The Scourge; Spectral throw; poisonous; mind over matter

Hi :)
My stats atm with this gear and passive tree at lv 80: 4825 HP, 2080 mana; so around 7k HP in total with 100% instant lifesteal.
DPS without getting hit (berserkers get attackspeed and damage after taking hits) 9k with LMP, 12k with slower projectiles
DPS after taking savage hit: 14k with LMP, 18k with slower projectiles

Note that this is spectral throw tooltip dps so its more in reality. Also the poison damage is big.


The passive tree takes advantage of the mana clusters all the way (witch are realy good; with stats or with flat mana most of them) so we can have high max mana to boost our HP pool without having much intellect. Primary aim is the Vaal pact paired with the 100% lifesteal berserk ascendancy. For damage i am taking attack speed and projectile damage (also physical and chaos damage at the shadow start). For defense i rely on lifestal and as much HP as i can and stun avoidance from boots.

Bandits: Mana, passive, passive

- in the jewel socket next to the shadow; i need that because when facetanking bad stuff that hits me for 3/4th my hp 2 times every half sek i tend to start going oom; Vaal Pact works on life but not on mana.


The weapons and the minion damage from the helm gives us 180% increased global damage (it double dips the poison damage) witch is not something we could easily get on the passive tree and the chest saves us all those points on the tree to the Mind Over Matter. The gloves are giving us free poison when paired with the Pacifism jewel (or if you are comfortable with generating frenzy charges in some way)

Replacing LMP with slower projectiles on bosses and i just facetank most of them.
The links in the gloves and helm were originally just for lolz, but with high level codt on essence drain it turns out kinda good as it scales with all my damage tallents and the weapons.
The totem in the head gives me 20% MORE attackspeed and i use it on trash or fast dying bosses; on bad bosses i go with wither totem - uber izaro died for 3 sek.

Something worth mentioning: Wolves from the claws are just a flavor with this build. They look cool and kinda act as a meat shield but if you use trigger gems in one of the weapons (CodT, curse on hit or something else) you will not summon wolves from that weapon.


Go for Berserking at the start (type in the search box in the passive tree in the
Do not take small stuff on the way. Get Versatility and Mana Flows if you need the stats.
Get the 100% lifesteal ascendancy as soon as you go to act 3 cruel and take Vaal pact when you do - it will make leveling easy with low gear and low deffences.

Gearwise - very early fists with life gained on hit are awesome; or some other cheap unique but focus on fast attack weapons.
Use spectral throw + LMP + Faster attack and put added chaos as soon as you can (lv 31 i think).
Herald of ice, herald of ash when you get to act 2; replace the herald of ash with Anger aura when you get to act 3. Remove the auras when you equip Cloak of Defiance.

Leveling gear you will love with this build:

Get 2 rapiers and 3 jewel sockets and pacifism jewels by lv 43. The jewels are making so the damage from the rapiers is up all the time and its good with added chaos and auras; also the jewels you will use later too to be considered at max frenzy charges when you have zero so your snakebite gloves can add poison.
The Elreon's ring helps tons; or you will need to have 2-3 mana pots. That damage taken gained as mana on Praxis ring is needed when you get the Cloak of Defiance. You need at least 1 of this rings or that stat on some corruption like my amulet above.
Use the rapiers untill you get the claws i am using at lv 70. Before you get 5link the snakebites gloves are not necessary - the poison damage is not that big to matter.

If you cant get Snakebites gloves with curse on hit corruption just do not use the link i have with Essence Drain but instead do orb of storms + chain + curse on hit + projectile weakness.

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JK man, nice build.

Please do update. Most essential thing is video of mapping, in order to see the poison effect.

Thumbs up.

JK man, nice build.

Please do update. Most essential thing is video of mapping, in order to see the poison effect.

Thumbs up.

Thanks :)
Sorry if it looks messy and incomplete. Originally i made it for a couple of friends we do maps together because they asked me. I will try to at least make a video.

Also sorry about the long time to reply; i was not able to play this weeks.
Hi nice build i respecced my old cyclone char and got super crappy gear+gems atm but it's a blast. Really nice and a reason to come back to poe after loosing interest
Is this viable on HC?
Why not?! You got at least 7k effective HP and 100% instant lifesteal after every big hit you take, AND you are range. I guess if you take health nodes 1st then it will be perfect for hardcore. Just you will have to be smart when to facetank bad stuff; saying that because i tend to lazily stay still and hold the mouse key with this zero armor build; and i died 7-8 times because of it on bad map mods or charged Izaro.
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