[3.2] Titan [16K ES, 1M DPS, 10K ES/sec, Deathless Uber Elder, Shaper on 1L, All map mods]


3.2 Videos
I haven't played much but Yaaaak has uploaded a video of deathless Uber Elder:
Deathless Uber Elder by Yaaaak

3.1 Videos
Shaper's Realm on a 5L
Hydra run - example of AoE on a 6L

3.0 Videos
All videos are deathless unless specified

Uber Atziri

Shaper's Realm
Shaper on a 0L - almost deathless but was stupid and facetanked too many projectiles instead of running away
Shaper on a 2L - almost deathless but was stupid as Shaper slammed me without fortify, didn't dodge for some reason
Shaper on a 3L
Shaper on a 4L

Intense Phoenix kill - -Max Res, Crit Strike, Monster Damage and Attack/Cast/Movement Speed
Intense No Leech Chimera - No leech, Monster Dmg, Attack Speed/Cast Speed/Movement, Shocked Ground
Intense No Leech Minotaur - No Leech, Ele Equilbrium, Vulnerability, More Monster Life, Stun Immunity, Boss Damage/Attack Speed, 20% Ailment on Hit, 50% reduced Flask Charge
Intense Hydra Map - Ele Equil, -Max Res, Monster Crit, Boss Life, Chaos/Ele Resistance, Less Armour/Block, 20% Elemental Ailment on Hit

Chimaera with No Regen
Hydra with Ele Reflect

3.3 Update

https://pastebin.com/NCmMLSU0 - ~10K ES, 2M DPS Inquisitor (without clarity Watcher's Eye)

New Guardian Version - 16K ES, 1M DPS, 10K ES recovery/sec

Added a new version using Guardian ascendency. Should be tankier while getting the same amount of DPS, and cheaper (uses memory vault + cyclopean coil instead of potentially expensive helmet + belt).

You can also use Shavronne's Wrappings instead of Incandescent Heart with Guardian, giving you the ability to use Grace without losing too much DPS, as well as easier resist management. Overall it's about 25% more dmg when running grace, 40% extra resist, 10% faster ES recharge at the cost of 25% reduced ele dmg taken and no CI immunity. Note the tree works with any other chest as well, just drop the blood magic nodes.

Difference between Guardian and Inquisitor versions - Guardian version gets more ES (16K vs ~14K), has free stun immunity, has much more phys dmg reduction, a lot of block chance and should be much better in parties. Also is completely shock/ignite resistant. Also Guardian has an easier time dropping Wrath for Grace, if you want to get 50% evasion rather than the DPS boost from Wrath, since it has built in stun immunity.

Inquisitor however has a bit better damage, consecrated ground without flask, consistent freeze immunity (Guardian relies on the every 5 secs), more attack speed (QoL), and 8% less elemental damage taken

This is a melee CI tank build for 3.0. It's a HOWA build that uses Incandescent Heart. It gets about ~11K ES (with Incandescent) or ~13.5K without, with 1.8M DPS with ~15ex worth of gear. Also, you can drop some DPS to build towards Unwavering Stance, in which case you can use Soul of Arakaali (procced by Blood Rage), to reach 8K sustain/sec! Great for running Uber Lab

For budget - I've also added an extreme budget char (for ~50c worth of gear) that gets about 700K Shaper DPS and 9K ES. Note that it might be pretty hard to switch to CI, so I recommend getting some life nodes while you level.

This is not a good league starter! - After playing a bit of Abyss as this character, it is not a good league starter. Since we rely more on gear than other builds (high ES gear, HOWA/HOTM, Astramentis, Incandescent Heart, Shaper's Touch, etc.), we are at the mercy of these items being on the market. Since it takes a week or so for these items to get cheap pricing, the build is not good for starting a league on day 1.

3.2 Notes

Some small QoL buffs (conc. ground on hit, immune to ele ailments on conc. ground). Other than that, mostly unchanged. Added a new Guardian version of the build.

3.1 Notes

Nothing was really hit in 3.1 or buffed in 3.1, so the build remains basically the same, unless some of the new uniques/abyss jewels will greatly improve the build in some ways.

Watcher's Eye has a clarity mod that makes mana gained as ES. This is absolutely insane, because that could give us ~2K extra ES from a jewel socket alone, along with another useful aura mod.

The 2 socket abyss jewel belt is pretty damn good as well. If you can get some good jewels that would outshine any crystal belt.

Also, abyss jewels seem to almost always be better and cheaper than non-abyss ones, so keep that in mind when buying jewels.

It's hard keeping the thread up to date, so if you want the most optimized version of the build for 3.1, check my profile (currently running Soul of Arakaali version of the build)

This build is nerf immune! And might even get better in the future...

Because this is a MELEE CI build in 3.0. Everything in this build that could have been nerfed was nerfed in 3.0. ES and CI builds obviously were nerfed to the ground in 3.0, so hopefully they get some love in the future. The weapon we use, HOWA was nerfed in 3.0, so it probably wont be nerfed again. We do not use the OP Inquisitor crit ascendencies but rather the Consecrated Ground ones. Blade Flurry was also nerfed recently so our main DPS skill should be relatively safe.

But despite all this, we can still make a damn well rounded build that can take down Shaper and Guardians quite comfortably and quickly + easily clear T15's.

The only thing that is really at risk for nerfing in this build is Blade Flurry

Pros & Cons

- Good clear speed + DPS (1.8 million Shaper DPS)
- Pretty cheap! The only required uniques are HOWA (~4c) and Incandescent Heart (~1 alch). Recommended Astramentis is ~20c as well. Since ES gear is so cheap right now, you can easily grab very nice ES+intelligence gear for < 10c a piece. Flasks are pretty cheap except Vinktar (~40c) which is not at all necessary.
- Tanky (with <1 ex, can probably get ~8.5K-9K ES. With very good gear, can get ~11K or so)., Incandescent Heart+CI provides 25% less elemental damage taken, Inquisitor provides 8% less elemental damage taken, immunity to elemental ailments), plus one or two purity's of your choice, fortify, some armour from incandescent heart + shaper's touch + nodes on tree, a lot of ES regen and life leech, 3 endurance charges + CWDT/IC, CI means no chaos dmg taken, immunity to elemental ailments
- Good sustain, with 12% ES regen from Inquisitor consecrated ground and with capped leech, we can sustain about 4.5-5.5K ES per second (which is what most top end RF builds regen at their max). With the Soul of Arakaali version of the build, that number jumps to 8-9K.
- Very good against reflect. With 87% lightning resist, top end elemental damage reduction and the fact that this is not a crit build, good sustain and using a Sibyl's with the reflect pantheon, you barely feel any reflect damage.
- Mobile, fast attacks + whirling blades/shield charge = good for avoiding stuff
- Good against all single map mods! Can run no leech due to high ES pool and regen, can run no regen due to leech. Can run reflect, -max res and ele damage easily because of high elemental damage reduction capacity.
- Doesn't use OP mechanics and hopefully will see some buffs! Despite being able to comfortably do Shaper and Guardians, it uses a lot of underpowered/already nerfed mechanics. If GGG ever nerfs VP, they will probably have to rebalance the game, which just means our build becomes even stronger! If ES ever gets some love from GGG again, then that just means our build becomes even stronger! So I imagine this build will live on long after 3.0.
- Can easily swap Purity's based on encounters.
- Very good uber Farmer. With high regen, good DPS, good mobility and high durability, I easily run 6 man Uber carries.

- Requires you to actually play the game. Can't blow up Shaper in 2s or facetank too much without VP, so unfortunately you will have to actually move out of Shaper's beam and mechanics. Big time bummer, I know.
- Melee character, just sucks in general. Worse off we're CI, so we can't get VP/instant leech.
- Leveling can be a pain as CI. You're on your own for leveling.

Mechanics and Notes

Plays like most Blade Flurry characters.

To run reflect maps, use a Sibyl's, the 25% reflect Pantheon, swap out a damage gem for Fortify, run a Purity of Lightning. Be careful when hitting a big group of mobs close together, as we don't have VP.

Incandescent Heart takes 25% of elemental damage and converts it to chaos damage. With CI, we are chaos immune, so this is essentially a 25% less elemental damage taken mod.

Intelligence gives us ES%, mana and our main source of damage as well as a lot of accuracy with Shaper's touch. Dexterity gives us attack speed and accuracy. Strength gives us ES% and mana (with Shaper's touch). Therefore all these stats are pretty useful for us.

Swap Conc Effect and Increased AOE on tough boss fights.

Swap in the Purity that most suits the map you are running (default run purity of lightning, swap enduring cry with purity of fire on fire maps, swap blood rage with purity of ice on cold maps).

Swap a ring with Sibyl's on reflect maps.

Class Choice

Why Inquisitor? Well we get good ele damage and reduction, attack speed and best of all, a lot of regen from consecrated ground passives. Since we don't run VP due to being CI, we simply need more sustain than just 15% leech cap provides.

Added a new Guardian version of the build that is very tanky and still gets good DPS.

Tree/Path of Building

Path of Building - Guardian version - https://pastebin.com/TKrwDf4K

path of building - regular geared Soul of Arakaali version (should be pretty cheap aside from a 6L chest) - https://pastebin.com/dtjBBQKk
path of building - non-Soul of Arakaali ~10ex version: https://pastebin.com/6Q4Ud863 (note that the -enemy lightning resist to factor in shocked ground made by Ylfeban's Trickery)
path of building with 600 ES chest + Soul of Arakaali version - https://pastebin.com/ZWtTUCrS
path of building for HC:

Incandescent heart version (12.5K ES) - https://pastebin.com/7SLgDBZF
600 ES chest version (14K ES) - https://pastebin.com/vdwfKg0i
600 ES chest version (13K ES, 8K sustain/sec) - Soul of Arakaali style - https://pastebin.com/aV71jPfv

path of building extreme budget guide - lvl 90, 5 link, ~50c worth of gear = 700K shaper DPS and 9K ES: https://pastebin.com/HUXcbRKY (replace Kiara's with any onslaught flask)

poe site skill tree: https://www.pathofexile.com/fullscreen-passive-skill-tree/3.0.3/AAAABAUBAQFvBx4MUg18DkgPqxEvEVARgRGWFr8XLxhdGdcbJRzcHRQfGCL0JLAo-ilPKYsrCiy_L28wWzLRNbk2xTdHPAU870VHRnFHBklRS65R-1XWVkhXyVfiXGtd8l9qYENjp2TnZlRo8musbAhsC20ZbWxuPXC7d-V_xoAwgKSCm4LHgwmESIV7i3qMdo8aj0aP-pMnlS6bJptunHuePKEvpwinK6c0qLmtM63xtAy1BLVIuJO-Or6AvorAZsEAw23K080W0NDYJNkT2Vvb591G34bfiuGI4vfkIud06NbpAuq66xTrY-vu7BjsOO0g7WHvfPDV8Yr1S_b898H53fno-tI=

Bandits + Ascendencies + Pantheon

Bandits: Kill all
Ascendencies: It's really up to you, but I chose: Instruments of Virtue -> Sanctify -> Pious Path -> Augury of Penitence
Pantheon: Soul of Brine King OR Soul of Arakaali (if using that version of build). Use Soul of Tukohama by default and Soul of Yugul on reflect maps.
To proc Soul of Arakaali, re-cast Blood Rage whenever required. It has a very fast cast time thanks to all the cast speed we have (0.1s), so it shouldn't impact our DPS too much but give a huge boost to survivability.

Ascendencies are up to you really.


For 5L we want Blade Flurry, Damage on Full Life, Elemental Focus, Elemental Damage with Attacks and Conc Effect/Inc Area of Effect. If you can grab a 6L then add on Lightning Penetration. If you run a reflect map, make sure to swap out one of your red damage gems for Fortify.

Ancestral Protector + Lightning Penetration + Damage on Full Life + Elemental Damage with Attacks

Whirling Blades + Faster Attacks + Fortify + Culling Strike for movement / fortify / culling
If you manage to get a HOWA with culling strike, then switch out Culling Strike for Enhance (faster whirling) or a Blind or a Reduced Mana.

Discipline + Wrath/Grace + Purity of Lightning + Enlighten lvl 3 or 4. If you can get an Enlighten lvl 4 (very expensive) or a Shaper's Touch with +1 to socketed gems (very cheap), you can drop some reduced mana reserved node on the tree and get some extra points. Also, if you can get +1 to socketed gems on your Shaper's Touch, put these in there. +1 Shaper's Touch are pretty cheap.

A golem of your choosing (I chose Lightning), CWDT + Immortal Call in weapon/shield
Vaal Discipline, Enduring Cry, Blood Rage in the other weapon/shield.

The key to running purities is that if you are running a regular or lightning dmg/reflect map, you always run purity of lightning. If you are running a fire map (like Phoenix or a map with +fire dmg), replace Enduring Cry with Purity of Fire and run that.

For some advanced purity mechanics: If you are running a cold map (like Hydra), replace Blood Rage with Purity of Ice. In one of your weapon/shield you should have a 3L R-G-B, with Blood Rage, Enduring Cry and Vaal Discipline. Swap Blood Rage with Purity of Ice and replace the Culling Strike in your movement spell with Blood Rage. If you are running a fire map, replace Enduring Cry with Purity of Fire. If you don't have enough mana to run the purities (you need at least 70 mana or so for comfortable mapping) for some reason, then also replace Vaal Discipline with an enlighten.


If the league already has a couple days into it, a good leveling option is to grab a Hand of Thought and Motion, a Lycosidae and an Astramentis. This gives us a lot of damage while still being able to focus on defenses, as well as easily fulfilling any gem stat requirements. Focus on getting life/intelligence and you should be doing really good damage while staying very tanky.



Mandatory, get a HOWA claw, ideally with 11-12% increased intelligence. If you're rich, grab a corrupted one with culling strike to drop our culling strike gem and replace that gem with blind, an enhance or reduced mana.
- this cost around 10c


High ES, some intelligence or lightning dmg (or both if you can snag one), some resists
- this cost around 10c


Get an Incandescent Heart with ideally 20% chaos dmg. Good amount of damage, armour, ES, leech and elemental damage reduction.

Alternatively, if you want more sustain you can grab either a 600ES chest, or even a Beast Fur Shawl (which gives 40% more sustain/sec with 5% more EHP at the cost of losing the 25% less ele damage taken, 8% damage output and our sustainable leech).



I recommend a shaper's touch as they are pretty cheap. This will give us a ton of accuracy from intelligence, and a decent amount of ES and mana from strength. I would only really replace this with a GG pair of ES gloves, with high ES, attack speed, intelligence, lightning dmg, etc.
- this cost around 1c


High ES, intelligence, resist with lightning strike enchant.
- this cost around 40c

Alternatively if you get a bit richer you can drop some ES for a lot of damage and get a Ylfeban's Trickery:


Astramentis or a decent intelligence amulet with lightning dmg, ES%, etc.
- this cost around 20c


Resists, WED, Intelligence, Energy Shield, Added Lightning damage. Everything a HOWA would want.



WED, ES, Resists, Strength. If a bit richer try essence crafting intelligence with essence of spite.
~45c (with essences of spite)


Intelligence, ES, Resists


A Sulphur Flask with bleed immunity, Basalt flask with Curse Immunity, Atziri's, Wise oak and an Onslaught flask with Freeze/Inc Armor%. Keep a Granite Flask with Curse Immunity for temp chains maps or maps with high physical dmg (like Vaal Temple) and swap out the onslaught flask for it. Additionally, you can keep a Ruby/Sapphire/Topaz flask for maps with high ele damage of that category. Also, swap in a Topaz flask for reflect maps.


ES, Intelligence, Lightning Damage, Attack Speed, Damage, Area Damage and fill out resists if necessary. They are usually pretty cheap (search for ES and attack speed with shields). Note, that you can also choose to grab 4 DPS statted jewels, drop some DPS nodes on the tree and then replace them with ES% nodes, since we are right beside some that we don't take. Could be a lot cheaper than trying to buy jewels with ES%.

Also note that the int conversion jewels Fluid Motions and Brute Force Strength can be very good alternatives as well, giving good DPS and ES in one jewel.

Check out my 3.0 Melee CI Inquisitor, I kill Shaper on a 1 Link!

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yo man really nice build , im super new in the game and would like to know exactly how expensive its ur buil ? 1 or 2 ex? overall ?

Also if u can give me some tips check my inquisitor plz , after plzying 1 week i see that vaal pact pasive could get a nerf
MANCAZO wrote:
yo man really nice build , im super new in the game and would like to know exactly how expensive its ur buil ? 1 or 2 ex? overall ?

Also if u can give me some tips check my inquisitor plz , after playing 1 week i see that vaal pact pasive could get a nerf
MANCAZO wrote:
yo man really nice build , im super new in the game and would like to know exactly how expensive its ur buil ? 1 or 2 ex? overall ?

Also if u can give me some tips check my inquisitor plz , after plzying 1 week i see that vaal pact pasive could get a nerf

I did Shaper and Guardians with ~1 ex worth of gear (on a 5L, but it takes some knowledge of the fights to pull that off). You can get probably 800K dps and 11K ES pretty easy on 1-2 ex worth of gear, especially since ES gear is so insanely cheap right now.

Main items are:
HOWA (3c)
Incandescent Heart (1c)
Astramentis (25c)
Atziri's Promise (1c)
Wise Oak (7c)

The rest of the gear is pretty basic ES/resist/intelligence gear, apart from rings which can be surprisingly cheap (I got one of my current rings for like 3c).

If you want to go a bit more expensive you can pick up things like Ylfeban's Trickery for 100c and Vessel of Vinktar for ~40c.
Check out my 3.0 Melee CI Inquisitor, I kill Shaper on a 1 Link!

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what about stun?
holyviolet wrote:
what about stun?

I use the Brine King Pantheon power that gives stun immmunity for 2s after being stunned. Works very well.
Check out my 3.0 Melee CI Inquisitor, I kill Shaper on a 1 Link!

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Updated with an updated Shaper's Realm run and gif of DPS in main post, along with a pretty hardcore 8 mod Hydra map.
Check out my 3.0 Melee CI Inquisitor, I kill Shaper on a 1 Link!


feel free to answer me here or via pm, but I was wondering if you expected me to give the build a name or if you actually wanted to use 'nerf immune' as the build title?

It will be placed in the blade flurry / melee section, but the name didn't seem to explain much about what the build is.

Hot Flashes: poeurl.com/bPZT
Balance: poeurl.com/btzp
Shocking EleHit: poeurl.com/bZXo
Following this build atm, deathless guardians and Shaper achieved. Definetly recommending it to everyone.
Really enjoy your build, but GAY-flurry gaming isn't for me. What skill can replace bladeflurry?

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