[2.6] Hot Fire Self-Ignite Berzerker - High DPS/Survivability - Burning Arrow

Hey Guys, this is my first ever build guide. Happy to hear constructive criticism about both the build and my build guide.

Though this version of the build is fairly well constructed it isn't totally finished and I'm still not sure which direction I'll go with some things.

I began constructing the concept for this build after I saw what people were doing with the combination of Oros, Eye of Innoncence, and Mokous. Basic idea is that we keep ourselves ignited at all times thus giving a big dps boost. I started to think "hey this is a 2handed build why not build this as a bow guy" and the build has evolved from there.

We use Xoph's Nurture and Burning Arrow for 100% physical to fire conversion and big ignite chance needed to always trigger self ignite through Eye of Innocence. Everything else is to get surviability, 100% arrow pierce chance, DPS, and attack speed.

I've been interested to see as this league has progressed that a lot of other people and builds have gone for the same concept. I've experimented and theory crafted a bit with other possible implemenations of the self-ignite bower and, while I won't say that this is "the best" implemenation of these mechanics, it's the most efficient and survivable version I've tested and played around with.


Needed Uniques -

Xoph's Nurture: Good DPS, 50% phys-fire conversion, ignite proliferation etc. Mainly necessary in this build for the 50% phys-fire.

Eye of Citrine: This is really the core here. Everything else is designed to trigger enough ignites on enemeies that we get hit enough with that 100 fire damage at 25% chance to ignite ourselves (from Mokou's) that we always keep ourselves ignited, thereby getting that fat increased damage and 2% life leech.

Mokou's Embrace: The other half of the self-ignite combo but much cheaper than Eye of Citrine.

Sudden Ignition Jewel: Two ignitions do twice as much damage ayyyyyyyy lmao.

Optional Uniques -

Kaom's Heart: Hey it's a Kaoms. Lots of life but you lose some gem slots for Vaal skills and the ability to generate frenzy charges off a 5link frenzy - GMP - chain - curse on hit setup.

Dydian Dawn Belt: Makes ignites do essentially 35% more damage. Big life and resist rolls. The 1% life leech against chilled enemies is easy to overlook but because of arctic armor and vortex a lot of stuff is chilled so the extra leech is nice sometimes. This build overcomes the downside of Dydian by being 100% elemental conversion anyway. I don't think I'll be swapping this out ever.

Gang's Momentum: Increased damage against ingited enemies. Everything that isn't ignite immune (thanks pizza-meta) will always be ignited so that damage increase is really big. Also more ignite chance and 25% MS. I might swap these out for a pair of boots with a fat life roll, 30% ms, and some resists later. Not sure.

Alpha's Howl: Really not sure about helmet slot right now but running Anger on Alpha's gives us some more damage and the %mana reserved gives us the ability to run 4 mana reservation things instead of 3 which I'll discuss in a bit. Very possible I'll swap this out at some point - not sure yet.

My Current Awful Gear:


Flasks: Open to advice

Gloves: Really need better ones. Want life, AS, resists (esp chaos)

Ring Slot 2: Really need a better one. Want life, AS, weapon ele damge, resists

Helmet: Strongly considering something else but an Alpha's dropped


DPS Skill: Burning Arrow - LMP - Faster Attacks - Pierce - Weapon Elemental Damage - Added Fire Damage

Auras-Movement: Anger - Flame Dash - Herald of Ash - Arctic Armor

Curse: Split Arrow - Chain - Curse on Hit - Flammability

Cast When Damage Taken: CWDT - Immortan Call - Vortex - Flamer Golem

Stuff about gems:

Some of this I'm unsure about, some is preference, and a lot of it is driven by me going Kaom's which really limits gem slots. I think I'm gonna get an unset for my non Mokou's ring slot which will give me the ability to run another gem. Maybe Molten Shell in my CWDT? Open to discussion on this.

Added fire: Not sure if this is the best choice for the 6th link. Might be better to go faster projectiles or something. Open to discussion.


Me Right Now: https://www.pathofexile.com/passive-skill-tree/AAAABAECAAHcBbUOPBQgFHEUdRUgFukYkRjbGYoZtBo-Go8hYCKvIuokNykuKaUqOCpbLOktgzIBMgkyfjWSNug4UzpSPfxDMUQNRJ5Hfk3jUuxTu1cNWGNYr18_X9BlTWhlbEZvO3JsdPF1y3asdud343gNfLh82X11ggeCXoTFhNmGYIazjM-NfpcGmFebtaTCplepbrIZtfK747yfvTa-p78Iv9XAGsLswzrEosbYyPDNmM96z37Tfti92Xzo1uoY6mLvDu968azyL_Ob8932SPaj9tr3Mvhf-Ov7Cf4K_o_-ug==?accountName=torpedovegas133&characterName=Dickzerking_FlamerGroin

Theoretical lvl 95: http://poeplanner.com/AAcAAP8hAwB9xthYYz38jM_2SF8_FCDvDlBHOlIyfryfGJGGYCKvOFN25xo-fLgpLvGsVw3zm2hl89346-oY9zJ82YTZR369NmVNvqcVILXyNZLYvf6PTeOmV-960359df66u-PEopcGGYrDOio4dcvqYvsJ9toaj3asz36btYTFRA3I8CzphrMi6jIBshnPehm0LYP2ozrh8kX-CoIHqW54DcAabzt34wHcNuhYrxRxDjzZfOjWBbXC7Cpbgl5S7PxLFE2tjfJBjX5DMdrBdO0FLb_VU7tEniFgdPEppXJsbEYyCRjbFHWkws2YLlPTbzGe-F9f0CGQ6hC_CCQ3FumYVwAAAAAA

Stuff About Passives:
Very open to suggestions/criticism here.

I'm a softcore scrub so I went damage and am basically only going life nodes forever at this point.

IMO Iron Reflexes is neccessary and Point Blank also works well with the berzerker ascendency.

Vaal pact is necessary in current meta. Resolute technique makes sense because this isn't a crit build. I'm sure other people are trying to do a similar build but crit and I guess that might work but I just cant see it being as survivable. Sofar - I'm running T13 maps right now - DPS has not been an issue at all with this build.

DO NOT FORGET IRON GRIP. This is a massive dps boost and ideally I'm going to stack more strength with future pick ups which will boost health and DPS.


Open for debate here but I think Berzerker is best for a few reasons. Note that I've tried Slayer and Juggernaut with this build also but have been by far the happiest with Berzerker. I guess you could also go Deadeye? I was just seeing that someone else went Path Finder. But imo and through trial and error I've ended up with berzerker.

Nothing but one shots (very rare) and huge lag spikes (thanks ggg) kill me and I'm still at relatively low HP. Slayer I'd die to non one shots -though obviously lab traps were easy-. Jugg felt a bit sturdier to phys and ele damage but would still lose the leech war against some bosses, chaos damage, and had significantly lower clear speed.

Overall I think that the only other Ascendency I'd consider is Slayer for the easier lab traps but again I think there's room for discussion here and I'd be happy to see people go for other ascendencies with this.

Key to survival with Berzerker is high attack speed (so that we instantly leech back life) which is why I've gone for lots of attack speed (Xoph's is bad because it has bad base) and projectile speed (suprisingly important for vaal pact with bows).


Oak - Passive - Passive..... I guess.

I've seen lots of people going Passive first instead of Oak recently and that's probably more efficient given Kaom's Heart. We start running out of 5% life nodes with this build though so in the end I'm not sure if an extra passive or the Oak +40 ends up being more.

If you go for Belly of the Beast chest with frenzy 5 link then take Kraitlin for an extra frenzy charge imo.


I've been playing PoE forever and this is maybe the build that I'm happiest with as it's fairly original, fun to play, has good clear speed, and is very face-tanky.

Because of pizza-meta nerfs to ignite, I dont' think this build can do some bosses that are ignite-immune, which is a real shame.

This build avoids things that I think will get nerfed in 3.0 like poison, HOWA, and CI so I don't forsee it becoming significantly weaker in 3.0 as I do with a lot current meta builds (xfd HOWA).

Play around with this, have fun, let me know what you guys think, and good luck exiles.

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I'd like to see a quick video. Just show me how it plays.
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I'd like to see a quick video. Just show me how it plays.

Hey man thanks for the reply. Unfortunatly I don't have easy access to video recording at the moment. I'll try to put a video up at some point in the next few days if it seems like there's continued interest.
Guide looks really good, any chance of getting some video?
Unfortunatly I don't have easy access to video recording at the moment.

OBS is free.
Proud creator of Hank the Tank™:
☛ ♨ ♂ ✌ www.youtube.com/captainwarlord ♂ ♨ ✌ ☚
Ok I'll work on the vids.

I still need to progress a few more levels and stuff for more HP but I'll try and get something up just to show what the feel is. It plays similarly to other life-based elemental VP zerker builds except it's ranged. With point blank your berzerker 40% more makes you still hit hard at long range while you totally decemate stuff at close range (about 90% more damage with zerker and point blank).

Thanks for the interest though I'll get a vid up asap.
Current plans for the build based on feedback ive already gotten:

1) Switch out Alphas for a good +life helm and compensate with Enlighten Support for my auras.

2) Find better ring for ringslot 2

3) Better gloves
3 months later and there's still no video. Disappointed :/
Proud creator of Hank the Tank™:
☛ ♨ ♂ ✌ www.youtube.com/captainwarlord ♂ ♨ ✌ ☚
To the OP..

Look at how long I have played PoE ( Pre Beta ). If you click on me

When I go to a build the FIRST thing I look for is a video, it's because VIA the video we can relate (Somewhat) If we like how the build flows, the rest is just a wall of txt on HOW to get there....


Don't make build guides without video's we hate them.
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Marauder Berserker -

Ranger DeadEye - https://poeplanner.com/AAkAAQMACSICAH6v6wHRokD0-KEixKKXBhmKwzoqOJu1X7DKSltvhMUi6ujWBbXC7CpbefZS7Lvj_rp9ddN-73pEDcjwjb9RR5UF2cYylH8CpuAwfH8rOdRv8qCfVvp31xR1pMJDMY1-zZjqYr_VU7tEniFgGNt08fajFSC1CLEwJT-q-KiiwdgyAbIZz3pRTKxHp9T-yECgXhPvTmFShmAirzhTdudGt9Nveu8FLX1bKk0_J0rIbqq18nJsbEYyCXgNwBpvOzWS2L3-j03jplcxnv4Ktz5Bh_nogsco-riTHNzr7qcIj0YdFBJpFxxxeY8ana4DdZErXwQT2rEBcUNl02lOU88AAAAAAA==

Obviously the Berserker is going to be more tanky
I'm wondering if it is worth going way up the tree for "Holy Fire"

Also wondering if using Ranger would provide a huge dps increase.

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