Templar Builds List 3.3

Currently looking for someone to take over the witch & templar build guide threads. pm if interested.

Current version: 3.3

NOTE: Pre-3.0 builds have been archived.

With each new major content patch, builds that have not been updated to the prior version will be archived at the bottom of this list. This list is maintained and edited with readability and accuracy in mind. By default, all builds are archived if not updated within two major release cycles.

Notice: Build Submissions
NOTICE: If you wish to have your build guide represented here, post the link and a short description as a reply. It must be updated to the current major version, and be an actual build guide. Links to your skill tree and gear is not a build guide. Where possible, I will be filtering submissions very moderately to only keep actual builds listed. Obvious troll builds that would have difficulty clearing mud flats likely won't appear here.

In addition, naming of builds submitted is up to builder discretion. I will however modify and prune elements of naming as I see fit to keep the listing legible, free of subjective opinion, or numerical values that are subject to change. These include but are not limited to:
• Path of Building DPS
• Estimated HitPoints
• Cost per league to construct
• 'Best', 'Only', '#1' subjective naming.

Concrete numbers that pertain to the build are permitted, such as 'three-curses' etc.
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INQ [3.1] The Immortal Pulser - Freezing Pulse Inquisitor Tank
INQ [3.0] SC Shatter Machine
HIE [3.2] Pantsless and Frenzied! A Frostbolt Hierophant
INQ [3.1] The Touhou Boss - Having a blast with Frostbolt!
INQ [3.1] amstafff's 'How to clear 157/157 maps' crit Frostbolt
HIE [3.2] The Bald Indigon destroyer
HIE [3.2] Morgan (A 3in1 spellcaster using Glacial Cascade, Discharge & Ice Nova)
INQ [3.1] Shareware's Poet's Pen - Glacial Cascade/Frostbolt
INQ [3.0] Self-Cast Glacial Cascade Inquisitor - Shaper/Uber
GUA [3.0] Blight CwC Chaos Glacial Cascade
INQ [3.0] Glacial Cascade Shocker - 100% Fire Conversion - MoM/VP/Acro

GUA [3.2] LL RF Scorching Ray Guardian Uber Elder DEATHLESS
HIE [3.2] Righteous Fire Scorching Ray Totems Hierophant TANK - Uber Atziri/Shaper
GUA [3.1] MaxBlock SR LL Aegis Guardian
GUA [3.0] KimiiG's LowLife RF/SR. Facetank whole Atlas!
GUA [3.0] SmerlowTV`s Low Life RF/SR Guardian All Content Viable
GUA [3.0] Twolow's Hybrid RF/SR Guardian
GUA [3.0] Demi's LowLife PA EE RighteousFire MB ScorchingRay EO ZO AB Tank Guardian
GUA [3.1] Pants On Fire! LLRF Scorching Ray Guardian
INQ [3.1] Low Life Poet's Volatile Dead - All Content Down + Videos

INQ [3.3] Self-Cast Arc Inquisitor - Uber Atziri
INQ [3.1] Teleports Behind You -- Poet's Pen Lightning Warp / Arc
INQ [3.0] FoxTactic's MoM shocker. Mind of the council Arcer
INQ [3.1] Devillian's Lightning Tendrils CwC Ball Lightning
INQ [3.1] The Laserbeam! Crit Ball Lightning build - Clearspeed & Bosskills!
INQ [3.1] Harest's Crit / Non-Crit MoM Lightning Tendrils
INQ [3.1] CwC Tendrils/Glacial Cascade by Paige - T15+
INQ [3.1] Crit Inquisitor MoM Lightning Tendrils
INQ [3.2] Bashtart's Freezing Spark Inquisitor
INQ [3.0] Kenzorz's Regen Focused MoM Storm Burst Inquisitor
HIE [3.0] Storm Burst - Dasher / Hiero - EB - MoM
INQ [3.0] The Gatling Storm Burster - MOM Crit Life
INQ [3.1] Crit Storm Call Inquisitor, Spell Cascade, All Content

HIE [3.3] KimiiG's Fully MF Hiero LL BV. 70+IIQ
HIE [3.2] Blight Knight Heirophant
INQ [3.0] Crit EK Nova Inquisitor - Clear Speed Oriented / MF Viable

INQ [3.1] Titan [Tank, HC, Melee CI, All map mods] Shaper/Guardians/Uber
INQ [3.1] "THE MILLIONAIRE" Inquisitor Ele B.Flurry
INQ [3.2] Sovyn's Lazy Pally - Tanky Templar with Max Block
INQ [3.1] Thunder Sucker 5000 - Inpulsa's Full Lightning Conversion Vacuum Explosion Cyclone Inquisitor
INQ [3.1] nihrom999's Volatile Dead Cyclone Inquisitor
INQ [3.0] Bashtart's Crit Flow Inquisitor - a Monster is born
INQ [3.0] Flaming Tornado (Inquistor Hegemony's Cyclone/anything)
INQ [3.3] Mock Shock and Smoking Apparel - An Elemental Hit, Inpulsas, AoF, Melee Critquisitor
INQ [3.0] [Melee] Life Based Wildstrike Inquisitor - 100% Conversion

INQ [3.1] 360° Cheap-crit Flame Totem Inquisitor
HIE [3.2] Zul's Shockback (Shockwave) Totems
HIE [3.3] SeaBaller, Totem Arc Hierophant, Mind over Matter
HIE [3.3] ISC Hiero Bladefall 5xTotems, 100% Physical Damage
HIE [3.3] dookleeto's Storm Call Crit Totem Hierophant
INQ [3.0] Glacial Cascade Totem Inquisitor.
HIE [3.1] Apep's Darkpact Quad-Totem Hiero - Shaper/Uber/HC
HIE [3.0] CI Quad Icestorm Totems
HIE [3.0] Quad Glacial Cascade Totems - Fun and Cheap!
INQ [3.2] Pizza Sticks: Flameblast Totem Inquisitor/Hierophant (Fully up to date and 2.5 ready!)

GUA [3.0] Iron Pumping Zombies: a Guardian Summoner Build

GUA [3.2] PartyJesus: Running ALL the Auras without Shav's
HIE [3.0] Budget Auramancer with Totems - Now with 12 auras

INQ [3.0] [WiP] CI RAT Ele Wander Inquisitor, T15+ Viable

2.3 - 2.4 Builds
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Balance: poeurl.com/btzp
Shocking EleHit: poeurl.com/bZXo
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Q: Where has my build guide gone?
All build guides were archived to the old builds list produced by Scardia. The list had not been updated for over 3 months and several game versions had passed. If you would like your build re-added, ensure it is updated for the current game patch.

Q: Why not just have all of the builds listed here?
These forums have a 15,000 character limit. By the time builds are formatted for readability, their entire url input, and the divider tags... there really isn't room for all of the builds in a single post. There shouldn't be an issue with fitting all of the builds in a single post really. I plan to talk to the poeurl.com people and inquire as to if they wouldn't mind me using their system to cut down on character usage.

Q: Why is my build guide not Exactly listed as I typed it in my comment?
I always admired Bada_Bing's builds listing pages simply because they were easy to read, I could find exactly what I wanted very quickly, and I could see where builds didn't already exist which gave me ideas for making my own builds. For this reason, I have endeavored to force very basic formatting for all of the guides listed here. It's basically just the [version number].

Q: Why don't you want silly 'for fun' builds posted here?
Certain builds are definitely entertaining and worth spreading. I'm all about wormblaster BotW videos and fun and creative mechanical builds. These pages however are build guides for newer and old players alike to try something out that should be considered tempered and tested to function properly. I will add builds that don't exactly fit this requirement if you ask nicely.

Q: I don't like what I named my build anymore and I want to change it!
No worries, however in order to change it, I merely ask that you pm me the name and link to it, as well as have the actual build guide reflect this new change. I would like consistency between naming schemes and URL titles. No one likes accidentally stepping into the old build-guide switcharoo

2/16: Prepared listing to prune 2.4 builds, in preparation for 2.6.
1/11: Added guides that were 2.5 compliant, and added community guides that had not been added to original builds list.

Scardia took over the Templar builds guide for quite some time, and obviously put forth a lot of effort to make it as enjoyable for everyone to use and feature rich. I thank him, as I am sure the community does, for his time and effort on our behalf.
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Mods plis sticky.
gimme money bitch
Bump for OP

Dunno if you did it already or not but you should send an email to GGG to pin you list - thats what I did for my thread to get pinned.
Amongalen wrote:
Bump for OP

Dunno if you did it already or not but you should send an email to GGG to pin you list - thats what I did for my thread to get pinned.

I received a response already from support:

Support wrote:
Hi Kwitch,

Than you for expressing interest in this, once you have heard back from the OP of this thread please let us know and we can look into which one of these build lists should have a sticky.

Kind regards,

I've since been in contact with fellow guild members of Scardia's, who politely informed me of the reasons for his absence. I was assured the matter would be resolved at some point in the future that is convenient for him, and I have no desire to rush him considering. It'll happen, and thanks for the guidance. ♥
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Thank you!!
[2.5] The Towel Slap Terror! RF+Flame Surge Inquisitor! Guardians Down!

This is a Flame Surge + RF build that's theoretically Shaper Viable. Able to do all t16 content with ease as well as having great DPS. Have yet to test with shaper.
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Balance: poeurl.com/btzp
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Guardian, solo everything-farmer with blade vortex, LL with 5 active auras, HC viable with shield version

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