkbox now shows the stat differences from enabling/disabling that gem
* Passive node stat differences now show the value per point when showing the difference from multiple passives
* Fixed issue preventing Elemental Equilibrium from functioning correctly with skills that don't hit

Version 1.2.41 (2017/02/13):
* The program now shows the save prompt before updating if there are unsaved changes
* Added options to the Configuration tab for: Enemy Blinded, Dealt Non-Crit Recently, Ignited/Frozen an Enemy Recently
* Stat differences for allocating/deallocating passives will no longer be incorrect when certain radius jewels are used

Version 1.2.40 (2017/02/11):
* Movement Speed is now calculated and displayed in the sidebar and Calcs tab (in Other Defences)
* Fixed display issue in the breakdown for ignite DPS
* Fixed issue preventing some condition toggles from showing when related passive nodes are allocated

Version 1.2.39 (2017/02/08):
This update adds full support for Dual Wielding:
* DPS calculations for dual wield skills will now use both weapons if they are usable with the skill
* Calculations for bleed, poison and ignite will correctly factor in both weapons
* Dual Strike is now supported
Other changes:
* Importing the passive tree from PoEPlanner links will now work with links created by the latest version of the site
* Fixed error when showing the tooltip for Kondo's Pride
* Various minor tweaks and fixes

Version 1.2.38 (2017/02/05):
* Fixed error when hovering over a passive node with a main skill that isn't compatible with the equipped weapons

Version 1.2.37 (2017/02/05):
* Attack skills will now only work if your equipped weapons can be used with that skill
* Dual Wield attack skills will now use the off hand weapon if the main hand isn't compatible with the skill
* If both weapons are compatible the calculations will still only use the main hand; full dual wield support is coming soon
* Added skill parts to Blast Rain to allow calculation of DPS against a target that's being hit by all 4 explosions
* Added a "Have you Blocked Recently?" option to the Configuration tab
* Added the block chance buff for Tempest Shield

Version 1.2.36 (2017/01/31):
* Condition toggles in the Configuration tab will now only appear if the condition is actually used by the build
* Added support for "Ignited Enemies Burn faster" modifiers
* Added options to the Configuration tab for "Are you on Shocked/Burning/Chilled Ground"
* Character imports will now work even if the capitalisation of the account name is incorrect

Version 1.2.35 (2017/01/29):
With this update, the way the program handles the calculation of crit damage has been improved.
Damage for crits and non-crits are now calculated and tallied separately, and combined later, instead of only
calculating non-crit damage, and deriving crit damage from that. This has allowed for the following changes:
* Inevitable Judgement is now supported!
* Other modifiers that only apply to crit or non-crit damage are now supported:
* Choir of the Storm's increased lightning damage modifier
* Marylene's Fallacy's less damage on non-critical strikes
Additionally, the handling of secondary effects (bleed, poison, ignite, shock, and freeze) has been improved.
The calculations for base damage and overall chance to inflict can now handle having different chances to inflict on
crits and non-crits. This has allowed for the following changes:
* Ignite/shock/freeze calculations now account for the guaranteed chance to inflict on critical strike
* This will greatly improve the accuracy of ignite DPS calculations for crit-based builds when in "Average Damage" mode,
as ignite's base damage will be heavily skewed in favour of crit
* Modifiers that grant a chance to poison/bleed on crit are now supported and correctly simulated
* The existing support for Adder's Touch has been reworked to use the new system
* The base damage for shock and freeze is now calculated, and used to compute the maximum enemy life against
which those effects will be able to apply; the results appear in the breakdowns for Shock/Freeze Dur. Mod

Version 1.2.34 (2017/01/27):
* IIQ/IIR totals are now shown in the "Other Effects" section in the Calcs tab
* Enabling the "on Consecrated Ground" option now applies the 4% life regen granted by that ground effect

Version 1.2.33 (2017/01/21):
* The aura effects granted by Unwavering Faith and Commander of Darkness now correctly benefit from aura effect modifiers
* The calculation of crit chance now factors in accuracy when in Effective DPS mode

Version 1.2.32 (2017/01/15):
* The program now calculates Total Damage per Ignite and Total DPS inc. Ignite when you have Emberwake equipped
* Added a "Have you been Savage Hit Recently?" option to the Configuration tab
* The calculation of Total DPS inc. Poison now factors in hit chance
* Fixed the bonus crit chance for Ice Spear's second form
* Vaal skills now correctly benefit from Vaal skill modifiers
* The breakdown for poison duration now correctly displays the poison duration modifier instead of the skill modifier

Version 1.2.31 (2017/01/08):
* Added two new templates for sceptre attack builds
* Corrected the implicits on the wand and sceptre templates
* Fixed the rounding on life/mana reservation calculations
* Fixed the "additional Block Chance with Staves" modifier

Version 1.2.30 (2016/12/30):
* Added options to the Configuration tab for "Are you Ignited/Frozen/Shocked"
* Discharge's damage penalty when triggered will now apply correctly
* Skin of the Loyal and Skin of the Lords' Energy Shield values are now correctly removed

Version 1.2.29 (2016/12/26):
* Added an "Enemy is Hindered" option to the Configuration tab
* Added a "Crit Chance is Lucky" option to the Configuration tab

Version 1.2.28 (2016/12/22):
* Added skill parts to Blade Vortex to enable calculation of DPS with different blade counts
* Blade Vortex now has a hit rate override which replaces the cast rate when calculating the skill's DPS
* This will allow you to see the skill's true DPS at a given blade count
* The calculation of Ignite base damage can now be controlled using a new option in the Configuration tab

Version 1.2.27 (2016/12/21):
* Cast when Channelling now overrides the cast rate of the triggered skill, allowing the DPS of that skill
to be calculated correctly
* Added an option to the Configuration tab to enable the Intimidate debuff on the enemy
* Jewel tooltips on the passive tree can now be hidden by holding Shift
* Corrected a display issue in the breakdown for Bleed that showed the wrong percentage of base damage
* Energised Armour now correctly converts the ES-from-Shield node in the Mind Barrier cluster
* Many skill-specific modifiers (such as helmet enchants) that weren't previously recognised should now be working
* New installer versions are available, and are recommended if you need to install the program again
* The new standalone install no longer forces an update check when run for the first time, and will never ask for
administrator privileges to update itself (as currently happens when certain files need to be updated)

Version 1.2.26 (2016/12/14):
* The sidebar now displays a DPS or Average Hit total that factors in Poison
* Added support for the Bone Nova skill granted by Uul-Netol's Embrace
* Added support for the Molten Burst skill granted by Ngamahu's Flame
* Fixed the handling of mana costs for totem-cast auras
* Corrected the no-crit-multiplier modifier on Kongor's Undying Rage

Version 1.2.25 (2016/12/13):
* Added support for the Abberath's Fury skill granted by Abberath's Hooves
* Added support for the Lightning Bolt skill granted by Choir of the Storm and Voice of the Storm
* Fixed a conflict between the Physical to Lightning support gem and certain skill conversions

Version 1.2.24 (2016/12/10):
* Added attributes to the jewel templates
* You can now zoom the tree by Ctrl+Left/Right-Clicking, in addition to using the mousewheel
* Added support for the Block/Dodge conversion modifiers on the 3 Nightmare jewels

Version 1.2.23 (2016/12/10):
* Added and updated more uniques from 2.5.0
* Added a new skill part to Blade Flurry that approximates the DPS from releasing every time you hit 6 stages
* Added support for the Cast on Melee Kill and Cast while Channelling support gems

Version 1.2.22 (2016/12/04):
* Added many more uniques from 2.5.0, and updated mods on others
* Updated existing uniques that were changed in 2.5.0

Version 1.2.21 (2016/12/03):
* Updated the skill data to 2.5.0
* Added the Elreon flat chaos mod to the ring and amulet templates
* Added support for the "Auras you Cast" modifiers in Guardian and Necromancer
* Passives/items that affect mana cost will now display the mana cost change in green if the cost is reduced,
and red if the cost is increased (i.e the reverse of the behaviour for other stats)
* Skills that cannot miss will now correctly have a 100% chance to hit
* Fixed issue that could cause the stat comparisons in item and passive node tooltips to show incorrect values if
Elemental Equilibrium is used
* The error messages displayed when a character import fails due to connection issues are now more readable
* Fixed the program's saved window position becoming invalid if the program was closed while minimised

Version 1.2.20 (2016/12/02):
* Added 'The Pandemonius', 'Light of Lunaris', 'The Surrender' and 'Malachai's Vision'
* Added support for the Minion and Totem Elemental Resistances gem
* The new elemental damage multiplier has been added to this gem
* Added support for the Spell Damage->Attack Damage modifier on Crown of Eyes
* Imported items no longer have their quality normalised
* Fixed Avatar of Fire not working after the passive tree update
* Fixed bug preventing Cold Steel from applying both conversions
* Corrected the ranges of the crit multipler modifiers on the jewel templates
* Various minor tweaks and fixes

Version 1.2.19 (2016/11/30):
* Updated the passive tree to 2.5.0
* Added 'The Halcyon'
* Added an "enemy at Close Range" condition for Chin Sol
* Corrected the projectile damage taken stat on Projectile Weakness
* Fixed error that could result from loading certain builds saved prior to version 1.0.27

Version 1.2.18 (2016/11/29):
* Added 3 new Jewel templates
* Added 'Tulfall'
* Creating a new build now opens an unnamed build rather than asking for a build name
* You will be prompted to name the build when saving
* The program now opens a new build when run for the first time
* Added support for Elemental Equilibrium; when this passive is allocated, new options will appear in the Configuration tab
to allow you to indicate which damage types the enemy has been hit by before being hit by your main skill
* The enemy's resistances will update after the skill's hit damage is calculated, so that any damage over time effects are
calculated correctly

Version 1.2.17 (2016/11/28):
* Added 'Tulborn' and 'Voice of the Storm'
* Added support for Mastermind of Discord; when this passive is allocated, new options will appear in the Configuration tab
to allow you to indicate which skill types you are using
* Conversion modifiers are now listed in the breakdowns for hit damage in the Calcs tab
* Added 2x multiplier to Cyclone's DPS to match the in-game tooltip
* Fixed bug preventing the buff from Summon Lightning Golem from applying correctly

Version 1.2.16 (2016/11/25):
* The build list can now be sorted by name, class or time of last edit
* The save prompt will now show when closing the program if there are unsaved changes
* Fixed issue caused by right-clicking a jewel socket on the passive tree when there's no jewels in the build
* Various minor tweaks and fixes

Version 1.2.15 (2016/11/25):
* Added all uniques so far announced for 2.5.0
* Most of their special modifiers should be working; as usual anything in blue should work, anything in red won't
* Note that for Shade of Solaris you must set the "Have you Crit Recently" condition in the Configuration tab
* You can now edit an item's text to change the name, base type or modifiers:
* Double-click on an item, then click "Edit..."
* When in the item editor, hovering over the Save button will show the item's tooltip
* You can also create items from scratch using this method, with the new "Create custom..." button
* This feature is mainly a stopgap until a more usable item editor is implemented
* When copying an item from the "All items" list, the modifier ranges are now preserved
* This means you can copy items that have been created from templates without losing the modifiers
* The rare templates have been updated, with some new bases and modifiers added
* Added several conditions to the Configuration tab
* Various minor tweaks and fixes

Version 1.2.14 (2016/11/23):
* Added a Notes tab

Version 1.2.13 (2016/11/22):
* The breakdown for crit chance now includes the "additional chance to receive a Critical Strike" from Assassin's Mark
* Added support for the "increased extra damage from Critical Strikes" modifier on Assassin's Mark
* Added support for Toxic Delivery
* The extra chaos and bleed damage modifiers require their respective conditions to be enabled in the Configuration tab
* Improved the program's startup time

Version 1.2.12 (2016/11/22):
* Hovering over the character level input will now show the experience penalties for relevant area levels
* Fixed the "not Killed Recently" condition on "Rite of Ruin"

Version 1.2.11 (2016/11/22):
* Added support for the Minion Damage-related modifiers on The Scourge
* Fixed error when hovering over Kongming's Stratagem

Version 1.2.10 (2016/11/21):
* Added support for Unholy Might; you can enable it in the Configuration tab in the Combat section
* Added a Sort button to the "All items" list in the Items tab
* Added support for the "increased Spell Damage per Block Chance" modifier on Cybil's Paw
* Improved keyboard interaction throughout the program:
* Enabled keyboard navigation for all lists
* 'Enter' now accepts confirmation popups, and other popups such as "Save As"
* Dropdown lists can be cycled with Up/Down as well as the mousewheel
* Fixed Elreon's -mana cost modifier increasing the mana cost instead of decreasing it

Version 1.2.9 (2016/11/20):
* Blade Flurry now shows DPS instead of average damage
* Fixed stat counts not showing for some radius jewels

Version 1.2.8 (2016/11/20):
* Fixed dodge not being capped at 75%
* Fixed missing area damage flag on Ancestral Warchief
* Various minor tweaks and fixes

Version 1.2.7 (2016/11/18):
* Added support for the 3 new skills: Blade Flurry, Blight and Scorching Ray
* Added support for Wither
* The debuff will apply automatically when the skill is enabled
* Change the skill part while Wither is selected in the sidebar to choose the stack count
* Added a "Save As" button
* Various minor tweaks

Version 1.2.6 (2016/11/12):
* Added support for the "more Physical Damage" modifier on "Outmatch and Outlast"
* Added a splash damage skill part to Fireball

Version 1.2.5 (2016/11/08):
* Fixed bug preventing Static Strike damage from being calculated correctly

Version 1.2.4 (2016/11/06):
* Fixed a few minor bugs

Version 1.2.3 (2016/11/04):
* Fixed an error in the Calcs tab

Version 1.2.2 (2016/11/04):
* Fixed interaction between Lioneye's Fall and Serpent Stance
* Added support for the Cast on Critical Strike gem (just the gem, no special calculations for CoC yet)

Version 1.2.1 (2016/11/03):
* Fixed error caused by Lioneye's Fall

Version 1.2.0 (2016/11/02):
With this update, the program's internal modifier system has been completely overhauled.
On its own this overhaul doesn't change much from the user's perspective, but it has opened the way for some
significant upgrades:
* The Calcs tab has been rebuilt from the ground up to take advantage of the new modifier system:
* The various stats and totals are now more clearly divided into sections
* The individual sections can be minimized to their title bar, so you can hide sections you're not interested in
* Nearly all of the stats and totals in the new Calcs tab have a breakdown view that appears when you hover over them:
* You can click on a stat to pin the breakdown open so you can interact with it
* Each breakdown view shows all the information used to calculate that stat, including all modifiers
* You can hover over a modifier's source name to show the item's tooltip or passive node's location
* Hovering over a modifier source type ('Item', 'Tree', 'Gem' etc) will show the totals from that source type
* Most modifier totals are no longer displayed in the tab itself, since they can be found in the breakdown views.
The most important ones (such as increased life from tree) are still present, however.
* Per-stat modifiers are now supported, including, but not limited to, the modifiers from:
* Shaper's Touch
* Pillar of the Caged God
* Dreamfeather
* Icestorm is now supported! When you have The Whispering Ice equipped, a special socket group will appear
containing the Icestorm skill. You can select it in the Main Skill dropdown, or view it in the Skills tab.
You cannot add support gems to this group, but supports from any other group socketed in the staff will
automatically apply to the Icestorm skill.
* All other skills granted by items are now supported as well, and will function in the same manner as Icestorm.
This includes "Curse Enemies with X on Hit" modifiers.
* Low life/full life conditions are now detected automatically (>=65% life reserved/with CI respectively),
but you can still turn them on manually if you need to
Other changes:
* The various configuration options in the Calcs tab have been moved to a new Configuration tab
* Moving these into a dedicated tab will provide room for more options to be added in the future
* The names of many options have been changed to clarify their function
* Some options now have tooltips that explain aspects of their function
* Unsupported modifiers are now shown in red instead of white to help convey the fact that they won't work
* The new class background artworks have been added to the passive skill tree
* The required level for a build's passive tree is now shown when hovering over the points display
* The Items tab will now display both source lists (Uniques and Rares) if there's room
* Support gem compatability is now determined using the same data the game itself uses, and should now be 100% accurate

Version 1.1.11 (2016/10/25):
* Added flat mana to ES armour rare templates

Version 1.1.10 (2016/10/23):
* Added support for the poison-at-max-frenzy modifier on Snakebite

Version 1.1.9 (2016/10/07):
* Added flat chaos damage to all physical weapon templates

Version 1.1.8 (2016/10/04):
* Added support for the "Your flasks grant" modifiers on Doryani's Invitation
* Detection of the Unarmed state now ignores the offhand
* Added resistance breakdown section to the Calcs tab

Version 1.1.7 (2016/10/03):
* Fixed stun modifiers from several active and support gems

Version 1.1.6 (2016/10/02):
* Fixed bug causing issues with the new jewel attribute totals when a jewel is used multiple times

Version 1.1.5 (2016/10/01):
* Jewel tooltips now show totals for any relevant attributes (Str, Dex, Int) allocated within their radius
* For example, Eldritch Knowledge shows Intelligence, and Spire of Stone shows Strength
* For unsupported radius jewels (particularly threshold jewels) all attributes are shown by default
* Fixed crit chance with Trypanon deviating from 100% under some conditions

Version 1.1.4 (2016/09/30):
* The tooltip for socket groups now includes gems which aren't part of any of the group's active skills
* This includes gems which aren't supported, or are disabled, and any support gems which can't apply to the active skills
* Made some minor tweaks to the rounding in the damage calculations

Version 1.1.3 (2016/09/26):
* Fixed issue causing certain skill setups to always be added when importing even if that skill is already in the build
* Re-importing a skill no longer resets gem's enabled states

Version 1.1.2 (2016/09/20):
* In the gem name dropdown list, support gems are now marked with a tick if they can apply to any of the
active skills in the current socket group
* Fixed issue causing the spell damage modifier on Clear Mind to fail to apply when no mana is reserved

Version 1.1.1 (2016/09/20):
* Added support for more "socketed gem" modifiers, particularly those from essences
* Fixed a few minor issues

Version 1.1.0 (2016/09/20):
* You can now import all character data: passive tree, jewels, skills and items!
* Character import now has two options:
* Passive Tree and Jewels: imports the passive skill tree and any jewels socketed into it
* Items and Skills: imports all other equipped items, and any skills socketed into them
* When importing to an existing build:
* The passive tree will be replaced with the imported one
* Items (including jewels) will be added to the build, unless the item was added by a previous character import
* If you've previously added an item by copying it from ingame, the character import will still add it,
so you'll need to delete the old items after the import
* Skills will be added if no existing skill matches the new one ('match' meaning the same gems in the same order)
* The only data that cannot be imported is the bandit choices, as these aren't available from the API
* Several improvements have been made to the Skills system:
* You can now specify multiple active gems in a single skill setup (now referred to as a socket group)
* Hovering over an active gem will highlight the support gems which are applying to it,
and hovering over a support gem will highlight the active gems that it applies to
* The skills system should now be much more accurate at determining which supports can apply to active skill gems
* Supports granted by an item are now automatically applied to any skills socketed in that item
* Any such supports that you've added manually will be ignored due to the next change:
* Multiple copies of support gems are now handled correctly (only the gem with the highest level is used)
* Modifiers that depend on the absence of enemy status effects should now only apply in effective DPS mode
* Passive tree search now highlights using a red circle instead of flashing
* Updated the passive skill tree data

Last edited by Openarl on May 19, 2017 8:10:37 AM
Last bumped on May 29, 2017 8:50:46 AM
Editing this post cause I've had some questions about it. Clarification: this is all for the very first release of the program. It works great now. Use it!

Original Post
Oh wow, Emmitt has competition! Will definitely give this a try, sounds like you've put some neat features in.



Interface seems a bit clunky compared to poeskilltree/poeplanner/etc. Opening the skill tree right away and being able to paste a build and maybe save it later is a lot better than having to start by creating the build. I personally often use poeskilltree to browse random builds from other people rather than purely to make my own, so this would be a tangible difference.

Trying to add a skill: firstly, it should have a dropdown for skills. Secondly, I assume it autocompletes but as soon as I had a unique string this happened (can't reproduce though):


Seems sensible to default gem level to 20, since that's the number people will care about the vast majority of the time.

Similar error happened when deleting some skills


Same error again when trying to import a build, although it doesn't seem to stop import from working.

Same error popping up constantly trying to add gear, etc. Probably going to stop fiddling until you fix this.
Have you done something awesome with Sire of Shards? PM me and tell me all about it!
Last edited by viperesque on Dec 4, 2016 7:14:15 PM
Ok, fixed that bug and another one which some people are encountering at the build list screen.
Run an update check to get the new version.

Thanks for the feedback!

Edit: That's a good point about being able to just import a tree and save later. I'll see what I can do :). A dropdown for skills might be a good idea although it'd be a very long list; however the program already allows you to abbreviate skill gem names in pretty much any way you'd care to, so you don't need to type out the full names.
Last edited by Openarl on Aug 31, 2016 3:52:05 AM
Win 10 gave me warning on startup, you might want to look into it (sorry dont remember what it was). Also if possible, it would be better if client had assets attached from start instead of downloading them on start.

Quite like it, gui seems clean and transparent, additional stats look very usefull, and this "node power" seems... intereting.

However, autopathing is very much needed (or more visable/easier to find). Highlighting is a little medicore, and notables arent highlighted.
And stats tab would be welcome (% increases etc), since its easier to judge build without adding items.

Sorry for cricique right from the bat, overall good job.
Last edited by MrokPandy on Aug 31, 2016 4:34:04 AM
Completed 9 ChallengesMrokPandy wrote:
Win 10 gave me warning on startup, you might want to look into it (sorry dont remember what it was). Also if possible, it would be better if client had assets attached from start instead of downloading them on start.

Quite like it, gui seems clean and transparent, additional stats look very usefull, and this "node power" seems... intereting.

However, autopathing is very much needed (or more visable/easier to find). Highlighting is a little medicore, and notables arent highlighted.
And stats tab would be welcome (% increases etc), since its easier to judge build without adding items.

Sorry for cricique right from the bat, overall good job.

No need to apologize! This is exactly the sort of thing I'm looking for.

1. Not sure about the Windows 10 thing; I'm using 7. I'll look into it. The reason it downloads the assets on first run is so that it always installs the most recent version; that being said I could pack a few more of the files into the installer. I'll see :).
2. What exactly do you mean by autopathing?
3. The highlighting could use an improvement. I agree that it isn't very visible at the moment.
4. The % increases for most of the stats are shown in their respective sections of the Calcs tab. For example, % increase Life is in the Life section (labeled 'Spec %'; actually the labeling could be clearer...). It doesn't show all of them though; maybe a separate summary tab for them would be useful.
Completed 36 ChallengesOpenarl wrote:

Edit: That's a good point about being able to just import a tree and save later. I'll see what I can do :). A dropdown for skills might be a good idea although it'd be a very long list; however the program already allows you to abbreviate skill gem names in pretty much any way you'd care to, so you don't need to type out the full names.

Dropdown with input and autocompletion?
Seems good and cover both situations (you can manually scroll and choose or just type and select from results, like dropdowns)
I had the crash problem with the zip-Version but fixed it via the Issue page on github. The skilltree looks a bit funky when zooming out but that's nothing that really bothers me. Only tested it for 1 min so far but I will use it more towards the evening.

Your funtion to search for uniques and their effects was what urged me to try it out. It works as I had hoped and just made your app my new default build planer if I don't find any problems tonight. Much appreciated and keep up the good work.
Last edited by mey1R on Aug 31, 2016 9:06:10 AM
Im really sensitive to automatic downloads/installations, but decided to trust this one
(mostly because it sneaked up on me, wouldn't download if i had a choice)

By autopathing i mean picking nodes that interest me and letting program pick shortest path through stats etc: Choosing life nodes, some deps a few notables and a keystone, and program links them on tree.
I got addicted to this feature from emmitts tree, since its fast and efficient, and rarely needs my input with optimisation if i pick correctly.

Ok right, you can see those things on calc page, a little cluttery, but maybe I just need to get used to it.

And I noticed shift fearure, seems useful!
Im going to remake my build (after patchnotes hit my mjolner :( ), we'll see how it goes.

EDIT: Helmets are missing +x to minion spells, not that important but usefull to put on beforehand if im doing items already
Also it would be good to be able to write amount of bonus on item by hand rather than slider, or both. For ocds sake.
Last edited by MrokPandy on Aug 31, 2016 10:27:14 AM
Completed 9 ChallengesMrokPandy wrote:
Im really sensitive to automatic downloads/installations, but decided to trust this one
(mostly because it sneaked up on me, wouldn't download if i had a choice)

By autopathing i mean picking nodes that interest me and letting program pick shortest path through stats etc: Choosing life nodes, some deps a few notables and a keystone, and program links them on tree.
I got addicted to this feature from emmitts tree, since its fast and efficient, and rarely needs my input with optimisation if i pick correctly.

Ok right, you can see those things on calc page, a little cluttery, but maybe I just need to get used to it.

And I noticed shift fearure, seems useful!
Im going to remake my build (after patchnotes hit my mjolner :( ), we'll see how it goes.

EDIT: Helmets are missing +x to minion spells, not that important but usefull to put on beforehand if im doing items already
Also it would be good to be able to write amount of bonus on item by hand rather than slider, or both. For ocds sake.

Well I'll try not to abuse your trust ;).

I never used the autopathing feature on PoESkillTree, hence my unfamiliarity. I'll look into implementing in my program; no ETA though. And yes, the calcs tab is ugly and cluttered and a big great mess; it's really just served as a dumping ground for stuff that I don't have a place for. Cleaning it up was something I was hoping to get done before release, but I didn't get time.

I'll add the +minion gems to the helmet templates, thanks for the suggestion!
The UI is too wide for some screen resolutions, making some of the features of your program 100% useless. My screen resolution is 1366x768 and i'm unable to use the item creator because of it. Example:qIWwPkU

Other than that, i really like the program.

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