[3.2] CwC Tendrils by Paige | Easy League Starter | Geared with 30c | Insta Clear Screen | T15+

Build Highlights:

  • Works well with 5L
  • Very good clear speed & single target damage.
  • No targets resist our spell damage due to us being Inquisitor
  • Screen full of crits, shatters, shocks & insta kills
  • Cheap non meta uniques
  • Fully geared with 30c
  • Templar

Q: Why don't you use Arc/Shock Nova/Ball Lightning?

A: The first version of this build used Arc & Shock Nova instead of GC, the idea being Arc would clear out stragglers, and sometimes proc Inpulsa's and/or shatter to help clear speed, and Shock Nova to help support our single target damage, however both don't do a whole lot when compared to something as strong as GC which has crazy AoE potential, and single target potential due to it being able to partially shotgun.

Q: Why do you use Phase Run CwDT instead of Immortal Call?

A: Immortal Call is fine to use, it's more common, however because we run Warlord's Mark we are generating Endurance Charges which grants Physical Damage reduction, if you run Immortal Call, you will be consuming these charges for a moment of invulnerability. Phase Run helps us drop aggro from mobs while in combat, and it lets us maintain Endurance Charges for as long as possible. Also since we shatter from cold damage conversion, and Herald of Ice, we survive without having to run Immortal Call, while classes that don't consistently shatter, have to worry about running Immortal Call in order to survive vs porcupines.

Q: Why are you using Pure Talent?

A: Pure Talent was/is an option I was playing around with and have yet to replace, originally I was picking up the Ele damage % nodes at Shadow start and getting base critical strike chance + Templar ele pen from the jewel, however I dropped those nodes for more life. So yeah, it's an option, and a GG rare jewel is probably better unless you're high level and squeeze points into the Ele damage nodes for the base crit chance.

Completed 3 ChallengesMrGrumbles wrote:
I started an inquisitor lightning tendrils build but it started losing steam around lvl 30. I switched over to this build, ditching shock nova, and absolutely cruised through to lvl 68. The brotherhood ring, and early crit chance nodes made a huge different.

Completed 15 ChallengesGiant_Robots wrote:
loving this build, thanks a lot!

JakReacher wrote:
lvl 74 and going with this build. having alot of fun watching everything Splode!

Completed 4 Challengesgarvbowb wrote:
Im playing PoE since 2015. Before that i played d1-d2/d3 and really i never played a build guide that was so on point like this. Sure there are some points that are not not even close to perfect talking about mentioning the jewels that are important to play this build or even information about shaper/guardians Lab or uber Atziri but the guide that is written here, is by one word just GOOD everything linked for beginners easy buy things @poe.trade or just explaining how to play this build or even gear it. I personally would love to see more informations about max lvl tree and shaper etc. but if i really think about it i dont care GOOOD GUIDE well WRITTEN <3 and have a nice Christmas and a good new Year! BTW BUY A FUCKIN VESSEL OF VINKTAR!

RandomZero72 wrote:
I love this build. Pretty much followed the guide to the letter up until level 40 or so, then switched over to tendrils permanently. Up to level 84 now. I don't have the chest yet, as was mentioned, they're expensive and rare as hell now it seems, so I'm getting by with a 5L rare atm. Thanks for the awesome guide!

Completed 10 Challengesthatguy14 wrote:
Hey great build and a lot of fun.

The people saying that the chest is expensive must be playing hardcore because the chest is not that expensive. A 5L in softcore is going for ~25chaos which is pretty low for a 5l. The base chest is only a chaos.

The build does require some smart playing and without the enlighten the mana pool is pretty small. The helmet is actually a huge defense item I've been finding (mind of the council or whatever).

Thanks for the guide

Completed 8 Challengesskwilla wrote:
I was looking for something fun to play and never tried a CwC. I'm pretty happy with the progress so far. Nicely surprised by the clear speed too.

I was looking for a helmet with the tendrils crit chance and found a Lightpoacher. The fun factor increased exponentially :)

Still trying to 6L the chest though...400+ fusings in and counting. Can't wait for this to 6L and leech on boots to keep pushing the Atlas progression.

I've had to swap a few things around as I don't have an Enlighten and couldn't make MoM work. Using CoH with HoI instead of HoT and added Onslaught support with Arcane Surge with the golem. Survivability might be an issue in higher tiers but so far so good.

Very fun build!

Such a well put together guide, really really GREAT!

Completed 6 Challengeszyrobyte wrote:
Firstly, I've been playing PoE since the closed beta back when they had a countdown on the main website that picked a random person every (x) minutes. I didn't get in with that but I did win a beta invite from a random twitch streamer. But anyway, what I'm getting at is I've played the game for a long time! With that, your build guide is one of the best that I've followed! I usually only play one or two characters per league and I have skipped a few leagues just due to being burnt out on the game. (Really regret skipping Breach) I'm also a new father so I don't have a lot of free time to theorycraft a fun new build like I'd like to. So I search the forums for builds that look fun to play. Which is how I found yours!

Thanks for taking the time to write this amazing guide and look forward to hitting 90 with it this league!

MarginalDeath wrote:
First of all this guide is awesome. This is my second character, and I am on the Xbox version, so cheap builds are a requirement as the market is so messed up there.

Haigentill wrote:
Hello and happy new year.

Just a small post to thank you for this build.

A combinaison of 2 spells I really love for long long long time ;)

Kaodalan wrote:
Amazing work..Thanks++^^

Introduction/Build Mechanics
There are a few important things going on with this build that you should be made aware of before attempting to play the build and continue tweaking it to suit your tastes. The most important thing is our ascendancy choice which is Inquisitor. Inquisitor gives us Inevitable Judgement which allows us to completely ignore enemies elemental resistances when we deal a critical strike, because of this, we stack critical strike chance so our spells are doing the most damage they possibly can by ignoring resistances.

We also pick up Instruments of Virtue which is very strong, especially because we are able to make use of everything here by casting & then using Whirling Blades to increase our cast speed, we also increase our Whirling Blades speed after we use it the first time, thanks to this ascendancy choice.

The meat of this builds clear speed & AoE damage comes from a brand new unique chest that was released with 3.1, Inpulsa's Broken Heart this has amazing stats to begin with, then you look at AoE lightning damage it does upon a killing an enemy and you can see why this thing is such a monster. Often times all it takes is a single cast or two and the explosions set off a chain reaction insta killing an entire pack of mobs.


Note: The only required item(s) are Inpulsa's Broken Heart, Call of the Brotherhood & x2 The Long Winter jewels.

My Gear



Divinarius x2

Divinarius are extremely budget friendly and quite powerful especially in a new league, that's why I'm using them, and that's why I recommend them. If you are in Standard league, or far along in Abyss league, try and find a rare dagger with high Critical Strike Chance for Spells, high Spell Damage, Attack Speed (for whirling blades) and flat elemental damage to spells. I will update this once/if I ever do find GG daggers on Abyss.

PoE Trade Link

Inpulsa's Broken Heart

This is the bread and butter of the build, it increases our damage every time we shock, it increases our shock effectiveness, it gives Life, makes us unaffected by shock, and the main reason to run this chest is the AoE lightning damage it does every time you kill a monster. This chest alone can very easily clear out a pack of mobs just from a single proc. Very powerful, very fun, quite affordable.

PoE Trade Link



A simple & safe choice is just running a rare helmet with Life, and Resistances.

PoE Trade Link

The other option is running Mind of the Council, it gives us a few nice buffs, but mostly we are using this for 3% Mana Recovered every time we shock an enemy, which is very often, it basically helps us support Mind over Matter a lot easier.

PoE Trade Link


Call of the Brotherhood ring is required to make this build function optimally, every stat on it gives us very nice buffs, the main reason we run it is for the Lightning Damage to Cold Damage conversion for chilling/freezing & then shattering most enemies, but also the fact we have a 100% Chance to Shock against a Frozen enemy, which is basically every enemy we hit, and of course, shocks are not only great to be getting in general, but it has amazing synergy with some of the other items we wear.

PoE Trade Link

For your second ring, you're mainly just going to be looking to fill in missing Attributes & Resistances, this build can be Dex hungry depending on your level/gear, and obviously you want as high as Life as you can get.

PoE Trade Link


Preferably an Onyx Amulet with high Life, Global Critical Strike Chance, Spell Damage, and then anything else you can get on it, whether it's Attributes, Resistances, Maximum Mana, this will ultimately depend on what you need.

PoE Trade Link


Here you'll be looking for, again, high Life, Resistances, and any missing attributes you may require. Attack Speed will help you move around faster with Whirling Blades, Maximum Mana is nice to help support Mind over Matter with a larger mana pool.

PoE Trade Link


Here you can get away with a Leather Belt, however a Stygian Vise is going to be best in slot. Life, Resistances, Armor or Energy Shield is icing on the cake.

PoE Trade Link


For boots, we'll be looking for any base, 25-35% Movement Speed, Life, Resistances, missing Attributes, and anything else is a bonus.

PoE Trade Link


Atziri's Promise is very strong, granting us 10-15% of our total Elemental Damage as extra Chaos Damage during the flask effect. Also 2% of that Chaos Damage is leeched as life, so it's very good, and cheap. These are around 1-3c and definitely recommended.

PoE Trade Link

Vessel of Vinktar is great, it automatically shocks nearby enemies upon use, it adds flat Lightning Damage to our spells, and also lets us leech 20% of the Lightning damage we deal while the flask is active. This flask is kind of expensive, around 10-15c. Keep in mind there are 3 versions of this flask, I think the flat Elemental damage to spells version is the best.

PoE Trade Link

If you can't afford a Vessel of Vinktar, the next best thing is a Silver Flask, this grants us Onslaught which is also extremely powerful. Remember to roll the flask to your desired needs.

PoE Trade Link

The Diamond Flask is extremely important for this build as it essentially lets us roll for a Critical Strike twice per attack, compared to just once without the flask being active. And as an Inquisitor, making sure we are dealing Critical Strikes is very important.

PoE Trade Link

The last two flasks are up to you. I recommend a Quicksilver flask to help zoom around maps a bit easier, especially in tight areas where Whirling Blades can become annoying. And a Basalt Flask for even more Physical Damage mitigation.

Note: Keep in mind you will want to roll your non-unique flasks to remove certain dangerous ailments, such as the "of Staunching" mod that removes Bleeding on Use. And the "of Heat" mod that removes Freeze & Chill ailments. The remaining prefix mods are up to you. I prefer the "Chemist's" mod to reduce charges used when we pop our flasks.

Passive Tree

  • Kill All for 2 Points


Credit to: The Legendary Racer Throzz

Title: Lazy Caster Leveling

Suggested Gear: For easy leveling get Tabula Rasa, Asenath's Mark, Lochtonial Caress, Wanderlust & Lifesprig.

Quick Links for PoE Trade: Tabula Rasa, Lochtonial Caress, Wanderlust, Asenath's Mark & Lifesprig


  • Spark ► Onslaught from level 1-8
  • Spark ► Onslaught ► Added Lightning Damage ► Added Cold Damage from level 8-12
  • Blade Vortex ► Onslaught ► Added Lightning Damage ► Added Cold Damage ► Added Fire Damage from level 12-18
  • Blade Vortex ► Onslaught ► Controlled Destruction ► Faster Casting ► Added Fire Damage from level 18-31
  • Blade Vortex ► Onslaught ► Controlled Destruction ► Faster Casting ► Added Fire Damage ► Increased Duration from level 31-38
  • Blade Vortex ► Spell Echo ► Controlled Destruction ► Increased Area of Effect ► Increased Duration ► Added fire Damage or Onslaught from level 38+

Gems and Links
Note: In most cases 20 quality gems will always slightly increase something, as will level 21 gems. You should slowly start working towards getting your main 6L gems 20/21 whenever possible.

Note: When you see "(20/1)" for example, the 20 is the recommended quality of the gem, and 1 is the recommended level.

Note: If you plan on serious bossing, use Concentrated Effect, if you plan on just mapping, feel free to use Increased Area of Effect instead.

Note: If you're running a 5L, drop Controlled Destruction.

Note: Certain skills such as Clarity, Decoy Totem, Vaal Grace/Haste & Warlord's Mark can be leveled up to personal preference and/or whatever your characters attributes can support up to.

  • 3L Weapon 1 ► Whirling Blades (20/1) - Faster Attacks (20/20) - Fortify (20/1)
  • 3L Weapon 2 ► Clarity (0/8-12 are popular levels to stop leveling Clarity) - Enlighten (0/3) - Herald of Ice (20/20)
  • 4L Gloves ► Herald of Thunder (20/20) - Curse on Hit (0/20) - Enlighten (0/3) - Warlord's Mark (0/15)
  • 4L Helmet ► Cast When Damage Taken (0/1) - Increased Duration (20/20) - Vortex (0/4) - Phase Run (0/3)
  • 4L Boots ► Summon Lightning Golem (0/20) - Decoy Totem (0/20) - Vaal Summon Skeletons (0/20) - Vaal Grace/Haste (0/20)
  • 6L ► Lightning Tendrils (20/20) - Cast While Channeling (20/20) - Glacial Cascade (20/20) - Increased Critical Strikes (20/20) - Controlled Destruction (20/20) - Concentrated Effect (20/20) / Increased Area of Effect (20/20)

Preferred Jewel Rolls

  • Spell Damage while Dual Wielding 14-16%
  • Maximum Life 5-7%
  • Lightning Damage 14-16%
  • Cold Damage 14-16%
  • Cast Speed with Lightning Skills 3-5%
  • Cast Speed while Dual Wielding 3-5%
  • Critical Strike Chance with Lightning Skills 14-18%
  • Critical Strike Chance with Cold Skills 14-18%

  • Spell Damage Damage 10-12%
  • Increased Damage 8-10%
  • Global Critical Strike Multiplier 9-12%
  • Cast Speed 2-4%
  • Attack and Cast Speed 2-4%
  • Critical Strike Chance for Spells 10-14%
  • Global Critical Strike Chance 8-12%
  • Critical Strike Chance with Elemental Skills 10-14%
  • Area Damage 10-12%


Helmet Enchantments

  • 40-60% increased Lightning Tendrils Critical Strike Chance. Overall this enchant is king for a build that utilizes the Inquisitor ascendancy, stacking Critical Strike Chance in order for us to penetrate elemental resistances.
  • 8-12% increased Lightning Tendrils Area of Effect. This enchant is not bad if you plan on just mapping or don't care about completely min/maxing everything you do.
  • 25-40% increased Lightning Tendrils Damage. Generally these "increased Damage" enchants are the absolute worst enchant possible, and that is no exception here. It's better than nothing, but nothing special.
  • 40% of Glacial Cascade Physical Damage converted to Cold Damage. This is a solid option if you have two really nice jewels lined up to replace the x2 Long Winter's.

Boot Enchantments

  • 8-16% increased Attack and Cast Speed if you've Killed Recently. My personal favorite boot enchant. High attack speed/cast speed makes this build feel a lot more fluid to me personally.
  • Regenerate 1-2% of Life and Mana per second if you were Hit Recently. This enchant could be pretty good as well.

Glove Enchantments

Glove enchants are extremely minor overall, all other stats should be prioritized before a glove enchant.

  • Decree of Tempest "Charges you with Lightning which lasts a duration before unleashing, damaging surrounding enemies."
  • Decree of Winter "Unleashes a traveling icy projectile that pulses with cold."
  • Decree of Frost "Fire a nova of icy projectiles."

  • Soul of Lunaris
  • Soul of Yugul

Additional Information
To be added.

“No matter where you are in life, no matter what you’ve contributed to creating, no matter what’s happening, you are always doing the best you can with the understanding and awareness and knowledge that you have.”

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Update log:

  • Changed title of the thread to represent the build is ready for 3.2. Nothing changed at all, Inquisitor is exactly the same. Nothing got nerfed, nothing got buffed. Enjoy!
“No matter where you are in life, no matter what you’ve contributed to creating, no matter what’s happening, you are always doing the best you can with the understanding and awareness and knowledge that you have.”

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“No matter where you are in life, no matter what you’ve contributed to creating, no matter what’s happening, you are always doing the best you can with the understanding and awareness and knowledge that you have.”

“No matter where you are in life, no matter what you’ve contributed to creating, no matter what’s happening, you are always doing the best you can with the understanding and awareness and knowledge that you have.”

This looks really interesting and fun to play! Standing by for the leveling guide so I can begin! :)
astrobean13 wrote:
This looks really interesting and fun to play! Standing by for the leveling guide so I can begin! :)

Thanks, I'll work on that after work tonight then so you can start ASAP. (:
“No matter where you are in life, no matter what you’ve contributed to creating, no matter what’s happening, you are always doing the best you can with the understanding and awareness and knowledge that you have.”

Quickly added passive trees before work.
“No matter where you are in life, no matter what you’ve contributed to creating, no matter what’s happening, you are always doing the best you can with the understanding and awareness and knowledge that you have.”

I like what you got so far. I'm doing CWC Tendrils with arc and having fun so far. Might switch to this later. How did you get that 6L Inpulsa's? Your gear is sick for 6 days in.
i saw you got the pure talent jewel, does this mean u dont go for the inevitable judgement ascendancy?
I don't like Tendrils that much. Is this build possible with Storm Call or Storm Burst?

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