[2.6] Chieftain dual Siege Ballista. All map mods. 8k life. Beginner and budget tips.

2.5 Update: This is not longer Ranger Deadeye build, Marauder Chieftain offers amazing survivability for totems and player, ultimate comfort and QoL ( leech, taunt, much longer totems uptime )

For latest gear, passive tree, gems, links, etc plz check my char "Elua_breach"



This is dual totem ancestral bond build focused on bow attack speed and physical dmg, made for Lioneye's_Glare use.


Hi and welcome everyone.

First some worlds why this build is like that and what I have in mind making and modifying it into current form. This is build for totem lovers, for person who like to stand far back in safe, often off-screen or outside room position. It has gigantic range and ability to one click clear screen. Also can be used in full sprint mode, when you running like non-stop 130% + speed and leaves dead corpses behind. It’s very safe, mobile, efficient but still requires dodging stuff manually: it has no facetank ability. Build offers a lot of hp and strengthened flask usage. Also it got nice hp regen. This build will focus on supplementing major issues and weakness of Siege Balllista gem have, making it comfortable and super efficient.

This build achieves something unusual: successfully bonds 3 completely different playstyles:
- ranger clearing speed, mobility and gigantic area coverage ( better then tornado shot ! )
- totem safeness ( no reflect issues ) comfort ( one click for clearing screen, no aiming or spamming buttons needed ) easy off-screen / out off room dps
- marauder tankiness : 8068 hp @ 92 lvl

Pros & Cons


- super long range, very fast clearing speed, you will click totems for 4 times less often to get same clearing effect as ancestral warchief on high tier maps
( Biggest advantage this build is gigantic range, it's like 2-3x times more then flame totem or ancestral warchief totem builds. It makes overall clearing speed much better and leech stronger )
- amazing leech for you and your totems, making totem uptime much longer and you safer
- you don't have to stand close to totems to make they active, even off-screen totems will kill stuff ( this is much safer and effective then ancestral warchif )
- You can do all map mods, with Xoph's Blood amulet your totems are 100% immune to any type of reflect dmg
- no regen maps are super easy : just swap wed for blood magic gem
- You can do blood magic maps easy, just turn auras off
- Don’t depend on “must run and kill non stop”: you can play casually, take breaks, pickup items and coffers and dps will be always awesome
- Only one click for clear screen, its very comfortable and safe at same time because when you cast you stop that makes you vulnerable and slow
- It's safest Siege Ballista version of all Siege Ballista builds available, it offers way more hp and defence perks
- You don’t have to worry about accuracy at all: Lioneye's Glare provides 100% hit chance
- Build is nerf resistant: it not exploit any current meta but still goes fast and efficient
- Its super cheap, you can start endgame for 9c or lower
- No lag, party friendly, good for old PC too ( low graphical skill effects )
- You need only 27 extra int in items dex and str are provided
- That build offers versatile, balanced dmg with options to counter current map resistances: you are not depended on physical or elemental dmg
- This build is very efficient for farming labyrinth
- Very low mana skill costs


- you must keep moving like 90% time, leech is good but don't try facetank
- Leveling needs some gear and clever poe.trade usage: its not about currency ( very cheap items ) but if you completely refuse to use poe.trade you will suffer
- relatively very low single target "boss" dps if compared to ancestral warchief
- longer boss encounters means you are forced to play and dodge perfectly for much bigger time, it's dangerous and risky

Necessary gear, sockets, colours and links: 14c endgame pack

Bow: mediocre roll is good enough to start at 66 lvl, buy it for 1c ( save money for Drillneck ) you need only 4L ( 3 green 1 blue ) on bow for start.

5L chest piece, can be crap like that linked one which was buyed for 1 c only, important thing: 100% EVASION ONLY because you need 4 green and 1 red socket ( DON'T BUY hybrid ones, re-coloring will ruin you ! )

Boots MUST be 30% movement speed, don't buy 25% speed or less, that boots in example was buyed for 1 c.

Rain of splinters jewel roll form range 35-45% is fine, buy it for 1 c.

Drilleck is HUGE boost but most expensive item on that list, sometimes you can lucky buy it for 6c, buy most likely will cost 10c or more.

Bandits and ascendancy choices

Normal: Help Oak for +40 Life

Cruel: Help Kraityn for +8% Attack Speed

Merciless: Help Kraityn for +1 Frenzy charge

UPDATE: This build should be played as Marauder Chieftain ( Hinekora - Tukohama )
Leech is so strong you will be barely use life flasks.

During leveling grab Hinekora ( leech ) node first.

Detailed leveling guide with itemisation

If you are beginner I strongly recommend watch movies on this channel to understand basics,
those are great tutorial so even more advanced players still can learn a lot things:



Leveling this build as marauder in first day of new league is a bit of pain. Crucial items needs dexterity you will lacking, and they are probably too expensive in first league days. So I recommend do 1-53 lvl using mostly flame totems. Supported by searing bond totem and fire trap. Those skill needs items with spell dmg and cast speed. Links for flame totem are : Flame Totem, Faster Casting, Elemental Focus and Controlled Destruction, but even 2 or 3 linked setup works great and has very low mana cost. At 53 lvl you can buy Ifractem bow and switch to ranger - bow playstyle. This bow is super cheap even on first league day, mostly 1-3c range, and very soon ( literally hours ) drops to 1 alch price range. If you cant afford Rain of Splinters use greater multiple projectiles for siege ballista. This build starts works properly at 66 lvl when you got Lioneye's Glare, 4 ascendancy points, Drillneck, and Rain of Splinters gem. 4L is enough, but rest rather mandatory to get build feeling.

Starting part of passive tree for:


then follow into:



Below this line it's old outdated info about leveling this build as ranger. I will keep it for those who join league not in first day, so they can afford using those items and enjoy low prices. Also if you try this build when already have other char and some currency this info below can be useful.


Ability to use poe.trade is very important. You can start PoE today and you will be able to buy many items during leveling from currency drops you get. That poe.trade items can be filtered by stats and price, so be smart buy good ones cheap. You never need buy any item above 1 chaos value to make leveling fast and easy. Remember you can always get some fusings for trades by buying higher currency at act 2 and 3 vendors in that order:

Fusing is very high value currency item. You can check current currency rations on http://poe.ninja/esc/currency Learn how to sell and exchange currency in poe.trade for chaoses you will need. poe.trade is place where you get real power and leveling comfort, also its super important in endgame.

Try avoid crafting as much as you can, in 99% cases you can buy required item with proper socket, colours and links for 300% less then crafting price.


Most important item for leveling IMO are good boots with movement speed bonus.
I suggest start from lvl 2 with

or if you are rich player buy that super good ones

if you cant afford that new 50% ones, buy at 16 lvl Nomic's Storm very good and underrated 40% run speed boots

That boots should be replaced around 50 lvl, when you can buy something like that ones:

Price range is about 1 alch - 1 chaos, excluding very expensive Seven-League Boots

Second thing to lvl fast and efficient is good Quicksilver Flask of Adrenaline, with extra speed as close as possible to +30%


Everybody says leveling Siege Ballista is pain, so I will try explain in very detailed way how to make it easy and pleasant. I will recommend build tree for some lvl range and critical items making it efficient.

When you start I suggest use split arrow gem.

This will be your main skill for lvl range 2-31. If you want easy start and can afford some expenses I suggest that gear:

Each of that items should cost max 1 alch - 1 chaos, if you cant afford all focus on getting that bow and amulet.

Siege Ballista gem is lvl 4 quest reward, when you get first it feels very bad, slow and worthless. You will use it as supplement for split arrow, not as primary attack. Lvl-s 4-11 are that ones when you feel this is bad gem and you will not like it at all.

- Lvl 8 get 2x


- lvl 11

now is time very important purchase: get rain of splinter jewel ( in new fresh league start this is probably impossible because gem cost is simply too high, link Siege Ballista with lesser multiple projectiles or later use extra arrow-s bows. )

and put it in build tree. It provides 2 extra arrows on Ballistas without extra mana cost. You should buy it on poe.trade, and don’t need any high roll for it. Even worst one -50% dmg are absolutely fine, but ofc get best one for currency you have: 1 alch on psc is around 40-43% range, 1 chaos I like 36-40% range ( remember less is better ) Don’t buy best rolls: its waste of currency you can spend on improving more important gear like Drillneck in future. ( prices info outdated )

Also get for nice jumps and opening strongboxes:

- 18 lvl you can get 2x 4-linked items and use more support gems like :

and swap bow for that beauty:

Try buy clarity gem and use it, you will need now much better mana regen.

also you can swap some items for more mana regen like :

and get your first dps aura gem:

- 24 lvl

nice rings to have, but optional because you must snipe poe.trade well to buy they for 1c low price

also your first and only curse, used manually for hard targets

and next aura

- 28 lvl

- 31~34 lvl

Very big and important change : you will reach ancestral bond, so you no longer can do dmg by split arrow, but can use 2x Siege Ballista totems.
Also at 31 lvl you can get more support gems like that ones :

Its time to get 5-linked evasion chest or tabula rasa

that kind 5L chest is very cheap, you can buy it for 1c, Tabula is like 13c so rather skip it if you are new player

Which support gems you want use depends on your mana regen, if you got any problems use reduced mana linked. Most important gems to feel Ballistas comfortable are Faster Projectiles and Faster Attacks.

also buy for 1c:

- 36 lvl if you can afford buy Drillneck it s HUGE upgrade, but will cost around 10c

corrupted without extra arrow like that one are usually cheapest

if you are rich go crazy and get extra arrow one IT'S WORTH IT ( around 4ex :P )

- 53 lvl

you can buy for 1c and use :

- 66 lvl

buy your first

try to buy 320-330 dps one for 1c, if possible with 4 sockets and 4 links

DON'T BUY 5 linked or 6 linked ones, they are expensive, and it way easier and cheaper buy good 5L or 6L evasion chest piece.

At 72 lvl, get fire / lighting / cold resistances capped, this is #1 priority at that lvl
Resistances capped means you got fire, lighting and cold res above 75% in any merciless zone.
Hideout is like normal so it's harder to check it there.
Chaos resistance is very hard to cap, so skip it.

When you start gearing for endgame and using poe.trade a lot if you are new player I suggest watch this video series to understand how budged purchases should be done:


This series is made by ZiggyD for other type of build, but still you can learn a lot how to buy cheep good items and how good poe.trade inquiry's looks like.

Crafting tutorial video:


Gems and links

Siege Ballista gems:

4L skip wed and pierce, 5L skip wed

Curse spread:

4L skip enchance

Defence, mobility

outdated defence gems, this should be : CWDT, increased duration, immortal call, and temporal chains



stone golem is for labyrinth runs ONLY, minion life and empower are mistakes ( can't delete because forum post reasons )

If you got currency get first quality support gems for Siege Ballista ( but NOT quality Siege Ballista itself )

Some gems should stay at lvl 1: Blink Arrow, Frenzy and Greater Multiple Projectiles because higher lvls means more mana cost and no benefits for ancestral bound bilds like this at all.

Optimal level for Cast When Damage Taken is 8, Immortal Call 10, Temporal Chains 11.

During leveling if you are very rich buying 15-20q / 1 lvl support gems will increase your dps enormously.

Lightning Golem should be 20/20, it's not yet because it's new stuff added to PoE one of last patches

Which gem is best as 21 lvl and which 23q, what benefits from quality most, you can check this here:



Labyrinth Enchantments


- Commandment of Spite


- Adds 1-160 Lightning Damage if you haven't Killed Recently


- 40% increased Siege Ballista Damage

Uber lab boots / helmet enchants are super strong

dps gains:

helmet 38452 --> 40483
boots 38452 --> 42100
both 38452 --> 44391

try get uber lab boots enchant first, and ASAP


List sorted from best ( and max possible values ) :

1. 7% increased maximum Life
2. 16% increased totem damage
3. 16% increased physical damage with bows
4. 8% increased attack speed with bows
5. 12% increased projectile damage
6. 10% increased damage
7. 8% projectile speed
8. 5% increased attack speed

#1 rule is you need every jewel with "increased maximum Life"

If you want good and CHEAP jewel buy 2 stats ( above ) blue one and use regal orb on it. If you get lucky you will rise jewel value about 30X

5x 7% life jewels = 35% increased maximum Life + 216% increased maximum Life from passive tree = 251% increased maximum Life !!!

very good jewel buying guide by Mathil:


My current gear

For latest gear, passive tree, gems, links, etc plz check my char Elua_Brach


this are outdated items below, can't change it because forum item linking issues:


Dried lake farm


Precinct Map


Gorge map


another Gorge map run, 1080p quality


uber lab run, recorded and played by OGPlatypus using this build


I have done Atziri multiple times without die and t15 maps too, but my PC is too slow to record that stuff because huge fps drops makes game risky. Maybe in future I will add more interesting stuff after PC upgrade.

Biggest build achievement is Hall of Granmasters clear, where I can't kill only single, last mob: QBotU_DyNess

Stats screenshots

outdated, in 2.5 my most developed char ( Elua_Avatar standard league ) got 7748 hp and 42202 dmg per totem in hideout ( auras up but no flask, frenzy or vaal haste up )

dmg tooltips in hideout


and with all frenzy charges and vaal haste


defence with stone golem and boots hp regen enchant proc


full defence using Jade flask and Vaal Grace


mobility: standard 61%, with Quicksilver flask 131%, with Phase Run proc 102%
with both flask and Phase Run proc 172%




English is not my native language, so sorry for all possible grammar mistakes.

If you have any questions, please ask them here in this thread.
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Little update item for leveling, I will post it here because linking it in first post will ruin forum order and make errors:

That helm is simply amazing for leveling it has low level requirements and most desired stats to make leveling comfortable. Also because most ppl use Goldrim helmet for leveling it's very cheap.


2.5 Update flasks setups:

This is my typical T15 map setup

cheaper alternatives for Taste of Hate are : Sulphur Flask or Witchfire Brew

good flask setup + vaal haste = double dmg



those ones are for uber lab runs, traps = a lot of instant life flasks needed

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Any reason to just not go scion deadeye + literally anything else?

Seeing that you have 0 aoe spells, and using lioneyes, from deadeye ranger you get:

15 attack speed
30 proj speed
60 proj damage
far shot
+1 projectile

from deadeye ascendant you get:

40 dex, +1 stat point
50 proj pierce (which with the drillneck corruption, 50 proj dmg)
20 proj speed
far shot
+1 projectile

and an additional class, assassin for crit, cheiftain since you do run HA + added fire, hierophant for silly stuff, or even just berserker for that sweet more multiplier.

Now i didnt play your build for a minute, so i dont know, but im pretty sure you would be a lot better with ascendant.
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Reason is simple, this build is NOT crit one. Highest priority got attack speed / bow attack speed / projectile speed, because that makes Siege Ballista skill comfortable. Also, you can save a lot of points when you not spend they on crit nodes. This build don't suffers any dmg problems, so I simply prefer invest in life, and life regen. Anyway mob pack will die almost instantly, but response time from moment you click to place Ballistas and mobs die is much shorter then other Ballistas builds.
@sunnymarcell: scion and ranger don't get the same far shot too. Scion is "increased" damage and applies to all kind of projectiles while ranger is "more" but applies only to projectile attacks.

@Elua: you beat me on lab. I did it at lvl 38 with my scion archer. It was sketchy :p.
You didn't find a better support than Pierce? It feels a bit wasted here as the balista has 100% pierce already. The "more" bonus is still good for sure.
Ranger builds list: /917964
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Even if you dont go crit, is the 15 as, 10 proj speed and 10 proj dmg really worth to not go scion deadeye + something else? Those are like ~6 props you can get on jewels, which scion has a shitload of.

Ranger deadeye:

+15 attack speed
+10 proj speed
+10 proj dmg

Ascendant deadeye+berserker (for example, probably the best one:

+40 dex
+40 str
+2 stat point
+10 more dmg

I mean, it probably doesnt matter since you are clearing t11 maps in 20 ex worth of gear, so i guess you could do the same as a vanilla unascended ranger.

@sunnymarcell: scion and ranger don't get the same far shot too. Scion is "increased" damage and applies to all kind of projectiles while ranger is "more" but applies only to projectile attacks.

@Elua: you beat me on lab. I did it at lvl 38 with my scion archer. It was sketchy :p.

Oh, valid point, my apologies, didnt see that. That probably makes the ranger worth it. Just points out how much ranger i played since ascendancy :P
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@sunnymarcell: scion and ranger don't get the same far shot too. Scion is "increased" damage and applies to all kind of projectiles while ranger is "more" but applies only to projectile attacks.

@Elua: you beat me on lab. I did it at lvl 38 with my scion archer. It was sketchy :p.
You didn't find a better support than Pierce? It feels a bit wasted here as the Ballista has 100% pierce already. The "more" bonus is still good for sure.

That "pierce" in Pierce gem is completely useless for Siege Ballista.

But rest is very good if you have 20 quality.

So I choose that one instead slow projectiles, they make Siege Ballista stronger, but overall "feeling" is way worse.

That was tested on fully levled gems:

My first character in that league was scion, made for Siege Ballista. I abandoned him and re-rolled ranger because I was so disappointed with scion ascendancy options for dual totem / bow combo. After that I tested on than scion ZiggyD poison - chaos sparker, but spamming skills like mad man is not my way to play PoE :)
Last edited by Elua on Apr 17, 2016, 1:46:44 PM
my bad. for some reason I was thinking slower proj was providing more "more" than pierce.
Ranger builds list: /917964
When two witches watch two watches, which witch watches which watch?
If the witches watching watches watch the same watch while you watch which witch watches which watch, they switch watches; then, the watch switching witches watch which watch you watch.
Watching witches watch watches is not for the faint of heart...
This build is certainly a bit different from the last Ballista build I tried.

It's great fun to use, very fast clearing speed, and no need for a huge Dex requirement.

It handles all the mid tier bosses pretty easily, I've yet to try it on Atziri.

Thanks for posting it up.


*Edit* I tried a couple of Atziri runs with this build, and while it handled everything fairly easily up to the Queen herself, I found that killing Atziri was difficult.

Once you cast the ballista's you have no control over where they shoot, and hitting the mirror clone is easily done in the split phase.

However, that is surmountable by placing a ballista right on top of the chosen split so the arrows tend to hit that clone first.

The problem was more Atziri herself.

My usual Atziri killer for farming her is a tri-totem witch, two flame totems plus a searing bond.

This set up handles her easily.

With the twin ballista's set up I was struggling for some reason to kill her. It was almost as if the arrows weren't hitting the target somehow, even though I placed the ballista's carefully.

In the end she beat me both times, I just ran out of portals.

I read that you have killed Atziri plenty of times with this build, I guess that I need to learn how to do it with ballista's.


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I have to ask though. How does this deals without an item that adds an extra arrow?

I notice your drillneck does that (but buying one would be very expensive), the problem I forsee is that due to spread of the shot, firing 4 shots will mean it aims at an enemy but the spread simply makes it miss cause it would be firing 4 arrows. With an item to add one more that isn't a problem but with only 4 shooting single targets might require you to constnatly drop balistas point blankso that they get a couplke shots in before the enemy moves out of it's shotguning range and the spread is making it miss.
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