[3.0] Unique Zerker - [Glacial Cascade, Ashrend, Tulfall] [Guardians and Shaper down - Videos]


So I like Unique items and their mechanics, especially the underrated ones, so I decided to try some of them out and make a build of it. In the end I have 7 unique items out of 10 item slots.

There's no one main unique which creates this build, but I'd say a combination of 5 does:
- Romira's Banquet
- Voll's Devotion
- Tulfall
- Kitava's Thirst
- Ashrend
If one of these items is missing, the build is not working anymore.

I'd say Ashrend is the most expensive item here, since you have to self craft it. You won't find Ashrend with 5 blue, 1 red socket and 6L anywhere. The cost can go from 200 chaos up to 1000 chaos for it. Until getting a 6L Ashred, I was farming with Apep's Rage in the offhand instead of a shield. T15 was easy even then.

Besides that, jewels with 7% life can be pretty expensive - the most I paid was about 150 chaos for one.


Videos - all deathless


Berserker, currently lvl 94, HSC
Passive Tree
Total cost of end game gear - about 10-15 ex.

PoB links:
- gear I used against Shaper - 7 uniques - https://pastebin.com/1LHxEk3G - 420k, 210k against Shaper
- gear I sometimes use for mapping - 6 uniques - https://pastebin.com/UwaF4KLJ - 600k dps

The 'mapping gear' gives 400 more life and 200k more dps, but it's pretty much irrelevant. Bosses have resists, so they go down in a rather similar pace with both setups. I prefer the Shaper setup, because it gives more run speed, +5% cold resist and that shield is a really cheap unique item compared to the rare one. With Elemental Weakness instead of Enfeeble the dps is about 525k, so not that bad. Anyway, to tank Shaper safely, both Enfeeble and Kaltenhalt are required.

Build Intro

What's this build good in:
- very steady progress, easy to level
- really tanky, 6500 life, can facetank lots of content
- almost immune to physical damage - 4,2s immortal call duration autocast by Kitava
- 109% ucapped resists - elemental weakness immune, Wise Oak works for all elements
- boss killer
- cheap at start
- this build doesn't center around flasks, like many other here
- dual curses autocast
- very easy to play - curses and immortal call are being autocast.

What's it bad in:
- labirynth - it's pretty dangerous because of vaal pact, definetely not a lab runner
- clear speed is pretty good, but far from wander level
- gets expensive later
- Ashrend sockets colors have to be Vorici crafted, you won't buy it with such colors.

Gear Used against Shaper

Alternative shield and gloves sometimes used for mapping

Skill links:

Helmet - these spells are autocast:
- Firestorm/Ice Nova/Ice Spear/Lightning Ball, Elemental Weakness/Enfeeble, Flammability, Immortal Call

Body armour:
- Glacial Cascade, Elemental Focus, Concentrated Area of Effect, Spell Echo, Cold to Fire, Controlled Desctruction

- Lightning Warp, Faster Casting, Reduced Duration, Swift Affliction/Culling Strike

- Vaal lightning trap/vaal immortal call/immortal call, Flame Dash, Arcane Surge, Increased Duration

Weapon 1:
- Cast When Damage Taken lvl20, Summom Lightning Golem lvl20, Immortal Call lvl20.

Weapon 2:
- Rallying Cry/Enlighten, Hatred, Herald of Ash

Some explanations

What's going on here?
So at start without buffs, the dps is rather low. While Glacial Cascade is being cast at mobs, 5 frenzy, 6 endu and 0-3 power charges start to appear really fast.

That's thanks to combination of 3 unique items - Romira's Banquet, Voll's Devotion and Tulfall.
Romira's Banquet - for each hit you make, you get a power charge.
Tulfall - when you get max power charges (3), lose all power charges and get a frenzy charge
Voll's Devotion - when you lose/consume power charges, get the same amount of endurance charges.

At some point Elemental Overload hits in, We can use Rotgut for 10 seconds of Onslaught, use Flame Dash for Arcane Surge, maybe add in rallying cry, sulphur flask and Wise Oak and Boom! DPS is now awesome. Apart from that, every now and then Immortal call, Flammability and Enfeeble/Elemental Weakness hits in, being automatically cast by Kitava's Thirst. Thanks to endu charges, Immortal call lasts over 4 seconds, so we have a pretty big chance of being immune to physical damage all the time. IC has 3 seconds cooldown, so it will up most of the time - most importantly - BEFORE we are hit. Even if we don't cast it and get hit, we still have it on cast when damage taken to protect us. The firestorm in helmet is just to proc Elemental Overload more often. It deals almost no damage anyways.

Why Ashrend?
There are two reasons - first of all, to use Kitava's Thirst auto cast, at least 100 mana needs to be spent. With any other body armour, with current setup of gems, the mana cost is 98. With Ashrend it's 118, so you need about 300 mana for the casting to feel good. Apart from that, Ashrend gives some life, nice resist and huge damage boost. Also good luck with socket coloring Belly, with Ashrend it's much easier because the dex req is smaller. Coloring this armor requires the so called 'Vorici trick'. In total coloring and 6-linking it cost me about 300 chaos.

Why Avatar of Fire?
Huge DPS boost.

Why no increased area of effect passive tree points?
In my opinion there is no difference in clear speed with bigger area of effect. I tried it, but prefered damage from other sources.

2 passives.

Tips on leveling

1. Get Bitterdream at lvl 32, put Glacial Cascade, Spell Echo and Concentrated Area of Effect in it. That should work even up to low level maps. Even better - get bitterdream corrupted with faster casting.
2. Follow the tree.
3. Start with cheaper jewels, uniques without corruptions, 5L, aquire proper gear with time.
4. Use Fevered Mind jewel, Voidbringer gloves or Apep's rage jewel to get the proper mana cost if you don't have 6L Ashrend yet.
5. No more tips needed.

Some screenshots of stats

Usual tooltip DPS with some buffs:
(with all buffs it goes up to 300k, but that doesn't happen that often)

Defence with Anti-Shaper gear

Defence with alternative gear

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Cool concept, I like it!

Reaching a higher mana cost is also possible via Fevered Mind, perhaps you should consider it.
I used Fevered Mind for a while, when I didn't have 6L Ashrend yet. The mana cost sadly was a little too big, I had to get couple of reduced mana cost of skills nodes and jewels to sustain it. Apep's Rage was better for getting higher mana cost.
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